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  1. At which point did Eduard switch from Cartograf to in house decals? All the Eduard kits in my stash are older boxings with Cartograf decals.
  2. Looking good. I've always thought this scheme suits the aircraft very well, and I too plan to include a Litening pod when I eventually get around to building a Lancer. Are the stencils you've used the regular Eduard MiG-21 ones or have you found some specific to the Lancer?
  3. June leaflet now available: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2021-06en.pdf
  4. -Ian-

    Covid Jab

    Booked my jabs today. One oddity was for my first jab there were 15-20 vaccination sites within 10 miles of home to choose from, for my second jab there were less than half that.
  5. Will be watching this with interest, a Lancer is on my to build list.
  6. They already have. This is one kit I definitely intend to buy at some point :
  7. I've used Ultimate's gloss black primer (which I believe is just Stynylrez with a different label), to get decent results I found I had to thin slightly (no more than 20% thinner, I use Vallejo) and run at a higher pressure than the regular grey primer, around 30psi, then apply very light coats. This is with a 0.35 needle. The grey primer is far more forgiving, neat at around 20 psi and sprayed on in a single heavier coat is fine.
  8. That's shocking. Given that (based on a quick google search) this has been a known issue for over 5 years I'm amazed Ikea are still selling the Detolfs. Wonder what the cause could be, maybe expansion/contraction of the metal fittings applying pressure to the glass??
  9. Same here. OP - Tamiya do produce extra narrow tape specifically for this purpose but I get much better results from cutting their regular tape into thin strips and using that.
  10. Not keen tbh. Although we do benefit from one of the more attractive and interesting flag designs, I don't think it works as fin design, never been a fan of it on the Red Arrows either.
  11. I bought a pack of disposable spoons for exactly that purpose a couple of months ago, coincidentally I also use Vallejo metal colours. I do also have a couple of mules (a Hurricane and a Mosquito - both Airfix 1/72) which I use when I want to practice techniques like mottling or freehand camo (both of which I'm still pretty awful at unfortunately), or when I want to get an idea of how different paints look alongside each other. I mainly use acrylic and when the paint starts to look on the thick side I strip it down to bare plastic using IPA.
  12. A Benchvent BV-300SD spraybooth. Gave it a quick test run earlier on one of my mules, very impressed, the difference between it and the cheapo Chinese booth I bought from ebay 4 years ago is night and day. Confident I can now enter the world of spraying enamel and lacquer without hearing from another room, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT STINK?"
  13. Very nice, I have this kit in my stash. When it was initially released in 2019 there was a rumour one of the smaller aftermarket manufacturers was planning to release a conversion kit to better match the album artwork but AFAIK it never happened unfortunately.
  14. Agree with what others have alluded to, it's more a process of steady improvement in your skills as you get more practice rather than a sudden eureka moment. If your budget stretches to it buying higher quality modelling tools make a huge difference, the 3 best purchase I've made in terms of 'bang per buck' are: Xuron side cutters - approx £15 Optivisor magnifier - approx £50 Daylight company LED daylight lamp - approx £90 In all 3 cases there are cheaper options available (MUCH cheaper in the case of the lamp) but the extra cost is well worth it I
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