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  1. Cracking looking Voodoo...looks awesome. Just one small point...the nosewheel should be fitted towards the rear of the nosewheel bay rather than at the front like you currently have it. Hopefully it's not too late to rectify. Like this.... https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=f-101b+voodoo+nosewheel&prmd=visxn&sxsrf=AOaemvJH5E0HcxxrWw2sLgCVGUY8CEPC0w:1643312132711&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiEhrPf1tL1AhUGYsAKHZuGDSYQ_AUoAnoECAIQAg&biw=360&bih=631&dpr=3#imgrc=SGp5ZtYHGHX-fM I too hate decals!
  2. That's very very nice indeed. A super finish on what i think is one of the best little kits ever built The Esci/Italeri Harriers really capture the aircraft beautifully
  3. Another lovely build. Interesting to read your modifications and corrections. What i did with my 1/72 Lightning was move the wings back which seemed to make the undercarriage spacing and fuselage look longer, and also shorten the u/c legs. Maybe a trick of the eye but it seemed to make it sit better.
  4. Very nice indeed! Your modifications have certainly made the old girl look much much better. Shame the Trumpeter couldn't have got the shape right in the first place. I did the same with their 1/72 kit. Great result
  5. That's a stunner my friend Really great work on the old girl. Some of these old Monogram kits are really very nice indeed. They certainly were state of the art back in the day. As a Brit i really do appreciate the LN aircraft and especially the 'off-tan' that was used in some of these aircraft....very unusual. Originally when i first saw photos of these i thought that it was just a poor colour reproduction of old photographs...but alas not the case. I love the 'proper tan' touch up patches you've shown. I've got one of these kits in my collection to build yet but I'm not brave enough to rescribe the panel lines so will have to use some clever pre-shading i think Interestingly I've also got a Hasegawa F-4C/D too....and surprisingly found that it has raised details too
  6. Wow. That looks great! I do love the experimental grey camo schemes that were applied to some of the latter USAF F-4C/D/Es. I think it looks much better than the Hill Grey II pattern that the air force eventually went with. I plan to do a 1/48th scale 'D' in this scheme at some point from the same wing. Great inspiration thanks for sharing
  7. Fabulous. Looks great and every inch i 'flick knife'. All your hard work and perserverence has paid off. Thanks for the heads up on the fit as I've got one in the stash to make one day....at least I'll be prepared now
  8. Fantastic! Absolutely love the Euro 1 camo... especially on the SP F-4s, and you've pulled it off. Cracking build
  9. You've certainly turned that one around nicely. Always nice to see 'cheaply' bought old kits finished, as some do still hold up really well if built and painted carefully. Sometimes it gives you greater satisfaction than building a more modern expensive one. I do love your paintwork...superb mottling, preshading and panel lines accents. A fantastic end result.
  10. What a beast that is!! Stunning build
  11. Yeh. There's quite a good choice of RAF post war heavies in the smaller scale if you shop around and with some conversions and resin thrown in. I think most can be modelled. Three V bombers, Herc, Argosy, Beverley, Nimrod, VC-10, Atlas, C-17, Tristar, (RC-135, and E-3D I think?, Comet, Shackleton, Britannia, Belfast as well as your Hastings. Have i missed any?
  12. Great result Tony I've been eyeing this kit up since it's release and may give it a whirl now I've seen how well yours has turned out. Yeh...the smaller scale is a bit of a shock to the system at first but once you've got your eye on they're not too bad. I think that applies to any unfamiliar scale really whether it be the varying scales in armour, aircraft or whatever. I dabble in 1/144 from time to time and it takes a model or two to get into the groove. But then when you 'up-scale' again things look huge! I think the Hastings suits this scale rather well though.
  13. That's a terrific result considering how long you've been away from the hobby. Mastering just the build ....never mind the airbrushing and weathering at your 'first' attempt is outstanding work and the main thing is you've enjoyed it. The F-14 is a great aircraft to model in any scale. I hope it's helped to take your mind off your loss. Sincere condolences. I also lost a dear loved one last year and the model making definitely helped me take my mind off things. Looking forward to your next build......
  14. Another cracker and a perfect compliment to go with your Vulcan. Just superb! Valiant next......?
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