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  1. I have just had an email from my first customer of the new Airfix Vulcan with a horror photo of a badly short shot part. I have just checked the rest of my stock and sure enough part C01 is missing at least 25% of the plastic on half of my total stock. That's a 50 % failure rate so this is unlikely to be an isolated issue. I would suggest to anyone who has already bought one to check it immediately, if you've already started the kit you'll know if yours is affected as the part is used in the very first stage. To anyone thinking of buying the new Airfix Vulcan I would suggest asking to see in the box to check the parts or to get your online Retailer to confirm the parts are unaffected before parting with your money. Duncan B
  2. They were on stage performing last week so it appears to have been quite sudden. From what I have read he went home feeling unwell so their Guitar tech was standing in for him at the next gig. Duncan B
  3. For the timeframe you are building you are definitely looking at using Skyflash......Selwyn has beat me to the punchline with the thread search for the differences. Duncan B
  4. Another voice for the Guns GX or their UV Cut Clear. I have also regularly use Alclad/Mig Aqua Gloss over Xtreme Metals too. Duncan B
  5. You've done a great job on it and the colour scheme really suited the Lysander. Duncan B
  6. What a great question. I suspect that my 10 would change every 15 minutes until I'd worked my way through the entire stash however I'll have a go. any one of my Wingnut Wings kits (I could cheat and keep the Greentails Trilogy which has 3 kits in the box) Airfix 1/48 EE Lightning Eduard 1/72 Bf110 (any one of the range they have done) Great Wall Hobby 1/48 Sukhoi Su-27UB Flanker (the GWH Flankers are all excellent kits but I really like the look of the UB) Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Dauntless (again, any one of them but probably the -1 for the yellow wings colour scheme) Finemolds 1/72 Bf109 (superb little kits and still the best 1/72 109 in my opinion) Airfix 1/72 Gloster Javelin FAW.9 (as a place holder for when Airfix bring out a new tool one based on their 1/48 kit, please Mr Airfix!) Hasegawa 1/48 F-4K Phantom FG.1 (again as a place holder for when Zoukei Mura release their FG.1, it will happen) Tamiya 1/48 Swordfish floatplane AMG 1/48 Hawker Hart Ask me again in 10 minutes and I'll come up with another 10! Duncan B
  7. Very nicely done Tony and we can never have enough photos of your builds. I worked with someone who's dad was an ex WW2 Bomber Command pilot with a DFC to his name who was one of the pilots that refused to continue flying the Brigand in Malaysia due to their tendency to fold up at the bottom of their dives. He told me that so many of the pilots refused to fly them that the powers that be put on a demonstration to prove that it was safe to dive bomb in one and it folded up and killed its pilot right in front of them all. My colleagues dad was dishonourably discharged from the RAF along with others citing "LMF" as the reason! Duncan B
  8. Very nicely done. I used to sneak off from my section to go and see how the painting was coming along. p.s. our Spey Phantoms were FG.1 or FGR.2 but never FGR.1 Duncan B
  9. The question I'd like to know is could they be shut again once the flares had been fired off or did they stay open? If they can be closed again I am guessing that they would be opened on landing so the ground crew would know they needed refilling/checking in the same manner as when ours had used the AAR probe, they would deploy it on the taxi in so it could be checked over during the AF servicing. Duncan B
  10. As Tony G says, leading edge flaps on the hard wing Phantoms. The "tailplanes" were always referred to as the Stabilator (or stab for short), removable panels were always referred to as doors and were numbered from nose to tail, i.e. door 6 was near the front on either side of the fuselage under the front cockpit (L or R depending on which side you were on), door 22 was a bit further aft under the centre fuselage etc. All names were as per the manuals so everyone was singing from the same "hymn sheet" as it were. Duncan B
  11. Looking at the photos of them on the deck of the Kitty Hawk I don't see any external differences from the F-4B at all. One thing that is obvious though is that the wing drop tanks are the earlier style with the flanges running along the centreline on each side of the tanks (which are a slightly different shape too IIRC). If I was building the G I'd happily go with the Tamiya kit and an aftermarket decal set and leave it at that. Duncan B
  12. That's the way I deal with my builds now. I don't think about the end result until I get there. I break things down into manageable (physically and mentally) chunks and work through them. Sometimes I might only do one small piece in a day but I still feel I've achieved something positive. Some days I might not manage anything at all but I don't stress about it the way I used to. I do find that I will put things off if I come to a stage that I am concerned I might not be able to do well enough and when that happens I have to remind myself I am only building to please me. That's usually enough to get me going again (and more often than not it usually works out fine anyway). Duncan B
  13. What a great introduction too. very nice work on your Hunter. Duncan B
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