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  1. I always look at these things as long series of individual projects that just get stored on the deck, makes the prospect more assailable Looking really good though, difficult subject. Exciting, we have finally moved in to the new house and the workshop is almost ready to use, new thread starting soon... Cheers Steve
  2. Looking very nice David, well done... However, I can see the next hill to climb, and the next, and the next... Keep going, it will be a great model once complete...
  3. Brilliant start as ever Pascal, I suppose its too much to ask for the deck house to be made of wood at this scale... Cheers Steve
  4. Very cool, what gave it away was the temporary wood holding the frames, otherwise you had me.... Steve
  5. Thanks Steve, while I'm getting more confident with weathering, I recognise I have a long way to go regarding painting in general.. Another thread coming soon as the house renovation nears completion, This time with what I hope will be an interesting twist
  6. Lots of subtle shaping here David, excellent stuff Steve
  7. Wow, such graphics, amazing amount of work there, impressive....
  8. Nice work on this kit Alun. As @arjan says the cowls rotate, indeed they come off and are sometimes vents are closed off with the cowls removed. Most of the MTB pictures I have show them facing backwards which seems counter intuitive, but I suspect is reduced intake of water. Cowls for the same internal space are often facing each other, I believe this is to improve circulation of air in the cabin Steve
  9. Thanks Pete, it did come together quite quickly in the end. The workshop is 90% complete, other tasks in the house have delayed its completion but I will be back on it next week, then I'll share Cheers Steve
  10. Great idea, now I have to try that.... Thanks Steve
  11. Lovely finish and presentation Rob, very smart indeed, excellent Steve
  12. Nice project Alun, good to see some proper big ships on this forum, will watch with interest Cheers Steve
  13. Very tidy work David, amazing what you can do with plastic sheet...
  14. This is coming together very nicely, love scratchbuilding... Looks simple, very hard to pull off, excellent Steve
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