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  1. OK, after horrifying everyone with the last weathering picture, here is where things stand at the moment. It's tough to photograph given the lighting in the workshop, but I'm please so far. The deck has one coat of matt varnish on it And here is the foc's'le and charthouse, you can just see the water markings on the side of the charthouse which is nice, this effect is much more subtle. The deck behind the breakwater is darker that in front, but its super gentle And lastly, the starboard side, probably I'll add a little more to this so consider it wip The pencils are actually quite cool, still getting used to the effects, but you just use water so its all easy to clean up and change Steve
  2. You're very kind Stuart, but I think I managed to turn it into a Soviet freighter, you can almost hear someone shouting "get that deck cleaned, now!..." It was an experiment in the use of the pencils, I like then, but like everything, they need practice. Watch this space, calmer more subtle scheme coming later Steve
  3. Today a parcel arrived filled with AK interactive weathering pencils, I bought the full box of 37, seemed cheaper that way, picture is out of focus, sorry These are acrylic paint in pencil form, really colouring in crayons. You can apply them dry and then wash them out with water, or apply to a wet surface, or dip them in water or just leave them dry. As you know, I'm hopeless at painting and even worse at weathering, so after watching a couple of videos on youtube, I thought this might be something I could handle. You can wipe them off with water or I guess acrylic thinners even when dry, so they should be safe to work with and experiment Here is the result of an hours trial and error on the stern and rear deck. It actually looks better in real life than this bad picture, very interested in your thoughts and suggestions Steve
  4. Mast done, I remade the mast bands, much better, couldn't find where I put the yard so made a new one of those etc etc. Small iterations towards a model I'm happy with, sigh... And primed installed with the yard crossed (suspended on its safety chain) and the bell hung, ready for 4 tiny shackles tomorrow Still got the splinter padding round the twin Vickers mount and platform, a probably rework of the boiler casing handrails which I've decided I don't like, mast rigging, lifebelts and three more raft's ropework and Stanchions, I know..... Steve
  5. #3 gets my vote, nice effects on all though
  6. After downloading a proper drawing of a plow anchor and rescaling it against the GA, it turns out that the arm is OK, it was just the blade that's wrong. So, that speeded things up a little Here is the first anchor and bottom chain ready for priming in my spray bay (slightly out of focus sorry) And just to prove I can do it again, here are the two anchors together, one in paint and one brass. The bolts are 14BA on the hinge and the shackle. I rummaged around in the garage and found an old tin of silver car spray, must be 10 years at least. Anyway, this terrible old spray can splattered like mad and I was just about to re-paint it when I realised the effect is exactly like galvanised steel, so its a keeper job done so on to the next item on my punch list which is the mast Running out of reasons not to start the stanchions, soo boring Steve
  7. Spent a boring morning adding 0.5 mm wire locking bars to the RUL's, 6 per unit, 10 units, been putting it off til now.. Anyway to brighten the day, I made one of the Holdfast anchors using the etched blade I'd added to the first etch sheet. But I'd been lazy and used the same etching as the Fairmile, why? don't know. Anyway an anchor for an 85 ton displacement launch is going no where on a 240 ton mini-destroyer. One glance at the drawings showed my how far off I was. So, its back to scratch building the larger two anchors, good practice I guess Still, its a nice anchor, I'm sure I'll find a use for it one day. In the background four new swan-neck vents, the ones I'd made months ago are two large, looked all wrong, these are much better. By the end I'll have made two models at this rate Steve
  8. Kev, I've scaled it to 1/76 and it fits nicely on a A4 so if you would like a pdf, at the right size, just ask Steve
  9. BTW, the next page states that the side plating is 15lb, which if I remember correctly from my engineering days (1 cubic inch of steel weighs 0.283 lb) means the plating is 3/8ths thick or 0.12mm at 1/76th scale
  10. This is all I could find of the LCM(3), not really frame details I'm afraid (from Design of British Warships Vol 3) but having a scale drawing might help as a start Steve
  11. Detailing the obstacle course that is the forecastle on this vessel Anchors still not made, but otherwise this area is coming together. Chart house glazed now, ammo hoist block added, cowl vents inplace, chain added to the wire rope reels, weird RUL with side locker (shown on one of the pictures and the admiralty drawing) made, first two carley floats competed, holman projector and winch not fixed yet, I need the anchor and a weighting chain added looped back to the stowage point by the boat, plus of course the stanchions and other misc hawsers etc. It will be busy. The boat canvas cover is drying, papier mache again. It will be left rolled back but not fully to show the boat internal detail Steve
  12. Kev, You could try it with 0.1 mm aluminium, I've used it a lot. Easier than foil as its stiff and it cuts with a knife. You can frame with the same material and it will provide slight curvature between the frames, not expensive https://modelshop.co.uk/Shop/Raw-Materials/Metal/Item/Aluminium-sheet/ITM1055 Just a thought Steve
  13. Don't know if this is any use Kev, but here are some pictures I took a few years ago of the landing craft that is preserved (sort of, not very well) just outside Calais in the D day museum there. The rust patterns may assist, I have larger copies if they may help Cheers Steve
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