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  1. I'd agree with that. In other contemporary photos of Bf109s with the earlier 70/71/65 low demarcation scheme it can be very difficult to make out the 70 from the 71 due to the very low contrast. I also agree with @dov that in the first photo the starboard wing outer demarcation looks to wavy and soft rather than hard edged and straight so while it is in keeping with the generally agreed pattern it doesn't look to be factory applied as such. Had it been repainted due to damage at some point or was it a field applied experiment, I guess we will never know the answer to that? Duncan B
  2. Well at least that gives me some time to catch up. Duncan B
  3. My wife works in an Accounts firm so the following information is coming from her (although she isn't an expert in paying Tax/VAT from outside UK). Apparently the changes are all to do with the move to "Making Tax Digital" (MTD) which came in on the 1st April. I guess it's your first quarter VAT return that you have just had trouble with which would be the first to come under MTD? This might not be an option for you as you as based outside the UK but software accounts packages readily available in the UK like Quickbooks, Sage etc are all now MTD compatible so users are able to still file their VAT returns directly to HMRC. It is probably more expensive than it's worth to see if you can get access to a UK compatible accounts software package if you want to be able to submit VAT directly to HMRC without having to go through a third party. If you are able to get a UK Government Gateway ID (you probably have one for recording your UK Tax liability?) you should be able to add VAT to your Gateway as an additional service which should also allow you to pay VAT directly to HMRC, probably worth checking that out. Currently it is only VAT registered companies but in 2 years time all businesses will have to be fully MTD compatible. Duncan B
  4. You've made a heap of progress since I last looked in. I have been busy with other things so my one is only moving very slowly forward but I feel inspired seeing yours getting close to the finish line. Duncan B
  5. Nice work Barry, as we have come to expect from you. I still want to know where you get those 500ml pots of Mr Hobby paint that you use as a stand for your 1/32 scale builds though . Duncan B
  6. Thanks for sharing your family photographs, your Grandfather looks quite a character with his hat set at a jaunty angle (great details of his uniform for the figure modellers too). His aircraft looks very clean so I wonder if it was nearly new when photographed? The Graf Ltd Edition Hasegawa kit in 1/72 also has the resin intakes if that scale is of interest. Duncan B
  7. Wow, simply wonderful. I've only just discovered the wonderful world of Flankers, having completed one GWH Flanker with another in build, so I am paying more attention to other Flanker builds now. It's nice to see some of the various one-offs getting some attention. A very fine collection you have there. Duncan B
  8. Same here, one day I'll get around to it! Nice to see an Airfix 1/48 Vixen getting built so I'm going to tag along too. Duncan B
  9. Does the instructions give any clue why there are the big numbers and the black line only on one side of the fuselage? Duncan B
  10. Very nicely done. I know that there was only this one Devastator built with floats and it was used for tests, does that explain why there are only markings on one side of the fuselage or have GWH got that wrong? Duncan B
  11. No girders but it still has the same disastrous results on teeth that a girder in the mouth would have lol. Duncan B
  12. Like @brianthemodeller I used to do a lot of my modelling while away (onboard a ship) so had my essential items required for building in a small "Really Useful" box (stuff like sanding sticks, glue, filler, paints for the interior etc). I had my own cabin so could leave it all on my desk during my trip however if I'd needed to I could pack it up quite quickly. I guess it depends on which stage you are at with your builds as to how much space you'll need and how anti-social you'll be (smelly glue & paint etc). I'd be tempted to get a couple of the small boxes I mentioned before, one to keep the kit you're working on in and the other for those essentials and get a large tray that you can sit on your lap (I think you can actually get ones for hobby work) and you could then sit anywhere while doing the basic stuff like cutting parts off the sprue and cleaning them up etc. When it gets to the gluing and painting stage you can lift the whole tray to your kitchen table and work there without taking the bits off your tray. Where there's a will there's a way and it sounds like you're not ready to give up plastic bashing just yet. Good luck with finding a solution and do let us know what you find works best for you as you'll not be the only person struggling with workspace. Duncan B
  13. When you make the order (I am assuming that you will be using the RM's Click and Drop website as that's the easiest way to do this) you will be asked which size and weight your parcel is (Black Knight has explained the options in his post, copied below). The weights are "up to x Kg" so you don't have to be accurate down to the last gram. Do be aware that once you get over 2Kg you go into a much higher price tariff and will probably be better looking for an alternative service from another carrier which will be cheaper. Take a look at the likes of www.parcel2go.com for your oversized parcels. You can chose from a range of different services from different companies that will mostly all give you the option to have them collect your item or to drop off at a local shop etc if your able. As I've said above, be aware that over 2kg the price jumps quite steeply so shop around for the best price from other service providers (you will soon get an idea who's the best for a particular size range of parcel). Duncan B
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