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  1. I managed to do the Eduard D.VII in 1.48 scale so 1/32 should be a breeze (He said tongue firmly in cheek with 2 WnW D.VIIs in the stash and untouched!) Duncan B
  2. WnW said that the chemicals would destroy the decals. Looks like they went on without the solution destroying them! It might be that I have to test a small section of the decal and see what happens. Duncan B
  3. Oh my, that has added another level of complicated! Thanks for showing this though, it took me a few minutes to see the 'thrust line' he was talking about but it's obvious once you know what to look for. Another great piece of the lozenge puzzle sorted. Wingnut Wings recommend that you don't use any decal solutions like Microsol and Microset on their decals to get them to adhere to the details of the kits as the solutions will damage the decals. They recommend using a standard hairdryer to shrink the decals onto the kits. It takes a bit of guts to take a fairly warm blast of ai
  4. No, this kit was actually tooled by Trumpeter and is not related to the old Lindberg kit. Duncan B
  5. Very nicely done. I made a Merit MK.1 Gladiator a few months ago and really enjoyed the stress free build. Duncan B
  6. My first completion of 2021 is the venerable Italerei 1/72 Henschel Hs-126 which I decided to build as a homage to all those Saturday afternoon pocket money builds of my childhood. Built over several Saturday afternoons. Grandstand is no longer broadcast on the TV so listening to the football on the radio had to do instead and I used a cutting mat instead of Newspaper! I made no attempt to correct or update the kit other than to add a small block of resin to replicate the tropical air filter and some masking tape seatbelts. Painted using Colourcoats Enamels and the kit decals were used. N
  7. Leuchars QRA standard fit was with a centreline tank. I have a nice photo somewhere that I took in the Q shed which shows which RBFs were fitted. I'll try and dig it up and post up for the OP. Duncan B
  8. Excuse me if this has been asked before (I bet it has been asked many times). I am about to start applying the lozenge decals to the wing undersides of my WnW Albatros (after having put this task of for 9 months already!). I have practiced with the hairdryer technique on some cheap kit decals just to get the feel for it (boy it really works well too!) so feel I'm good to go. The question I have is about placement. I am guessing that the best way to go about laying the wet decals out would be to line up the leading edge and leave the trailing edge oversized to be trimmed off after the deca
  9. I've just had a problem with my 620. It developed a leak that would drain the tank in about 1 hour if the unit was switched off. I found the leak easily enough after checking all the hose connections were tight first, the dome for the water trap is actually plastic and the metal valve is a push fit into the bottom of the bowl. It had cracked all round that area, no way to fix it as the cracks were right through the plastic so a new bowl was needed (only a few £s). That will be why the bowl has a metal cover over it so it's worth unscrewing the metal cover from time to time to check for cracks
  10. I know it won't suit everyone but this is what I suggested might happen to get around it. Maybe Clubs and friends will look to making bulk orders to get to the minimum order values in future? Duncan B
  11. Someone mentioned the Cyber Hobby Sea Venoms. They are a modern kit but unfortunately they got the span of the wings completely wrong (by the width of the tip tanks) and consequently they look like a high altitude extended wing version. To get the correct span the tip tanks need to be hacked off and moved inboard by their own thickness but that then throws other things like the ailerons and chord of the wing at the ends out of kilter. It's a lot of work to get them to look right if you are worried by that sort of thing however if you are happy to accept them for what they are then they build u
  12. Duncan B

    ICM kits

    The later ICM offerings in all scales have been superb and with prices that make them very easy to sell/buy. Although 1/32 isn't really my scale but a "Dogfight Double" of the Falco and Gladiator really appeals to me. I might have to get that project underway later in the year. Duncan B
  13. Well if it does prove to be your last WnW build you can be happy that you bowed out with a superb build. As others have said the paintwork is flawless too. Duncan B
  14. The owner, Alex, can be swamped from time to time due to fingers in many pies. It might be worth contacting him via the Uschi vd R Facebook page or by Messenger if you're not getting a response to your emails. You will get your stuff as he is very reputable but sometimes his communications are a bit slow for whatever reason. Duncan B
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