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  1. Duncan B

    Scottish Nationals 2018

    Both 1/72 scale ? Lucky you asked in advance as I wasn't going to take any Airfix.
  2. Duncan B

    Scottish Nationals 2018

    I suppose I'd better start thinking about what stock to pack into the van! Duncan B
  3. Thanks for the comments everyone. I really enjoyed this kit (eventually) and am really pleased with the way the paint finish has turned out. Duncan B
  4. Duncan B


    I'm all in favour of Wingnuts producing more kits and re-releasing their earlier catalogue so agree with all of the above. I'm happy to sell lots of WnW kits at less than retail to lots of people who are happy to buy them rather than less for more. Duncan B
  5. Duncan B

    1/72 Eduard Grumman F6F-3 & F6F-5 Hellcats

    Nice job so far Stew. You'll have no problems with the kit, I managed to complete a Weekend Edition (in the 3 colour scheme too) in 47 hours a couple of months back and it even looked half decent! (so to answer the question, Yes a Weekend Edition kit can be built in a weekend if you are daft enough to try). Duncan B
  6. Duncan B


    It will be interesting to see how these are priced. My understanding from reading elsewhere is that the decal options are more limited (obvious I suppose) but that is offset by the figures, there may or may not be extra P/E included. Understandably some folk are over the moon that they'll get another chance at buying these kits and others are claiming it's a Hasenuts/Wingagama marketing ploy. It's true what they say about not being able to please all the folk etc! At least everyone got Manfred and a triplane as expected eh Duncan B
  7. Duncan B

    1/48 Gloster Javelin

    Very nicely done. It’s a great kit. Duncan B
  8. Good question, I didn't want to strip the paint completely (which would have been the obvious thing to do) because, a: I didn't have another set of paint masks and had struggled with the Star and Bar markings the first time round and b: I couldn't be bothered. After leaving it for a few days for the gloss coat to harden off fully I started trying to sand it back in the worst areas, this is when I really lost interest so into the bin it went. I used Enamel paints sprayed with cellulose on top of Alclad Microfiller/primer for this one. That all seems to have worked well enough and the initial gloss coats of Mr Color UV Cut Super Clear decanted from the aerosol and sprayed through the airbrush worked well too. The problem started when I decided to take a shortcut and spray straight from the rattle can. It flooded the paintwork and melted through to the primer. I can't blame any of the finishing products for the mess, it was down to me trying to rush things along at the end of a build. When I did pick it up again I cut back all the bad areas with the idea I could patch in the new paint but in the end I basically went over almost everything on the top surfaces but didn't use cellulose thinners this time as they were too 'hot' and started the paint reaction again. Duncan B
  9. Cheers Stew, hopefully Jamie likes what I've done with his paints (he spends ages making them the closest match to the real paint they can be then I go and abuse them). DB
  10. This kit was started over a year ago as a mojo restorer. Unfortunately late on in the build I made an error of judgment and decided to use an aerosol gloss directly from the rattle can. The gloss coat reacted badly with the paint and basically ruined the kit. I threw it in the bin but Mrs B persuaded me to rescue it. It sat in it's box for a year before I could be bothered to look at it again. This is how it looked a year ago before the aerosol incident. ...and after the attack of the rattle can. Fast forward to today, painted with Colourcoats US Navy paints using Montex masks for the markings. I also added Nav lights, home made seat belts, aerials and gun barrels. ....and what it looks like behind the wings She turned out alright in the end and I had great fun (at the second attempt). The HobbyBoss kit might have it's accuracy issues but it's cheap and it fits together really well so other than self inflicted issues it's a fun build. I hope you like it. Duncan B
  11. Duncan B

    Last week's new arrivals

    We have been stocking up this week with some new kits, here is a sneaky peak at a few of the kits we have been getting in: GWH 1/48 T-33A Shooting Star Late version Kinetic 1/48 F\A-18A/B/C/D Blue Angels Kinetic 1/48 CF-188A RCAF Demo Team 2017 Takom 1/35 Hanomag, Vidalwagon and V2 Takom 1/35 Panther A's (early, mid-early and late) For more information on all the new arrivals at BlackMike Models follow the link : https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/collections/new-arrivals Duncan B
  12. Thanks for letting me know it arrived safely. I hope you have great fun building it and remember to let us all see how you get on with it. Duncan B
  13. I have received a limited stock of the Ltd Ed GWH Mig-29 Slovakian Air Force Digital Tiger kit. The decal sheet gives you 2 options, one for the 2014 scheme and for the 2016 scheme which appears to carry slightly revised tail markings. Don't worry, you don't have to mask off and paint all those digital dots by hand, decals take care of that for you. ...and here's what it should look like when completed. To order yours head over to BlackMike Models, follow the link: https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/great-wall-hobby-l4809-1-48-mig-29as-slovak-air-force-digital-camo-2014-2016-ltd-ed Duncan B
  14. Duncan B

    FAA Phantom 1/72

    You deserve a medal for completing the stencils! Your Phantom does look great though so worth every hour spent doing the decals I'd say. Duncan B
  15. Not THE 1/48 U Boat? At least it doesn't have wings sticking out. Do you only buy kits that need 2 people to carry them to the Post Office? Duncan B