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  1. Thanks very much. Yeh it was an interesting comparison, the Italeri moulds are now showing their age and I think we're in need of a really nice new F-5E kit. The new 'Dream Model' offering looks very nice... but at £30 I think I'll pass as i can get 4 x Hobbyboss for the same price!
  2. Now that's a corker! Stunning paintwork... I don't recall seeing one in that scheme before but it really suits the aircraft. Superb
  3. Very nice. I think the grey looks spot on in your daylight photo. Interior lighting can play hell with colour balancing
  4. Hi folks Another couple of models finished over the weekend. First up is the Italeri F-5F in 1/72 scale. The Italeri kit is an old mould with raised panel lines but goes together quite well and seems to have a nice accurate shape. Decals were straight from the box for a VFC-111 machine in 3 greys. Paints were Mr Hobby Aqueous. Has to be one of the most attractive colour schemes...... Apologies for the quality of the photos, struggling to get enough light in the workroom at the moment.
  5. Lovely job What a machine the Voodoo was. The Revell offering is a really nice kit and you've done it justice. Particularly like the metalwork at the rear. Very realistic
  6. Wow that's fantastic! I've got mine 75% completed but it's stalled on the shelf of doom. If it comes out half as nice as yours then I'll be well chuffed. Great job on yours. Love the meatbox in all its variations and colour schemes, so many to choose from.
  7. Now that is one awesome looking Javelin. Love the paintwork... absolutely flawless Great job
  8. Awesome! It's still an ugly beast especially with everything down or open.... but a very impressive aircraft nonetheless. Great job.
  9. I love em! I did the same a couple of years ago...made a few German WWI biplanes for a break from the norm....if only for the variety of colour schemes alone! Great job on yours.... they make a really great display.
  10. Wow that's fabulous! An aircraft you don't see very often. The improvements you've done have really paid off. It just shows that with a little bit of extra work old basic kits can be completely transformed. I fancy one of these for my own 1/144 collection now that I've seen yours. Great job
  11. That's great! Never knew Valom did an Army / RAF islander. How about them issuing a scaled down version in 72nd scale? Lovely job you've done there. Something really different.
  12. Wow now that's awesome work! Incredible paintwork, weathering and decalling. One of the best Tornado models I've ever seen
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