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  1. Great to see one built up, I have one hiding in the stash somewhere and really should get on with it. Duncan B
  2. If I remember correctly the engine vents should all be the same, Sabrinas are the obvious visual difference. The shape of the airbrake and fairing did change but I can't remember if that was after the Mk.4 or before so check that. Duncan B
  3. Such a strange claim for a book to make when there is so much photographic evidence to show that they were fitted and did use them! Duncan B
  4. I wasn't too keen on the Dolphin but seeing your one makes me think I made a mistake by not getting one when I had the chance. Really nicely done, the top wing colour certainly adds even more interest to the model. Duncan B
  5. I'll be honest, I didn't enjoy building this kit at all. The wing root was a nightmare to hide and I just found the whole thing over engineered. I still have a twin seater and another single seater to build but they have gone right to the bottom of the pile. Others will have different opinions, these are just my thoughts. Duncan B
  6. My Wingnut Wings Bristol Fighter (post war) and Hanover arrived yesterday. They have been drooled over, inspected and put away into the stash until such times as I can get around to making a start on them. Duncan B
  7. I've decided not to trade at Perth this year as I am too busy with the "day job" so I'm looking forward to going along as a punter on the Sunday instead. Believe it or not I never get more than a quick 10 minute run around the show when trading so it'll be nice to take my time and enjoy it for once. Duncan B
  8. Yep, that's my way of thinking too. Duncan B
  9. @Julien what are you going to do about the missing stiffening strip on the bottom of the fuselage? That seems to be a bit of a glaring miss by Meng. Duncan B
  10. Hopefully, if I understood the Hannants email correctly, I have a Brisfit Late and a Hanover on their way to me. I might dip back in and get a DH.2 Lanoe Hawker if they are still available but not desperate so will see. Duncan B
  11. Indeed that's true but the US decided to go public this time for some reason when previous administrations decided not to. I still think there is a political motive to the most recent events as well as an ongoing surveillance operation. Duncan B
  12. I think the "clandestinely" part is the operative part. Someone wanted the Americans to see it, one suggestion is that the PR Army launched it, without the big boss knowing, to scupper the US/China summit. Duncan B
  13. A very nice trio of FAA aircraft there. Duncan B
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