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  1. The only names carried by XT895 during that period and up to its departure from Leuchars on the 6 April 1978 for the Ark Royal's final cruise were as follows :- On the right side of the Observers canopy the name - "F/O A D LISTER TOMLINSON" No names were carried on the pilots canopy on either side. On the forward intake splitter and centrally mounted was the name "LAM OSBORNE" It should be recalled that by the period under question, approximately 50% of the aircrew with 892 were RAF the majority of whom later joined 111 Sqdn when that Unit built up with the ex FAA aircraft.
  2. You sure Graham ?. My copy says Shacklady. Mason wrote about the Gladiator in that series - or have I got the wrong series of books ? Regards Dennis
  3. I was always under the impression, and backed up by published works, that the K had four 20mm cannon. :- Dennis
  4. @Fat Albert is correct. The initial production gun-tanks were for the export versions to Kuwait and saudi Arabia. According to an article in Air Pictorial by Roger Lindsay, for February 1972, modification work on the first RAF Lightning F.6's to carry and use the gun-tank commenced at the end of 1970 with the Leuchars based Squadrons. Thus it is very unlikely that 74 were ever equipped with the gun tank as they handed their aircraft over to 56 Squadron in August 1971 replacing the latter F.3's. One other thing. The drawings put up by John are slightly incorrect in th
  5. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It was the fact that 19 Squadron had Black/White checks on that caused the very long discussion with Dick Ward. He swore blind that it was a very Dark blue but when I pointed out that I had been up close and personal with the checks and that I was not colour blind, he did the next best thing and did not mention it in his book. The markings themselves are the correct proportions for 19 its just that the one colour is off - Black instead of Blue. 43 Squadrons checks are 2:4 :- Whereas 19 Squadrons checks are 2:3 :- I kn
  6. Good point PLC1966. 54 Squadron had re-equipped with Jaguars three years before the Jubilee. They could well be an ex 54 Squadron crew posted to 92 Squadron as aircrew normally kept their flying gear, especially helmets, wherever they were. Dennis
  7. OK - more 92 coming up :- Note the crew names in pale "19 Blue" Now ----- 19Sqdn colours - Discuss :- 43Sqdn yellow Phantom with "43Sqdn" on in black on fin HTH Dennis
  8. OK - to stop you all having heart attacks whilst trying to guesstimate whats what, I have dragged the slides out from the bottom of the pile and rescanned them for your benefit. I have not looked at them since I got them back from Dick Ward, together with others, when he compiled his book. At least two of my slides resulted in an almost heated discussion, voices were nearly raised !! - but that was 19 Squadrons fault. Wittering was the base for the RAF Germany detachment for the Jubilee flypast as part of the RAF's part in the event. Both Primary and Reserve crews and aircraft w
  9. These shots help ? Enlarged crop from above :- HTH Dennis
  10. Slightly off-topic John B (Sc) but you are perfectly correct. The attached article was published by RAF Flying Review some sixty years ago in January 1962, no doubt further research has, in the mean time, resulted in more information. HTH All, Dennis
  11. That information is very very useful Peter - Thank you. Yeah - I have following it on and off most of the evening - fascinating and intriguing aircraft, is there a kit of it anywhere ? Dennis
  12. Not sure where to put this as I cannot find the "whats flying over your house" bit. Just gone over my place. came up from the south (Spain), circled Glasgow and then straight back to Germany - a Flying Telescope ! Interupted my scanning F-104G's and F-4C's at George in '77. I'll not sleep now - wonder what it was looking at :- Dennis
  13. The 'T' handle was situated in front of the port nwd and, during my time on the OCU, usually the first thing to be operated on engine shut down so that the doors could be opened to fit the nose leg lock. As you say, it was under a panel, painted red on the inside, which could not be closed until the handle was pushed back in, usually during crew walk round. Dennis
  14. Just had a couple of these on the trot whilst trying to initially log in :-
  15. "Mithering". Thats a good word. So is "skunered" - thats also a good word. As is "Intermittent" so long as you don't use it too often.
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