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  1. bobsyouruncle

    RAF Rescue Wessex HC.2 kit options

    Hi Gents, I'd really like to have a go at one of these in the future but am just slightly struggling to find the right kit/decals combinations. I've seen the Fly 32nd scale kits (one of which is an HC.2), but they seem to only have the RAF Rescue decals in the HU5 kit (and then without the 22 Sqn tail emblem). I did read that the instructions are the same for both versions, listing the optional parts to use. Does anyone know if both kits do contain the same parts then, or do they have different sprues? I also saw that Italeri do a 48th scale HU5 and that extradecals do a 22 sqn option in that scale, but the Rotorcraft conversion to HAR2 seems to have disappeared? Does someone know if there's a simple way through this that I've not yet found please? Thanks Bob.
  2. Wow. As others have already said, "I didn't see that one coming". Really happy that Airfix have continued the idea of highly detailed (with the rippled skin) 24th scale models. long may it continue. I hope this one does really well for them and what an amazing job of keeping it secret. The precious time I get for modelling tends to be on types I have a particular fondness for (never really thought about a Hellcat), but it's a nice rugged looking aircraft. If I ever get past the Typhoon, Spit, Lightning, etc., I might get one, one day. Looks like plenty of weathering potential. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh tomorrow.
  3. bobsyouruncle

    Wingnut Wings WNW Albatros D.Va 1:32

    Beautiful work. I love the lagging and the fabric looks so realistic on those wings!
  4. bobsyouruncle

    A little metal and woodwork, 1918 Bristol F2B Fighter.

    Nils, I think I have the answer (according to 'the aeronautics guide'). It says that metal edging/tipping, is added to prevent damage to the wooden propeller from debris, particularly whilst in the vicinity of the ground. It adds that condensation forms between this and the wood, so drainage holes are added near the tip, to allow water to escape/be thrown out by centrifugal force? Hi Colin, thanks. I don't have any secret. I think it's probably one step easier than modelling really. In modelling, I guess you observe and then try to replicate effects using various methods and materials, learning from others and experimentation/pioneering. With oil paint, it's still observing but replicating using just the different colours where applicable. No other medium required. Cheers Bob.
  5. bobsyouruncle

    A little metal and woodwork, 1918 Bristol F2B Fighter.

    Thanks for the kind words, Gents. The prop was on the 1918 Bristol F2B Fighter of the Shuttleworth collection. I don't know what these are for (yet) Nils, but I do like the small details like that which you only see when close-up. Cheers, Bob.
  6. I had a very small window of spare time this week, so fancied doing something that didn't require a lot of thinking about. I love getting up close to some of the materials on the older aircraft and liked the look of this metal edging on this wooden prop tip. It's only a small one, this, oils on oil paper 10" x 9", but a lot of fun. Apologies for the reflections on the surface in this photo. I'll just hold back a very short while before saying what aircraft the prop belongs too (just in case anyone likes a challenge, purely for fun). Cheers, Bob.
  7. bobsyouruncle

    F-14D, Hoppie dabbles in aviation art

    Great work Hoppie. Are you sure it wasn't yourself that did all the Hasegawa box art? Awesome. Cheers Bob.
  8. bobsyouruncle

    USS Oriskany Sundown Carrier ops

    Just catching up on some of your work Nils, as I've not been here for a while, unfortunately. Lovely work on this one. I'm a bit of a sucker for Bill Phillips' carrier paintings and this one has the same sort of atmosphere with that backdrop. Got to look at all your other work now. Great work. Cheers Bob.
  9. bobsyouruncle

