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  1. For Reference :- Both my Photos at Leuchars. Dennis W Robinson
  2. This may help (a crop from the T.7 Pilots Notes):- HTH Dennis
  3. Meteor aircraft embodying Modification 1092 (concave ailerons), were fitted with spring tabs in addition to the geared tabs. Due to the lateral control problems suffered by both Gloster and Armstrong Whitworth, the latter introduced an aileron trailing edge droop of .68 inches with the aileron set at rigging neutral, subsequently adopted by Gloster's as well, and this, together with the tab modification, solved the aircraft's lateral control problems. HTH Dennis
  4. Interesting to compare the T-Bird and the 9 on the same day and virtually the same angle. Personally I never found any difference in diameter when crawling down them for compressor checks ( I was a lot slimmer, younger and dafter in those days !!) Both photos by me. HTH ? Dennis
  5. Hi Selwyn, The late Roger Lindsay mentioned it in the second volume of his "Service history of the Gloster Javelin Marks 7 to 9R", but does not give any dimensions A couple of shots to illustrate the difference, the top one from Gloster's, the bottom shot I took in Malta whilst the aircraft, Mk.9R XH891, was on delivery to 29Sqdn Early Javelin Mk.1 :- Javelin F(AW) Mk.9R :- HTH Dennis
  6. This shot at Cosford in '81 shows the cutout in the upper fin fairing where the tailplane pivot was housed :- HTH Dennis Cutaway illustrating the tailplane pivot and hinge :- Edit - Cutaway added:- Dennis
  7. As you appear to be "going to town" on the Javelin, thought that I would add this detail shot I took on Malta of the tail end of XH888 whilst it was en route UK for overhaul . Couple of points - 1) Note the trailing edge of the ailerons, they were blunt whilst the fixed mainplane t/e was sharp. 2) As well as being angled inboard, the jet pipes were also angled slightly downward. 3) Note the "quilted" effect of the rudder skin. This formed after only a few hours in the air. HTH Dennis
  8. Nope - Number 1(F)Troop all the way apart from brief trip to 1453 Flt at Stanley towards the end of her career (9-11-84 to 10-6-85) Dennis
  9. These they ? :- HTH Dennis
  10. Correct Julian, I can heartily recommend Hypersonic products especially the tanks. I stocked up with both scales for future use, They also do a very nice and accurate Canberra B(I)8/PR.9 canopy which I have also stocked up on. Unfortunately it is only produced in 1/48th. Regards Dennis
  11. The EMI pod was developed from the existing Auxiliary Centerline Fuel Tank and ground clearance was similar :- HTH Dennis
  12. 2 Sqdn also used them, XV475/Y and XV488/I - Taceval survival deployment to Wittering 19 March 75. Dennis
  13. Anyone know as to why the upper surface camo pattern, apart from the fin, was reversed on the PR.9 ?, I did ask the painters at Safi when they were doing the first aircraft (XH167) in late 1965, but they just shrugged, muttered something in Maltese and carried on waiving their spray guns around :- Regards Dennis
  14. The nearest that I can get to a retirement date Neil is 9 February 1963, that date being the last flight of VT196, though by this time it had been converted to a manned U.15. As to the date that the F.IV was declared officially non-effective will need a bit more research. HTH Dennis
  15. What you need is a bigger bomb !! :- Down loaded from a site called Britmodeller - very useful site that. HTH Dennis
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