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  1. My kit arrived today, no defects in any of the clear parts and no short shots on any of the sprues I can only agree with earlier posts that this kit is a significant improvement in quality over some of Airfix's earlier releases Well done Airfix keep up the good work
  2. Thats a fabulous model, nicely weathered and great photos Many thanks for sharing
  3. Hasegawa A4B and A4C kits appear from time to time on internet auction sites May be worth checking them out if you really can't live without one Price tends to reflect their rarity though
  4. I am quite looking forward to this and I am happy with the price. However the dealbreaker for me would be any short shots and poor fit issues I will wait for the online reviews before parting with my hard earned cash
  5. I suspect that there never was a rumour of an Airfix kit, and that this thread was started by the original poster purely to advertise and promote his book
  6. Some observations from a five minute inspection of the sprues Fine sprue gates to most parts, an improvement on previous airfix kits, however the third plastic sprue seems to have some problems Main wheel hubs parts 19 and 20 appear to be short shot with a large flat at one side and not round as may be expected. Flash appears evident around the two nose pieces No upper sprue gates at parts 53 and 54 on the lower row of parts, main sprue seems to have a large take off towards those parts possibly indicating a gate to the part should be there Would the lack of a sprue gate here lead to a short shot part ? Hopefully this is an early pre production test shot and quality control at Airfix have noticed any faults and rectified them at this early stage
  7. I have been looking forward to this since 2020 Hopefully the aftermarket decal companies will go to town on this There are some great schemes from the 8th FG and the 475th FG, personly I would like to see markings for Joe Forsters Florida Cracker from the 432nd FS
  8. I have just looked at the nose art for the reboxing of this kit I cant believe Airfix are going to run with that 5 Dollars with Breakfast nose art I know this isnt aimed at kids with pocket money, but I can just imagine little Johnny building this with his dad " oohh look daddy this one has got a naked lady on it, what does 5 Dollers with breakfast mean ? Good luck explaining that one away Google images is full of B17 nose art I am no prude but surely Airfix could come up with something better than this, or am I just being oversensitive ?
  9. 1/48 Hurricane IIc already announced, Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc 1/48 Arma Hobby - The Rumourmonger - Britmodeller.com
  10. There is a Airfix Mk Vc unboxing vid on this thread back on page 16
  11. I wonder if this announcement by Pilot Replicas has in anyway influenced Airfix not to produce a Sea Venom As said much needed, and one of the few British cold war jets not yet done by Airfix
  12. 1/72 P38 J lightning possibly a repop of the ex Dragon / Italeri kit from 1980s or 1990s
  13. Whilst reading the Should model kits be banned thread, and the discussion regarding the disposal of plastic waste, I have begun wondering how we dispose of the other materials used in the construction of plastic kits Particularly items such as paint thinners and the like I work in the motor industry and after painting my models with enamel paints have disposed of the waste paint laden thinners into the used engine oil containers at work I have now started using acrylic paint and an airbrush, this has quickly left me with a large amount of waste airbrush cleaning fluid contaminated with paint particles Where should i dispose of this ?, down the sink cant be right can it ? Where do you guys dispose of your waste consumables ?
  14. No new aircraft kits from tamiya for 11 months now, except a rebox of the 1/32 P51 [F51] mustang, unless I have missed something P38 J/L should be on the cards looking at the parts breakdown of the F/G kit, hopefully soon
  15. The Ki-84 Frank in 1/48 is very welcome for me as it has become difficult to obtain lately I just hope Hasegawa will get round to reissuing the 1/48 type 21 Zero in the future, great kit but impossible to get hold of in the UK at the moment
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