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  1. bobsyouruncle

    Airfix 24th Typhoon Zipp X

    I was feeling a tad intimidated too at the start, but am taking the advice to just do it a bit at a time and to make sure I test fit. I've been trying to think ahead a little to work out what extra bits I can fit in that hopefully don't interfere with the proper kit parts and when to try to squeeze them in. So far it's been very enjoyable. Yes my plan was to have the top engine cowling on (so it'll look intact when viewed from the starboard side). I'm only taking off panels that I've seen removed in period photos in books, such as most of the port side of the engine and the panel below the cockpit port side. I figured that I could maybe cope with having a go at adding detail in just those areas. I also didn't have lots of photos of the starboard side internals and wanted to include the 'Zipp X' markings. I was going to add a fair amount of radiator cowlings as I like that feature on the aircraft. I figured that 'if it's bigger on the outside than the inside', then with a file and plenty of test fitting, hopefully it will work. We'll see... Thanks for the kind comments gents. Cheers Bob.
  2. bobsyouruncle

    Airfix 24th Typhoon Zipp X

    Chin radiator added today. I really love the Radu Brinzan parts with the amazing mesh detail. I know not everyone would justify getting these but I love looking at wartime photos where you can see into the big chin intake and these look just like it. When I read that Hendon's MN235 had the radiator of a 'cut-down' Bedford lorry' and someone had gone to all the trouble of doing these, I wanted some. I was concerned about trying to get a good fit with this, as I'd read other people's issues at the end with the radiator housing, etc.. It all seems to have gone it ok after a lot of test fitting and it works with test fits of the lower wing and cowlings so far. I've really enjoyed fiddling with all the pipes and fittings that Airfix have provided here. I did notice that they've even included parts D28 and D29 on the sprue, which are there on the real thing (in a shot with the wing off) but aren't seen or used if you use the F17 and F18 undercarriage bay sides (could be used in a cutaway version). Still pipes/leads to add to the firewall, but not sure how far to go with the top of the engine as most things are only going to be slightly in view with the top cowling on (loose test fit here to see). Cheers Bob. John, I see what you mean about D03. Fit fine on test fits but harder to place under the engine once D15 was on.
  3. bobsyouruncle

    1/18 P51C Mustang ‘Lopes Hope the 3rd’

    Incredible stuff. Takes 'attention to detail' to a completely different world. Fascinating to watch it all come together. Amazing. Cheers Bob.
  4. bobsyouruncle

    "To Remember The many" The Tamiya Lancaster 1/48

    Incredibly intricate work. Love the bomb aimer's dome framework. Beautiful and she's definitely looking like a Lanc now on your worktop. Cheers Bob.
  5. bobsyouruncle

    Airfix 24th Typhoon Zipp X

    Yet another very small update. Got back onto the engine and the instructions again. I'm not sticking exactly to the sequence (dangerous I realise), as I wanted to try and squeeze some extra bits it along the way if possible. My extra (oil overflow?) pipe might have interfered with the fit of D01 (oil outlet pipe, but I had this as fitting in a slightly different way to the kit instructions anyway so it was modified and fit ok then. I needed to attach the 'thing' to the firewall that appears in photos (looks like a bracket with a tubular object in the middle that's topped by a 'rounded thing' with cables attached in various places) as one of the firewall pipes/lines squeezes up to it. I wondered whether or not to bother with any work on the coffman starter as the top panel will be in place, but wasn't sure if any might be visible peeking in from below and I figured it might be a good way to discover a bit more about the Typhoon, so I started work on this as well. More bits still to add up top, before the radiator area (more lines linking up the firewall, etc). Quick snap:- Cheers Bob.
  6. bobsyouruncle

    Airfix 24th Typhoon Zipp X

    Just another very quick update. I was looking at period photos in between working on the engine and started wondering whether it'd be possible to do anything with the windscreen part of the canopy to reflect the minimal external framing and have more of the internal one. There looks to be some variation in the windscreen side framing strips depending on which machine you pick. I contemplated doing something with the kit part, but didn't want to ruin it, in case it went wrong, so I wondered if I could scratch a new one out of bits (the transparent inner case for an external hard drive and some plastic strip). This is the result so far wit the kit part for comparison and I think it can be done, so I've stopped worrying, put this away again, and will now stop messing about and go back to where I was with the engine again and the instructions. Cheers Bob.
  7. bobsyouruncle

