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  1. That information is very very useful Peter - Thank you. Yeah - I have following it on and off most of the evening - fascinating and intriguing aircraft, is there a kit of it anywhere ? Dennis
  2. Not sure where to put this as I cannot find the "whats flying over your house" bit. Just gone over my place. came up from the south (Spain), circled Glasgow and then straight back to Germany - a Flying Telescope ! Interupted my scanning F-104G's and F-4C's at George in '77. I'll not sleep now - wonder what it was looking at :- Dennis
  3. The 'T' handle was situated in front of the port nwd and, during my time on the OCU, usually the first thing to be operated on engine shut down so that the doors could be opened to fit the nose leg lock. As you say, it was under a panel, painted red on the inside, which could not be closed until the handle was pushed back in, usually during crew walk round. Dennis
  4. Just had a couple of these on the trot whilst trying to initially log in :-
  5. "Mithering". Thats a good word. So is "skunered" - thats also a good word. As is "Intermittent" so long as you don't use it too often.
  6. Order in Duncan before all the Ultracast bits go. Stocking up for the future. Thanks Dennis
  7. Touch wood Mike, I have had not a one since the 09/12. Having said that....................!! Dennis ...........just had a 500 coming out of Cold War and back to Home !!!
  8. Had a fiddle with the picture - possibly R7056 which makes it a Type D (PR.IV). R7059 was built as a batch of 450 Spitfire I/V by Supermarine and emerged as a Mk.I and not converted to Mk.V it appears. The only other "705?" converted was R7055. Also appears to have an access just fwd of the roundel for the 20gal fuel tank which made the D's so awkward to handle on take off and until the tank was empty. The black mark is a mystery but I do not think it is an oil leak. Note also how what appears to be black paint has been applied around the exhausts and seemingly "painted" over the same. :-
  9. Had a 500 coming out of "Sales, Wanted & Trade Threads - Clean-up" into "Forums" at 21.08hrs. Hit Refresh - cleared Dennis
  10. Thanks Duncan. Yes - great photo plenty of different shades to mull over. Keeping not too bad thanks. Had a couple of spells at Ninewells since I last saw you and the better half. Fellow BM'ers. This worthy drove all the way from Brechin to my place just to deliver three kits I had ordered from him. Brought Mrs Black Mike as well !!. Excuse was that he was looking for something to eat. Still owe you a mail thanking you for that Duncan. Will write after I have had a few winks of sleep - woken up at 5 this morning with two bloody great claps of thundersnow.
  11. Thanks - I will, either that or stay out of all this techy stuff. At 77 going on 78 - its all magic !! Dennis
  12. Is this it ? (puts piece of folded card over built in camera on mac as anti-"Mod tools" device) :- Your Public IPv4 Address Is: Your Public IPv6 is: Not Detected Dennis
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