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  1. Very nicely done and I agree with your call for us to get on and build those WnW kits hiding in the stash. Duncan B
  2. Sea water and aluminium (not to mention any magnesium etc that might be present too) are not the best of mixes. I suspect it will take an awful lot of work to get it back to flying condition. Duncan B
  3. Begemot Su-35S Decal sheet for the GWH kit I am currently building. I'm hoping some of the more generic decals on the sheets will also be of use for my GWH Su-27UB (and Su-27 when it arrives). Duncan B
  4. It's not the easiest kit to put together so to get any sort of decent finish is impressive but this is well beyond decent. Excellent work Libor, I have a half built one lying in a box somewhere. I doubt it'll ever end up looking as good as this one if I manage to finish it. Duncan B
  5. Very nicely done and I do like to see aircraft with their wings folded when thats an option. Duncan B
  6. I agree, it smacks of protectionism to me (and don't get me started on price fixing! I'm not suggesting the UK Distributor of Tamiya is involved in price fixing but it is happening) but that's the way it is. Duncan B
  7. I do remember seeing this one the first time around and really liking it. Seeing it again now, it still looks brilliant. Duncan B
  8. Thanks for that Troy. That explains why I wasn't seeing a lot of variation in panels when I went looking at photos, which is why I decided to just go with the AS-12 finish as opposed to varying every second panel like I would normally for a NMF. Duncan B
  9. This was a long term resident of my pile of doom. I had opened the box and snipped a few parts off the sprues, tried a dry test fit and quickly put it back in the box and buried it deep. Last week I was at a loose end and decided to see if I could get any of the parts to fit together. I quickly deviated away from the recommended build sequence and ditched the engine and gun bay. I wrestled with the "fit" of the nose wheel bay which was supposed to attach to the bottom of the cockpit and the intake nose ring. After lots of hacking and filing and much swearing I got all the bits inside the fusel
  10. My wife once threw out my entire collection of built up 1/72 USAF/USN models while I was away on a business trip. They had been packed away for a house move and hadn't been unpacked again once we moved into the new place so after a couple of years she figured they were surplus to requirements! They were from my first adult attempts at modelling and weren't brilliant if I'm honest to myself but even so I was a bit miffed as many of the parts could have been salvaged (Hasegawa weapons sets etc) or some of the kits restored. So now I throw nothing away without having made sure I will not have a n
  11. The email is a scam but like all of the more successful ones is based on truth. eBay are changing the way payments are being processed but it is a slow roll out and they will send you a bona fide message through their own system (and by email) asking you to go to your account to register. I had the email from them last week and have successfully changed over from PayPal to their new payments provider. (I'm still not sure I like the change but will give it a while to 'test drive' it). As others have said, don't go clicking on any links unless you are 150% sure you know where it has come fr
  12. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it, the UK Tamiya Distributor (like a few others) won't sell to online based shops unless they also have a 'bricks and mortar' shop too. Some of my other suppliers might get them in which case I will but I can't promise anything at the moment. Duncan B
  13. We had hundreds of tanks in packing cases stored all around the airfield as 'war stock' when I was there. They were in all sorts of colours, all white, all green, USAF Green/Light Grey and the normal RAF colours. It was fairly unusual but not impossible to see a tank in one of these colours fitted and sometimes we'd see a tank painted in RAF colours with a different nose or tail cone fitted too. It makes for an interesting model as does having the nose cone colour demarcation slightly offset from the main body of the tank (the body was made up of three sections so if the guys in the Tank Bay d
  14. Yes, I sanded them back until I could just make them out in the very dark grey plastic and then used them as guides for re-scribing. I did use some plans for other lines too but that was just me being fussy. I knew about the fuselage being too narrow but didn't do anything about it as it's unlikely it will ever sit beside a new tool Do217N in the display cabinet. It's at the primer stage now, I was going to try to fit some of the cockpit detail from an abandoned ICM Do215 into the Italeri kit but won't bother with that now and will just complete it as Italeri intended. Duncan
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