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  1. This is going to be a special hobby year probably. Great sets at great quality and in my area of interest.
  2. Sword is seriously covering AEW theme:) great job!
  3. True 1/72 revolution - spit mk.ix, bf-109g, fw-190a are definitely revolutionary selection. Hellcat or bf-110 were at least those requiring state-of-the-art kits.
  4. Retracted as any airplane is beautiful even those of unusual charm. I just spotted a glass of wine (or it's 1:1 scale model) on one of the construction photoes.
  5. Yeah. Glass of wine is something you need to have prior to looking at THAT "airplane".
  6. The most useful photo I saw on the web is here https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/h-34/h-34_walk.shtml Also a nice drawing of this pylon is available in squadron/signal in action series book on H-34. Tank itself is pretty standard - true. I personally got a resin tank destined for H-37 - it's the same.
  7. Nice pair of Caudrons! And excellent job as always! Surprise to see some elegantly looking aircraft in your collection:)
  8. Oh! Lovely helicopter and great job done on it. Seems main challenge during construction was not to accedentally drop it into paint bottle
  9. Fun model indeed. I can only applaud to those brave who are able to glue two piece of vacform transparencies together Anyway nice to see another twin-boomer I did not knew before.
  10. Very nice bird, and USCG scheme fits it very well! And great construction work too! I would add to your comment about adding something personal to the model - it works with mainstream kits well too. As soon as you decide to assemble a specific airplane from a photo or from the squadron history it immediately turns out you need to add/remove some bumps, you need different armament, you figure out model inaccuracies... Fixing all that transforms a standard kit into a unique personal model. Vacform, injection, resin, scratch - whatever you start with you always get something personal as soon as you make a step aside from the instruction.
  11. Another unique bird, we could never know about. Moa, I suspect you possess the largest collection of 20-30s types in the world! That's fascinating to look at all these cuties
  12. Hi Giorgio, Thank you for very detailed answer! That is the most fascinating part in modelling - to get deep understanding of a piece of history - how politics were influencing structure of air force units, what were different configurations of armament again dictated by military or political circumstances. And now I think I'm clear about my Starfighter configuration A true rocket, armed with just two rockets! Should be looking speedy. Just need to go and remove all the underwing holes diligently done by Hasegawa engineer. Ciao! Dennis.
  13. Yeah - seems the life of F-104G in interceptor role was fairly short in Italy as they got quickly replaced with F-104S in 4, 9 and 53 stormo. So this version just did not get all the clearance to carry variety of configurations. Also as I understand - 5 and 6 stormi were caccia bombardieri to be armed with B61 nukes in case of war. And 3 stormo was reconnaissance where Starfighters were carrying recce pods.
  14. I will partially answer to myself - at least I found Belgian F-104G in the configuration I'm thinking about - photo from here: http://thecombatworkshop.blogspot.com/2016/11/sidewinder-overview-part-i-aim-9b.html Still interesting if Italy ever had their intercettori configured in the same way. And Norway did it another way around
  15. In Revell Hunter the canopy is also wider to accomodate for the possibility to model it open. Can this add to the problem too? And I actually looked at my Hunter (1/72) I assembled 10 years ago OOB before I started to bother looking at pictures/plans/etc. Anhedral looks right.
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