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  1. It's actually funny confusion with many Soviet tanks having the same label as US trainer aircraft. T-28, T-34 are the most popular examples. Even BT-5 or BT-7 indexes exist for both basic trainers and Soviet high-speed (Bystrokhodniy) tanks. Luckily BT-5 or BT-7 trainers were absolutely not numerous. But also SU-85 or SU-122 can be confused with Su-27 or Su-35. In the first case SU meaning Samokhodnaya Ustanovka (self-propelled artillery) and in another obviously Sukhoi. And then we have two series of Sukhoi indexes where Su-9 is not always the same Su-9. Fun stuff.
  2. Excellent model. Crisp and clean built! Just my opinion is that production Raptor is still more proportionate than the YF-22 with huge tail surfaces. But despite that the F-22 of any model is the best looking gen5 fighter indeed. But tastes are different...
  3. I agree box arts should not be 100% accurate. Although main airframe elements still should be present - such as wings, canopy, pilot if the art shows aircraft in flight, tail and stabilizer (hello Airfix )
  4. Yeah. Seems to be a great year for MiG fans with forthcoming 17 from Airfix and this pretty decent 19 (surprisingly well done compared to other latest releases by AZ). Plus we had newly tooled Fishbeds recently too from Eduard and Modelsvit. Good MiG-3 and -9 are still missing
  5. Like it. Mi-2 is a beauty little chopper.
  6. Why to split mk.82 bombs into 3 parts??? And no separate slats and speed brakes is disappointing indeed. Airfix did much better job there. Honestly should Airfix bother about A-4C nose or further about A-4E intakes - it would be winner.
  7. I do not know how I missed it either. Magnificent work on the chef-d'oeuvre! It's both the H.P.'s chef-d'œuvre of the 30s and Moa's chef-d'œuvre of the XXI century.
  8. Thanks for sharing your build! Looks very convincing. I like how yours turned out. Going to start mine soon so your advice on inaccuracies is indeed helpful!
  9. I was already impressed with two VTOL t-birds. But a whole line up is completely amazing!
  10. Great job on the assembly, and thanks for bringing this model to us! Definitely buying one.
  11. Is original French Super Mystere boxing ok for the 1967 war? As I understand re-engining happened afterwards so this IAF kit is no good for the six-day war.
  12. A great thread. Pushes me to move mine on top of the stash.
  13. Hi Fred, Sounds like nothing more challenging than standard short-run And good to know about cockpit window. For every Sword or AZ kit I assemble checking canopy against fuselage is step number one Amodel seems the same gang here. For decals I already got Caracal set as original decals are off the register unfortunately.
  14. Wonderful work! For sure it's a unique and very attractively looking aircraft! Fred, any hints on the kit construction? I have one in stash but sure there some hidden pitfalls in the way.
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