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  1. Arjan, That's another great picture I don't have, thanks. Note the black staining around the kitchen chimney, logical, hadn't thought of that. I had noticed the forward strakes seemed to be only introduced in the S-100 boats Steve
  2. For interested, these are the lines I used. They came from Germany, not sure of the original provenance however. The bow shape here is slightly more angled than the kit seems to be Steve
  3. The problem with the way I build these models is everything is a prototype. Some work, some don't, some need a lot of help. With the printing, its now easy to adjust the model and re-print. The etching is different, each A5 sheet is nearly £100 and so the decision to re-do is a major one. The 20mm flak today fell into the "needs a lot of help" category. First, the two support sides wouldn't solder, just no way to hold them in place, bad idea. Then I added a reinforcing piece and the frame wouldn't sit down nicely in the tub. Much filing later, I'm almost happy with it but I'
  4. Thanks Greg, I agree, the hull looks simple but it is a very subtle shape and the bow is actually a nightmare. Being so nearly straight accentuates any flaw, there is no where to hide.. I've found it a real challenge, in a good way of course. Thank you for your nice comments, more build to come Cheers Steve
  5. Etchings finally arrive today I can get back to the build sequence in my head As ever, let's start with the biggest item, the Bofors platform First fold lines on centre section done and the insert upstands soldered in place I'd previously turned the gun mount, this is how it fits in on its leg frames. The upstand clears the mount with only about 5 thou to spare, why do I make stuff so close?? Some time later, the wings are fitted with the tubes that will hold the stanchions installed, its adjusted, cleaned up and read
  6. I'm waging a one man crusade to open up material consistent scratch-building
  7. I use copper for these structures because it is so forgiving and I'm certainly no silversmith. You will see that I build them up on wooden bucks, often left in place for strength. You can also cut 0.3 mm copper sheet with a knife, deep score and then bend until is fatigues and snaps leaving a perfect edge. Not having a worktop mounted guillotine, I cut brass sheet with snips and they tend to curve and bend the metal, meaning I have to than flatten and straighten it, all more work really. So, while copper is soft, its quicker and easier to work with. Also, it soft solders really fast with
  8. Hi Steve, Thanks for the nice comments and all those likes, quite a marathon read. I'm doing my best to get this completed in a short timeframe as we are moving in March and I'll loose the workshop for a period then, so I have to get this done before we start packing, the pressure is on, hence the frequent posts. Cheers Steve
  9. I've mentioned HMS Medea a few times in the past two years but not uploaded any pictures. She sits in the hall on a shelf in a large glass case that takes two people to move, @ 1:48th scale, she is nearly 6 feet long. The glass makes pictures difficult due to reflections. When we (hopefully) move, I will take the opportunity to take some quality pictures and post them on a RFI thread. I completed the project almost 20 years ago and it marked my transition into scratch building. It took me 4 years and almost 3,000 hours to complete and contains an estimated 30,000 bits of stuff. Mad, I co
  10. Obvious when you look at them, no bow gun tub... Thanks Steve
  11. Rob, The pressure is on to get it finished. If I leave it until I'm back in business, I'll have forgotten everything and need to start again
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