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  1. Sorry bro, I'm getting old , why I wrote Airfix instead of Edward I don't understand .
  2. I'm sorry, not Airfix, but Eduard etched set, Pavla propeller set and I forget to indicate the brass set of barrel tip and Pitot tube from Master Models.
  3. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Let me present you to a new model from a new Ukrainian manufacturer "Clear Prop". The model is made according to the technology of "shortrun" and has a very rich detail - full engine and its compartment (which I closed unfortunately).
  4. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! It's my next model from Ukrainian manufacturer - AMP. It's typical 'shortrun' with good detailing.
  5. Hi, everyone! It's my next model from "Dora Wings" Ukrainian manufacturer. Kit as plastic is perfect, but strongly need to look photos and drawings of prototype. Instruction is not clear to understanding.
  6. There's a little down there https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PRyxHeLo-aHIoHN8Ul9AD4FCv9TqaHuw And theme on this site
  7. Good day to all! Today I want to draw your attention to one interesting novelty. This is a model of the project aircraft Henschel P.135. The model is produced under the new brand “Pepelatz”. The model is a set of resin parts of high quality. The surface of the parts is well polished, has no cavities, bubbles and other defects. The cockpit canopy is molded from a sufficiently transparent resin and is also free from defects. By the way, there are two of them in the set, in case of damage to one. And you can damage the canopy when it is separated from the rather solid casting part. In general, when assembling this type of model, you cannot be in a hurry; the model requires you to be calm. At the same time, it should be noted that the process of assembling a model does not at all have to use obscene expressions, as is usually the case with other manufacturers of resin models. The process of docking parts almost does not cause complaints, everything is very carefully made and perfectly fit. The only points that the modellers would like to draw attention to are the docking of the details of the niche of the main chassis with the fuselage halves. You should make a “dry” fitting of this part and slightly adjust it in order to ensure a tight fit of the half of the fuselage. Another point is connected with the side flap of the air intake - it does not have any guide parts that provide an exact match along the axes when docked. But the overall compliance and thickness of the material makes it easy to adjust the position of the part relative to the axis of symmetry by grinding. In general, it should be noted, that the plane was a concept and had only sketched drawings - there can be no particular requirements for strict compliance with anything. This allows an experienced modeller to take the initiative and "guess the way" the detailing of the aircraft's surveyed surface in order to improve its visual perception and integrity. So, for example, I did a front landing gear cleaning rack, added etched straps, imitation of hydro and electrical wiring, stuck the “alarms” of the devices, and also riveted the entire surface of the plane. The same, of course, concerns the colouring of the model, under which one can, within certain limits, give free rein to fantasy. For example, the manufacturer proposes to use the RLM02 in the cabin interior, apparently referring to the imitation of the test, not the flight pattern. But we know that from the end of 1941 the inner surfaces of the crew cabin were ordered to be painted with dark grey paint RLM66 (Schwarzgrau). And even if we paint a model in the “What if?” Style, then we should still adhere to a certain chronology of events. The same applies to the aircraft's proposed painting scheme according to the standard RLM74-75-76. We know that these colours were used in the first half of WWII and the aircraft, the project of which was proposed only in 1944, should be painted according to the scheme RLM81-82-83-76 if implemented. Or, more attractively, according to the “desert” scheme RLM79-78-80. I decided to use the first version and used RLM82-83-76 in colour. Certainly, the stencils and paint masks proposed by “Pepelatz” are a nice addition to the model. With their help, a modeller who loves perfectionism can not only mask the cockpit and wheel lanterns, but also “blow out” on the stencils of the balkenkreuz, as well as board numbers. Moreover, the number "5" can be done with edging, because proposed, respectively, two samples of its stencils. There are also decals for more impatient and less demanding models. However, according to the requirements of the time, there is not even a hint of the swastika images. This approach probably has the right to life, because an experienced modeller will always get a swastika “out of stock” and its application will remain entirely on his conscience, and an inexperienced modeller will have a hint at something forbidden which is probably not needed. You will tell why there is a resin model for an inexperienced modeller in the first place, but it seems to me that an inexperienced modeller can also overcome this product. The only difficulty will be in careful manual separation of parts from moulded parts. By the way, any etched files from any manufacturer are perfect for this purpose and do not need any mills and circular saws, since the material is very malleable and easily handled. Summarising, I can say that the model is perfect for almost any level of modellers, and for perfectionist modellers, there will certainly be much to do with hands, but not “for correction, but for improvement”. In any case, by purchasing the model, the user will definitely enjoy the assembly of this, in my opinion, predicted the future development of the prototype jet technology of the “gloomy Teutonic genius”. Also you can to view all photos of assembly HERE
  8. Thanks for the kind words, mates. I exhibit only here and on my Facebook page. Unfortunately, other environment is too unfriendly, unlike you .
  9. I built more than 200 models of the era of WWII. And I still have about 40 models of that era. It can be said that the main aircraft are illuminated by me. Now I want to touch on the theme of the Korean War and the Suez Crisis. And yet, basically, I want to make models of warring planes. They are more interesting in terms of the presence of weathering. I think in peacetime, the technique is very clean, because nothing to do and technical staff all the time brings order).
  10. Plastic is not bad, it fits normally. Decal of excellent Italian quality. But the assembly instructions compiled by some kind of idiot. A few items on the assembly is clearly not enough. The purpose of some of the details is still not clear.
  11. The set from SBS more accurately reproduces the surface relief, and also gives ready-made exhaust pipes, which are not in the set from ICM at all. In addition, the set of SBS has embossed plates and very comfortable special eyelets for tensioning rigging.
  12. Hi, everyone! I decide to continue the Suez theme. And now I present you Se Venom from "Ark Royal".
  13. Guys, big thanks to all of you for your kind words. I am very glad that you liked my model of this legendary aircraft.
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