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  1. Hmm, wonder why it's on the sprue at all then, unless it's not really a tail skid at all but something unrelated and as yet unidentified.
  2. I have 3 IKEA Galant desks in my study/modelling room/manpad, a 180x120cm L shaped desk for my computer and a pair of 120x60cm desks bolted together end to end for modelling. I struck it lucky with this room, it's fractionally over 240cm wide so the desks are a perfect fit, in addition they're against an exterior wall with close to a full width window so plenty of natural light. IKEA discontinued the Galant range about 4 years ago, replacing them with a vastly inferior range of desks but as with most furniture on ebay they can be picked up for peanuts if listed as an auction with a low start price,
  3. Which would suggest Eduard have a prototype Spit on the drawing board as a future release too
  4. Were any production aircraft fitted with tail skids, I thought only the prototype Spitfire had one?
  5. Cats can safely drink seawater.
  6. You can keep your lager, bitter, mild, or porter, give me a decent wheat beer any day This is one of my favourites :
  7. Ooh, liking the look of this. I too will be going for the BAT 21 look
  8. In 2015 the rules of succession of the UK monarchy were changed whereby the oldest child, irrespective of gender, always takes precedence over their sibling, rather than the previous position where all male children would automatically be above their older sister(s) in the line of succession. If this rule change had occurred in the mid-late 19th century, Queen Victoria would have been succeeded on her death by her oldest child, her daughter also named Victoria. Victoria II’s reign would have been rather brief, as she passed away 8 months after her mother in August 1901. Victoria II would have been succeeded by her eldest son Wilhelm - AKA Kaiser Wilhelm.
  9. My wife sent me a text that read, “If you're sleeping, send me your dreams. If you're laughing, send me your smile. If you're eating, send me a bite. If you're drinking, send me a sip. If you're crying, send me your tears. I love you!” I replied: I’m on the toilet please advise.
  11. Catastrophe - Prize awarded to the winner of the feline 'Rear of the year' competition
  12. Chipper - Raleigh's best selling bike in South Africa in the 1970s
  13. Can't remember how long it's been since I last saw a website like that. I'd be amazed if this site is still used by an active retailer, my guess it ceased being maintained around 20 years ago (yes I do genuinely believe it's that old, the design screams 1990s) but for some reason is still live.
  14. ....injection moulded prototype Spitfire. The production versions are easily the most popular subject for a model in the UK, probably pretty popular the rest of the world too, but to my knowledge no-one has ever had a crack at producing a kit of the prototype.
  15. For full price kits it's at the time I buy them, an interesting scheme is one of the key factors in deciding whether to make the purchase in the first place. I'm also a sucker for a bargain (I bought about 25 Airfix 1/72 kits when Home Bargains were selling them off at £2.99 each a few years ago) and in this case it's usually when I start building them.
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