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  1. I certainly hope there is if that's what you want. In my case the chase for accuracy and "perfection" in my builds was the cause of my lost passion for the hobby. I found that making something completely outside my normal areas of interest revived my enjoyment so since then I have tried to broaden my modelling horizons with each build. Duncan B
  2. Nowhere in my post did I state that any test at the door was likely. I only stated that I think it is very likely that the TIC (the venue) will require proof, i.e. covid passport. I'm sorry if you have read something into my post that I didn't intend. I have amended my post to make it clear I was talking about being able to prove uptake of vaccinations, "Covid Passport" rather than being tested. Duncan B
  3. From what I'm hearing it may have been taken out of the IPMS's hands and proof of vaccine (Covid Passport) will be compulsory as the TIC have the right to demand it as part of the agreement. We await the official word from John. Duncan B
  4. Don't laugh, I had a very similar experience with a helicopter survival suit and a security pass once lol. Duncan B
  5. UK 1000Lb bombs and the 2in rocket pods were the only A to G ordinance I've ever seen photos of them carrying. For the Eagle deck trials there should be plenty of photos, I'll take a look through my books but think they weren't carrying anything at all for those trials. Duncan B
  6. I can only go by the photos I've seen of them on the Ark so, hopefully, someone with firsthand experience of operating them from the carrier will come along with a definitive answer. From what I've seen though they don't appear to have carried the Sargant Fletcher drop tanks so often so maybe a centreline tank and missiles would be an option? Duncan B
  7. Once 892 Sqn moved their home base to RAF Leuchars they regularly stood their turn at QRA when not at sea so an A to A load out with 2x Fletchers, 4x 'Winders, 4x Sparrows and a centreline tank is a reasonable call. However there are some great photos out there of them carrying mixed loads that make for an interesting model so something a little different from the norm is possible. Duncan B
  8. Excellent paintwork. All grey colour schemes terrify me as I struggle to get that worn look you have achieved so well. Duncan B
  9. The above diagram is not for an FG.1 in FAA trim as they didn't have the option to carry the SUU gun (the RAF had the SUU Gun mods carried out to their FG.1s starting in the early/mid '70's), the FAA didn't use the SNEB rocket pods and I don't think the strike camera was an option either. Looks like this is for the FGR.2 to me. Duncan B
  10. Fixed it for you. I guess there will be folk who turn up without the correct paperwork for whatever reason but hopefully most will have a smartphone with them (eTicketing will almost guarantee that I'd have thought) so should be able to rectify their mistake fairly easily (at the back of the queue). Duncan B
  11. Very nicely done, I had never seen that scheme before either. I also agree that the UB is a mean looking machine. Duncan B
  12. That is a beauty and shows off the ex Accurate Miniatures kit really nicely, they surely were ahead of the game with regards to the quality of their kits. Duncan B
  13. I will be setting up the pre-order function over the weekend so I'll PM you once that's set up. Duncan B
  14. Great photos, thanks for sharing. I'm surprised you didn't have a trail of motorists following you around as well though lol. Duncan B
  15. We have recently started stocking Finemolds kits and in particular the new 1/72 scale F-4 Phantoms (although we have access to the whole Finemolds range so ask if you are after something else). The next 1/72 scale F-4 Phantom releases from Finemolds are due to arrive in the UK fairly soon (late Oct/Nov). These ones concentrate mostly on the short nose F-4C,D & J the JASDF RF-4EJ is also on the list. (The RF-4EJ in the kit is one of the F-4EJs that were converted to RF standard by the addition of external sensors and pods so retained the F-4E gun nose as opposed to the regular RF-4 camera nose). The new kits are as follows: Finemolds 72843 1/72 US Marines F-4J Phantom "Marines" Limited Edition Kit (price to be confirmed but should be the same as the current F-4 Ltd Editions at £38.75 + P&P (RRP £42.99) Finemolds FP42 1/72 JASDF RF-4EJ Phantom "501st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron" Kit. £36.95 + P&P (RRP £39.99) Finemolds FP43S 1/72 US Navy F-4J Phantom "Aardvarks” Kit (First Edition Special). £36.95 + P&P (RRP £39.99) Finemolds FP46S 1/72 USAF F-4C Phantom "Air National Guard” Kit (First Edition Special). £36.95 +P&P (RRP 39.99) Finemolds FP47S 1/72 USAF F-4D Phantom "First Mig Ace” Kit (First Edition Special). £36.95 +P&P (RRP £39.99) All the First Edition Specials include bonus aircrew figures but will be the standard kit/decal options going forward and are at the regular kit price. The Limited Edition kits include decal options not expected to be included with the regular kits. If anyone is interested in any of these let me know so I can add them to my next order. Duncan B
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