    1/144 Roden BOAC Super VC10

    Phwoarr! That's gorgeous. I love the look of the VC-10 in that BOAC livery. So classy looking. An excellent job work on her too. Took me right back to my childhood watching the old BBC 2 Trade Test Transmission 'Flight of Fancy'. Anyone else old enough to remember that one? In fact I just looked it up and it's here on youtube (just for nostalgic interest):- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM5FMOi3s_o Superb model. You've made me want one now.
  8. bobsyouruncle

    Airfix 24th Typhoon Zipp X

    Not much work compared to what you're doing. Just found your Lanc thread John. Amazing and I don't know how I missed it so far. Thanks.
  9. bobsyouruncle

    "To Remember The many" The Tamiya Lancaster 1/48

    Don't know how I missed this one. Tremendous work. Amazing detail. Will enjoy watching progress.
  10. bobsyouruncle

    Airfix 24th Typhoon Zipp X

    Minor update again. A bit of a case of two steps forward, one step back in the last two days. I decided to replace part of the ignition harness with some braided hose, which first involved cutting out the previous piece, very gingerly. I found that the Napier Sabre varies in photos, but decided to go for the one with the basic looking air pump (not the one that looks like a motorbike engine). This has a pipe running up to it from the one going to the generator. I also noticed that the pipe running along the top of the engine casing needed changing in shape, so that involved cutting a section out (again very carefully), bending cutting and inserting a new piece (note difference to the one on the far side). I'm only having this side open and the top cowling in place so I don't think much will be visible and I don't whether to scratch the vacuum pump or not. Added magneto and distributor and some piping, plus some other details to generator and engine. Pipework in progress. Much more pipework to add. Cheers Bob.
  11. bobsyouruncle

    Airfix 24th Typhoon Zipp X

    Thanks for the kind words, gents. Another small update having started on the engine now. Having put together the basic block, I was looking at the seams from the supercharger unit. Looking at photos of the real thing, it looked like there was a 'hexangonal' shaped joint at both of these points, so I thought I'd try to replicate these with some plastic card and wire. You can see my version of it sat next to it in this shot. After adding the joints, I painted the block in a lightened black and started to add some detail with some pipes and bits down at the firewall end. Looking at photos, I couldn't see the pipe type attachment that Airfix has coming out of the generator at 'A', so I removed that. I also changed the position of the pipe into the generator and modified the pipe to fit. I decided to remove the ignition leads and instead drilled holes where they'd been (B). I made some new leads out of wire, etc., a couple of which are sat at the bottom. I've added the first twelve of these here. Some tidying work needs to be done to these, but I think they'll clean up ok and look alright when finished. Will be tidying up along the way at various stages. Cheers Bob.
  12. Hey Andy, Superb work on those railing mounts. I like that attention to detail and those small triangular inserts are a very nice touch. It's going to awesome. You said you 'can see my heart is with aircraft', but I've learned a lot about Type IX U-boats, researching the 889 and it will definitely be finished. I think having to cut out new hatch surroundings from the etched brass deck was trying my patience a little, but you don't glue a 1mm strip down the length of the vents, with all of the struggle that entails, without committing to finish it. Your railings are amazing. I went for some tehnoart ones which I'm intending to round off, but wasn't sure about how to mount them. Your build has decided that for me now. Watching for regular updates. Cheers Bob.
  13. bobsyouruncle

    Typhoon elevators and control column

    Thanks again Noel, interesting information. When I first saw your photo, I thought that there seemed quite a bit of space available in front of the column but have only just now realised that there's no oil tank or instrument panel to the rear of the firewall, so that's why. Cheers Bob.
  14. bobsyouruncle

    Airfix 24th Typhoon Zipp X

    That's a great looking Zipp XI there Tony. It's very distinctive with that spinner and the blades isn't it. I see you included the cannon mounted camera installation too. Installed the control column and elevator lever and linkage without any problems and it moves freely so it can be positioned wherever for the elevators. Looking to move onto the engine next. The elevator lever will remain visible with the port side panel off so I'll add some cables to that before closing up. Cheers for the comments Gents. Stick forward... ...and back.
  15. I love that cockpit. Awesome detail.