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  1. Hi, Blanketyblank,

    I also have those tracks in my stash, but I have so many kits to make, that I don't know if one day I will dare to use them ...
    As I have mentioned above, I made the same model a few years ago and I have it posted on the forum, just like you, I used the pigment you mention to make the red powder.
    If you are interested, you can tell me and I sent you a link to the RTI, which in turn has one to the WIP.
    Cheers and TC

    1. Blanketyblank


      Hi Francis,

      The tracks do look great but it is easy to get glue on the moving parts. Plus life is too short to spend many evenings cleaning up the hundreds of individual track parts. I could have built a couple of models in the time i will have spent on the tracks alone. I assume Mvtb has just used the kit’s rubber band tracks yet it still looks amazing. 

      Believe it or not I remember your recent build of this kit and I have used it as a reference and a source of inspiration. The M48 is one of my favourite tanks so I always pay close attention if someone posts an RFI of it, especially as it was going to be my next build. 
      Given the amount of extras I have bought for this old, “cheap” kit I am certain Tamiya  will release a new tooling as soon as I am done. I have only newly returned to the hobby and I might have bitten off more than I can chew with workable tracks, photo etch, new decals and resin parts. If you would like to forward on the links to your Build again it would be much appreciated. 

    2. FrancisGL


      Hi Alan, 

      If I have not misunderstood, you have already seen my M48, but it is not a bother to put the links here.
      I would love to change the tracks to mine, I already have them, and add figures, which I also have, would be great, but it is a very heavy job and that I do not master, also I have the stash about to explode ... lol
      Cheers and TC


    3. Blanketyblank


      Your build really showed what could be done with the old kit. The cast texture and weathering were spot on. I don’t think I enough to add the mr surfacer 500 myself 

  2. That’s fantastic. I am in a middle of a stalled build of this kit. The Bronco aftermarket tracks have sapped my will to live. Each track link has 6 parts! How did you do the excellent Vietnam dust effect? I have some AK Vietnam earth pigment sitting ready to go and would be very happy if it turned out half as good as your weathering
  3. That’s very nice indeed. My mum is from Armagh so I had always wanted to build this kit with the same decal option as you went for. Unfortunately the odd shaped spinner has always put me off it.
  4. Lovely. I have the takom chieftain mk5 in the stash and you have given me inspiration
  5. That’s good advice. Thanks I am currently working on the set of Bronco tracks I got for it. Given the amount of parts they have, at the rate I work at it might be the summer before I am getting near the turret.
  6. That’s very nice. I am currently building the old tamiya M48A3 and have also bought the legend mantlet and searchlight kit. I am concerned about the weight of the resin searchlight and the rather flimsy and vague looking attachments. I would be more than happy if my patton turned out like yours
  7. That’s a great looking plane, and even better model
  8. Very nice indeed. I am in the middle of building this Tamiya kit myself. I have taken my “foot off the gas” over the last week or 2 but this model inspired me to get back to the bench.
  9. I recently saw the episode of “air aces” that was about him, as somebody has previously mentioned. He really did seem to be the epitome of what it means to be an ace. I wondered what his plane actually looked like and this model really hits the spot. Nice one.
  10. You really could be mistaken for thinking it was the real thing in those outdoor shots!
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