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    Hello,<br />I've been a modeler since I was 8. I'm building 1/72 planes and 1/35 AFV (mostly US).

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  1. Hello, didn't High planes have one in their catalog? Cheers from France!
  2. Hello, I've followed this threat with interest! I'd love to buy one too! Robert-Jan
  3. robonth

    Tornado book

    Thank you for the help! I think I'll start with the Sam publications one and buy the others if needed! Any idea when it'll be out? Best regards Robert-Jan
  4. robonth

    Tornado book

    Hello, What would the best British Tornado book be please? Both from the history and the modelling side. Thank you. I have the lock on already. best regards Robert-Jan
  5. Hello, I started building from the revell F-4F. I sourced the slotted stabs from an esci phantom. The kit is nice enough for me. Cheers Robonth
  6. Hello, I always wondered: Does the rotating "missile laucher" rotate in flight or you have to chose on the ground what config you want, falcons or genies? Thanks for the answer Robonth
  7. Hello sir, AModels has several good looking Vampires and Pavla has some resin for them. Cheers Robert-Jan Bonthond
  8. Bravo! I love it, Maybe one day I 'll build one, it's so odd looking, it's beautiful! Cheers Robert-Jan
  9. Hello, Thanks a lot for those nice words! The decals are from the F-102 & F-106 combo that was recently released by Hasegawa. I decided not to do a wash because the 57th aircraft look very clean, at least on the pics I have. I thought it would over do it. Cheers Robert-Jan
  10. Hello, I 've finally finished my F-102 Hasegawa: I scratched a simple cockpit, the hood being a big chalenge. I used F-106 wing tips and main wheels to make a late Case XX jet. I hope you'll like it! Robert-Jan Bonthond
  11. Hello folks, For me they would be: 1. Tupolev TU-22M3 "Backfire" 2. Tupolev TU-95 "Bear" 3. Tupolev TU-128 "Fiddler" 4. Myasishchyev M-4"Bison" 5. MiG-25 "Foxbat" There are more of course Robert-Jan
  12. Hello, That's what I tought. I've ordered an Eduard update that will look good I think. Where Tornado's still carrying AIM-9L in 2006 or is it ASRAAM? Cheers Robert-Jan
  13. Hello, I'd like to build the Hasegawa tornado ADV 1/72. I haven't found any online reviews. Is the kit good or is the Italeri/Revell beter? Does anyone have cockpit pictures of the latest version with AMRAAM and ASRAAM upgrades please? Thank you and I wish you a nice week end Robert-Jan
  14. Hello, Thanks for the info. I'll do the mods shortly. Did they use the centerline pylon with cluster bombs during Linebaker II? I haven't seen pics to support that. Cheers Robert-Jan Bonthond
  15. robonth

    Javelin radar

    Hello, Could I graft the sea Vixen Radar set FAAM72005 from FAA Models on the Airfix Javelin FAW Mk9 ? If I'm not mistake it's the same unit? Thanks for the help Robert-Jan Bonthond
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