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  1. You are going to need a first class honours degree in Origami to fit either into the standard flight deck lift irrespective of where anything is. Dennis
  2. "Boiler Plate" non-nuclear dummy rounds of which 6 or 7 were built and used for loading, handling, transportation and other trials by the respective manufacturers. Sixteen training rounds were built (s/n T01 - T16). In the early days, seven each were at Scampton and Wittering with two at Boscombe Down. Dennis
  3. "Aircraft of the Fighting Powers" by Owen Thetford, Volume 7 [1946] has a three view of the Firebrand IV :- Cannot vouch for accuracy though HTH Dennis
  4. The intake shown in the photo is for the Artouste AAPU, a small jet engine built by Blackburn and used for ground/air starting/electrical power. A ground based version, known as the Palouste, was mounted in a large 4 wheeled metal box with one end open to form an exhaust. This was used for ground starting in lieu of the Artouste in order to keep the latters operating hours at a minimum. The Artouste was fitted to all B.2's from initial build. The Rapid Air Start system was only incorporated into the aircraft on the Retrofit programme and comprised a dozen air bottles, six in each forward part of the main gear bays. These were charged with gas to 6,000psi and enabled all four engines to be started simultaneously and run up to full power by a single selection in the cockpit in less than a minute. The system was only fitted to the Blue Steel equipped aircraft. The SR.2's had no need for it. The Vulcan B.2 had a similar system. HTH Dennis
  5. I haven't taken any of the parts from the spurs yet but looking at the assembly diagrams, I have come to the conclusion that there has been an error in making the mould for the upper mainplane, Part B3 and in particular at the cutout in the fwd centre of the part. As I read the drawings, this cut out is supposed to fit around the rear of the cockpit tub when assembled to the fuselage in Step 32. It appears to me that the cut out in Part B3 is approx 2mm too narrow as it is only around 1mm per side that has to be removed. So why did SH not correct it. As has been said on various topics here on BM and else where, it is easier to remove metal from a mould than it is to add it neatly, hence the instructions in the assembly booklet to remove the areas indicated. Attached are the two relevant drawings from the instructions and I hope you can see what I mean. :- HTH Dennis
  6. Thank you @Chris Thomas that is that sorted. I am surprised to learn that Car Door Typhoons were still operational after D-Day. I will not be changing my mind reference EK497 but a list of references would be useful for future builds. With many thanks, Dennis
  7. Makes it even better me being Gloucestershire born and bred. Of the total 3317 Typhoons built, 2 prototypes and 15 MK.1A were built by Hawker, the remaining 3300 Mk.1A and Mk.1b were built by Gloster at their Hucclecote factory. I'll build it as shown then. Dennis
  8. I agree with you, as its the only one I have seen in that configuration. According to the history of that aircraft in the book quoted, it was with the Manufacturers, then A&AEE, where I have assumed that the photo was taken, then to 183 Squadron which leads me to believe (without any evidence at all), that 183 may, just may, have operated Car Door 1b's with rockets. Didn't last long as it was shot down by a P-51 1.1.45 ! It push comes to shove then I will build it as shown - from the A&AEE. As you say, Chris Thomas is the man to answer for sure. Dennis
  9. Mine turned up this morning as well and although I have not yet had a detailed look at them, from what I have seen on this dank, dark and wet morning, I entirely agree with Wez. I'll be building at least one once daylight comes back to these Northern regions and I may build one from the Matchbox stash just as a comparison. The 25 Squadron colours should, as Wez says, be Silver with Black bars. As that was one I intend to build it should be no problem with a strips of black decal or strips of clear decal printed Black. So far - I like Dennis PS - Two of the examples given for the decals are in the familiar MSG/Dark Green but for some reason SH have quoted the Grey in the DK Sea Grey/Dark Green/MSG version for 64 Squadron as "Ocean Grey". Just a minor point to watch. So far - I still like Dennis
  10. Did front line Units operating the above ever use them rocket equipped. If so, could some one please point me in the direction of any photographs of same. I can only find one in "Typhoon The Combat History" by Richard Townsend Bickers and that appears to have belonged to the A&AEE. (attached):- I am currently building the Hasegawa 48th version of the same. Thank you in advance, a belated Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year to All. Dennis
  11. I have said it before but I'll say it again, What with Airfix early Hunters, SH Meteors, Aerocraft accessories, Hunter/F-5E decals and stuff from Switzerland , 2020 is an expensive year - and its not even here yet !! Dennis
  12. Thank Barbouille - Ordered !! Regards Dennis This is what I am getting from PJ Productions :- Barbouille has already answered my original question - many thanks - the are 150gal tanks, one of a series of tanks manufactured by Rolls-Riyce and under licence in Europe, with the centre body in different lengths to accommodate different capacities, but with common nose and tail. The RAF never used then as far as I am aware but in 1960, the Hunter T.66 G-APUX demonstrated similar tanks but of 350gal capacity at Farnborough. These were much longer and stuck out in front of the intakes. I'll sort out some photos of Swiss Hunters the late Dick Ward sent me and post them plus a few more I intend to build. To date I am going to require at least 4 x F.4's and another three F.6's. I already have two Meteor NF.12's en route from the Big H. 2020 looks to be an expensive year - and its not even here yet !!. Regards again Dennis Edit Again - Also going to need a few sets from Ali of pylons, gear, flaps and not forgetting the nose wheel.
  13. mungo1974 posted this on "a web site" a few years ago :- HTH Dennis
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