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  1. That's an absolute stunner! One of the nicest Hunter colour schemes and you've managed to pull it off superbly. Great work
  2. That's a fascistic build. I love 1/144 scale and the challenge of trying to convince that its a larger scale. You've certainly done that with yours. Fabulous result
  3. You can tell you're a seasoned Armour modeller...great work on the weathering and paint chipping effects.. You've really brought the model to life with your skills. Beautiful work.
  4. Just echoing what's been said previously. Wow!! Absolutely stunning work. That scheme really suits the Beaufort so well and the weathering that you've added to the finished model is just sublime. Nice job
  5. That's brilliant! Fantastic results from all your hard work. Looks every part an RAF Jetstream. Well done
  6. That's fab. I've been looking at this kit many times and now I've seen how good yours has turned out i may have to pick one up. Great job!
  7. I missed this one Miguel. This has to be my favourite of all of your twin builds. It just looks so right! Fantastic job on the conversion work and the PRU paintwork really sets it off perfectly. Just great!
  8. That's a real stunner! Love the natural metal finish and the exhaust staining is real very realistic indeed. Fantastic job!
  9. I really like that one Miguel. Another fabulously unique project that has turned out superbly. I think i prefer the look of this one with 2 canopies .....looking rather like a British equivalent of the F-82 Twin Mustang. It really suits the later Spitfire shape rather well. Shame it was never manufactured for real
  10. That's a real beauty. Fabulous work. Especially on the 'staining' like weathering. Just perfect
  11. Absolutely stunning. Top modelling! A cracking 104 in one of the best schemes. Love the contrast of the 'vietnam' camo with the dayglo tanks.
  12. Very nice indeed. You've done a fine job on the build and the superb camo scheme. Great weathering too. Perfect!
  13. Wow.....that is fantastic! The weathering and faded paintwork is especially well done
  14. That is superb! The F-16 does look great in this colour scheme...and like has been said above it makes a really nice change from the greys. Fabulous!
  15. Wowser! What an awesome build of an awesome aircraft. Your freehand spraying on the camo is really really nice...wish i had the confidence and skill to do that more often but i get nervous and tend to mask instead. Great build.... thanks for sharing...glad it came back from the shelf of doom
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