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  1. Blanketyblank

    Sherman "FURY"

    Fantastic model
  2. Blanketyblank

    Tamiya 1/35 Churchill.

    Lovely model and photos
  3. Blanketyblank

    1/35 Tamiya Churchill

    Thanks again for all your kind words of encouragement. The sun was actually shining here today so I thought I would experiment with some shots in the daylight. Unfortunately my iPhone isn't really up to the job. I am really looking forward to getting some tips from Stevej60's WIP on how it should be done.
  4. Blanketyblank

    Tamiya pair,Churchill and Centurion.

    gonna be watching this one go together
  5. Blanketyblank

    1/35 Tamiya Churchill

    Thank you for the kind words Alan
  6. Blanketyblank

    1/35 Tamiya Churchill

    Hi all, I am sure you have all heard the same story a million times before but I have been lurking on these forums since before 2012. I loved building models by the dozen as a kid and built a few tanks in my 20's, but this is the first model I have completed in about 20 years. Seeing all the amazing models on display here over the years finally drove me to give it a go for old times sake. I chose a Churchill from a local model shop as there is one on permanent display in a town about 20 miles from my house (Carrickfergus) and I got my photo taken at it a while back. Tried some new techniques to me like sponge weathering (disaster), Flory washes (very subtle after the varnish went on, but I think worth it) and Clear coat before decals (can't believe how good they came out). Vallejo matt varnish worked like a dream too - I have an airbrush and compressor I bought from a failed attempt to complete a model about 8 years ago. Bit of a difference in colour between my tank and the one on display, but it wasn't really about accuracy, just getting a model off the bench, and I am totally chuffed with how it turned out, even though I probably did over-do the "toothbrush" mud splatters effect a bit. Plus I probably should have waited and taken the photos in full daylight, but patience isn't one of my strong points. My next model will hopefully not be one that was first on sale when I was born ( the 70's). Straight out of the box except for the aerials from Ebay.