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  1. I'd put my bet that it's actually an undercarriage of Ki-84 Hayate. The only drawing of CW-21 undercarriage there is this one: https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/attachments/escanear0008-jpg.93485/ Might be that there were two articles in the same magazine and someone took all drawings for CW-21B?
  2. Well spotted! Indeed both CW-21 and CW-21B had top part of canopy plexi tinted. I don't know the colour, but maybe some clue would be the fact, that Polish PZL Los bomber had similar solution applied and plexi was tinted blue.
  3. Not sure if Dora will provide an aircraft in a crated version, though (that reportedly 27 were produced). Apart from that only aircraft with civilian and later Chinese markings were actually flying, I believe there were 4 of them in total. I guess we will see some what-ifs.
  4. Very good point. Different undercarriage etc. Do we know if they will be releasing the 'main' (CW-21B) version also?
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