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  1. 1/72 P38 J lightning possibly a repop of the ex Dragon / Italeri kit from 1980s or 1990s
  2. Whilst reading the Should model kits be banned thread, and the discussion regarding the disposal of plastic waste, I have begun wondering how we dispose of the other materials used in the construction of plastic kits Particularly items such as paint thinners and the like I work in the motor industry and after painting my models with enamel paints have disposed of the waste paint laden thinners into the used engine oil containers at work I have now started using acrylic paint and an airbrush, this has quickly left me with a large amount of waste airbrush cleaning fluid contamin
  3. No new aircraft kits from tamiya for 11 months now, except a rebox of the 1/32 P51 [F51] mustang, unless I have missed something P38 J/L should be on the cards looking at the parts breakdown of the F/G kit, hopefully soon
  4. The Ki-84 Frank in 1/48 is very welcome for me as it has become difficult to obtain lately I just hope Hasegawa will get round to reissuing the 1/48 type 21 Zero in the future, great kit but impossible to get hold of in the UK at the moment
  5. This is the link to the review of the Korean war boxing https://www.scalespot.com/reviews/kits/b26b50-icm/review.htm As icm have announced a PTO boxing of this kit due in Q4 2020, and they have also released, three sets of their own decals including Latin American users, I wonder if we may set a dedicated boxing for French machines, or possibly a set of decals covering these subjects
  6. Also see here by the same reviewer https://www.scalespot.com/reviews/kits/b26b15-icm/review.htm Also a review of the Korean war boxing on the same site
  7. I seem to remember hearing a report at the weekend that a Covid 19 vaccine will not be available until winter 2021-2022 If that proves to be the case then I suspect that not only this years show, but next years show as well are highly likely to be cancelled In the unlikely event that this years show does go ahead I dont think I would feel safe attending anyway
  8. To be honest I couldnt care what Airfix may or may not do in the future I have have reached breaking point over the number of Airfix short shots such as Sea fury Vertical stabilisers, beaufighter air intakes, meteor horizontal stabilizers, and the final straw 1/72 P51 Mustang main gear legs bent into near u-bend shapes in two seperate kits Until Airfix can up the quality of their kits I wont be wasting any more of my hard earned money on them, sadly
  9. Hasegawa,s back catalogue still has some great kits in there, the 1/48 F4U-5 to 7 corsair series are still arguably the best kits in the scale, and the A4 Skyhawk family are also decent kits In 1/72 the B25 B26 and AD Skyraider kits are well regarded, the fact that Eduard periodically re box Hasegawa kits as limited editions with lots of extras suggests to me that they think they are a good starting point at least I feel Hasegawa might do well to take a look at that back catalogue and make some of those better quality kits more readily available
  10. Sadly no, we will need to wait for Tamiya to release the J and L models to do a NMF Lightning
  11. I have the Hasegawa 1/48 F86 Sabre RAF kit in the stash, however I would like to build this in USAF Korean war markings if possible The problem is I dont know exactly what model of Sabre with which wings i have in the box, possibly an F86 F30 with the 6-3 wing with the small fence ? If any one can provide me with some accurate information I would be most grateful Also would I be correct in thinking neither Academy or Hasegawa have produced a slatted wing Sabre in 1/48 Many thanks in advance
  12. Acinonyx Jubatus


    The recent Dunkirk film is rubbish On returning to the UK the soldiers are depicted on a train inside a BR Mk1 coach not built until the 1950s, complete with extruded aluminium window frames Any half decient heritage railway such as the Bluebell or Mid Hants would almost certainly have been able to provide a period correct coach A major disapointment considering the film makers managed to get the aircraft featured correct
  13. Great build and nicely weathered, looks fabulous to me
  14. I have just been looking through my ADC Interceptor series No 1 book by Chris Banyai-riple There are some gorgeous markings for late model F86Ds inside, 456FIS, 325FIS, and 49FIS would all make nice marking options, and I dont think have been covered by aftermarket decal manufacturers yet
  15. Fabulous, I have numerous Superscale decal sheets for the late F86d, so I will be up for a few of these
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