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  1. thanks Chris I think you're right, I want to spray the lead shot black anyway as you might be able to see in the air scoops so it won't hurt to wait before nailing on the front. rgds John(shortCummins)
  2. Time to add all of the bits and pieces into the cockpit tub. First off I squeezed the rear resin pilot figure into the tub, followed by the control stick and IP. Next the rear instrument combing so that I could ensure the front pilot and seat could be placed in the correct place. When the rear of the tub had been completed the front area was tackled. Once again the resin pilot and seat was fixed/squeezed into the tub, followed by the control stick, IP and lastly the instrument combing. Here’s the cockpit sub-assembly… I think the resin p
  3. Hello Chaps has anyone built this kit before? I'm after finding out how much nose weight is needed, I had a look on the interweb and so far I've seen anything from 22 to 67 grams, 67 sounds like overkill to me so if you know how much is needed I'd be grateful to find out. thanks in advance John(shortCummins)
  4. So João and Paulo were first given a coat of my favourite primer UMP/Stynylrez black and then the “seats” were dry-brushed with Tamiya XF-24. Their flight-suits were given a base colour of Tamiya XF-62 olive drab. Various patches and their gloves were picked out with Tamiya XF-49 khaki. I mixed a little of the XF-49 with XF-62 and used this to dry-brush the arms and legs to accentuate the folds of the fabric. Both helmets were painted XF-2 white as a base, for some reason I can’t brush paint XF-2. So once
  5. Mike wow, I thought the top picture was a "reference" photo very realistic, fantastic job rgds John(shortCummins)
  6. thanks Chris I unashamedly stole the idea from Deanflyer, he should get all the credit! One thing I find difficult to understand is the lack of 1/48 aircrew either as aftermarket or decent figures as part of the kit, I guess manufactures don't think we want them? I suppose we often invest so much time, and money, in aftermarket and detailing cockpits that having a pilot would either detract from or stop us adding the extra detail? rgds John(shortCummins)
  7. thanks John this was the first time I've "dipped" a canopy, in truth I don't know why I did it, the clear plastic was as good as anything I've seen so there really was no need to do anything other than mask and paint. live and learn rgds John(shortCummins)
  8. João and Paulo, the two pilots, arrived from down-under, very efficient they arrived a couple of weeks after I ordered them, I was expecting a month or two! Unfortunately João and Paulo needed some surgery to get them to fit and seat down properly. The pilot who sits in the rear seat needed a smaller shoe size and both seats needed “thinning” so that they could slide down into the tub. Having enjoyed Deanflyer’s Bruntingthorpe Buccaneer build… I had to have the chap in the rear waving, such a good idea I thou
  9. The canopy parts were given a dunk in Gauzy agent and this is the result. This was the first time I’ve used Gauzy agent so its almost certainly something I’ve done wrong. I tried to remove the gauzy agent stuff using a sonic bath for half an hour to see if would clean it? So after an hour or so in the bath and then a while “polishing” with Tamiya compounds this is the result. So, its better, far less cloudy than it was but not good enough, so I’ve emailed Das Werk and they’ve kindly offered me a new sprue, first class service! One
  10. thanks billn53 this is one of the most enjoyable builds I've done, the kit has little or no issues and if you're looking for a mojo boost then this is one I'd highly recommend. rgds John(shortCummins)
  11. thanks John isn't she a strange bird? wood, metal and pulse jets engines, a diesel punk Enterprise rgds John(shortCummins)
  12. then I'm even more impressed, I shall follow with interest rgds John(shortCummins)
  13. this looks very good, are the fuel tanks part of the Brassin cockpit set? keep up the good work rgds John(shortCummins)
  14. I really enjoyed following this build and its turned out wonderfully rgds John(shortCummins)
  15. The “metal” paint had worn in a couple of places, nothing too much and I was able to touch them up with a hairy stick. So everything was given a “protective” coat of AK gauzy agent, the idea was to protect the metal finish and also help to blend the decals. Once the varnish had fully cured, I left it overnight, probably overkill but better safe than sorry, I gave the panel lines and rivets a homemade oils wash, Certain areas were then given a flat coat. Both Argos engines nailed onto their supports.
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