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  2. Hi Libor This is a fantastic rendition of this fine aircraft and his pilot. A bout Pierre Le Gloan I can add he became ace in a day after shooting down 4 FIAT CR.42 and 1 BR.20 above The Riviera on 15th June 1940. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Le_Gloan Patrick
  3. Hobby Boss P38-L 1/72

    I got one of these for Christmas. I'm glad to see it builds up pretty well. Nice model.
  4. 1/32 Revell (new tool) P-51D-5 Mustang

    Hi all, In fact, it seems that Shick Johnson seats started to appear with the D-15-NA, as suggested by this factory picture of F-6D-15-NA 44-15581 I had made a thread on the P-51 SIG about 7 years ago about P-51s seats, and posted this picture using a couple of NAA blueprints showing why the front of the seat had to be curved, and that the cockpit pictures show 43-12102, this plane had a very unique gunsight, which we can partly see on the pictures. Laurent
  5. Building the three

    Cheers @GrahamS feel free to tag along any help will be appreciated. Going to be making a start tonight and will hopefully have something to show in my first update.
  6. Today
  7. Nice work. I have a couple of these to build. Hope mine are as realistic looking!

    You do have more insight about it than I. I do hope they get some more Hannovers for folks that want them. I have 4 now so I'm good. As an aside I found a US retailer that was out of Pfalz DIIIa and the Jasta 5 trio but still had the Pup listed. I put in an order but not holding my breath.
  9. Avon Sabre

    Definitely a good looking Sabre
  10. Touching story. Great build. I really enjoyed watching this and the Lincoln come together. When you look at the quantity of sub-par aircraft types that these young men were sent to war in it's shockingly tragic. Reading up on the Manchester it's a wonder they let Avro build anything else! Glad they did of course. And it was the engine, not the airframe at fault. Imagine a What if Manchester II with Napier Sabres on each wing! The Hawker Tornado being the reverse of course, a Vulture engined Typhoon. Given the name, it's almost as if RR knew it was a lemon from the off!
  11. I think night fighters are sexy as Hell, especially German night fighters. So, here is what I have planned for my next build: Dragon's DO 335 B-6 Pfeil (Arrow) night fighter: modified to create the wide-span, high-altitude B-8 version using select parts borrowed from this kit: Here is the parts breakdown: I will also be using a small amount of aftermarket, in particular, a fret of PE from Eduard. Two fairly-well detailed engines are provided, but I will pass on those to make this a relatively quick build, and also to ensure I have enough room for the nose weight that will be needed. Thus, I began construction with the cockpit. The seat belts are Eduard "super fabric". Much easier to handle than the more common PE items. The pilot's office, nearly complete. All I need to add are the gun sight and the left side panel engine controls: The radar operator's tiny nook: Dry fit to check for problems: The gap forward of the instrument panel is correct, and will be visible with the canopy in place. With a bit of luck, I will be able to add more detail (instrument backs & cables) as in this photo: That's all for now!
  12. A5M1 over China

    Thanks very much, Steve and Corsair. regards, Jack
  13. F/A-18 Hornet

    Great job, Roger...love the weathering. Now how you're going to pack it inside the baggage? Cheers, Mario Indonesia
  14. Stoppel 1/72 KZ VII Laerke

    Very good looking build 👍 ... It reminds me of the L-5 Sentinel.
  15. Rigid sheet

    Ask yourself how much strength the finished item will need, that helps to determine materials choice.
  16. She's a stunner, from all aspects. Museum quality is a hackneyed phrase; in fact i don't think that I've seen many models of this quality in a museum… Kind regards, Joachim
  17. Impeccable build and finish, and the setting elevates it to master class. Compelling illusion of a deck landing. Bravo! Kind regards, Joachim
  18. 1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Missouri Armada"

    Hey Antonio, Yes, the one on the right is correct for 'Missouri Armada'. The one on the left didn't come into being until P-51D-25-NA (and later) production. I really admire your detailed paint work on the pilot figure and interior!
  19. She really looks like a Buccaneer!!!! You're progressing very well Bill! As we're talking about shapes...forgive me Bill, but I need to express a personal consideration... the Falcon canopy doesn't convince me. Fitted tothe kit...it looks a bit...too big...sort of double seater Starfighter-like and the wind screen looks a bit too flat...to my eyes the shape of the canopy by Matchbox looks more accurate and fits very well to the kit...I'd give it a thought... As for the CMR kit, it looks superb, but I think we're having much more fun with our Matchbox ones!!!
  20. Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    But you can get a PDF copy through the BARG people .....
  21. C-123B Provider

    Mark, Those are awesome. All the Best! Don
  22. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    Had a look at the airbrake assembly. There are 2hinge pieces that attach to the main part, with lugs on. I've done them so the lugs are inboard, but the instructions are conflicted , drawing 1shows them outward and drawing 2 shows inward. Parts numbers indicate 1, I think, but looking at the aperture in the fuselage, neither will go in. I quite like a mechanical puzzle, but I don't think this will go! All I can do is trim the lugs off flush and fit it up into the fuselage. Much ado about nothing. Visible on the instructions you can see the hydraulic ram comes in 3 pieces with advice not to glue the extending rod. So I think the intention is for the lugs to act as hinges, the ram to slide and the whole thing to be movable. Hmmmm, anyone else done this successfully??😞
  23. Love it, such a shame that all the interior work disappears later in the build but 'we know it's there'
  24. Airfix 1/72 McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1

    Great looking Fg.1 ... This looks vaguely familiar as I also did 007 when i built mine.
  25. Aeroclub 1/144th Mosquito B35

    Good looking Mossie 👍
  26. Yesterday
  27. Fairey Battle kits

    Yes, he did Pat! The build is already underway in works in progress and major alterations nearly complete as we speak! Thanks to everyone for the feedback. It's become quite an educational little side thread! Ian
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