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  1. Hi all, Got these some days ago. They look brilliant. https://www.arcticdecals.com/products.html?id=21459/878828 https://www.arcticdecals.com/products.html?id=21459/878835 https://www.arcticdecals.com/products.html?id=21459/878831 and got a message that there might be more to come. (And I'm only satisfied customer. Not connected to Arctic Decals other way). Br. Kusti P.S. hope this is the "right place" for this topic (rumourmonger wasn't)
  2. Great, good luck with your project
  3. Yes you must add weight. How much I can't say exact amount but "enough" that means so much you can easily hide in the nose area. You can also test with the "taped" model. Be careful with the engines. They should be build like that the reverse area points little upwards on both outsides: see images on the net I made a mistake in my IL-86 and I´ve seen many kits with wrongly build engines. I had to saw two engines to open and correct them. The instructions are not very good concerning the engines.
  4. Heralds are there. Open the link Homebee provided in the first message. You can find them on the list. Br, Kusti
  5. As the title says: https://www.authentic-airliners.de/epages/64205758.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64205758/Products/K144-60 Kusti
  6. And don´t forget this very nice Roden Antonov AN-12 kit: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ROD048 Kusti
  7. Hi Auke, got my kit yesterday and I can tell you it´s a very nice kit. Maybe you refer to this site: http://pas-decals.ru/forum/18--/7098-yak-42d-1-72-amodel Best regards, Kusti
  8. First picture taken at Grumman's Peconic River plant prior to delivery.
  9. I'm now Kusti, moments ago I was MurfV Frank
  10. Kusti

    Arctic Decals news

    I don´t mind. It´s up to moderators. I don´t get any profit (I´m not a trader). Anyway thanks for the advise.
  11. Kusti

    Arctic Decals news

    Hi all,some new really interesting decals from Arctic Decals.http://www.arcticdecals.com/tuotteet.html?id=33921/Metropolitan modelers read also News section. Good news if you like Finnair livery.Kusti
  12. Kusti

    Ed force one 757

    I´d say that the total for decals and shipping would be quite near to 15 GBP not very expensive (IMHO) but you´d ask the exact price from V1 team they are very friendly. And yes there is a cheaper alternative for B 757 kit and it´s Minicraft but... ok let´s say shortly "it´s a piece of s..t" I wouldn´t even think about it. But I know there are plenty airliners modelers who have opposite opinion. Choice is always yours... Br, Kusti
  13. Kusti

    Ed force one 757

    That´s 747. Goose is looking for 757 if I´m right? I haven´t seen Revell doing nothin concerning B-757.
  14. Kusti

    Ed force one 757

    See my next post.
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