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  1. Thanks Duncan. Yes - great photo plenty of different shades to mull over. Keeping not too bad thanks. Had a couple of spells at Ninewells since I last saw you and the better half. Fellow BM'ers. This worthy drove all the way from Brechin to my place just to deliver three kits I had ordered from him. Brought Mrs Black Mike as well !!. Excuse was that he was looking for something to eat. Still owe you a mail thanking you for that Duncan. Will write after I have had a few winks of sleep - woken up at 5 this morning with two bloody great claps of thundersnow.
  2. Thanks - I will, either that or stay out of all this techy stuff. At 77 going on 78 - its all magic !! Dennis
  3. Is this it ? (puts piece of folded card over built in camera on mac as anti-"Mod tools" device) :- Your Public IPv4 Address Is: Your Public IPv6 is: Not Detected Dennis
  4. Correct. In fact it appears to be - The First, I should have added the caption to post 1 :- "First production North American Aviation P-51B-1-NA Mustang, 43-12093 (NAA serial number 102-24541) P_51b." Dennis
  5. It was a short lived marking applicable to all USAAC aircraft from June 29th '43 until August 14th '43 though it was obviously around for a while after the latter. Red outline replaced by an Insignia blue from August 14th '43. Dennis
  6. Putting this up for interest/comment. Found on the Web. Photographer not known but all Credit. :- Dennis
  7. Just had it at 19.37 when moving from the above to "Home" using the index at the header. Can't produce my IP as I am on WiFi on this Mac not Ethernet. Not had it since my original post Saturday 28-11. Dennis
  8. sloegin57

    USMC AV-8A

    At Cherry Point in '76 when I was there, the Marines were using aerosol cans of "the nearest shade" to the DG/DSG they could find in the GSA catalog to spot repair the finish. Any repairs to the undersurface LAG was touched up with a "Gull Gray" :- Quite a few of the aircraft looked quite patchy. HTH Dennis
  9. Just clicked away from "English Electric Lightning - holes in belly tank" to the Cold War Forum and got the 503 warning. Clicked away from the warning and ended up on the Home page. Clicked forward and got the warning, forward again and got the topic, clicked back got the warning, clicked refresh and got the Cold War forum. Hope that makes sense at this time of the morning (02.45) - bright moonlight through the window - thought it was dawn so got up. Dennis
  10. Getting the same as PDH in Devon Mike, and at the same FTTP speed, here in Eastern Scotland :- Dennis PS 14.11hrs - just noticed that you have two threads running about the same 503 thingy - one in Forum update and one in Help and support.
  11. This should be right up your street @Space Ranger ! - Scale Models, October 1969 :- I was going to suggest this as a BM Group Build in the New Year - Any scale !!. Just one Rule - Follow the articles "instructions". HTH Dennis
  12. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235076825-raf-catalina-wing-roundel-size/&tab=comments#comment-3767225 @Seahawk - I published this from the late Dick Ward in the link above :- HTH Dennis
  13. It appears to me that Mike, @72modeler is on the right track. In the February 1972 edition of Scale Models, R C Jones published two type unlabelled drawings of what I believe to be the early factory upper surface splinter camouflage schemes for the Do 215. Although the patterns are the same, the colours appear to have been swapped around. Of interest to this thread are the comments around the tailplanes and fins. "Innen" (Inner) on both surfaces indicates a single block of colour. On Drawing 'A' it is Braun Nr.61, on Drawing 'B', it is Grun Nr.62. The outer surfaces
  14. It most certainly would have been camouflaged by then and as i said in post 8, the codes disappeared after camouflage was applied. If it was coded whilst at Wyton, then it would have been internally as were most of the based aircraft except for 51Sqdn which carried theirs externally but as I recall, 58 were in residence then. photo below - Wyton July 1975 :- HTH Dennis
  15. The date is correct and the incident referred to was in fact to PR.9 XH175 and was caused by a lightning strike to an aerial mounted in the fin. A brief explanation. The fin of the Canberra contained a rather large GEE-H Mk.2 - ARI 5829 navigation aerial, the indicator lamps being at the top of the pilot’s main instrument panel. On the PR.9 this was known officially as GEE H Mk.2 - Tropical - (Mouse). For that reason and to provide a good degree of radio "transparency", most of the fin was made from moulded plywood covered with madapolin, an unbleached Irish linen more commonly
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