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  1. Just to make sure I understand - covid gave 90% growth to the plastic models sales (2020 against 2019)?
  2. I think that is the key. Market (in Europe!) has changed. Craft manufacturers from Central and Eastern Europe reign the market of adult modellers and make seemingly good business while mass producers of childish kits are in clear decline. Seems the situation on the Far East is different which helps local manufacturers maintain high outputs. But in Europe we are clearly witnessing market shift.
  3. Hi Tim, A great diorama idea and two nice models there!!! The thing on top of the canopy is the periscope. The view from the rear seat was non-existent so they cheated this way.
  4. A great T.4, very colourful, interesting prototype! I assembled the same Sword kit and know it requires certain time and skill investment, so congrats with a great result!!! Dennis
  5. Interesting prototype. There is not a lot of piston driven Luft'46 aircraft. And it's made with great skill as always!!!
  6. Hi! An hour with ruler and cutting mat and I managed to do this!!! Looks pretty much straight and parallel!!! That is not the easiest step. The booms attachment system is not the easiest one. Protruding undercarriage interiors add strength but make alignment more challenging. Well next is my favourite - putty and sanding!!! Plus tip tanks and canopy to be added. Looks like my J-21 makes it on final run to paint shop. Cheers, Dennis
  7. Just primed interiors. Before: ... and after: Then aluminium, exhaust, grey green, black and red brown paints go.
  8. There is space between intakes, undercarriage, instrument panel and fuselage top side. Also some weight might go beneath the cockpit floor aft of the undercarriage bay. I will put as much lead as possible in both areas and hope that is enough.
  9. Hi, quite a lot of progress with Whittle. Mostly getting ready interiors for painting: Job done: 1) pre assembled cockpit's plastic parts (details in the cockpit are of good resin quality - fantastic!!!), 2) cut a number of interior and some exterior parts such as gear doors and exhaust pipe 3) glued wheels together 4) added pe horizontal splits into the intake channels. Clearprop cleverly provided slots to insert these parts as otherwise it would have been a disaster to attach. 5) assembled undercarriage bays and then assembled the whole wing structure.
  10. There are couple things to complete with Vampire before painting but yesterday I decided to unpack Whittle box. The box itself is quite unusual in that it is a top opening box made of sturdy white cardboard but it also has another top side cover from thinner coloured carton. Inside you find three plastic sprues, a small sprue with transparencies, small pe sheet, a not very large decal sheet. I also purchased a separate pe sheet from Clearprop to add more details into cockpit and elsewhere. This is an extra pe sheet and instruction that I bought separately:
  11. Haha I think you just need a bigger file to do that!
  12. A little more progress: Things done over last couple days: - added multiple cockpit bits all out of the box, - replaced equipment box in the rear cabin with a p/e piece, - cut and sanded undercarriage bits so these can be painted, - replaced shortmoulded fence in the intake with plastic sheet.
  13. Hi, Some more progress yesterday: Added weight under the cockpit floor. I suspect more lead will be needed in the nose cone but at this stage hard to predict how much would be enough so I thought 'basement' should be filled in in advance. I use plasticine and lead fishing sinkers pressed into plasticine. To reduce wing chord error I sanded about 1 mm off the leading edge. Same 1 mm is sanded off the rear side of the intakes. My plan is to paint intake interiors, assemble the wing and then sand the leading edge back to more appropriate shape.
  14. Wings are theoretically identical. IIRC Airfix has booms that are plugged into the wing. So one would need to subassemble wings with boom roots.
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