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  1. Not sure about the RAF T-birds but the RSAF T.55's certainly did. I've a nice air-to-air shot of one, 55-711, so non-equipped, out of Dhahran but as my photo hosting thingy is just a blank black screen, I cannot post at the moment. HTH Dennis
  2. No Drawings I am afraid, but the following may be of use :- Images below from "Hawker Hunter" by F.K.Mason, published by Patrick Stevens Ltd October 1985 and "Hawker Hunter - The Operational Record" by Robert Jackson published by Airlife Publishing Ltd. 1989. Upper photo caption inserted by Self. These books may be still available Dennis
  3. From William Green's "Famous Bombers of the Second World War", Second Series, Page 9 :- There is quite a write up on this web site back in 2012. HTH Dennis
  4. Hi Duncan, thanks, am keeping well. Just had a major rummage through my Javelin shots and am afraid I have none of 29 at Leuchars in fact I am a bit short of any Javelin up here much to my surprise. Best regards Dennis
  5. Selwyn is correct, there was a trough between the tail pipes although it was quite subtle and rarely shows up clearly in photographs. This is the best I can do. The aftermarket pipes are quite accurate in my opinion for what it's worth :- HTH Dennis (ex-64 and 29)
  6. Have been looking through my own Javelin photos and the triangle also appears on a few T.3's, quite clearly on 60Sqdn's XH390/O although partly obscured by the port belly tank. DR
  7. Anyone any idea as to what the black triangle was for under the port intake ?. I asked years ago whilst on det to 29 in Cyprus and no one there knew. Thought it about time I found out. HTH Dennis
  8. Only on the single seaters Nick, the F95 was mounted under the rear cockpit on the T-Birds Dennis
  9. Shot this at Greenham Common in '74 if its any help Regards Dennis
  10. I believe that most of them were based at Carswell AFB 457TFS/301TFW "TH" DR
  11. No myth James especially on the RAuxAF Squadrons where the weekend Riggers had to do it - No dedicated painters in those days !! 500Sqdn, TaQuali Summer Camp 1956 - Photo Flt/Sgt RW Simpkins HTH Dennis
  12. Not in the UK John - true. But in the Middle East on Cyprus and Malta, they were virtually a permament fit. HTH Dennis
  13. These may help a bit. COD.4 XA470 from HMS Hermes which made regular visits to Luqa whilst the ship was on its Med cruise in '67. I'll be doing my Airfix kit as this one Note the retractable boarding ladder just aft of the nose wheel door. The door was painted Red on the inner surface HTH Dennis
  14. Idly browsing Wikipedia Troy looking for shots of 543 in South America. Saved it 'cause it shows the brush marks on the fabric where the Red Taughtening Dope was laid on (done it many times during my mis-spent younger days). As far as I am concerned the photo is genuine colour Regards Dennis
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