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  1. Superb looking machine. Looks like you've put a lot of thought and work into it and it's worked beautifully.
  2. Beautiful model. Looks just like a hardworking aircraft. Great job.
  3. Brilliant! Great to finally get to the bottom of that one. Well done Nick and Graham! Was searching to try and find the marking on an actual aircraft but this is the closest I've got showing a G.91 in 1987. Check out the badge on the hangar wall. http://www.vmas.it/VMAS_vecchio_sito/velivoli/G-91/MM6417 G-91R-1B NC221 2-10 TV 19-11-87 .jpg Cheers Bob.
  4. She's a beauty! Looks just the part. Great job.
  5. Gorgeous looking Buccaneer. You've done a fine job there and I like the comment about Airfix giving the type some proper respect. Very nice.
  6. It's a beauty! I love the varied staining and weathering you've done with the panel lines and the stabilators at the rear. Very convincing look to her. All tooled up and ready to go. Love it.
  7. There's a photo on page 70 of 'British Phantoms' by Key publishing, showing her with the Black intake covers in place (they look to me to edged in a light Grey?). Looks Grrrrrreat! so far. Enjoying watching your build. Cheers Bob.
  8. Oh Wow oh Wow!! I can't think of anything adequate that would sum up how fantastic your work of art is. It's a complete joy to be able to sit here and gaze at your photos and to try to take in all the tiny details. Thanks for all the fine work you put on here and please keep it up if you can, as it's completely inspirational and just a joy to behold. Bob.
  9. I took this one at Bruntingthorpe all those years ago. Does look very dark down those intakes. I tried lightening the shadows in photoshop and it still looked dark. Someone else might be able to do it better. Hope this helps Bob.
  10. Nice work again, Nils. Nice looking Catalina and certainly gives me a feeling that I wouldn't want to be hanging around there with all that firepower coming at you. Great job. Cheers Bob.
  11. Oh Wow! What a gorgeous piece of work you've done there. It looks stunning as a whole from a distance and the closer you look, you realise that the detail's all there. Just superb. Cheers Bob.
  12. This is an enlarged crop from the photo on page 62 of the AirDoc book 'British Harriers Part 1 - The GR.1/GR.3/T2 and T4 of the Royal Air Force in Germany', showing the emblem that Hoops first brought up, which was painted on the fuselage side of GR3 XV809 of 3 Squadron, between the pilots name and the 3 Squadron Cockatrice and bars, whilst it was in the experimental Green Matchcoat scheme at Gütersloh 1984. The photo is copyright of Dr. Stefan Petersen and is shown here on the forum with his kind permission, thanks also to Andreas Klein of AirDoc and Little Shop of Phantoms for his assistance with this. From what I can see, the image looks to me, to be of a cartoon Chicken/Hawk (similar to the Warner Bros 'Looney Tunes' style) wearing a large cowboy type hat or Sombrero and holding a Blunderbuss? It would be really good if someone (here perhaps?) who used to work on 3 Squadron or at Gütersloh knew the origin of this image and could share the connection please? Cheers and Thanks for any help/ideas, Bob.
  13. Nick, I think you mentioned that there might have been something like that (the zap 'gnome') in a cartoon around that time (1984)? I wondered if the Luftwaffe had any Squadron markings like that ever and came across the ones used by 1/JG 137 which later became JG 231, which later became 1/ZG 2. Here's a shot I found of one example: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109D/ZG2/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109D1-2.JGr102-or-I.ZG2-Red-15-Germany-1938-01.html This design was the 'Bernburger Jäger' (Berburger Hunter), armed with a Blunderbuss but I've no idea if there's any connection. Cheers Bob.
  14. Hi Nick, On a second look, it seems to my eyes that it's more like someone wearing a hooked nose 'venetian mask'/'scaramouche' type thing but possibly holding a Blunderbuss or a trumpet? Not heard back from Dr. Petersen yet. Cheers Bob.
  15. I've just come across a photo of it that's quite a bit better than the one you've posted (on page 62 of the Air Doc book), but I still can't as yet quite make out what it is fully. Could be a cartoon 'Chicken holding a Blunderbuss' in a circle? Photo is credited to Dr. Stefan Petersen who might have a good copy if you can find him? Edit: I've just sent him a message. I'll keep investigating in the meantime. Cheers Bob.
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