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  1. sloegin57

    RAF Red spnner as theatre marking

    I agree with Graham, it is rather odd that Bowyer has not mentioned such a distinctive marking. May I suggest that the application of Red spinners occurred during the period between the 14.10.41, when the build up to "Operation Crusader" began and the 18.11.41 when the Operation was launched. By the end of 1941, the Commonwealth Air Forces were numerically and technically on a par with Rommel's Air Forces and thus able to hold them at bay whilst the 8th Army moved forward. Although I can find no historical reference to it, it would appear logical to me for the Commonwealth Air Forces to adopt a distinctive marking as a recognition aid during the aerial fighting that was to come. Spitfire V's are first reported to have arrived in the area in March 1942, 145Sqdn working up with them. It appears that the Unit did not commence Operations until June 1942 The oft named "Desert Air Force" (DAF) was so named during a re-organisation of Middle East Air Forces in February 1943. It had previously been called the "Western Desert Air Force" (WDAF). Commanded by AVM Harry Broadhurst, it relinquished its Medium and Light Bomber assets which were transferred to a newly formed Tactical Bomber Force. Much of the information above has been extracted from "Desert Air Force at War" by Chaz Bowyer and Christopher Shores printed and published by Ian Allen Ltd, London 1980 HTH Dennis
  2. sloegin57

    Moving Time Again

    Mike, I assume that where we are going knows we are coming but, does it know what it's getting when we arrive ? Sloegin The Black
  3. sloegin57

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    This one ?. As far as I can figure out, XG223, subject of the Xtradecal sheet, did not exist and was part of a "black out block" of serials for the 3rd production order for Hunter F.6's. So it appears that Xtradecal not only got the colour scheme incorrect but the serial as well - unless they are doing "what if's" now ! Dennis
  4. sloegin57

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    Hi @Muzz can I assume that the sheet you are using is Xtradecal X48192, subject aircraft XG223 code 27 circa August 1979 ? Dennis
  5. All the slightly adverse comments re the Hunter kit prompted me to open mine that I got from Airfix a few weeks ago. Everything is there thank heavens but building it has slipped to behind the Wellington which is even better than the Hunter and is Gold quality. Dennis
  6. The Harrier has been out for ages. Dennis
  7. sloegin57

    Mosquito MkXIII - Help needed to identify

    Is this the one you saw of HK428 - scanned from "The de Haviland Mosquito An Illustrated History" by Stuart Howe. Note the lack of Unit codes :- It's time with 29Sqdn, though short, certainly fits in with the date of the demise of the Me110. HTH Dennis
  8. sloegin57

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    I was involved (a bit) but I'll just leave this here for the aftermarket peeps to have a go at :- "Scramble the Valletta !!" Dennis
  9. sloegin57

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    Duplicate Post
  10. sloegin57

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    As John states in post 21, drawings will not be changed if skin thickness stays the same. The repair was on an FGA.9 at Wittering - In fact the very last 9 on the base. 45 and 58 had been disbanded very rapidly and out of the blue but this particular aircraft was still in the shed having major repairs to it. All AP's had been wrapped and sent to Brawdy and as all the MU staff had gone home as well, their work completed, the aeroplane was on its own. A small piece of damage was found at the rear end which needed fixing. The only Hunter drawings left at Wittering were amendment sheets in ASF (Eng Wg HQ) which were due to be destroyed. All I wanted was the skin gauge "in writing" to make the repair "legal". I managed to grab the top sheet for the F.4 and was "allowed" to trace the bottom sheet and references.. The job took 2hrs and 30mins as I recall, chasing up the references took a whole day. As John has indicated, suffix letters to an aircraft AP, in those days, indicated the mark of aircraft it, "the book", referred to. The aircraft was XK140 ex 58 and we never found out who "dinked" it so we blamed the Regiment who had taken over 45.58's hangar. HTH Dennis
  11. sloegin57

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    There is/was a skin line there Jonners between two areas of 20 gauge. I'll dig out a drawing from the AP which shows plus a tracing I d1d from the Vol.6 Dennis Edit :- OK - Frame 61 from the AP :- Tracing I did whilst carrying out a repair in the rear fuselage area :- NOTE that skin lines, ie where two bits of skin joined were invariably filled (puttied) and rubbed smooth before any primer was applied. Two coats of the latter were normally applied with wet and dry followed by de-dusting prior to the first coat of paint. Major components, rear ends, wings, tailplanes, flying controls and some panels were normally pre-painted prior to fitting and were included in the overall painting. HTH Dennis
  12. sloegin57

    Moving Time Again

    Just tried to donate Julian - you cannot, all you get is the sign up bit and i totally refuse to get a Pay pal account. It's foreign and you have no idea where your details are going Dennis
  13. sloegin57

    BOAC Whitley Question

    "Crown Immunity" ? DR
  14. sloegin57

    BOAC Whitley Question

    Don't we just !! DR
  15. sloegin57

    BOAC Whitley Question

    Exactly what I was thinking Magpie22. As I understand it they were converted to carry urgent supplies on to the Island during the siege and it is possible, though I cannot prove it, that "Higher Authority" considered it prudent for them to be armed and given a bit of an edge. I doubt very much if the late David Howley would have drawn it as such without photographic evidence from either his files or the late Dick Wards. As Graham says, still illegal, but bearing in mind what else went on during that conflict, a very minor and, under the circumstances, a highly necessary infringement. Dennis