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  1. More project and prototype full kits are in the works and being planned. Some will be done in larger scales as well, typically 1/48, a few smaller aircraft possibly 1/32, so more scales to make more modellers happy.
  2. Well you know what to do. Get hold of me and let me know. If you cannot manipulate it with a little warm water to a satisfactory fit. I stand by my products if there are issues. Just make me the first port of call, that would be appreciated.
  3. Oh thanks for these pictures, pity about this, a real let down, as they are quite visible.
  4. You got a picture or two of the failures, what are the main canopies like, or is it mainly the screens?
  5. So what’s it to be what shade of yellow / orange are we going to go for and I wonder about the purple one as well, we can all have a good close guess but I doubt anyone will bring out the exact Pantone colour or doubt we will find the exact colour matches in the BS paint references? I hope to have my kit soon, then I can peruse the seat / cockpit and the colours.
  6. UPDATE ON THE 339 KITS The first batch has been maile, more will be mailed out this week. The instructions are now also available at the bottom of each product listing on the website. Thanks for the continued support.
  7. Thank you for the picture and information Wez, I hope I will get my kit soon, a little mix up with my order, but sure it will arrive by the end of the week…..
  8. Hi Guys One new release but with options of scales and markings, so 4 alternative kits of this huge aircraft. https://www.facebook.com/100063469116534/posts/pfbid02Qupev5CS9Ptb1cLCF8sZthXWULx1LPim1XDiLUa5pExPgjbXsnPAfUYehm4jpvxRl/? Aerocraft Models has a new full kit in two scales and two decal alternatives. FAIREY Tactical Strike Aircraft GOR.339 PROJECT 75. The kit is fully designed in CAD and fully 3D printed, it contains a total of 57 parts, 56 are printed resin and the canopy is cast in clear resin. There is an option to either choose ‘Lo Viz’ OR ‘Hi Viz’ decals. The kit is produced in both 1/144 scale and 1/72 scales each scale has the same number of parts and the kits are identical other than the size. This was to be a huge aircraft to deliver the Red Beard nuclear weapon, two of them are included to be fitted to the weapons bay. The kit has been drawn, developed over the last few months by Chad Summers and myself. We were given a huge amount of information and help by Joe Warner Cherrie, who has a wealth of information and knowledge on PAPER / PROTOTYPE / WHAT-IF subjects. Thanks to Chad and Joe, I am now able to offer these kits. Note to help with scale proportions there is the two kits, a complete 1/72 scale development kit, a partially assembled 1/144 and a 1/72 scale F-104 Starfighter on the table. https://www.aerocraftmodels.com/fairey-tactical-strike-aircraft-gor339-project-75-lo-viz-221-p.asp https://www.aerocraftmodels.com/fairey-tactical-strike-aircraft-gor339-project-75-hi-viz-222-p.asp https://www.aerocraftmodels.com/fairey-tactical-strike-aircraft-gor339-project-75-lo-viz-224-p.asp https://www.aerocraftmodels.com/fairey-tactical-strike-aircraft-gor339-project-75-hi-viz-223-p.asp
  9. Hi Guys Currently I am offering a 20% discount on all brass sets that are in stock, some sets will not be stocked in the future and they will only be available by special order requests, if you are thinking of getting any brass now is a great time to do so. This offer runs from 26/12/23 to 02/01/2024 cheers Ali
  10. Hi Craig yes I do but I think, we messaged each other earlier, but just to be sure
  11. Tigger Wilkes Vacform, not being funny click on the link and it tells you more information
  12. Looks great, interested to see price and details for the 1/48 and 1/32 options, will almost definitely buy in one of these scales
  13. Well it is something to look out for some of those countries may have interesting markings, it will be interesting to see if Eduard dig any up for a future box release?
  14. You got any details on these Cuban, East German, Egyptian, Iraqi, Yemeni and Mozambique markings, I have tried a few searches but did not find any, I am sure they are out there but I have found them, links or a few pictures would be great.
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