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  1. Reading this on the 11th day of the 11th month certainly brought a tear to my eye. What a moment that must have been to see those photos. It sounds like you are having a great time, it would make an excellent book and CedB would make an excellent travel guide (I understand the demise of Thomas Cook has left a hole in the market!). Duncan B
  2. Mr Levelling Thinner is Mr Color Thinner with a retarder (to slow drying) in it so if you really must use a lacquer thinner to clean your airbrush save a few more pennies and use the regular Mr Color Thinner (however it will clog your airbrush if you are trying to clean out Vallejo acrylics with it). Gunze also make a dedicated airbrush cleaner called Mr Tool Cleaner and it is superb at shifting lacquer based paints. For water based paints like Vallejo and AK Interactive you don't need to go to that expense (or smell) as you can use Medea Airbrush cleaner or non dedicated fluids like car screen wash, industrial alcohol also known as IPA (or Vodka if you are feeling flush!). Duncan B
  3. In which case you will be safe enough to use cellulose to clean them. I use Mr Color paints, Mr Leveling Thinners and Iwata airbrushes and clean up with cellulose. I have also used Mr Tool Cleaner which is excellent at shifting anything from the insides of the airbrush but is also more expensive than the Cellulose but worth having a bottle handy for the more stubborn stuff. Duncan B
  4. Duncan B

    Telford 2019

    Do you think your 2 statements (in bold) might be connected? Duncan B
  5. The repositioned pitot tube is the most obvious indicator if you can see the starboard wing. Duncan B
  6. Another vote for the new Kinetic kit. Duncan B
  7. I know you stated Hasegawa but Hobby Boss do a passable A-4E in 1/48 which can be made with or without the hump. The leading edge slats are moulded shut but the kit does come with a good supply of weapons. Might be an option for you? Duncan B
  8. Add fluctuating exchange rates and possibly Bank charges for international currency transactions to your list of additional costs, those will certainly apply to UK Businesses importing goods. Duncan B
  9. The Fw190A was an error strewn disaster that should never had seen the light of day (I'm being a bit AmDram and OTT there but it wasn't a good effort). The Valiant may have been slow to shift from shop shelves but they have all gone so it was a result for Airfix (Shop owners may have a different view on that). Duncan B
  10. I just hope the poor unfortunate employee who accidentally leaked this is still an employee. It would be a terrible shame if someone has lost their job over this. My view on a new Vulcan is that it makes sense to complete the V Bomber trio to modern standards. If it sells as well as the Valiant and Victor it should be a good earner for Airfix. I hope they put the 'A' team onto it and not the WW1 re-enactors who did the Phantom or the soap factory team that did the Fw190A. I also hope they employed a QC Team beforehand to spot the short shots. Size wise it surely isn't any bigger than the 1/48 Javelin? Duncan B
  11. I have to admire your patience to be able to complete your collection. I can fully understand why you would build that many as I would too if I thought I could finish them. Duncan B
  12. See my comments in bold above. Duncan B
  13. Fujimi. If I laid out the Airfix kit parts and the Fujimi kits parts on a table for you and asked you to point to which kit you thought was produced in the 21st Century I would put money on you picking out the Fujimi kit. The Airfix kit looks like it was produced from moulds that were actually designed for a diecast model. The surface detail is soft with huge panel lines, the level of detail on the undercarriage legs, for example, is just nowhere near as good as the corresponding Fujimi parts. I would have remortgaged the house to buy Airfix Phantoms by the lorry load if they had been any sort of improvement over the Fujimi kit but the truth is they don't come close, detail has been sacrificed for novelty features. Airfix really missed a huge opportunity to produce the definitive 1/72 scale F-4 Phantom. If you really want a folded up Phantom then there are conversion sets out there for the Fujimi kit that will cost you less than buying all the aftermarket parts to make a half decent Phantom out of the Airfix kit. Harsh but true in my opinion. Duncan B
  14. Hasn't this configuration been nicknamed the "Beast" mode? It should probably be called the "tractor" mode as I suspect they would only be able to taxi around from the bomb dump to the flight line carrying that much. Would save the cost of a few tractors and trailers though I suppose! Duncan B
  15. I'd stick to jets if I were you........because you're making us 109 builders look bad . That is a seriously beautiful job you have done there and I'd love to see you do more prop builds like that. You have set the standard very high for everyone else to follow, well done indeed. Duncan B
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