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  1. Looking good can't go wrong with a Vulcan
  2. Very nice would love to see one in 1/72 brail scale is just to small for me and my carpet monster would out of control
  3. Thanks I will got it down to two airframes vx185 ezy paint scheme or wt363 I like the caution sign on the tale
  4. Thought that might be the way
  5. Excellent thanks never used hannants Before but next pay day I shall maybe go for that tempest I've been eyeing as well Thanks ed
  6. Thanks for the info hook it seems am quite good at wanting the unattainable
  7. Afternoon all I am wondering if anyone does decals for a Canberra bi8 in 1/72 scale for one with the undersides painted black I've looked in all the usual places and found some in 1/48 but not my scale my other thought was just some White letters and numbers but I can't seem to find them either My last question is along time ago I built the Novo Canberra and finished it in a dark blue colour that looked really good but in the last 30 years I've never seen another like it ither in model form or photo did the paint scheme ever exist or was it a Novo flight of fancy Thanks ed
  8. I build this out the box and enjoyed every minute wish I'd seen the links then I worked in a place called watchet Somerset and helped crain out what I think was one of these kant remember exactly but it was a Scot pain design It was the same guys that had gay archer I have a pice of the original diagonal planking with the fabric in-between it Any way enjoy I'm of to Google to see how they got on
  9. Overall length there's 2mm difference zts being shorter and the aft fuselage is narrower I've only just been reading about the zts kit after waching someone make a very nice job of 1 here on BM I will endeavour to master the art of FOTO hosting post some pictures because it's easier than spelling and typing
  10. The zts kit doesn't match to the faw9 much at all if you line up the wing leading edge and the intake lip that mach well the nose is short enough to fit inside the airfix kit the wing trailing edge is 3mm short and the rear fuselage is also narrower
  11. I have just mixed and matched the t3 and faw 9 Half's together and there is no difference the zts what ever it is to t3 and faw9 zts is smaller I also looked at the backend and it's narrower than the airfix faw9
  12. I do have a zeuz book that wasn't written by a doctor
  13. Just tryed to find my calipers with out successes but an 8mm steel drill bit can be gently worked in and sit at Wright Angeles to the intake lip
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