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  1. Great work on the old Javelin kit, welcome to Britmodeller. Duncan B
  2. If I remember correctly the Warpaint book lists all the serials with their histories. Like Antti, I have all those books so might be getting confused. I have also ordered 3 of those conversion sets this week, HPM must be wondering what caused the sudden rush for them :). Just hope I don't get clobbered for Customs ransom. Duncan B
  3. I spent 2 years off Nigeria waking up to the smell of Mr Color wafting through the A/C from Arkady72's cabin 3 doors along. The stuff he does offshore is simply stunning and he always manages to get them home in one piece! Duncan B
  4. I hope he's enjoying it. I still haven't managed to 'acquire' one for myself yet! DB
  5. Great progress on a kit I have in the stash but have been put off building due to it being a lot bigger than anything I have made in the past. Having watched your Dad's build so far I am really tempted to get mine out and give it a go. I know there are some accuracy issues that real Flanker fans would pick up on but it looks like a real fun kit to build. Duncan B
  6. Looks like you are having a lot of fun with that kit. I was recently given an old Attacker kit by a friend. It is the Eastern Express boxing which, I believe, is from the same moulds. Duncan B
  7. An off shift, offshore build, now that takes me back a bit! How's the weather? Always fun trying to do something delicate when the boat's pitching and rolling. Duncan B
  8. Wow, that is an excellent looking result. Frog got the shape of the Vixen spot on, shame none of the more modern 1/72 scale kits of the Vixen managed that. Well done Sir. Duncan B
  9. More likely it was fitted wrongly, Friday afternoon job!! Duncan B
  10. Just remembered another possible issue with the Heller/Airfix kits, the fin sweeps back at too much of an angle according to the scale drawings I have. Not something I am concerned about but some might be. Duncan B
  11. It's those raised blocks that have always put me off using the Airwaves etched airbrakes. No doubt you'll make it look easy but I am a lazy modeller Duncan B
  12. Right, I'm having them! 3 ready to ship is now 3 heading my way. I might get my 1/72 Javelin collection completed soon if these are any use. (was fondling my FAW5 at silly o'clock this morning as I couldn't sleep but couldn't fire up the compressor for fear of waking SWMBO). Duncan B
  13. No problem, I posted so that others who might not have known what they were looking at would. Thanks for posting the photos. Duncan B
  14. That's an FAW9 without it's engines. Duncan B
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