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  1. That is truly OUTSTANDING The model itself, the figures and diorama are just superb. You should be well proud of your work there
  2. Thanks. Yes it's a pretty good kit, i don't think it's classed as one of their 'easy assembly' range but pretty straightforward to build, and the 4 decal options supplied are superb, worth half the value of the kit on its own.
  3. Wow! That's some patience needed right there! Great result though ....well worth the effort.
  4. Nice work. I agree with you on the poor decal sheets offered with some of the Airfix Starter kits...very basic indeed considering the price you pay with paints and glue....they ain't that cheap really.
  5. It's a great idea for a theme though....the possibilities are endless. If you don't already have it.. I highly recommend the book 'Testing Colours' published by Airlife back in the 1990s. Many colour photos of the RAe/ETPS/A&AEE fleet etc from the 1960s right through to the 1990s. Plenty of inspiration in there
  6. Your collection is superb. Bang up to date with the Boscombe fleet.
  7. That's a fabulous build and even more impressive in that scale! Awesome.
  8. That absolutely superb! Love the paint and decalling. Great job Must get a Viking in my collection at some point.
  9. Hello all. Another one completed this weekend, the Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14A Tomcat. A pretty straightforward build OOB. It may be a little oversimplified in places compared to say Hasegawa or GWH but simple suits me fine as it means i can crack on with the next model! Painted with Xtracrylix and then W&N Galleria Matt varnish to finish. Had a disaster at the final hurdle with the canopy as it cracked right down the centre while trying to clean some paint off, so i replaced it with a Pavla vacform one (i hate cutting vac canopies and can never s
  10. Wow. You're knowledge and love for the Vulcan is mind blowing. I discover something new every time you post up. Your latest addition even at 1/200 scale looks the business. I walked past those Cyber hobby kits many many times but may have to think again. I've still yet to build my Trumpeter kit but you've inspired me to get cracking sooner rather than later. Anti flash white for me Keep em coming....... Cheers Graham
  11. That's one epic build! Absolutely stunning result. Where do you start? The paintwork, the weathering, the rigging.....its all outstanding. I bet she's a large model?
  12. That is truly outstanding. That splinter camo is something else! Wow! You have some patience to tackle that one. Great job though....end result is worth it
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