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  1. Duncan B

    LukGraph Nieuport Ni.29 C-1

    For anyone who hasn't noticed my post in the BlackMike Models Vendor's section about the arrival of LukGraph kits here's a little tease. https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/collections/lukgraph/products/lukgraph-32-13-1-32-nieuport-ni-29-c-1 Head down to the Vendor's Section here for more information on the LukGraph kits that have just arrived in stock with me. Duncan B
  2. Duncan B

    1/48 Friedrichshafen FF 33L and possible conversion set

    .... and the LukGraph kit is now in stock at BlackMike Models (along with most of the other LukGraph kits). https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/collections/lukgraph/products/lukgraph-48-05-1-48-friedrichshafen-ff-33l-in-german-service Duncan B
  3. We are very pleased to announce our newest additions to BlackMike Models, the fabulous LukGraph range of high quality resin kits. The main focus of the LukGraph range is on the ‘Golden Era’ of aviation from the inter war period in 1/32 scale however they also cover WW1 aircraft and military vehicle subjects in 1/48 and WW1 military vehicles in 1/35 scales. The high quality resin parts are supplied free of casting blocks and the breakdown of the kit parts will seem very familiar to any modeller of injection moulded plastic kits. Photo-etch parts are also included along with the appropriate decal sheets for each subject. To find out more about this fabulous range of kits please visit the LukGraph Collection on the BlackMike Models website. Here: https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/collections/lukgraph Duncan B
  4. Duncan B

    Southern Expo 2019 Hornchurch 16th & 17th March

    I really hope the Halbies will be with me. Duncan B
  5. Duncan B

    Southern Expo 2019 Hornchurch 16th & 17th March

    Cold? pah....I'll bring my hip flask Duncan B
  6. Just under a month to go until the Southern Expo 2019 on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March at the Hornchurch Sports Centre, Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch in Essex which is darn Sarf innit! Doors open at 10am both days to 5pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday. all proceeds go to the St. Francis Hospice so not only will you have a great time looking at the exhibits and purchasing from lovely Traders like myself but you'll also be doing your bit for charity too. I am very pleased to say that BlackMike Models will be taking the long road south to attend this show for the first time and I'm really looking forward to it. If you are thinking of attending and would like to pre-order something from BlackMike Models head over to the website and place your order. Remember to select the 'Collect at Show' option during check out and fill in the name of the show in the 'Notes' section of the checkout form too. I hope to see some of you there. Duncan B
  7. Duncan B

    Info on Grumman F3F-2 required

    Thanks for that info, very interesting life it led. Duncan B
  8. Duncan B

    F4f-3/4 differences

    The recently updated Detail And Scale book on the Wildcat details every version of the Wildcat from the Prototype onwards. There were various differences between 3 main batches of the F4F-3 which would have to be accounted for depending on which particular airframe you want to build (The French, Greek and FAA aircraft all had differences too). I guess it would be one from the first batch if you want to mark it up as a yellow wings aircraft, if I remember correctly only 2 US Navy Squadrons operated them in that scheme. Duncan B
  9. Duncan B

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    My acquisition of books for future builds continues. Duncan B
  10. Those tracks really do look nice but at more than my retail price for the actual kit I'll pass this time (I am a tight Scotsman after all!). If I decide to have another go at one I could be tempted to add the tracks and guns if my skills improve enough to justify the extra cost. Duncan B
  11. Duncan B

    Visiting UK Next month, where to order models from?

    Tssk! One less on the Christmas card list. Duncan B
  12. That is indeed the problem. When I was a building it I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and fitted the sponsons on the wrong sides so they ended up facing backwards. By the time I noticed they were set solid (in fact I'd already started painting it) and the fit is that good that there were no slight gaps to take advantage of. I did have a half hearted attempt but Plastic Weld is good stuff! It was a 'throw away' build anyway as it was stock I couldn't sell due to the box so nothing lost other than a few hours work. I can recommend the Masterbox kit though based on the nice detail and the parts fit (even backwards). The only thing I wasn't keen on was the vinyl track which let the rest of the parts down. Duncan B
  13. I was in two minds whether to post my completed Mk.1 in here as there is an obvious mistake on display as well as my lack of AFV building skills. Next time I'll read the instructions before I get to the painting stage! Once I spotted my howler I didn't spend much time on the painting and finishing, shame really as it is a well detailed little kit. Anyhow, here it is, built straight out of the dreadful, collapsing end opening box (which is the reason I built it in the first place as I couldn't sell it in a 2 dimensional box so thought 'why not?'). No laughing. Duncan B
  14. Hi Tony You should have received an email from me yesterday with an update? Unfortunately my WnW Distributor has notified me that the kits are now delayed until mid March. I am more than a little annoyed by this as my order was paid in full in December and obviously I have customers waiting. They have assured me that there will be no further delays with this order and that all future Wingnut orders will be handled to allow delivery in an acceptable timeframe , as they have been in the past. All Customers who have paid up front for their pre-orders should have received an email from me on Thursday . If anyone has any questions or would like more information please drop me an email or give me a call and I'll be happy to help in any way I can. My apologies for the delay and be assured my WnW Distributor is being chased up on a regular basis. Duncan B
  15. Duncan B

    2019 Halifax Show

    I hope you get your keys back, I'm sure someone will have found them. Might be worth contacting the Leisure centre directly to see if any of their Staff found them or if they were handed in to the reception. Duncan B