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  1. AK Xtreme Metal are nice too, I use them a lot. Duncan B
  2. This might be another sign of madness? Montex paint masks for spraying 4 and 5 colour German WW1 lozenge schemes. Duncan B
  3. I used Mr Levelling Thinner with Colourcoats for ages without any problems before the dedicated Colourcoats Thinner was available. Jamie is just a cack-handed, clumsy devil (ask him how his GWH Devastator is as he's not much of a juggler either!). Duncan B
  4. Their Super Clear UV Cut clear coats are very good straight from the spray can or from the pots too. In fact, apart from the H series Mr Hobby clear coats I have never had a problem with any of the other clear coats made by them. Duncan B
  5. For other metal finishes you can clear coat using Alclad's Aquagloss, it's an acrylic clear. (You didn't say if you are airbrushing or using a hairy stick so I have assumed airbrush). Mr Hobby's GX1xx range of clear coats are a similar composition to the Tamiya paints you are using and are very good but I haven't had very good results with the same Company's Mr Hobby Aqueous Clears, they always stayed tacky for too long so I stopped using them. Duncan B
  6. Duncan B

    Mr Surfacer 1500

    Mr Surfacer is a liquid Primer, the higher the number the thinner it is. Mr Surfacer 500 is good for covering small blemishes on the surface such as sink marks etc but won't fill large gaps. If you are looking for something with more filling capability I would recommend Mr Dissolved Putty which is just as it says, a dissolved putty that will flow into gaps and once set can be sanded back. I usually take a cotton bud dipped in Mr Thinner (but not soaking wet) and clean the excess Mr Dissolved Putty off the surface before it has set completely, that way I don't need to sand and lose surface detail, idea for tight gaps like wing roots. I might then have to go over the area with some Mr Surfacer to finish off blending everything in depending on how bad the joint was to start with (I use the same technique with the cotton bud to smooth the Mr Surfacer out but more gently). I hope that helps. Duncan B
  7. I used Vallejo Metal Color White Aluminium on my Hawker Fury I. I was going for a clean look though so maybe the Matte Aluminium would be better for a more used look? Duncan B
  8. Wholly understandable decision, fast forward to 2021. Duncan B
  9. Duncan B


    I will be interested to see what new Health and Safety rules the Venue/IPMS will bring in for the Traders if the Show does go ahead this year. They have always, understandably, been very keen on H & S so I would not expect them to overlook or to let their standards slip now. I also wonder what the cost of Public Liability is now post CV-19? I will obviously find out for myself come renewal time but am wondering if the Insurance companies have taken their usual approach and adjusted premiums upwards after the outbreak. Anyhow, I have officially cancelled all planned attendances at the few remaining Shows that I had lined up for this year. Let's hope that the Social Distancing regulations and risks from the virus have disappeared by the time next year's show season comes around or we could be looking at longer term disruption. Duncan B
  10. That's brilliant and I really like the 'flying' pose. I have to admit to having one in the stash unstarted but really enjoyed GWH's F-15J Eggplane that I built as a 48 hour build over the Xmas holidays (that seems so long ago now!). Duncan B
  11. Yes, they should be on my eBay store however I definitely have them on my own website www.blackmikemodels.co.uk (I don't put everything on eBay). Duncan B
  12. Duncan B


    I took a long look at how Retail in general is having to deal with customer care during this outbreak and made the decision to pull out of the remaining Model Shows that I was due to attend later in the year that still haven't been cancelled. Logically we would have to implement some sort of queuing system at our Stall, either wear full face masks all day or erect screens. I guess we'd have to do something about quarantining our stock after the show which would have an effect on our online sales which continue in the background. Ultimately there is still the risk of infection as the virus hasn't gone away so is that risk worth taking? The queuing factor alone would be the single most cause of problems on the day if everyone has to stay 2m apart, how many people does it take to have my queue extending into the next Trader's area and vice versa? So would the Shows then decide to reduce the number of Traders to allow more space in between? If they do that then each Trader attending will surely have to pay more for the space unless the Organisers are going to take the hit for paying the venue fees. All this with a backdrop of reduced turn-out and higher general risk. It doesn't make attending shows a viable financial proposition for me at this point in time. I feel genuinely sorry for Show Organisers who just want to put on a good event and make some money for their respective organisations so I hope normality returns to the Show Season next year but 2020 is a right off for me. Duncan B
  13. In that case I would recommend the Vallejo 'Metal Colors', they do a nice range of colours which can be mixed to give you the exact shade you're after. Duncan B
  14. Wonderful to see the efforts of those who fought for freedom still being remembered. I wonder how people go about hiding 2 artillery pieces from occupying forces for the duration of a war without them being discovered? Very brave thing to do I suppose too. Thanks for posting these photos. Duncan B
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