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  1. sloegin57

    BOAC Whitley Question

    "Crown Immunity" ? DR
  2. sloegin57

    BOAC Whitley Question

    Don't we just !! DR
  3. sloegin57

    BOAC Whitley Question

    Exactly what I was thinking Magpie22. As I understand it they were converted to carry urgent supplies on to the Island during the siege and it is possible, though I cannot prove it, that "Higher Authority" considered it prudent for them to be armed and given a bit of an edge. I doubt very much if the late David Howley would have drawn it as such without photographic evidence from either his files or the late Dick Wards. As Graham says, still illegal, but bearing in mind what else went on during that conflict, a very minor and, under the circumstances, a highly necessary infringement. Dennis
  4. sloegin57

    Something strange going on?

    I think the Weather Gods would like a quiet word Mike. Where did you say you put it ? Anon
  5. sloegin57

    1/48 DH Mosquito Two Stage Engine Nacelles for Tamiya!

    Thanks for that Jamie. I guess mid to late Feb 2019 they will be around. Thats fine. I'll make a note on my calendar to check and add a couple of Beau tailplane sets to the order when available. Regards Dennis
  6. sloegin57

    Airfix Phantom FG.1 AAR Probe

    The patch on the fin is a stylised version of NATC's (U.S. Naval Air Test Center - note spelling) patch, based at NAS Patuxent River (also known as Pax.R or Pax River). The US Navy used the aircraft to test various configurations of slat for the 'S' model at that base :- My Collection The code on the fin is effectively the work number for feeding the aircraft through NAF The slats only had two positions as I recall - IN or OUT and could be controlled from the cockpit. My knowledge of later versions of Navy/Marines aircraft is somewhat limited. I once started an Itaerli 72nd kit of the 'S' but it is still in the box of doom as "Ugly". I doubt if it will be finished - ever. HTH Dennis
  7. sloegin57

    1/48 DH Mosquito Two Stage Engine Nacelles for Tamiya!

    Hi Jamie I note that your web site had "sold out" next to these just when I needed some. Any idea as to when, or if, you will ever have any back in stock ? If yes - put me down for a couple of sets please. Regards Dennis
  8. sloegin57

    Airfix Phantom FG.1 AAR Probe

    Iain and Duncan. She was a J when I shot her in Oct 75 at NAF North Island en route for rework. It was during this that I believe she had the Bi-Cenntenial Eagle scheme applied. The slats were fixed on the outboard mainplane panels and she had J engines :- HTH Dennis
  9. sloegin57

    Airfix Phantom FG.1 AAR Probe

    I was talking to Tony Dawkins on a Friday afternoon Duncan, when you were all down "The Commie" or "Hendies" practicing for the weekend and pouring 80 shilling down yer throats ! Dennis
  10. sloegin57

    Something strange going on?

    OK further to my post attached. I can say that it appears to have absolutely nothing to do with Britmodeller, Mike or the snow. I did a bit of digging over the past few days and it appears that the problem is Global, affects Macs with High Sierra installed and no one seems to have a clue what it is or how it is caused. The following popped up on a Mac problem web site I frequent after I had entered the warning into Google and is identical to the problem that I and, it appears, many thousands of other Mac users have :- The earliest that I can date the matter being reported is May 2018 which, if memory serves, is when an upgrade to High Sierra appeared ( High Sierra 10.13.6 upgrade ). Mine is a little more specific in that it pops up intermittently in the Phantom AAR thread Just have to live with it I guess same as I am having to live with the fact that my Data Base external hard drive with, amongst other stuff, 130GB of scanned photos, slides and articles just died yesterday. Fortunately for me the auto back up had kicked in just 24 hours prior and nothing has been lost. All I need now is a new external HD. A SSD of about 6TB will do nicely for Christmas methinks. Seriously though it really has nothing to do with BM or the snow Dennis Postscript :- I asked my youngest son, a legal beagle computer geek, how I could use and would it be safe to use the folders on the back up disc if I so needed to. This was the answer that I got back :- "The Mac knows it's a backup drive - in order to change anything on the backup drive you need to restore the files want - the permissions will be changed once they have been restored having administrative privileges is usually enough for day to day use - system is a user, wheel is a group - your account may well be a member of the wheel group" so I had a cup of tea and went to bed DR
  11. sloegin57

    Hessian Bags (35586) 1:35

    Hmmm. At 1/35th I suppose that they could fit in to a 1/48th diorama, after all - how big is a sand bag - although at 11 quid a tot, a bit expensive for something like this :- Photo from P-51 in Action - Squadron/Signal Although it gives me an idea for something similar but simpler. And as I prefer Alison powered Mustangs to Merlin powered ones. Thanks Mike Dennis
  12. sloegin57

    Something strange going on?

    No black hands @Mike but I am getting this message at the top of the page : - BM is also very sluggish in all areas. I am operating Mac High Sierra with 8GB ram It seems to have started when the snow was turned on at header - no offence meant Dennis
  13. sloegin57

    Airfix Phantom FG.1 AAR Probe

    I agree, it was quite rare both USN and USMC but certainly not unheard of - usually when parked up onshore after a deployment ended. Two or three attached - something different to make a model more interesting :- That is true. At Leuchars, the probe was usually extended after landing and after AAR or Q sorties. It was also extended in ASF during Maintenance and "just for show" at Airshows :- HTH Dennis
  14. Apologies for the quality of the images. The original prints are quite small and taken nearly sixty years ago - time has not been kind to them :- I understand that the device on the nose was in Gold and Black but am quite willing to be corrected ! Red spine and fin with Red 'T' Bands on the wings (Possibly Day-glo Red ?) HTH Dennis