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  1. Well I hope these pictures will help, draw your own conclusions......I think it looks very nice. (I have a few ideas for a few aftermarket parts) Instead of some of you getting a copy of the magazine, yes very easy no mater where you now live..... you can buy one and down load it, and accessing the facts for yourselves you juts like to go round in circles and slag things off. IF YOU CARE so much about a subject then put you hand in your pockets and get the magazine, there are loads more great pictures in this issue of the Airfix magazine. (I once again think there is SO MUCH negativity especially for items not even released, and wandering of thoughts and ideas....but I suppose in this internet world we should be used to it) Enjoy your hobby, if you do not like something for what ever the reason is then just walk away, no one is forcing any one to buy any kit on the market, or any accessory, after market part, decal sheet or any other item. I too am often disappointed when I see a subject done and then I realise that it is far short of my personal standards, well then thee are three options accept it for what it is, correct modify it (I dabble in aftermarket accessories to fix or improve what I think I can) or just dump the kit or the item purchased, mostly somebody will buy it or accept it as GIFT!!!!
  2. Thanks for that I made a mistake on all my listings.......
  3. Hi Guys Please see the new set for 1/48 brass undercarriage set for P-38 Lightning F/G kit (Tamiya) https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/lockheed-p-38-f-g-lightning-tamiya
  4. Hi Guys Please see new release for brass undercarriage set for Douglas B-26 Invader (ICM) https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/douglas-b-26-invader-icm
  5. Hi Guys Please see the new set that is available https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/gloster-gladiator-undercarriage-set-icm
  6. Julian, well I wish I had that picture when I did the decals oh well, I only had the more easily found one from 3/4 rear angle. Instruction mistake is frustrating but can be easily fixed. I will do a Harley nose, but you seem to have done a good job yourself well done. Ali
  7. Okay Thanks !!!! I got you now.....so with this in mind I will have a look at tweaking the Panel just a little on the left hand side......at least it makes a change. Will see of with a little more scratching and asking IF I can find out about the M version, for later in the year.
  8. Looking good Julian, glad you are enjoying it thus far, keep us informed and posted. cheers Ali
  9. Just re-reading this I would like further clarification if at all possible. Your last line says BOTH Mks have the same instrumentation, so does that include just the T.8C and B or does it include the T.7A, or is the A different?
  10. Hi James Thank you very much for these, they are helpful. Ali
  11. Thank you, that will be great, best use this email, please aerocraftmodels@gmail.com cheers Ali
  12. Hi 71 Chally and gang Please could you forward any cockpit picture that you may have, that could be used for different layouts. For those that know my conversion kit I do not intend add or remove a tiny blip on the existing IP, but if there is a larger and more detailed cockpit change that can be verified then I will gladly look at doing that. Other news I have just commissioned two new decal sets for later RAF colour schemed aircraft, 4 options on one sheet using the red, white and blue roundels and a second sheet with 3 options using just the later red and blue roundels, new roundels will be supplied with this sheet. These will be done in a similar way to the two earlier released sets, full set of resin parts and a decal sheet with either 4 options or 3 options. Turn around time for these being drawn and printed and ready for sale will be at least 2 but probably nearer to 3 months away, so that being said towards the end of April IF all goes well. Other box offerings will follow on a 2 - 3 month sequence after April through to the end of 2020. NOW for the rest of you, the T8M will follow, as will some of the other schemes mentioned in this thread but as has been said I cannot release every decal for every squadron / aircraft every flown and used.......but I will do my best to try and do some different aircraft and varied options. The more support I get the more options can be done and released. cheers Ali
  13. My Name has been mentioned in this thread so, if you guys want I may look into doing this conversion, like everything it takes time, and I have a few works in progress, so if you can wait and or help provide required information then I will give it a go, and do a clear resin canopy. Let me know, I do not want to take anything away form any other on this discussion that may want to make some of the parts. Ali
  14. Hey Wez Cool, thanks for the mention and glad you are happy send me pictures when you have one or two done........ Ali
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