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  1. Lovely. I have the takom chieftain mk5 in the stash and you have given me inspiration
  2. That’s good advice. Thanks I am currently working on the set of Bronco tracks I got for it. Given the amount of parts they have, at the rate I work at it might be the summer before I am getting near the turret.
  3. That’s very nice. I am currently building the old tamiya M48A3 and have also bought the legend mantlet and searchlight kit. I am concerned about the weight of the resin searchlight and the rather flimsy and vague looking attachments. I would be more than happy if my patton turned out like yours
  4. That’s a great looking plane, and even better model
  5. Very nice indeed. I am in the middle of building this Tamiya kit myself. I have taken my “foot off the gas” over the last week or 2 but this model inspired me to get back to the bench.
  6. I recently saw the episode of “air aces” that was about him, as somebody has previously mentioned. He really did seem to be the epitome of what it means to be an ace. I wondered what his plane actually looked like and this model really hits the spot. Nice one.
  7. You really could be mistaken for thinking it was the real thing in those outdoor shots!
  8. Very nice indeed. I have a soft spot for the KV-1. It was the first kit by Tamiya I ever made way back in the early 80’s. My gran bought me it as a present at the time when every local department store had an amazing model section.
  9. I loved this lovely clean build so much that I bid for one on Ebay and have just won it. I have an Airfix mug with the MkXII box art on it so It was high up my list of builds.
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