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  1. Hi Guys I have just received the latest sets from the caster and they do look great and they are going to be great 'one' piece drop in parts. Best go straight to the Aerocraft Models web page to see some pictures and pricing for Eurofighter Typhoon Revell kit nose gear strut ´╗┐Polikarpov I-16 ICM main undercarriage struts Polikarpov I-153 ICM main undercarriage struts http://www.aerocraftmodels.com cheers Ali
  2. Hi Duncan Thanks for that vote of approval, I also think the internal parts are so heavy and overdone on the kit parts, the new ones are very much more refined and subtle. See you next weekend the 25th at Scale Scotland. cheers Ali
  3. Hi Guys Two new sets are available are now available for the Airfix Phantom, but could be used with other manufactures kits as well. Parts layout for Pylons, 12 parts shown but twice that will be supplied, so you will get two of each variation of the inner pylon, and four outer pylons assembled pylon options, 2 each of inner pylon (at top), 2 each of inner pylon (in middle) 4 each of outer pylon (at bottom) New resin exhaust compared to kit part Please visit Aerocraft Models website here http://www.aerocraftmodels.com
  4. Great news on the F.1, at least it will be a LOT better than the Kitty Hawk disaster...................and the other Kinetic kits these days are pretty cool and good. Also really looking forward to the Pucara, and the M346, and that is due fairly soon now, so lots of nice goodies in the Kinetic pile on the way.
  5. AMAZING..............really looking forward to this release
  6. That looks very nice, it is one of the aircraft I really like and there are some really cool schemes that can be done. Ali
  7. Ali62

    The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    I have a few new sets for the Sea Fury, please see my post in the vendors section of Aerocraft Models. cheers Ali
  8. Thanks for the heads up, I intend to change the images soon, when i have the chance to paint one up. I did it like this as you really cannot see right down the cylinders, and also makes assembly and production a lot easier Ali
  9. Hi All New sets for ordering and one coming soon. There is a detailed Sea Fury Engine 1/48, Sea fury gunsight and navigation lights 1/48, Cessna O-2 landing gear 1/32, and coming soon all being well replacement P-51 Canopy set 1/32. Go to http://www.aerocraftmodels.com there you will see all the details.
  10. Hi Dennis and Mungo Sorry did not see this until now, I had not thought of it as yet, may in a little while, just busy with a few other sets, not necessarily for the Mustang though, well there is one but not sure if it will all cast as I hope, so will advise as and when I know it is working. cheers Ali
  11. Thanks Kagemusha, appreciate it, it is proving a popular set in the USA, just need the rest of the world to love the OV-10 a little more, there are lots of interesting colour schemes.
  12. Hi Guys Please see the website for the latest new product, brass undercarriage for the 1/32 scale Kitty Hawk OV-10 A/c or D kits. http://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/ov-10a-c-bronco-brass-undercarriage-set cheers Ali
  13. Ali62

    Sea Fury Cowling

    See the Brett Green review on Hyperscale. http://www.hyperscale.com/2018/reviews/accessories/aerocraftseafurycowlingreviewbg_1.htm
  14. See the great model built by Paul on Britmodeller. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235036806-faa-phantom-172/
  15. Ali62

    FAA Phantom 1/72

    Hi Paul Good to see a great Phantom, thanks for using my Aerocraft Models intake splitter plate set. All looks to have turned out very well. Well done. Ali