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  1. The Aires set comes with two engines however I only plan to use one for this build, I fancy building a Heinkel He-162A-2 Salamander at some point and now that I've got a resin engine all I need is the kit. Firstly I gave all of the resin a wash in soapy water to remove any mould release and then set about cutting off the moulding blocks… …resin pieces and some PE have been built into subassemblies ready for painting. The lower wing was cut in half(ish) and the resin replacement glued in place with flexi CA… …the front top of the nacelle was also replaced with a resin piece. Next I’ll be painting the engine. until next time as always, any suggestions, criticisms or comments will be gratefully received. rgds John(shortCummins)
  2. thanks Pete I've an idea things will go a little slower now as I'm working on the resin engine, also I'm waiting for MRP paint, none in the country as far as I've been able to find, I may have to resort to mixing my own from Tamiya but I'd far prefer using MRP for the mottling as the paint consistency is spot on and I find its a bit hit and miss when I mix them myself. I knew the engine life was limited but I didn't know they were that limited, it makes sense though with lack of experienced ground crew, available materials and how new and different the technology was thanks James these masks had notches cut out of them to ease the curves but on close inspection they do look as if they've lifted, I'll press them down again when I spray the final colour rgds John(shortCummins)
  3. My thinking is that it would be unlikely for the ground crew to work on both the engine as I’m going to display one of the Jumos, I'm not going to display the machine guns as they wouldn't be "open" at the same time?, for safety surely they’d work on them separately? Anyhow I want to show the “lines” of the aircraft so I’ve closed the machine-gun bays… These “panel lines” may need addressing, I’ll see what they look like under primer. I’d left the fuselage overnight and the bottom seam “popped” so I re-glued it and strengthened the join with some flexi CA. …these panels were also added… The Montex mask set comes with vinyl masks for both inside and outside of the canopy glass, these were used along with some liquid mask (protecting the glueing surfaces), and the “inside” given a coat of RLM66… …the “inner” masks were then removed and the clear pieces fixed to the fuselage… …the bullet proof glass(?) was fixed to the inside of the windscreen… Next I’ll be work on the Aires Jumo engine. until next time as always, any suggestions, criticisms or comments will be gratefully received. rgds John(shortCummins)
  4. thank you oh no, I'll not have you saying you're not doing a cracking job, fixing the "clear" issue must be very trying, also I think the Tamiya kit is easier to build? thanks James
  5. After gluing the rear cockpit wall I noticed that the edge needed spraying the same colour as the rest, LP-11… …the cockpit was then fixed to the front and rear bulkheads. I’ve decide to not show the machine-gun bay so I’ve not added any details here. The fuselage halves were then stuck together… …the front landing gear is not stuck it place, I’ll fix it in place later in the build… …it looks as if quite a bit of the cockpit will be visible. Next I’ll be adding the other fuselage panels. until next time as always, any suggestions, criticisms or comments will be gratefully received. rgds John(shortCummins)
  6. thanks James these "new" Eduard steel PE are easier to manipulate than their "older" brass ones, I had toyed with the idea of leaving one off until later in the build so it could be draped over the side of the fuselage, perhaps next time? rgds John(shortCummins)
  7. Hannants excelled themselves by getting the “generic” Eduard Luftwaffe fighter seat harness to me in under a week, I really thought they wouldn’t arrive until early next week. So to complete the cockpit subassembly I can add the harness and then the seat, the lap straps were fixed to the seat… …followed by the shoulder straps… After some light dirtying of the straps with MrWeathering greyish brown the seat was dropped into the cockpit. Next I’ll be finishing off the cockpit subassembly and joining the fuselage halves. until next time as always, any suggestions, criticisms or comments will be gratefully received. rgds John(shortCummins)
  8. that's looking really nice, I'm also a big fan of MRP paints rgds John(shortCummins)
  9. The foot rest, rudder pedals and side consoles were fixed in place… …the oxygen and boxes were fitted to the fuselage walls. I really should have done this before fitting the Yahu IP however, very small holes were filled into the back of the instruments and then yellow painted brass wire glued in place… …and then the wires were bent and cut to size… I’m not sure how much, if any of this wiring will be seen, but I’d be kicking myself if any of to shows and I’d not done anything. I’d broken off the box fitted to the IP so that was reattached and the panel fixed to the cockpit subassembly along with the gunsight… …the control stick was then glued in place. Next I’ll be fitting the PE harness and seat. until next time as always, any suggestions, criticisms or comments will be gratefully received. rgds John(shortCummins)
  10. thanks its now far closer to what I had envisaged rgds John(shortCummins)
  11. thanks Pete if I keep on practicing one day I'll get closer to the result(s) I "see" in my head, still a long way to go but it is fun getting there rgds John(shortCummins)
  12. thanks Keith I've wanted to build this kit for quite a while and luckily I found this group build that gave me the perfect excuse thanks James as well as the paint being rough, I think the first version look a bit too cartoonish, I'm far happier with this effort rgds John(shortCummins)
  13. the variation of the colours does make it look as if she's been used, I agree with both James and Col. that the effect is good and perhaps a gentle rub down will hep with the rough surface rgds John(shortCummins)
  14. So I wasn’t really happy with the way the cushion turned out, so I decided to start again. I think the “problem” was the hairspray?, the paint on the cushion wasn’t smooth and that didn’t allow the washes to “grade” they way I wanted them to. This made the cushion look too cartoonish to my eye. The seat was soaked in isopropryl alcohol, and scrubbed it with an old brush to clean off the existing paint… This time I’m going to paint the cushion first, that way it won’t be affected by any hairspray. After a base of MrSurfacer 1500 black primer, Tamiya XF-64 red brown was used for the base colour of the cushion… …in order to suggest some wear, the top of the cushion was “sponge chipped” and scratches were made with vallejo 72.763 dessert yellow… …oils were used as filters to, subtly?, change the tone, the first tone was 502 Abteilung ABT006 burnt umber… …a little ABT005 smoke was mixed to the burnt umber to make it a darker hue and used along the creases and bottom of the cushion… …ABT092 ocher was used to highlight the top of the cushion… …MRP-125 super clear semigloss was used to protect the cushion… Once the semigloss had cured Tamiya tape and liquid mask was used to mask the cushion, LP-11 used as the base for the seat, hairspray applied, then MRP-59 RLM 66 was sprayed and chipped. I’m much happier with this result, the cushion looks far more like worn leather I had envisaged. Next I’ll be assembling the cockpit. until next time as always, any suggestions, criticisms or comments will be gratefully received. rgds John(shortCummins)
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