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  1. Please look the link in first post.
  2. It may well be that this is a constructive flaw of the model. But at the same time, this may be the difference between the flight and landing configuration. It may also be the difference between the versions of this aircraft. In your photo, for example, an earlier version. In any case, thank you for your attention to my model. Maybe your comment will be for someone the basis for a thorough rework of the rack chassis of this model.
  3. As you know, it was RLM 63, and I used Tamiya acryl XF25 + a few drops of XF2 for overall and just used pure XF25 to modulate the bottom surface.
  4. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Let me present you my next model from Ukrainian manufacturer "AIM". The kit is typical "shortrun" with its specific defects. "Just from box" making. Only flag on tail made by handmade stencils. Add "Miniworld's" gun MG-15 and rigging.
  5. Hello, guys! I have been visiting this exhibition for several years in a row. Come, you will not regret! It will be a sea of positive, big and beautiful bunch of models and a lot of talented modelers. Delicious beer and everything else in easy accessibility.
  6. Alas, now I do not remember the formula. Once, I made these paints from Tamiya's paints.
  7. The set is very good. You just need to add the exhaust pipes and cut the rudder on one side.
  8. Hi, folks! Let me present you my next small, but cool model).
  9. Hello, Fabio. I used Mr.Hobby 365 (FS15042 Gross Sea Blue), and instead of the substrate I used AS-8 from Tamiya. For weathering I used this set https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?products_id=3130&fbclid=IwAR02OoDgOUWd3KQ0ri6zHkhcnv4Ebv58V1Hgm9Kv5hJ8V554iVDPFiYc8iM Varnishes from "Future" and Tamiya, washing fluid - MIG production.
  10. Hey. I used special stencils for weathering (some Spanish company), and also made stencils for identification marks and muzzle. Chipping made with the Prismacolor silver pencil.
  11. Hi, everyone! It's my next model from Hasegawa.
  12. Everything is simply explained. I have an "intimate relationship" with Snow White, and her seven gnomes for fear work for me .