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  1. I apply the wash with a brush along the holes and lines. You can simply cover everything entirely. Depends on your patience. I wait 20-30 minutes until the wash is completely dry. Then I wipe large surfaces with a napkin, and wipe small surfaces with an ear cleaner sticks.
  2. First you need to make the riveting with the riveter. Then you need to paint the model and apply acrylic varnish ("Future" for example). After the varnish, you can use MIG washes.
  3. It's just ordinary "washes" from MIG production, nothing special.
  4. Good evening, dears! It's my next model. The model's main error is a very irregular canopy visor. It's absolutely wrong angle. I grinded down the front of the visor at an angle to 0 to correct the situation a little. There are several mistakes in the instructions. Better to look at photographs and drawings. I separated the landing gear and inserted chrome tubes there. Added some details from stocks. Generally, this is a labor-intensive model in the result.
  5. This question is not for me, but for the model manufacturer. This is their signature on the "167 (Comm) Sqn variant. 757 / PB * K (F / o Robert Kablovsky)". Yes, they indirectly noted that this view may refer to the 10th Squadron. But then this board was transferred to the 167th squadron. I wrote 1944 from my own fantasy, as my plane is badly battered.
  6. You are right, this aircraft is based on the DC-2.
  7. This is a typical "shortrun". The kit contains resin and etched parts. I came across some pretty good plastic moldings (generally). Thanks for taking care. Me and my family, thank God, it's okay.
  8. Hi, everybody! This is another example of a weapon from the "Wunderwaffe" series.
  9. Yes, I used an airbrush for Molotov. And I successfully used solvent from Mr.Color Leveling Thinner 400 with Molotow.
  10. Mr.Color C08, Molotow liquid chrome, Alclad white and dark aluminum, pale burnt, dural and high speed silver.
  11. Thank you gentlemen. I was very pleased that you liked my work. This is my inspiration for my next works.
  12. Hi, everyone! It's my first model in this year.
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