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  1. -Ian-

    Russian blue/grey cockpit colour

    Thanks for the responses. I decided to go for Akan, mainly because I think my GF would object to the smell of lacquer paint in the house. I've ordered their SU-33 set as I was planning to buy the Revell SU-33 kit at some point anyway and the set does include 73069.
  2. -Ian-

    Russian blue/grey cockpit colour

    Hi everyone The next kit I plan to build is the Hobbyboss SU-47 Berkut, the one area I'm unsure about is the cockpit colour, my question is what paint to use (ideally Gunze Aqueous or Vallejo Model Air)? The instruction recommend Gunze H42 which seems to me to be both too dark and too blue. All the pics of the SU-47 cockpit I can see online are (not suprisingly) either computer generated or models but most are variants of blue/grey, the image below of an SU-35 cockpit seems a very plausible possibility. I'm not too fussed about the colour being 100% accurate, it just has to look right to my eyes which Gunze H42 doesn't.
  3. -Ian-

    Revell 1/72 Mig 21

    Thanks for the comments, I'll just use 5-10 grams in that case
  4. -Ian-

    Revell 1/72 Mig 21

    Hi everyone I'll be making a start on a Revell Mig 21 this weekend, can anyone tell me roughly how much nose weight I will need? The instructions make no mention of weight, I'm always wary about using too much in case I put excess strain on the nose gear. Thanks
  5. -Ian-

    I need a new car. Recommendations please!

    Another recommendation for a C4 Picasso. I have a 2014 model and it has the most comfortable seats of any car I've ever driven. Mine has adjustable lumbar support but not sure if that's standard or just fitted to the higher spec models.
  6. Hi everyone For the past 9 months, most of my modelling stuff has been stored in the in-law's loft due to the fact we had 2 planned house moves, in hindsight not a good plan as the cold (by English standards) winter meant it's experienced sub-zero temperatures. Do you think my paints (Vallejo model air and Badger stynylrez primer) will still be okay to use? Also same question for thinners, flow improver, airbrush cleaner microl sol/set and various glues/cements? Thanks
  7. -Ian-

    Decal sets suggestion open topic.

    Seconded, more specifically I'd be very interested in a sheet of post-war markings.