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  1. Fully agree. Genies look cool indeed. On this monsterfighter any other missiles look as if they are in 1/144. I actially tried rotation option but it really does not work perfectly well. So my Canadian Voodoo shows dwarfy Falcons while no one would see something that Canada was not supposed to have
  2. Ooh - nuclear nukes!!! Nice Interesting if Oregon ANG had nukes in their arsenal. And a very good result overall. Grisp and clean. Looks very good. My congratulations! Did you manage to do a rotating weapon tray to hide those Genies?
  3. Hi folks, Let me report on the progress made since the last post here. 1) Interior painting has been complete over holiday weeks. Black for the cockpit, aluminium for air intakes, gun metal for exhausts, radome tan colour as primer for undercarriage niches. Here is how fuselage halves and engine tunnel covers looked like before closure: 2) I painted bakelite seats, completed instrument panels, some other interior bits like oxygen tanks, control sticks, etc. Instrument panels are made with decals than sprayed with flat finish and then drops of Krysta
  4. Hi, thank you too I used Belarusian latin spelling. In Polish I think his name is spelled as Tadeusz Kościuszko.
  5. Both are superb models! And great pleasure and proud to see respect paid by Polish Air Force to the national hero of so many countries including my native Belarus! Hopefully some day Tadevuš Kaśćiuška's name will be honoured by army and airforce on this side of the border too
  6. Great model of not the greatest airplane I do find it a bit disproportionate with long fuselage but smallish wings and rudder and too large engine nacelles. Flew this CRJ generation only once BRU-FRA with Lufthansa. A very quick decent in Frankfurt so my wife complaint a lot because of rapid pressure change. Likely that was not aircraft's problem though. Of course it's much tighter than Embraer which probably stimulated Bombardier to develop the C-series which is now A220. Anyway this does not relate to the model quality which in my view is superior. Congratulations!
  7. Hi Giorgio, a very nice Spitfire especially taking into account the job needed to convert it to the right variant! The only question - I guess this mk.IX has the E wing (which you actually modelled) rather than C wing.
  8. Nice model! Spot on colours, nice weathering. Airfix panel lines are not pronounced too much so looks great! Just wondering - what did Airfix compromised to allow for open canopy (leading to noticeable step aft of the sliding part)? Is canopy too high or spine is lower than needed?
  9. Two excellent Phantoms! Great weathering and paint chipping effects.
  10. I'd personally love to see a series of early convertoplanes in plastic such as Bell XV-3, LTV XC-142, Canadair CV-84 or German post war VTOL projects. And even modern AW609 or Bell V-280 would perfectly work. But that is not something attracting a lot of people I guess.
  11. Great looking Spit! Weathering effects are all very well done!
  12. Huh. These guys are definitely planning to produce all the neglected early helicopter types! Hopefully Retriever and Hoverfly are somewhere on top of their list
  13. Strong collection and all nicely done models. Size comparison is my favourite theme. All is pretty much as expected but Demon's size is impressive. No surprise why this turned out as heavily underpowered. At the same time Super Mystere is fairly small.
  14. Nice small collection! Very neat and quite well detailed for the scale. Yeah - you've got a handful of Spitfires!
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