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  1. Things went a little wrong on the stencil sheet of the otherwise excellent Eduard MiG-21 kit, there were a few stencils where the numbers came up short (i.e. where 4 duplicates of a particular stencil were needed but there were only 3 on the sheet), especially silly when there were actually an excess number of many of the other stencils.
  2. I did actually buy and build the APC as a teenager around 1990ish, I've a feeling it may have been the last kit I built before I lost interest in the hobby for 25 or so years. IIRC it was a particularly easy kit to build but which gave to my eyes a reasonably accurate representation of the version in the film.
  3. It's probably more to do with the fact that most of his films are in genres which tend to have a larger male than female audience (ie sci-fi, superhero, war) stereotyping I know but a stereotype based on fact in this instance. My GF is the exception which proves the rule, she likes all of his films.
  4. Tiny stencils, especially when there are literally hundreds of the little sods to apply. The carpet monster.
  5. I'd snap up a re-release of the Halcyon Aliens APC and Dropship.
  6. My understanding was, as long as it's stored appropriately (ie avoiding temperature extremes) and the lid has a tight seal, both enamels and lacquers should last for decades. I've used 1970s and 1980s tins of Humbrol enamel successfully a number of times in recent years.
  7. Thanks Piotr, some good reference pictures in that thread, especially the one below: I've bought the Efir-1M pod from Amigo models too in addition to the correction set, just a shame Amigo didn't produce the Tangazh too. .http://spotters.net.ua/file/?id=104050&size=large
  8. I initially thought the joke was the idea of Plockton actually having an airfield but to my amazement it really does have one.
  9. Pumps is another example, it's only recently I discovered that in the context of footwear the America and British meanings are very different: UK - flat soled soft shoes, historically used for indoor sport before trainers (or sneakers if you prefer) became popular in the 80s. Could most commonly be seen on the feet of school children in PE lessons. US - women's high heeled shoes (but not boots)
  10. Apologies for the thread resurrection but I have exactly the same question. Pretty sure no-one has produced an aftermarket version of either pod (really surprised Amigo models didn't include one of them as part of their correction set) which leaves either rather wastefully buying the Zvezda Su-24MR purely for the Tangazh pod or scratchbuilding one. Does anyone know if there are decent drawings/plans available anywhere online?
  11. Mine arrived yesterday, and yes I'm impressed with them too.
  12. Cheap and easy. If you're sending something through Hermes you just drop it off at your local collections point, which in my case is the local corner shop.
  13. Thank Martin, PM on it's way. I have the Mr Color equivalent of FS35237, I see what you mean, a lightened version of that could well work.
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