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  1. Nice work. I shall enjoy having a read of the WIP thread, especially as I have both models in my stash and could do with a few pointers as and when I get around to completing them…
  2. I shall look forward to the Lysander - I was going through some old photos from my Dad's stint in the RAF training to be a navigator in Canada and came across a couple of stripey Lysanders; a scheme new to me. Sadly the images are quite small and in black and white...
  3. More rigging than the voting for the Eurovision Song Contest… An absolutely beautiful job!
  4. Ooh yes - I hadn't spotted that. Thinks: could use that as a template to cut a copy for when I build my T4/5 later this year...
  5. Getting better and betterer, Ali. Mark is absolutely right that the stripes do look good. And I have just realised that I don't have a Spit with stripes on my shelf.... hm... now what do have in the stash... Nige
  6. Sums up this thread. Incredibly interesting, inspirational, intimidating, intricate, innovative, incessant, infinite...
  7. That is a fine looking model of a Demon. But as Steve says, the actual aircraft ain't the prettiest...
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