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  1. Nice work, Pete. Very alien and they wouldn’t look out of place in any sci-fi setting .
  2. Just wanted to reiterate what has been said - I've thoroughly enjoyed this GB and, even if I didn't finish in time*, it has given my modelling mojo a big KUTA... Huge thanks to @Rabbit Leader and @JOCKNEY for hosting, and for twisting my arm to join in in the first place... I WILL finish my Phantom - hopefully before the end of next month... Cheers, Nige *my own silly fault for trying to make a slightly hairy leather purse out of a sow's ear...
  3. Could you add a light browny-yellow background when you create the ejector seat and intake warning signs? Printed on clear decal paper?
  4. I totally agree! One of the benefits of displaying photos at a smaller resolution...
  5. I dug this kit out of the stash for a bit of light relief, but ended up doing a little more to it than I had originally expected. Nose sharpened and the spurious finlets either side removed, lower tail intake vents corrected and the semi-circular vent at the top hollowed out, tail pipe replaced, nose gun added from plastic tubing, a little bit of detailing inside the cockpit including a slightly smaller pilot figure (the lesser known reserve pilot Cacophony Angel) - more in scale, and the original very basic decals replaced with home-printed copies of the rather lovely (and comprehensive) ones provided by Airfix in their more recent (2011-ish?) re-release (still in my stash). WIP can be found here Thanks for looking! Nige
  6. Okay - I think I'm calling this done. Some further remedial work done around the cockpit, but I know it's not perfect - however, it looks okay to me when it's on my shelf . Some very (VERY) light weathering applied, not that you'd notice. I'll bung a few shots in the RFI but in the meantime, here she is: And finally, here she is with her sisters: front to back - Airfix, Imai (small version - appallingly toylike so needed the ridiculously large wheels surgically removed - from the double box with MSV) and two diecasts from Vivid Imaginations. I've also got the larger Imai version (closer to 1/72 but slightly less accurate and needing more work) which might appear at some stage in the future... I have really appreciated all your comments and enthusiasm along the way - thank you for your interest. Cheers, Nige
  7. If we're talking sci-fi artists, how about Chris Foss... https://www.iamag.co/the-art-of-chris-foss/ - some great geometric schemes on otherwise organic shapes. But, as TheBaron says, perhaps it wouldn't be "Star Wars" enough... Nige
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