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  1. The plastic looks great, but the choice of weapons and their number is strange.
  2. I have Airmodel's vacuum conversion for RF-8. Also I bought Academy kit and Airwave photoetched for RF-8. I already have cut Academy to add vacuum conversion. But when I saw first sprue, I understanded I will not buy this kit. I have to detail wheels bays, exhaust and cockpit if I'll buy this plastic. I have to detail only cockpit if I'll use Academy. For what?
  3. Ow! Very very interesting project. This summer I bought Tamiya MP4/8 in 1/20 scale. I love Mclaren MP4 series on Marlboro livery.
  4. I had spend a lot of time for finding pictures with landing flaps. I could find only this photos. I don't think this is A3. But now I understand to I have to do.
  5. @PaulN, @mick, thank you! I bought this set and got last week. https://www.scalemates.com/sr/kits/eduard-48595-fw-190a-8-landing-flaps--117576 But I can't find pictures or schemes where I can see construction and networks on fixed wing parts. I could find only this, but they don't answer all my questions. Somebody have more information about it? Thanks.
  6. A little update. Very small, but it took a few hours. Thanks for looking
  7. Thank you for your kind words. I like to modify and add some details at my works. When I show I always hope that someone is interesting and useful it.
  8. Hi everyone. I said above that I don't have enough time to progress quickly. But I sometimes leave in business trips and I'm in it right now. So I have a little progress. I installed side panels and clean up. Before my business trip I whittled panels of control and covered with surface primer. They don't look neat and I don't like it. But they look better that Hasegawa had did this elements. In future I will change the making technology of them. Thanks for looking
  9. Thank you for your review. I decided to order their Cobra (cat. no 72379).
  10. Welcome aboard from Russia. Do you have only seven kits? Many of us have hundred and more kits. I have eight kits of Phantom only. Looking forward to seeing your work.
  11. Thank you! I looked for Mk.5 seat too. I'll order it for my F-8E and RF-8.
  12. This is what I bought and received recently.
  13. Hello from Russia! You can paint by brush. You can paint by airbrush. Is it so very important? You have be happy. It have be very important for you.
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