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  1. This build (and others like a certain pair of Airfix Hawks…) have me in two minds. Do I take inspiration to push my paltry skills to try and match their brilliance? Or do I simply accept that I’m never going to produce anything this good and throw my stash in the bin (for which read “stick it on EvilBay”)? I’m confused…
  2. Saw this ages ago, promptly forgot about it, and then stumbled across it again this morning and realised that it's 2022 - so I still have time to rummage through the boxes in the loft for one of the old vac-form kits I put off and put off and put off... (and no excuses for not now having a go...). Please count me in. Thanks, Nigel
  3. I really liked the Skids but could never decipher their lyrics...
  4. RN colleagues will confirm I'm sure but didnt they used to take the doors off Wasp's to save weight in order to carry a decent weapon load? IIRC it was so the driver and his mate could depart more quickly when they ditched… or was that just a bonus?
  5. Yay - I remember this thread from back when I were but a mere lad… Looking forward to more inspiration.
  6. Ooh - I like a Phantom, and that's a very attractive scheme. Let me just pull up a chair...
  7. That's looking really nice. I've a soft spot for the JP having sat in one during a visit to Little Rissington MANY years ago when I was at Scout camp...
  8. I'd say that came out really rather well. Especially for a vintage vacform. Nice detailing work and I'm particularly impressed with the aftermarket cannon...
  9. The spiel on my kit says "Even before work commences, the model is rare; only 2,000 impressions are taken from each mould for international distribution".
  10. This is looking really good! I have one of these in my stash (buried in a long-undisturbed corner of the loft until I started reading this thread) - complete with £1.90 price tag from The Aviation Hobby Shop! I suppose now it's seen the light of day for the first time for 40-odd years I'll have to do something with it. I have so far compared the elevators with my (completed aeons ago) Rareplanes Seafire Mk47 and (still in the stash) Airfix Mk22 and they appear to be of similar size. Hopefully it won't be another 40 years before the next development...
  11. Following. This is actually from a blog about gin but it is written by Jack Meechan’s son and has a bit of information and a couple of photos of him... https://ginblogger.com/aviation-gin-review/
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