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  1. So glad I clicked on this one this morning. What a beautiful piece of work this is. Absolutely stunning.
  2. Absolutely stunning. What a superb realistic finish you've got there. Fantastic paintjob. If there are any mistakes, as you say, I don't think anyone but you would notice because it just looks soooo so awesome.
  3. That looks super. Lovely clean looking build that shows off kit features very nicely. I do like the way that the modern kit designs seem to have a similar sturdy internal structure, like the real aircraft and (like with the 24th scale Typhoon) you just get the feeling that if all's lined up as it should be on the inside then everything will turn out well on the outside too. Gives it a bit of 'soul' to me when the insides feel right and enhances the whole experience for me. Enjoyed the magazine article too. Awesome, cheers Bob.
  4. Very nice work on this and I love seeing your Harrier progressing. Looks awesome.
  5. It's been a while since I posted but in between busy times on the ambo and getting covid myself back in December, I did actually manage to make some bits of progress in the gaps of spare time, but this will be a long journey (enjoying it so far though). I started carrying on with the pilot and seat initially (see some seat top additions here).... ...but whilst I was enjoying the detailing, I was thinking about some of the other bigger issues with the kit that I'd have to face at some time. To avoid being plagued by doubts, I thought I'd have a go at star
  6. It's a beauty. Really nice job of work. Looks exactly the part. That subtle change of colour on the nose looks bang on to how I remember them. Lovely.
  7. What a gorgeous looking Sea Harrier. Excellent paint job which really brings it to life. Really enjoying just looking at it. Just beautiful, cheers Bob.
  8. That's brilliant. Thanks very much for explaining it all. Just started on building it now. Much appreciated. Cheers, Bob.
  9. I love that. Stunning job on the paint work. Very convincing. Awesome.
  10. Thanks again for that Selwyn. After you'd mentioned GBU10 and the term 'latch', using those words I managed to come across this drawing online, which hopefully confirms what you said. https://www.tpub.com/aviord321/142.htm This seems to show in the top drawing, (17NP0348 within the circle), this latch mechanism, a bit better than I could make out in the photos if it's the same thing? So now I can see the 'slot' I'd mentioned in my initial post (like a letter box sort of thing) and the 'something else sticking out from it' I'd mentioned I thought I could see, would be
  11. Thanks very much for that, Selwyn, it's much appreciated. So if I'm reading it right, there has to be a wire going down to this 'ferrule' and then to the 'latch' mechanism, whilst the bomb is on the pylon? (which then pulls on the latch to release the fins after which the wire snaps?). All new interesting information to me. Thank you.
  12. Muzz, in Fred Martins book, the landing shot is the 56 Sqn F6 XR773 'N' (which has a white section of spine panel-there is also XR759 'P' which is the same). There are shots of two 5 sqn F6s taxying with the light Grey over wing tanks (XP726 which has the white spine panel -extended to include the spine front compartment also - and XS898 'K' where the tank is partly obscuring most of where the spine is normally painted white, but the rear part that is visible,is NMF). The 23 Sqn F6 in Tim McLellands book is XR760 'H' and has the white spine panels.
  13. Hi Gents, I'd seen that UK Paveway 2s came into the thread about Harrier armament during the Falklands war, but didn't wish to hi-jack that thread just for my question, so can I ask if anyone can possibly help me here please? I'm modelling a pair of UK Paveways at the moment, in 24th scale, to hang beneath my representation of Harrier GR3 XZ997 in the Falklands (as seen fitted on the deck of Hermes in IWM photos). I'm just having a bit of trouble seeing what the details are at points "A" in this shot. I realise these are Enhanced Paveways with the extra conduit down the side, et
  14. Just got the book out and there are 3 shots of 56 Sqn aircraft with the glossy tanks and NMF dated 1973, plus a 5 Sqn aircraft in the same fit also from ‘73. Edit: The earliest shot I’ve got so far is of 74 Sqn aircraft in all NMF (including the tails), fitted with NMF over wing tanks dated 1967, in ‘Lighting Squadrons of the Royal Air Force’ by Richard L Ward. There’s a shot of a 23 Sqn F6 with the light grey over wing tanks at Luqa in Tim McLellands Lightning book, but there’s no date.
  15. That's a great shot Blimpyboy. Good to see how they looked with that load on them. They might not be in the Granby colours here, but ZD890 (rear aircraft?) was definitely there and pinked up (Hello Kuwait, Goodbye Iraq nose art and 28 mission symbols according to 'Gulf Air War Debrief') and I guess the foreground aircraft could possibly be ZD747 'AL' (Anna Louise with 29 missions)?
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