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  1. That is gorgeous. I like how you've managed to make a Grey colour scheme with no fancy markings look so very attractive and convincing. A real work of art. Love it.
  2. So that's what they were. Thanks for that. Saw the trails but didn't have binos to hand and couldn't see anything on radarbox. Cheers.
  3. What a beauty that is. Very authentic feel to it with the extremely well done weathering. I love the exhaust stains and the fluid streaks that have ran down over it. Absolutely beautiful to look at.
  4. Just noticed another small thing which I've not heard mentioned before, regarding the reverse thrust buckets, but I think it will only apply if anyone's intending modelling them in the deployed position. Going back to the rumourmonger thread on the kit on page 5, there were some shots of a pre-release build. I noticed in these (and in the shots on the side of the kit box), that they look to have attached some of the photo-etched parts (11, 12, 13, 14) to the thrust reverse buckets themselves? However, in the kit instructions themselves, the diagram shows to fix these to t
  5. Was very pleased to receive one of these yesterday and on first glances think it it looks like the 'dogs proverbials'. One little thing I noticed was that Italeri appear to have changed a part as compared to their preview sprue shots back in October in the rumourmonger section. Back then, they had the spine part A20 with the 'circular disc' type UHF antenna of the European IDS/ECR version, but in the kit, I've found this has altered to the rectangular panel of the GR4 UHF antennas, so that was a nice bonus for me. Not spotted any other little changes yet. Looking for
  6. Really pleased to see one of these built up so early and you've made a super job of it. It obviously does go together well, in the right hands. Excellent job.
  7. Hi Muzz, thanks for that and yes, I'd agree that that's ZA492 as well. There are photos of ZA412 carrying ASRAAM and RAIDS pod on the inner pylon stations (that come off the external wing tank pylons) during the time between 2013 and 2015, but as far as I can see, she carried nothing under the fuselage whilst having the special markings, unless an elusive photo turns up. From a modelling point of view that keeps things simple I guess. Cheers Bob.
  8. Hi Gents, I just wondered if anyone out there might have the answer to this one at all please? I've been searching the net to try and confirm that of the two 617 Sqn special tails for the 70th anniversary of the dams raid, only ZA492 has flown with anything hung beneath the fuselage whilst in the special colour scheme (it has a Litening pod on the port fuselage pylon in some photos)? I can only ever see ZA412 (whilst with the special tail) with nothing below the fuselage; (I've found shots of her whilst previously with XV Sqn, carrying CBLS on both fuselage pylons). I
  9. Pete, on the diagram, (although it might seem unlikely), it looks like they go right through the centreline and attach to the fuselage underside?? I wouldn't claim that it's the 'best', as that's always going to be a matter of opinions. Some are best for one thing and others for another. It's a good general book which happened to include a diagram that I was after (on page 219 as mentioned). Like Tweeky says, if you're after photos (or want to know what it was like to fly the Lightning), you can't go wrong with any of Ian Black's books. Here's a selection o
  10. Yes, they diagram shows them on the underside of the rear part of the belly tank, on the centreline, but I can only make out four of them, not five. I'd show the diagram if it's not breaching copyrights.
  11. If it's the holes I'm thinking you're thinking about, on page 219 of Tim Mclelland's Lightning book, they're labelled as 'attachment bolts'.
  12. I'm secretly hoping that someone's putting one of these away for me this year (or next). It does look a really nice base kit and I really love the way they've done those dropped flaps and the way it just 'looks like a Tornado'. I'm guessing that the test build has been put together without going overboard on things, just to give a built-up impression, as my only (very slight) concern looking at that is the gap between the wing top surface and the panel which covers the pivot points. Hopefully it'll all go together nice and snug, with a bit of care. Anyway, I'd really like o
  13. I'm no expert on these, I just look closely at available photos. I don't know if I'm seeing things, but there looks to me to be Red hatching on top of the Yellow in the first photo you put up of 292 head-on, on the wings particularly outboard of the inboard engines? Was it varied (the hatching)? Whilst looking I came across this photo online, which allows you to zoom in a fair bit and it looks (to me, in places) like the hatching is on top of the yellow here also? https://www.flickr.com/photos/146673712@N06/50527717296/ Cheers Bob.
  14. Looks like a great kit which will make up into an amazingly impressive model. I thought I might have run into '215' at some point and did find this poor quality shot I took of the 'other side of the nose to the Viz characters one' at Al Jubayl either Dec 90 or Jan 91. Included here just in case any purists wanted to do that rarest thing and stick with a kit decal option, to show at that stage the prop blades weren't the all black ones. Think this one would look great in my cabinet. Nice one Zvezda.
  15. I'm not a Tornado expert, just a keen admirer who's got a few books, so please feel free to dive in and correct me here. I think in the rear cockpit, the Italeri top console area looks pretty good for an early GR4 (no later version TARDIS), whereas the lower panel, just behind the central 'stick' looks like the German/Italian IDS and ECR (the same as the Revell kit)? The Aires resin rear seat lower panel looks pretty good for a regular GR4 to my eyes? For my purposes, I was always going to mix and match and scratch in the cockpit, as I want to model the 617 'Special tail' GR4 't
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