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  1. Duncan B

    Accurate Miniatures Grumman F3F-2

    Top wing sorted, it’s not perfect but will do. Once the outlines are on and the whole wing is clear coated it’ll be good enough! Duncan B
  2. Duncan B

    Accurate Miniatures Grumman F3F-2

    A quick cutting back of the damaged edges with a polishing stick and I’m ready to touch up the Xtreme Metal White Aluminium. A wee squirt later and it’s fixed. This is what I really like about the AK Interactive Xtreme Metal paints, they can be treated just like any normal paint. I’m not sure Alclad is so easy to repair but it is certainly not so easy to spray in my experience. Now to fix fix my mistake on the upper wing. I’m not sure if the yellow will cover the green but I know how to find out Duncan B
  3. Duncan B

    Accurate Miniatures Grumman F3F-2

    Ah well why didn’t anybody tell me I’d got the wing chevrons masked at an odd angle? Pooh! I never noticed until I took the masking off that I had a wonky leg as it were. Looking at the previous picture it’s obvious that the right side is nearer the centreline by 5mm but I missed it. Luckily I still had the green in the airbrush so quickly masked off the outside and sprayed again. I’ll have to go back inside with the yellow later. That’s not my only woes, the normally bulletproof Xtreme Metal has lifted in a couple of places on one side. Bad prep I guess. From a distance it doesn’t look too bad!! Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow? Duncan B
  4. Duncan B

    Accurate Miniatures Grumman F3F-2

    Primer on, now we wait again! Duncan B
  5. Duncan B

    Accurate Miniatures Grumman F3F-2

    All masked off and ready to start painting the section markings. I’ll spray a thin primer coat on first to even things out for the topcoat. Normally I would seal everything in before moving to this stage but in Colourcoats we trust! Duncan B
  6. Duncan B

    A chat entitled 'its deja vu all over again'

    Back to my Airfix EE Lightning conversion for a moment if i may. The whole reason that the Airfix 1/72 EE Lightning appeared in the first place was because I had chopped up a Trumpeter Lightning (the best thing that could happen to this kit and should have been left at that!) and started fixing it's issues. A fuselage plug of the correct length had been inserted, resin replacement belly tank acquired and horrid kit parts chopped off along with a whole host of other aftermarket bits purchased. Along came Airfix to the rescue. Duncan B
  7. Duncan B

    Airfix Phantom FG.1 AAR Probe

    VX-4's 153088 is a queer beast! Soft wing of the S, nose of the B/N, fin without any RWR bulge and none on the intakes top and bottom either. I remember making the Esci kit while still stationed at Leuchars back in my spotty youth and I'm sure I built it as a normal J. I shall have to go back in time and berate myself for not seeking out reference photos. As for the photo taken in ASF, I'm guessing it was taken at 10am when everyone was in the T-bar shoving 'Jock pie rolls' down their throats. Duncan B
  8. Duncan B

    Seeking Javelin FAW2 information

    Interesting to note that the manuals still showed the original squared off exhaust fairings and not the 'pen nib' types seen on the production aircraft. (or is it just my eyes?) Duncan B
  9. Duncan B

    Accurate Miniatures Grumman F3F-2

    I swear by the stuff now. NMF holds no fears for me now as this sprays and covers like normal paint. Surface preparation is the key to a good finish as with any other metallic paint. Duncan B
  10. Duncan B

    A chat entitled 'its deja vu all over again'

    When Airfix released their lovely 1/72 EE Lightning in F.2A form I wanted an F.1. I was half way through the conversion when Alleycat announced their conversion set. I did finish mine but couldn't resist buying a couple of Ali's conversion sets too. Duncan B
  11. Duncan B

    The Physics of Santa.

    It's a franchise, there are Santa's deployed in every region, simple as that. For example, in the Netherlands they are having issues with their franchise at the moment as Zwart Pete (Dutch Santa's traditional right hand man who lives in Spain and so would I if I only had to work one day a year) has been removed from the job due to his Employer (Dutch Santa) falling out with the Unions or possibly Anti-slavery protestors (note: there don't appear to be Elves involved in Dutch Santa's franchise!). Also for further proof, said Dutch Santa, traditionally, delivers on a different day from UK Santa (so if there was only one Santa, which I have just proved there isn't, he could theoretically deliver to different Countries on different days thus reducing those ridiculous figures quoted by the OP). Richard's original thesis is flawed due to regional Santas delivering from mid December through to the second week in January. Not only does Santa exist but there are multiple Santas. No magic involved, just very good management. Duncan B
  12. Duncan B

    The Bolton Show 2019

    Trust me, you don't want your visitors trying to google 'Black Mike models', I can't get the pictures out of my head!!!
  13. Duncan B

    Still buying 2nd hand kits at model shows?

    There will always be Traders who are willing to undercut everyone else at a show (or online) to make a sale. I can think of one who buys weekly specials and then sells them off at only a couple of quid (if that) over the trade price (sometimes even forgetting to factor in the VAT paid which makes me chuckle) but this business model (pardon the pun) is not sustainable in the medium to long term as the running costs of the business will kill them off and to try to compete on price is to invite the same fate onto one's own business. Most Traders at Shows are reporting lower sales on the Show circuit this year compared with previous so I'd say there is evidence of a general downturn across the industry. Personally I only saw sales drop at one of my regular shows ( 20% on that occasion which has put that particular show into the 'unviable' category for me as I was out of pocket once all the costs were taken into account) but many others have told me they have been down at every show this year. Many are considering which of their previously regular Shows are still worth attending in 2019. The marginal ones will be chopped in a lot of cases. Duncan B
  14. Duncan B

    Still buying 2nd hand kits at model shows?

    Most of the Traders I have spoken to on the Show circuit have said that their takings have been down at every show this year, some by a large margin. It's not just affecting (2nd hand) kits but is right across the board. Whether it is only down to the uncertainty of what the near future has to hold for the UK economy or not is unclear but people are watching their pennies for sure. The knock-on effect is that there will be Traders missing from Shows next year that have been regular visitors to them in the past. That said, to my eye, there seemed to be more 2nd hand kit stalls at Telford this year than I can remember seeing on my last visit 3 years ago so maybe that particular market is getting saturated? If the £ crashes next March then I think we will see less of the daft discounting on new kits as 99 % of them are imported and will undoubtably cost the Trade more to buy in which might make the 2nd hand market more attractive once again. Duncan B
  15. Duncan B

    The Bolton Show 2019

    I'm looking forward to it already, lets hope the weather is kind to us again this year. Duncan B p.s. it's "BlackMike Models' not 'Black Mike Models'