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  1. Yep, things are definitely tough at the moment for Traders, still the same (or even more) hits to the website but slower sales all round, same at the shows. I did worry early on that it was just me (you have probably thought the same thing Mike) but most Traders are saying the same thing and have been since last summer. My personal opinion is that folk are genuinely worried about the B word and are sitting tight waiting to see what happens next. If that is the reason then there is hope that 'normal service' will resume at some point once it sorts itself out. Anyhow all we can do is keep going and hope there is enough meat on the bones to see us all through. Duncan B
  2. I hope it's not just me!! The thought of all those disappointed faces staring at us over the tables is too much to think about. I've only just unloaded the van and I'm now thinking about what to bring down to this show. The best way to make sure I bring stuff you all want to see is to let me know. I am accepting pre-orders and am open to suggestions with regards to which stock items would be of particular interest. Duncan B
  3. Thanks to the organisers for putting on a fantastic show. I got home just after midnight with Steve having another 90 minutes to go from here so we are both rather tired today. With regards to the "under the table stuff", from where I was standing I could see there was an awful lot of stuff. More than I am used to seeing at other shows in fact. I am not sure if it is a sign of the times that everyone is dumping their stashes (while not spending as much as previously) but I can understand and sympathise why the 'odd Trader' is taking umbrage as sales are down across the board (everyone I spoke to yesterday was down on previous years with the exception of one) and the overheads are going up (the trader's tables at this particular show are certainly not the cheapest around and are on a par with many 2 day shows). Competing with free (Club) tables and cut price kits will have affected every Trader in the hall to some degree or other. I did have a chuckle to myself when I overheard 2 gentlemen complaining that the 'under the table' kits weren't as cheap as previously so it just goes to show you can't please everybody regardless . I hope the 'Lady' who filmed us all loading up at the end of the show and who then complained to the Police hasn't caused any trouble with the venue owners, she seemed to like the sound of here own voice! The Police drove off without coming over to us as they could see we were trying to be as quick as we could. Well done once again to everyone who was involved in putting on the show, it's all too easy to forget that each show is put on by people who give up their own time freely to make them happen. Duncan B
  4. Setting off shortly for the long haul south to set up this evening. After a week of glorious Mediterranean style weather it had turned cold and wet up here. I hope the weather is more kind in the midlands. Hopefully see some of you at the show on Sunday and for those who can't make it don't despair because the BlackMike Models website will be manned by VP Packaging. She'll be sitting by the computer waiting to leap into action I'm sure. Duncan B
  5. The Wingnut Wings website is now showing the release date for the Gotha kits has slipped to 'late May'. My apologies to my customers who have pre-ordered these kits expecting a late April/May release as originally stated. BlackMike Models is now supplied directly from WnW (by air freight) so once the kits are released they will be in country very quickly and, once HM Customs and Excise has had their pound of flesh, should be on their way to you all with minimum delay. Duncan B
  6. I notice on the WnW website that the Gotha release has slipped to 'late May'. On the bright side that leaves more time for folk to get pre-orders in I suppose. Duncan B
  7. That holds no fear for me. I have a friend who's and ex Submariner you know, he probably can swim like a fish and hold his breath for 40 minutes (I just wish he would practice that a bit more). Duncan B
  8. Be polite but firm with him and let him know that you can only build one kit at a time and you also have other customers in a queue. Get him to nail down what he wants first and then let him know that you will not change your build order again or else you run the risk of never getting anything finished and losing your other customers. In my experience some customers don't even consider that there might be other people wanting your attention. Duncan B
  9. Hi Des Thanks for the information, I'm always looking for Leuchars decals. i have the Modeldecal sheet which will be used for a 151 Sqn Meteor at some point. Cheers, Duncan B
  10. Less than a week to go until the Show. It'll be BlackMike Models' first time at the show so we're really looking forward to it. As usual, we are taking pre-orders for collection on the day of the show. You can pre-order via the website (make sure you select the "collect at show" option and state which show in the "notes" section on the checkout page). You can also pre-order by PMing me here or via the BlackMike Models Facebook page and, of course, you can also phone in your order and have a nice chat if you so wish (phone number is available on the website). I look forward to seeing you at the Show. Duncan B
  11. I don't suppose you have the 151 Sqn markings for a Javelin going spare do you? Duncan B
  12. Javelins did I hear you say? Oh please do show us some photos (I am looking for 151 Sqn markings). Duncan B
  13. Me neither. Nice detail work on the cockpit. Duncan B
  14. I like what you are doing here, Having just rediscovered an original Academy boxing of this kit in my stash a few days ago I was considering having a go at it despite it's flaws. Like you, I don't feel the need to buy the Airfix kit when I have the Academy one in the stash. Keep up the good work. Duncan B
  15. Duncan B

    Typhoon Tragedy?

    Looking at the photo the nearest undercarriage door does seem a lot closer to the ground than the other side, evidence of the tyre going flat? It's difficult to look at that knowing what's about to happen. Duncan B
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