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  1. The X-15A2 had a slightly lowered nose leg (9 inches) as well, so be careful that you are looking at pictures of 66671 AFTER its modification to A2. As others have said, you can have nose leg uncompressed, tanks and on the dolly or nose leg compressed, no tanks and landing skids extended if you want to be wholly accurate. X-15s differed for every flight so if you really want to get into it you need to pick a flight and model that! The X-15A2 didn't appear until 1964 so the X-15 in the picture with the B-52 can't be the A2. Lovely work so far I have three of the 1/48 versions which I think are
  2. If the undersides are in shadow on a brightish day with the sun almost overhead, as it appears they are, they would most likely appear very dark. Getting anything other than very dark (except for white, which is a different matter) would probably have hugely overexposed the upper surfaces and the background. It's Of course black would also look like that but without any other evidence it's black it's far more likely not to be.
  3. Brilliant, thanks for that.
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