    Hurricane Mk1 Oil on Canvas 500 x 750mm

    Lovely painting. I like the atmospheric feel you've created around the aircraft. Great job. Cheers Bob.
  10. I think it's a nice bit of fun trying to guess what they might bring out and I don't think it does Airfix any harm with all the buzz. I don't know where the '4 engined' rumour came from, I only saw the 'BIG new tooling' announcement on the Airfix workbench site. I'm excited by the idea of a 'BIG' announcement and (for me) the Typhoon ticked that box and more. I was (and still am) excited by that 24th scale release, (I have to confess to not being as excited by the Phantom last year, more because of size than anything else) and hope that this one will be another 'wow' factor release. I get the idea of building on previous kit designs to reduce the costs, but somehow, they managed to seemingly bring a Typhoon 'up out of nowhere' with no previous connection. I like the idea of linking a release to anniversaries (as others have said and this was the case with the Typhoon) and I think Airfix likes its British aircraft... There are some tasty possibilities down that route:- They 'might' have missed the 1918 100 years connection for the actual kit release, but to time an announcement just prior the 100 years anniversary of the end of WWI would be so very apt. Camel?, SE5a? (24th) If thinking of a 2019 release, there's the 100th anniversary of Alcock and Brown ...Vimy? 75th anniversary of D-Day...Spitfire, Tempest, Mosquito, etc.? (24th) 50th anniversary of the First flight of Concorde? (72nd) 50th anniversary of 1 Sqn being the first operational S/VTOL fixed wing Sqn in the world...Harrier? (24th) I'd throw an E.E. Lightning, Hawk, Buccaneer and Tornado in 24th scale at any time, just in case Airfix want future ideas.
  11. Just wondering if anyone saw the 24th scale Typhoon coming? I can't remember the build-up before the announcement, only the excitement at seeing it for the first time at Telford and thinking 'wow!' (I'm still excited about it when I get the chance to do a bit of it in between all the other chores). Were there any hints previously? Had anyone predicted it? Just curious as as it was like a very welcome bolt out of the blue for me. Just found the thread back on page 129 I think, saying about a rumoured new 24th scale jet? https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234946758-rumoured-new-24th-scale-jet-from-airfix-any-ideas/ Interesting comparing guesses from back then to now.
  12. bobsyouruncle

    1/48 Airfix Buccaneer

    Flightpath do them. 48th scale 'CBLS -100 Practice Bomb carrier Set (with Practice Bombs). From the package sat here in front of me at home :- "Contains - Two super-detailed units in resin, Cast metal and etched nickel silver". Enjoying watching your build, by the way. Cheers Bob.
  13. The clues are all there as always, if you look closely enough. Telford is on the M54. 5 and 4 make nine, so it's a Mk IX. Telford is 308 miles from Le Fresne Camilly airfield via Ouistreham and country lanes. 308 was the Polish Squadron that flew Type IX Spits from there. Telford is a new town like Milton Keynes (MK). Nearby roads are the A442, A464. Added together, that's 906. Take the nearby B4373, minus 43 from 73 giving you 30. Add the A5, making 941. Take off the 1 in respect to this being a 'big one' and you get... MK940, Type IX Spit of 308 Sqn. See.....it's so obvious really.
  14. It does make a lot of sense for Airfix to follow up the gorgeous Typhoon with the Tempest, making maximum use of what's already very similar (engine and cockpit layouts) and I'd have to have one. That said, I'm still waiting to do Tamiya's 32nd scale MkIX Spit and what would not be to like about one of those in 24th scale too? Plenty of options for varieties of drop tanks, bombs, beer barrels, etc. Both 'C' and 'E' wing armaments and all in time for the D-Day anniversary. An optional two seat conversion at extra cost would keep the modern day Spitfire fliers happy too. Like the EE Lightning idea too in 24th.
  15. bobsyouruncle

    1:32 Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc

    Addition to my last post Bill. Found another shot of Keefer's MK826 in Bracken's first 'Spitfire - the Canadians', page 107. Looks like it was taken the same day as the other I mentioned, but from the front. Yes to the extended carb intake, yes also to the IFF blade antenna fitted under the starboard wing and yes to invasion stripes under the wings. Unusually, they finish short of the leading edge and have a hard demarcation line. No slipper tank fitted. The spinner is either very dirty, or it has a light colour band going around the rear third to just forward of the blade apertures. Camouflage on nose cowlings overlaps and extends down to below the panel line onto the bottom cowling. Cheers Bob.