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  1. Hi Guys Some new brass sets for the Fokker Dr.I by Meng are now available. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/fokker-dr-i-triplane-brass-wing-struts-for-the-meng-kits https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/fokker-dr-i-triplane-brass-undercarriage-struts-for-the-meng-kits
  2. Hi Guys New sets are now available here https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/fokker-dr-i-triplane-brass-undercarriage-struts-for-the-meng-kits https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/fokker-dr-i-triplane-brass-wing-struts-for-the-meng-kits
  3. New updated pictures of the full set, for the huge Lancaster.
  4. Hi Guys many of you have been waiting for these options well they are now available, 2 different decal options covering some interesting alternative schemes https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/hawker-hunter-t-7-conversion-set-for-later-raf-aircraft-part-1 https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/hawker-hunter-t-7-conversion-set-for-later-raf-aircraft-part-2
  5. Hi Guys This is a large new set that has been re-engineered and had extra details added more detailed pictures to follow soon https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/avro-lancaster-undercarriage-set-for-the-hong-kong-model-kits
  6. Hi Guys 2 new sets are available for this new kit https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/stearman-pt-17-undercarriage-set-for-icm-kits https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/stearman-pt-17-wing-strut-set-for-the-icm-kits
  7. Hi Guys A new set is now available https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/gloster-gladiator-wing-strut-set-for-the-icm-kits
  8. Hi Guys A new set is now available https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/eurofighter-typhoon-undercarriage-set
  9. Hi Guys The long awaited later style RAF T.7 Hunters are now available, it was such a tough choice to decide on decal options I went for a part 1 and a part 2.........I hope that I have covered some interesting and alternative markings and layout of markings to please many of you. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/hawker-hunter-t-7-conversion-set-for-later-raf-aircraft-part-1 https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/hawker-hunter-t-7-conversion-set-for-later-raf-aircraft-part-2
  10. Hi Guys This is a huge set of brass undercarriage that has been totally remastered using the kit parts, detail has been added and the engineering reconfigured to enable it to be cast in brass. Better pictures will follow soon, as the final cast parts have been delayed to me, but they will be here soon, like tomorrow 1st September 2020 all being well https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/avro-lancaster-undercarriage-set-for-the-hong-kong-model-kits
  11. Hi Guys Two new sets are now available for the PT-17 kits by ICM https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/stearman-pt-17-undercarriage-set-for-icm-kits https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/stearman-pt-17-wing-strut-set-for-the-icm-kits
  12. Hi Guys A new set of brass wing struts are now available for the Gladiator https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/gloster-gladiator-wing-strut-set-for-the-icm-kits
  13. Hi Guys A new set for the Eurofighter Typoon is now available. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/eurofighter-typhoon-undercarriage-set
  14. Hi Ben, if you are cleaning up with water then I presume it is plant based, if you are using normal resin you will be cleaning up with IPA. Did you buy the cleaning and curing machine, of how are you cleaning up and curing the parts? cheers Ali
  15. Hi Ben i have done the levelling bit. I am sure I have got that spot on now, it is the file handling. I bought the same machine as you through the special that Mike put up, so we are on the same machine. I looked at the instructions and that looked really complicated so Mike said to use Chitubox, but I will now go back and try the software that came with the machine. the Fairey is looking great, from the cad I could not really see the scribed panel lines. what resin are you using?
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