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  1. Interesting fact that S.211 was developed almost simultaneously with MB.339, and now M345 (an updated S.211) replaces MB.339. Looks like S.211 turned out a very successful design with high modernisation capability.
  2. Intakes and nose shape are clearly different between S 211 and M-345 but the kit seems to provide optional parts for both. Different cockpit layout is probably arranged by different decals for instrument panels. I wonder if there any other shape or panels layout differences?
  3. Just wondering - what are external visible differences between S.211 and M-311/345? I mean these are clearly two different variants with different engines, cockpit etc. Looks like they're same geometrically though. And the subsequent question - what plane is actually in the box? I guess plastic is the same in all the four crates - so is it S.211, M-345, or something that would work as both?
  4. What is particularly wrong with rudder shape? I recall clear problems with rudder of MirageIII from RV but looks like Modelsvit did it okay.
  5. Interesting. It seems that somewhere after 2010 xtrakit stopped collaboration with Sword, but these guys continued into obscure British types with their Harrier T.2/4, Lightning T.4/5, Jet Provost, etc I think a new kit could be a collab with a new partner - not Sword or MPM/SH. Maybe MikroMir who seems to be collaborating with S&M before?
  6. Can someone send this to Mr. Muzikant of AZ/KP? And I'm not speaking about the level of detail but at least about product quality. Molding cleanliness and assembly fit with less details is even easier achievable.
  7. These panel lines look impressive. I can't disagree. Panel lines were IMO an area for improvement with some Special Hobby kits recently so great these folks are receptive of the feedback. One thing I did not get about the above kit review - was the box lacking decal sheet and an armament sprue? Is that an omission or just pre-production box provided for review?
  8. When I was assembling three Spitfires together - they all lived in an Mk.IX's Eduard box. Together with trees with unused parts and with various uninstalled parts. So Eduard box is overly huge indeed. And their Tornado desert babes box is even larger and half empty...
  9. I remember pushing quite a load of pieces of lead into narrow area between wheel bay and fuselage top side and one lead weight was arranged behind the spinner. And my Cobra falls on its tail if you accidentally shake a shelf.
  10. In fact P-39 is probably the trickiest airplane in terms of weight placement. My Academy one very un-firmly stands on its front wheel. You do not have any options to put lead behind the cockpit etc. So metal loads and dedicated slots for putting it is a superb decision.
  11. Exactly. Red stars in WWII and red stars carried during invasions to Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan or current invasion to Ukraine are a bit different cases. Nevertheless I'm glad 1/72 revolution goes on! Great job, Arma Hobby!
  12. Hi, a reasonable way to fix the leading edge. But should it lead to a problem with front screen alignment at a later stage? Dennis
  13. Just wondering - what's your impression of the molds quality? Same problem as on photoes above? Are transparencies that bad or distortion not huge?
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