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  1. You are quite right, those CADs do seem to show the wrong cross-section for the canopy. Here's a GR.3 taken from a similar angle to the CAD image, the canopy would be identical for GR.1/3/AV-8A/C/S: At least the CADs don't show SHAR pylons - so that is an improvement from the T-bird kit. But yes, the canopy design should be looked at again by Kinetic's designers, now, before molds are cut.
  2. RE-release. These are all old kits. Contents here: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=654
  3. Beaver's JMSDF kit will be out in Japan this weekend. Decals are by Rising Decals, and have been very intensively researched. The actual aircraft had some non-standard Japanese characters applied, and these have been faithfully reproduced by Rising Decals for this kit. If you have any interest in JSDF aircraft and like 1/48 helicopters, this would be the kit to get.
  4. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!! That is exactly what that means.
  5. I would refer you to the very first post, with picture.
  6. It is because Academy copied two of Tamiya's 1/25 tank kits. Mr. Tamiya did not take kindly to that, and anyone who tries to be an official importer for Academy finds themselves to be persona non grata at the Shizuoka Hobby Show. Doyusha has gotten away with reboxing Academy kits in Doyusha boxes (but with Academy boxart!), and some of the larger hobby shops are apparently buying direct from Academy now, so the kits are available but at a premium. So no - nothing to do with Japan/Korea rivalry, everything to do with a business rivalry.
  7. AFAIK there is only one 1/144 B-1 previously released, and that was the Panda kit, later rebooted by Dragon. From the photos of the Doyusha announcement, this is clearly not that kit. Three proper bomb bays instead of two, separate slats etc. And, for those that can read Japanese, the red box on the announcement says "new mold".
  8. Should be 1/144, Doyusha announced it at the Tokyo Hobby Show: https://www.gannet.jp/archives/8125 This is the announcement for their reboxing, Doyusha puts Academy kits in their boxes to get around the "import ban" on Academy kits.
  9. Looks to me like the KP kit with a new wing. previous KP Mk.V kit: http://www.hyperscale.com/2016/reviews/kits/kpm0056reviewmd_1.htm Sword Mk. V kit: https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/Supermarine-Spitfire-Mk.-Vc-Trop-RAAF.html Those exhausts and prop are definitely not Sword.
  10. JMSDF markings are included in Sword kit 72114.
  11. Very nice, Jan, looking forward to hearing more!
  12. Thanks for that, Steve, exactly what was needed!
  13. Hi Steve, I was hoping you'd drop by! It was your review on Aussie Modeller that I saw. With the kit parts in front of me, I see now how the 90 gallon tanks should line up, which was a bit different than I initially thought. When you said the tanks had cutouts for the link chutes, I was picturing the smaller chutes that are between the two larger cartridge chutes. And, it was possible to fit the tanks there between the link chutes, with the cutout on each side of the tank clearing the corresponding link chute. Now I see you meant that the cutout in the inboard side of the 90 gallon tank is for the (edit) INBOARD gun's cartridge chute, and the cutout that is in the tank's outboard side is for the link chutes? So, now that I know exactly where to drill the holes for the pylon mounting pins, next question: Do the bomb pylons have an opening or cutout for spent cartridge ejection? If I line up the bomb pylon centerline with the centerline of the inboard gun, the pylon covers the spent cartridge chute and link chute for the gun. This would seem to be detrimental to safe operation of the guns. Should the bomb pylon have a cutout in each side to allow clearance for the spent cartridge chute and link chute for the inboard gun, like the 90 gallon tank pylons have?
  14. I am interested in building the Special Hobby 1/48 Firefly Mk.V as shown on the kit box art, with rockets and bomb pylons fitted. The pylons (parts I5) are included, but as they are "not for use" there is no description as to where they should be attached. I have seen the instructions for their 1/72 Mk.I, which shows placement of the early pylons and auxiliary fuel tanks, but the instructions are not exactly clear as to where to fit the pylon exactly, other than it being well inboard of the guns. Which makes sense, but raises another question: the tanks are also included in the 1/48 Mk.V kit, and a review online points out how the kit parts correctly have the cutouts in the mounting pylon to clear the link ejection chutes, which would mean the auxiliary tanks must have been mounted directly in-between the guns. A test-fit of the 1/48 tanks on the wing shows everything lines up perfectly when you place the tank there, so was this where the hard point was for the bomb pylons as well? But if so, shouldn't there be cutouts in the sides of the pylon to allow the ejected links to fall free? I did find this pic of WH632 from the 1950s, with the pylons fitted, but no apparent link ejection cutouts and from what I can see it is mounted just inboard of the serial number painted on the wing underside: So was this pylon mounted inboard of the guns, on a separate hard point from that used for the fuel tanks, and if so can anyone point me to where, exactly, it should be attached to the wing? Thanks in advance,
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