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  1. All pre-orders now dispatched and we have some kits still available for general sales. We also have 1 kit that had some damage to the sprues (but the actual kit parts are fine) which is reduced to clear and is a bargain for someone. now Sold Details of all our kits, as always, available at www.blackmikemodels.co.uk Duncan B
  2. Wow! Honestly, that first photo made the hairs on my arm stand up. I've never had a reaction to seeing a model like that before! I'm at a loss to tell you how good that looks to me, 'superb' doesn't seem to cover it. Thanks for sharing your build with us and for building a kit that many other people would be tempted to cash in. Duncan B
  3. So that's the legendary Starfix Spitfire. Show's what I know about Spitfires as I don't think it looks bad at all . Great to see someone just building whatever they have just for fun and hang the rivet counters. Sometimes I really wish we could all treat the hobby as we all did back in pocket money days so well done for showing us how to just relax and enjoy our great hobby. Duncan B
  4. Tally ho or whatever the Russian equivalent is! Duncan B
  5. Meng appear to have delivered all of Europe's stock of these kits on one ship as the whole of the European Dealer network has lit up like a Christmas tree. The good news for those patiently waiting is that I am expecting my order to arrive here in the next day or so tonight (25th Sept) at 8pm (looks like it'll be a late night) and for my pre-orders to be dispatched over the weekend or early next week. I hope to have some extra for general sales too. Duncan B
  6. The UK stock of Meng QS-002 have arrived in country and I am now waiting on my order to arrive here on Friday 25th Sept. I will be starting on dispatching my pre-orders over the weekend into early next week, as there are quite a few to work through, but am hoping that all the pre-orders will be on their way by the close of play on Tuesday if not sooner. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered for their patience. I do have some spare from the first batch and they will become available once the pre-order kits have been QC checked so keep an eye on the website over the weekend for them. Duncan B
  7. First thing is don't use black as the base colour. I use a mix of browns and blues to create a scale black but something like a NATO Black straight out of the bottle would work too. As the base is not a solid black you still have the option to use a solid black to pre or post shade with. Duncan B
  8. Good luck to the new team, I'm sure the high standards set will continue under the new stewardship. To me it seems like it would be a thankless task being a contributor or editor of a modelling magazine as it's impossible to please everyone all the time and in the modern age of social media it seems that armchair critics are everywhere. I guess a thick skin and a sense of humour must be a prerequisite for anyone in those positions, never mind the modelling skills required. Duncan B
  9. Very nicely done. I can't say I've ever seen that scheme before but that's why I like modelling 109s, there are so many different schemes to choose from. Duncan B
  10. Roman, you always build beautiful models but I think this is your best one yet. The colour scheme is something rarely seen and looks excellent. Duncan B
  11. I think it looks fantastic. I have a couple of the AM SBD's in my stash and need to get started on one of them now. Duncan B
  12. I like Mr Hobby's RLM74, 75 and 76. I'm not so keen on their RLM8x, 70, 71, 65 and RLM78 though. Duncan B
  13. Do you deliver? Sounds like a great event, I hope it all goes well. Duncan B
  14. Duncan B

    WWI Biplane

    I agree that I wouldn't consider the CSM kits as ones to try out as a beginner. I was trying to say that the Meng Dr.1 and the CSM kits are probably too much to pay for an entry level into the world of multi wings and rigging. Mind you it's surprising how many people used to ask about the bigger WnW kits as their first attempt at a biplane. I would always try to talk them out of it (or at the very least make sure they understood what they were getting themselves into) and remember one particular chap being less than impressed that I was actually recommending he didn't buy a Felixstowe from me as he'd never made a biplane before! Duncan B
  15. Duncan B

    Postage rates

    Yes, that can be a be real pain. In that situation we try to cut out as much excess cardboard as we can while maintaining the box strength. It's amazing how much extra weight the parcel tape adds too, I have seen us save 300g by only taping around the openings as opposed to taping every edge of the box. If all else fails and you can't get it under the 2Kg threshold try looking for alternative Carriers on websites like Parcels2go.com where you can find some good deals if you are prepared to drop your parcel off. Duncan B
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