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  1. I glued the ‘spar’ to the “lower” half of the wing, the lower part will become the upper side when the wings are attached. The “upper” half(s) were then attached. The centre section of the spar was removed with a razor saw. Next the wings were separated. I had to see what they’ll look like attached to the fuselage so I used some blue-tac to hold them in place. next I’ll be building outer engine nacelles. until next time as always, any suggestions, criticisms or comments will be gratefully received. rgds John(shortCummins)
  2. thanks for the info Andre much appreciated rgds John
  3. I like the thickness of the rear bulkhead, it makes me think of armoured plate, anyhow the gap between the rear bulkhead and the fuselage sides was filled. I’ll need to colour the inside of the filler. The lower halves of the wings had the holes for the bomb attachments drilled and then attached to the spar. The upper part of the lower wing was then added. …and just because I had to, here’s the twin booms placed to give an idea of what it will look like. next I’ll be building the upper wing. until next time as always, any suggestions, criticisms or comments will be gratefully received. rgds John(shortCummins)
  4. I've one of these in the stash, if it turns out a quarter as good as yours I'll be really pleased best rgds John(shortCummins)
  5. very nice scheme, the tail flag really stands out against the camo' rgds John(shortCummins)
  6. and I though 1/72 was too small, even with magnification I'd really struggle with this size my hat is well and truly doffed to you rgds John(shortCummins)
  7. you've certainly nailed the NMF excellent job rgds John(shortCummins)
  8. The rear bulkhead was cemented in place. I’ll need to close the gaps in the near future, once my Milliput arrives. Once the fuselage and cockpit were joined, I then used the kit decals for the instrument panel. Wathers Solvaset was used to snuggle the decals, it took 2 or 3 attempts to get them to fully conform, I’m guessing that these decals are not Cartograf although they are very good. There’s a sub-assembly that needs building of the IP, rudder pedals and a glazed floor area in front of the pedals presumably to allow the pilot to see whilst dive-bombing? You have a choice to show this glazed area or not, I’ll make my mind up later, at the moment I’m minded to show it. The front/engine bulkhead was fitted. This will be visible as I’m going to show the engine and have the boom engines covered. next I’ll be adding the lower wing. until next time as always, any suggestions, criticisms or comments will be gratefully received. rgds John(shortCummins)
  9. ha ha, thanks DC funnily enough my radio man/gunner is standing but you've now given me the image of Killroy and I'll think of that every time I look at him rgds John
  10. Hi Pete, I think your right about it being a battery but I think I'll use it as the moulding is really nice. I might move it back as there is plenty of feed rack/bullets supplied with the mini gun, or I might just make a ammo box as it needn't be to elaborate. thanks for the suggestions rgds John
  11. hopefully I'll get some time over the weekend and be able to close up the fuselage rgds John
  12. Surgery was required to the fuselage in order to remove the aft section and then open the rear of the cockpit to allow for the mini gun. Firstly I joined both halves of the fuselage. Next I used a razor saw to remove the rear of the fuselage which I will then use for one of the booms. The rear of the cockpit needs to be opened. Now I can see how to fit the rear bulkhead and where the mini gun will be mounted. The rear bulkhead was cut down to suit, I’ll need to fill the holes. I’ll need to fill the gap(s) between the rear bulkhead and fuselage sides. I needed to add a seat/lap belt for the radio operator/gunner, luckily I found these in the spares box, they should be for a Zero but I like the look of them here. Before I closed the fuselage I wanted to check on the placement of the mini gun so I placed the magazine and realised that it would be too large. Thankfully the resin mini gun comes with another, smaller magazine? box. I’m not going to add the mini gun at this point, I’ll think about that nearer the end of the build next I’ll be closing cockpit and finishing the ‘front’ part. until next time as always, any suggestions, criticisms or comments will be gratefully received. rgds John(shortCummins)
  13. the engine looks really good but I really really like the nose cannons and the patchwork tail centre just works loving this build rgds John(shortCummins)
  14. Thanks Thom I was a worried abut the quality of the mouldings but I'm quite happy with the way they've turned out rgds John
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