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  1. As ever you underestimate your skill and over estimate the problems David. They look excellent to me given this is a scale that should be reserved for Borrowers... Cheers Steve
  2. I'm ashamed of doubting you and can echo that sentiment. Step-by-step threads show all the intermediate issues that vanish once a model is completed. I say issues but in my case of course I mean mistakes Looking great Steve
  3. Pascal, It is amazing of course . If I may hazard a small comment, that join line would bother the hell out of me, I know that I would not be able to make filler work and not loose the plate detail in that area. It's more fussy, but perhaps breaking the sections around the plate edges may make this joint clean-up easier. Just a thought, in no way a criticism of this incredible project Cheers Steve
  4. You are right of course, my being lazy. Please bear in mind this model is over 2 feet long and contains 100’s of parts, all of which are only approximate. What I am aiming to achieve is to capture the essence of the vessel, not necessarily reproduce each component exactly. This process involves compromises
  5. Jochen, the guide bars are just visible but too thin to print separately. I know the side screens are canvas but truly at this scale I would just make a mess if I tried to make them from papier-mâché I did consider it but with my clumsy hands it would just be too frustrating. As ever things are limited by printability and my own increasing lack of dexterity cheers Steve
  6. What they said, I want to see this build completed and don't follow aircraft threads Good to see you back modelling David Cheers Steve
  7. Thanks David, to me this one seems to be taking ages proving once more that time is relative... Stuck waiting for the main etching sheet (problems with their equipment) so tidying up some 3D models. See my remodelling of the galley hatch below (it's about 1 inch square). Those valves at the back are fire hydrants I think, some 0.7mm wire needed for the pipework to complete it once printed. Ditto the galley chimney and the canvas cover frame. More and more I'm liking the combination of printed parts and brass for strength, good combination and the real thing for comparison. As ever compromises are needed to ensure it prints Cheers Steve
  8. Thanks Pascal, all comments are really appreciated The next thread I have planned is a departure for me, something quite different. No spoiler alert quite yet, but it will certainly start before Christmas. Time to get another drink in... Cheers Steve
  9. OK, that makes sense, however, the outboard ends of the vertical plates that the horizontal plate bolts to will need support or they would flap around (engineering term, may not translate...). So, it may be that the rivets secure a stiffener that anchors these edges and create the rigid box necessary for bolt alignment I'm guessing of course
  10. I suspect the fore and aft horizontal plate folds up and is connected to the back plate by those rivets Cool sketch.. And I agree, I hate stuff I don't understand Cheers Steve
  11. Thanks Steve, I sincerely appreciate all the likes,. This thread has been a slow burn by comparison to other builds due to the time the research took. Your quoted comment is on the money, these are largely forgotten vessels with almost no model representation so hopefully this thread is going some way to rectifying this gap and act as a resource for others. I think they are actually really interesting and clearly show their heritage from a builder of luxury motor yachts, as did the very early s-boats. Indeed they are really very similar in many respects. Stick with it, the thread should speed up towards Christmas when the etching sheet arrives, lots of fun little equipment projects coming. Cheers Steve
  12. Super short update on the cast metal components from Shapeways (which I realise are an indulgence but what the hell! I don't buy as many shoes as my wife, by a sea mile...) My first 4 bladed props and that 2cm flak And here is the fist flak assembled, the cradle is cut from the back of the gun and they are attached with 0.5mm brass wire. The base will be turned and then enhanced with some etched parts and wire/tube etc. but I 'm happy with this result One aspect of the casting process is the holes seem to come up slightly smaller than drawn so the props needed reaming out slightly, a little challenging to hold but I managed it Here they are installed with the three rudders There is nothing that adds character to a model like a custom bronze propeller Etching sheet coming nearly next week, rapid progress should follow its arrival Cheers Steve
  13. I urge you to try it Rob. It's super frustrating and time consuming but nothing quite equals the results you can obtain. I still get things wrong every time, but enough passes muster to keep me going. Resin is sooo tempting, especially with the results I'm getting with this water-washable clear stuff, but some things just have to be made of metal at this scale. It's kind of a natural law love the Who Thanks Steve
  14. Thanks Stuart, finger's crossed it works. BTW I have a perfect record of remembering a component I've missed off the sheet AFTER the manufacturing has begun. It happened again this time why is that? Still I'm looking forward to attempting to make the Dan buoy racks from wire...... The offer still stands, which specific wheelhouse version are you building? I have the drawings from Lambert's books, it would only take me a short session to draw it for you Cast props and guns arriving Friday from Shapeways Cheers Steve
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