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  1. Thank you gentlemen. I was very pleased that you liked my work. This is my inspiration for my next works.
  2. The sets from Airfix are great. Inspire to work.
  3. Happy New Year, dears! Somehow I dug in my deposits and found some reserves of airfield equipment for creating dioramas. I decided to do it.)))
  4. Hi, everyone. It's my next model and probably last in this year.
  5. Hi, everybody! It's my next model from Ukraine manufacturer "ICM". The kit is very good, highly recommended.
  6. Hi, everybody! This is my next model from the remaining 1/72 stock.
  7. This stupid painting of Vichy's troops reminds me of a tent circus or children attractions.
  8. Good day, dears! It's my next and last model from Azur.
  9. No, there is no catapult in this set. In general, there is not much of what I did on this model. This catapult is from a Japanese set.
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