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  1. A good idea in principle but a massive PITA to organise. Hopefully for products where there is clearly a demand in the UK, a retailer here will look into setting up an import and distribution deal, previously these often weren't worth the effort from a commercial perspective as it was so easy to buy items from overseas sellers. The Akan paints I mentioned in my previous post are a perfect example, someone in the UK did try stocking them a few years ago but the prices were no better than buying from overseas sellers so the venture failed. The same now would likely be more successful
  2. I'd also be very interested to know the answer to this one. I've used an ebay seller in the past who lists their item location as Poland but has a UK address in their business seller info. Also looked at a few other items in my watch list, a Hong Kong based stockist of Akan paints (which AFAIK are not stocked by any UK seller/store) now says they don't deliver to the UK at all.
  3. Brilliant tip, thanks. I too have managed to break a few sticks and guns when attempting to remove them from the sprues of recent Airfix kits with the softer plastic they now use.
  4. Just the one model from santa this year, and given my taste in music it just had to be this one :
  5. The whole of Cornwall has just been moved into tier 4 after hundreds of pirates returned home to Penzance to celebrate Christmas with their families. Apparently the aarrrrr rate has increased dramatically.
  6. It may be more specific than what you're looking for but I found Osprey's MiG-3 Aces of World War 2 an interesting read. It also includes 32 colour plates each showing an aircraft with different markings, including a couple of camo schemes I wasn't previously aware of so particularly useful from the modeller's perspective. https://www.amazon.co.uk/MiG-3-Aces-World-War-Aircraft/dp/1849084424
  7. I'm not usually one for resurrecting 3 year old threads but thought it appropriate in this instance as this thread was where I first became aware of this book a year or two ago. A revised 2020 edition has now been reprinted, UK RRP £45 but available for £25 from ebay. Mine arrived last week and I highly recommend it, definitely one of the better aviation history books I've read.
  8. Thanks scotthldr and 72modeler, FS28915 does look a better match.
  9. Hi everyone I've decided my next build will be a 1/72 MPM X-15 A2, complete with the garish white and dayglow red/orange external fuel tanks as per the pic below. Question is what paint to use for the tanks? The instruction call for Gunze Aqueous H98 Fluorescent Orange, but to my eyes this looks too orange, the real thing seems redder, also nowhere in the UK seems to stock it anyway so possibly discontinued. What IS the correct shade to use and who produces a paint of that colour or a close approximation of it? My preference is for Vallejo or Mr Hobby/Gunze paints but
  10. A Man goes into a baker's shop and asks for two bread rolls. The shopkeeper picks up two rolls with a pair of tongs and puts them in a paper bag. The man then asks for two cakes. Again, the shopkeeper picks them up with the tongs and puts them in the bag. The man says, "It’s nice to see, that you don’t manhandle the food". The shopkeeper says, "Sir, nothing in my shop is handled by human hands.” The man then noticed a piece of string, hanging from the shopkeeper's trousers and asks: "What’s that piece of string for?” The shopkeeper says, "Well, that's for when I n
  11. How can you tell when the drum riser's level? Drool runs out of both sides of the drummer's mouth What's the different between a drummer and a chiropodist? A chiropodist bucks up your feet.
  12. Wow, very lucky. Almost makes you think the sculpture was positioned there on porpoise.
  13. RIP As a small tribute we had a Sean Connery marathon yesterday and watched The Hunt For Red October, Untouchables, and Highlander (The Rock would have been in that list too if we hadn't already watched it a few months ago) , all films which would have been greatly diminished with another actor in the role. One of his less well known films I really liked was The First Great Train Robbery with Donald Sutherland.
  14. I asked my phone: 'Siri, why am I so bad with women?' She said: 'I'm Alexa you moron!'
  15. I decant used thinners into old screw top jars then store them in the garage until the next time I go to the tip.
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