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  1. Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Let me present you my next model. It's legendary soviet helicopter Mi-2 from "Mimino" movie. I used the additional corresponding thematic set from "Northstar" with resin figure of pilot (protagonist), set of resin chassis and decals. And some fragments from movie:
  2. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! It's my next model.
  3. No. It's canopy from box. I just polished it and bathed it in a "flat future" varnish.
  4. Yes, it's Academy kit. I use plotter making stencils for board letters and other markings.
  5. Hi, everybody! I present you my next model:
  6. Yes. It's refurbished old Hasegawa's kit with its wrong cross sections of the fuselage, which impossible to fix.
  7. I used the original Nakajima Green color from Mr Hobby. And the brightness of the color is apparently associated with the technology of applying this particular coloration. It was necessary to not make a solid color, but an uneven coating.
  8. It's ordinary silver pencil - Prismacolor https://www.amazon.ca/PRISMACOLOR-PREMIER-Colored-Pencils-Metallic/dp/B0035A12D6
  9. It's ready lights from belorussian sets - "Elf" named. http://www.scalefan.ru/blog/347/
  10. Hi. everybody! This is my next model.
  11. Yes it is decals from kit. The first thing you will notice about the kit is the gaudy graffiti on the sides and around the aircraft. The story behind the markings appears to center on a young Lieutenant assigned to 3./Fliegergruppe 50 in 1938 as the Group Adjutant, Lt. Kurt Hamann. It appears that Lt. Hamann never had any or very little formal flight training and was taking this Hs-123 for training flights. His unit was giving him lessons in their off time. You may have noticed that the Hs-123 is a single seat airplane so Lt. Hamann always flew solo. Whether loved by his comrades or tolerated by his superiors is not quite clear, but it is quite obvious that he was flying. Lt. Hamann did attain his wings and was killed in combat over France in 1940 while flying a Ju-87B. For those of you that don't speak German here are the translations to the markings. Der letzte Schlatchter? - The last Butcher? Gott erhalte uns den Adjutant - God hold us the Soldiers Aller Anfang ist schwer - All Beginnings are difficult Vorsicht - Caution Kleine Fische - Small Fish
  12. Hi, everybody! It's my next model. Text on the fuselage means 'The last butcher?', referring to the fact that these aircraft were called Schlachtflugzeuge (attack aircraft) or Schlachter (butcher) and were fading out of service.
  13. Riveting is done with the help of a riveter. I have several - with a different tooth pitch. https://hlj.com/product/SBMTT003
  14. Thank you for such kindly comments, guys!
  15. Good day, ladies and gentlemen. It's my next model.