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  1. I think that looks every bit the Sea Vixen, a very nice job indeed. Duncan B
  2. I knew you knew, James, just adding detail for others Duncan B
  3. There are too many waffle shapes between the cockpit and the spinner and the batter was obviously not mixed to RLM specs. Duncan B
  4. I bought several of the original 8268 releases and the overtures of the same kit the day they were released (more fool me!). I have never seen the Royal Edition nor the 8265 109F or Overtrees so I am not sure how many were produced/sold before Eduard pulled the plug on them. I suspect most in Europe were recalled before they hit the shops but may have already been on the container ships to N. America before they could be recalled. Apart from being dimensionally wrong the most obvious telltale signs on the fuselage parts of the original G6, 8268 kit, are the strange bumps on the wing root fillet immediately below the front canopy (apparently copied from a museum example that had received some replacement panels at some point during it's museum life. From 82111 onwards the dimensions are much better (although no kit is ever perfect). I built one of the original kits (gave away another and still have one in the box) and have to say that I did enjoy it and it still sits in the display cabinet along with the more accurate later versions. Most people probably don't notice the difference at a casual glance. You seem to be going to an awful lot of effort to make conversions that will be flawed from the start due to the base kits but if you are having fun that's all that matters really. Duncan B
  5. But only a few FAW7 Javelins, all FAW8 & 9s. Duncan B
  6. Sounds like you lot forgot to take your wallets Duncan B
  7. No ailerons on the Jag, roll is controlled by a mix of spoilers and differential tailplane movements only. Those are outboard flaps. Duncan B
  8. In the early days of the F-4 the auto stab also had a nasty habit of sudden un-commanded pitch changes (UCM) due to that pitot getting blocked by insects etc at low level (which is where the Blue Angels spent their time displaying at). As dramatic as a sudden pitch down would be for the spectators it's a sure way of ruining the day for the aircrew as some front line ones found out. Duncan B
  9. Once I get round to setting up the Blog for the 2020 season it'll be the same process for pre-orders as above. Duncan B
  10. I have reduced the price of all the remaining LukGraph kits and accessories in stock to make way for other items. They are in limited numbers, most just single examples left and once they have gone they won't be restocked so get them while you can. The Sopwith Baby in British Service kit is excluded from the sale but will also not be restocked once they have sold out. I am expecting them to arrive next week and currently only have 1 of them still available for pre-order so if interested please get in touch. Duncan B
  11. I found the first series of Lost In Space took a few episodes to get going. I also thought the first episode of the second series was very slow but last night Mrs B and I put on the second episode ad before we knew it we were on episode 5. It had us hooked. Duncan B
  12. I'm not planning on building them (although never rule that out) but am trying to decide if I should stock them in my shop. The feedback does sound positive on the whole so I will see where I go from here. Thanks again for the feedback everyone. Duncan B
  13. Thanks for all the comments and info. I think I will order up a mixed bag of kits in various scales and see how they sell. Duncan B
  14. You know my directional instability is purely down to my Navigator not being used to being able to see out of windows! (that and the constant bombardment during the journey of why I should stock model submarines and ships) Duncan B
  15. If you can make it down there Gordon the Bolton Show is a great show to visit being easy to drive to (find) and easy parking, lots of space between the stands and lots of them. It's just a shame it's so soon after Christmas as most folk haven't been paid since before Xmas and it is noticeable. Duncan B
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