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  1. And here the other goes: All I have is a Special Hobby box and its contents. No aftermarket this time so formally an out of the box build. However the box itself is not just plastic. SH gives us a large PE fret with parts for cockpit as well as for decoration of gear bays. Also we get several resin bits. Wheels (very nice), gun sight and some more undercarriage bits. Lastly a nice decal for four fighter variants including some stencilling. So overall we have an old good MPM box that could be built OOB without any spares.
  2. Hi All, Have not posted to this topic for a while. Meanwhile I've finished all interior and some exterior bits for Lansen. Now it all is put aside to wait while I work on J-21 to paint all the bits for two aircraft together. Additions are 1. gear bay doors where I had to sand all sink marks, 2. gear struts. Nose strut was awful. Not straight. So I cut it into two parts and glued together with a bit of brass tubing. Plus added PE scissors. 3. Airbrakes. Fragile beasts. Took some time to assemble, but look fairly ok. 4. Wheels cleared
  3. Nice job on this beast! Looks like the kit is not the most challenging one? Also I believe this was one of the most unconventional helicopters ever. Can't really recall another one of such scheme with two engines on pylons rotating one rotor.
  4. Excellent MiG, but diorama with this melted and then frozen sleet is excellent! I really feel how it crunches as you step in that. In reality I guess the snow would be more properly cleared by the soldiers, but for diorama that's what you need for wintery effect!
  5. Interesting kit. I wonder how it compares to older SH. And no doubt some aftermarket is needed here such as PE and stencils decal.
  6. I doubt it is. I think it's not the first time Special Hobby and AZ/KP issue same subject simultaneously. In all cases these were different moulds.
  7. Very nicely done Gripen! I think not much revell Gripens are actually coming to RFI section. How was the fit and is revell providing anti-ship (am I correct?) missiles in the kit?
  8. Okay. Classical Czech battle!!! We need to see the quality of the KP one. Sometimes they produce better kits, sometimes worse.
  9. Beautifully done Mustang! An interesting conversion, excellent metallic finish. Simply outstanding work!
  10. This is a superb set of Corsairs! Inspires to look close at this very interesting aircraft.
  11. Hi guys, thanks a lot for kind words! You likes and appreciation help motivation to build more and more models! I would not know either should AZ do a less attractive box art Isn't it surprising that the 31st world's most produced aircraft (according to Wiki) is not known to everyone even in the modelling crowd?
  12. Hi Dennis, A nice Hurricane and a nice trio too! Classic set of three fighters in Dark Earth/Dark Green/Sky colours! Also seems Arma unleashed a wave of BoB Hurricanes which were not represented with decent kits until recently. Best regards, Dennis
  13. Excellent model out of an old kit! And vac canopy looks superb too! Vac canopies is something that I still have to practice.
  14. I think I have not seen any other completed Admiral (AZ) model... I saw couple of Pavla models on modellingmadness I believe. In fact it's strange as the model is not super complicated and builds quite okay. Masking was challenging indeed. And I should notice that the canopy has quite soft surface details so masking was often made using pictures rather than following molded framing.
  15. Nice work done on an old kit! Very unfortunate we do not have any newer O-1 or O-2 kits in 1/72...
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