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  1. Good evening, dear ladies and gentlemen. It's my next model.
  2. Here our colleague did a very good job on this topic.
  3. Everything is quite primitive here - I just apply a slightly diluted "Tamiya X-19 Smoke" with a soft brush. All other washes are MIG or AK standard washes, gray on top and brown for light surfaces. Yes, this is a bit exaggerated, of course, in life everything is not so contrasting. But this performance is more "pleasant" to the eye.
  4. This is a model from "Eduard" - a global manufacturer of very high quality models. There are no problems with assembly. There are minor inaccuracies in detailing, but for me it is acceptable. I'm not such a meticulous adherent of absolute conformity to the prototype. For example, the suspension tank of these aircraft had a pronounced weld along the entire length, because the tank consisted of two stamped parts. This is not on the model. But you can not hang the tank at all, because. they were hung only during long-range missions. On the available historical photo - there is no hanging tank. Also, the riveting on the model is given only partially - I made most of the riveting myself. But this is also a matter of personal preference, since on a real plane the riveting is almost invisible at all.
  5. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Let me present you my next model. "...The pace of operations continued through early April with the squadron airborne and hunting for targets of opportunity almost every day, the tally of destroyed enemy assets included ammunition dumps, barges, tractors and trucks, a sawmill, small watercraft and suspected gunboats, cranes and docking machinery. All of these attacks were delivered by strafing, though in a few cases the pilots preceded their strafing runs by dropping their fuel tanks on the target first. The Japanese returned fire with great accuracy and the squadron operations log recorded damage sustained on almost every sortie, as well as the damage they inflicted; on the 10th April Lt. Lochridge’s Hellcat “Lolly” was damaged by small arms fire while attacking a pair of 60′ barges..."
  6. Good day, ladies & gentlemen. Some facts: - This plane couldn't be in the air for more than 12 minutes due to limited fuel reserves. For the same reason, the Me-163s were flying directly in the routes of bombers (there were no other options to fly anywhere and behind anyone on their own). - The main requirement for the machine was a quick climb. - The aircraft made only a few sorties; While 11 aircraft were shot down, they were able to destroy only 9 American B-29s. - Due to the low amount of fuel, the aircraft could not re-approach the target. - Me-163 had a liquid propellant rocket engine, which was supplied with 80 percent hydrogen peroxide and a liquid catalyst. Accordingly - the letters "T" and "C" on the fuselage: Oxidizer, "composition T" - 80% hydrogen peroxide, is a transparent liquid without color and odor. Slightly toxic - when vapors entered the cockpit, it caused lacrimation in pilots. Causes burns on contact with skin and explodes with some organic compounds. The main danger of composition T is that it is not stable - in the presence of catalysts (for example, iron oxides) it rapidly decomposes, sometimes in the form of an explosion. It dissolves well in water. On Me-163 it served as an oxidizer to produce steam and gas for the rotation of the turbine and pumps. Fuel, "composition C" was a mixture of 30% hydrazine hydrate + 57-58% methanol, the rest is water. Colorless, oily liquid, with an ammonia-like odor. It's toxic, causes burns on contact with the skin, and explodes in the presence of iron oxides. Together with composition T, it forms a self-igniting fuel. In the combustion chamber, hydrogen peroxide decomposes with the formation of a large volume of superheated gas-vapor mixture, creating powerful jet thrust. - After takeoff, the plane dropped the landing gear and landed on a retractable ski. At the same time, it often turned over. - 3 groups were armed with such aircraft, however, due to lack of fuel, only one group was able to take part in hostilities.
  7. Wonderful model! Thank you for sharing.
  8. The set (zvezda) as a whole is quite good and there were no problems with docking the canopy with the fuselage. Often, to fix such problems, I use acrylic putty, which is wiped with isopropyl alcohol like this one. The problem was with the headlight (it is larger than the seat). I glued it, then grinded and polished. Long live the brave Poland people!
  9. I used two shades of green and special stain stencils. First I covered everything with a light green "Russian Green" from Gunze, then added a little black to it. To get a thin and not rough layer, I constantly use a retarder (slower drying agent).
  10. Good evening, dear colleagues! I present to you my next model. When assembling, etched and resin parts were additionally used.
  11. Good afternoon, dear colleagues! Today I present you my next model.
  12. For the aforementioned countries that is indeed, "history". What's happening with Russia is not, that's the difference. Besides, it's easy to be politically correct when their rockets are not hitting your streets and you see friends and family members flee their homes.
  13. You are right of course. There are always two sides to a conflict and you can be on one side and hate the other. And it is my right to be on the one side that is correct from my point of view. This is not the place to talk about my thoughts on this, so I'm just explaining my choice.
  14. I use Mr.Color 8 for overall and Alclad II Chrome for metal panels. And according to some sources, it was fully painted in metallic. But it could be just different stages of this plane's life.
  15. Good afternoon, dear colleagues! Today I present to you my next model from the Ukrainian manufacturer "Modelsvit". The model is made in the version of the aircraft of the North Korean Air Force captured by the Americans. This is not exactly the same modification, but I am not ready for such a deep modernization. The original did not have a front radiator, had a transparent section on the tail boom, had other lights on the wingtips, had some bulges on the cowl and was almost all metal. My modification is earlier and refers to the end of the Second World War. But I gave my word not to make Soviet stars anymore ...
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