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  1. Duncan B

    Model kit box art

    "Mr Airfix" Trevor Snowdon was at our model club the other month and gave us a fascinating talk on Airfix and specifically mentioned those 80's boxes with the photos on them. Apparently it was done because the Americans demanded that the boxart show exactly what was in the box and not the wonderfully imaginative art that we all love so blame them, the fun crushers! Duncan B p.s. The story he told us that tickled me the most was about the Ltd Ed. World Cup Football figures they did which featured David Beckham and his famous pony tail that he shaved off just before the first match rendering Airfix's model redundant!!
  2. Duncan B

    Domestic plumbing noises

    There is always one isn't there? Duncan B
  3. Duncan B

    Montrose bridge.

    I spoke to a gent at the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre (a great place to visit if you are in the area www.rafmontrose.org.uk) a few years back who was a young boy in Montrose and remembers that particular raid well as he and his Father were walking up the main street in Montrose at the time of the attack and his Dad pulled him into an alleyway just as one of the aircraft straffed the main street. They were bombing the harbour and one bomb hit the Chivers fruit factory. There is a great book (I can't find it at the moment to get the title!) that documents the Luftwaffe's activities over Scotland during the war and if I remember correctly it states that this raid was one of many raids that took place on the east coast of Angus and Fife on that day. Duncan B
  4. Duncan B

    Some of this week's new arrivals

    Sgt Trollski, I see you are at it again
  5. Duncan B

    The Fife Scale Model Show, This Saturday 16th June

    It was great to see you there. I was surprised when I saw you walking through the door but pleased to see you had made the trip over. DB
  6. Next Show on the BlackMike Models 2018 roadshow calendar and another one of my favourites. Looking forward to it (will we be going for a curry after this one too Graham? ) Duncan B
  7. Duncan B

    The Fife Scale Model Show, This Saturday 16th June

    It really is, it almost feels like a club meeting rather than a show, great fun. I know what I must do this week Des I would like to thank our hosts, East Neuk Model Club, for putting on a splendid show again this year. It has become one of my very favourite shows due to the free cuppa and Bruce’s banter amongst other things (the curry afterwards wasn’t Half bad either). See you again next year. Duncan B
  8. Duncan B

    The Fife Scale Model Show, This Saturday 16th June

    All packed and ready to go, hope to see some of my fellow Scots there. Duncan B
  9. Duncan B

    Protecting Your Models

    To decoy the destroyer cats of the neighbourhood of course. Duncan B
  10. Build faster than you buy! I know that is a paradox but on paper it makes sense. Duncan B
  11. Duncan B

    Hornby secures £18m lifeline

    True enough, 40-50 years ago they were are lot less detailed (although they did start bringing in more detailed cars in the early 70'2 IIRC) but there were the equivalent of aftermarket kits that you could buy if you wanted to make your own slot car. You would buy the body, paint it however you wanted and attach it to the running gear. That might be something Hornby could look at? Duncan B
  12. Duncan B

    Hornby secures £18m lifeline

    Hopefully they will be able to move away from a 2 run production strategy for their new kits and continue to produce more kits alongside each other. We have probably all suffered from waiting a month too long to make that purchase to find that they have run out of a popular kit, which means Hornby have made their money of course but semi-continuous production would be better for us. Duncan B
  13. We have had a big delivery of Special Hobby, ICM, the new Meng Panther D and it's World War Toon version arrive today. You can check out all the new arrivals here: https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/collections/new-arrivals My favourite has to be the Meng World War Toons Panther. Duncan B (there are some rather interesting kits due to arrive later in the week too so check back again soon)
  14. Duncan B

    Another Denial of Service Attack

    Very interesting as I had a huge spike in activity on my website recently from Russia, 10 times the normal daily traffic in just over an hour. Sadly none of them bought a single thing. They would actually have done me more harm if they had as I couldn't handle that many orders in one day without having a breakdown! Duncan B