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  1. Hasegawa,s back catalogue still has some great kits in there, the 1/48 F4U-5 to 7 corsair series are still arguably the best kits in the scale, and the A4 Skyhawk family are also decent kits In 1/72 the B25 B26 and AD Skyraider kits are well regarded, the fact that Eduard periodically re box Hasegawa kits as limited editions with lots of extras suggests to me that they think they are a good starting point at least I feel Hasegawa might do well to take a look at that back catalogue and make some of those better quality kits more readily available
  2. Sadly no, we will need to wait for Tamiya to release the J and L models to do a NMF Lightning
  3. I have the Hasegawa 1/48 F86 Sabre RAF kit in the stash, however I would like to build this in USAF Korean war markings if possible The problem is I dont know exactly what model of Sabre with which wings i have in the box, possibly an F86 F30 with the 6-3 wing with the small fence ? If any one can provide me with some accurate information I would be most grateful Also would I be correct in thinking neither Academy or Hasegawa have produced a slatted wing Sabre in 1/48 Many thanks in advance
  4. Acinonyx Jubatus


    The recent Dunkirk film is rubbish On returning to the UK the soldiers are depicted on a train inside a BR Mk1 coach not built until the 1950s, complete with extruded aluminium window frames Any half decient heritage railway such as the Bluebell or Mid Hants would almost certainly have been able to provide a period correct coach A major disapointment considering the film makers managed to get the aircraft featured correct
  5. Great build and nicely weathered, looks fabulous to me
  6. I have just been looking through my ADC Interceptor series No 1 book by Chris Banyai-riple There are some gorgeous markings for late model F86Ds inside, 456FIS, 325FIS, and 49FIS would all make nice marking options, and I dont think have been covered by aftermarket decal manufacturers yet
  7. Fabulous, I have numerous Superscale decal sheets for the late F86d, so I will be up for a few of these
  8. Notably Hasegawa fitted D model wings as a cost saving exercise, hoping nobody would notice the difference
  9. Never mind the H version, when are we getting the J and L models, thats what I want to know
  10. Just seen this, Stranglers keyboard player Dave Greenfield passed away on Sunday after contracting corona virus The most influential and underated musician of the70s & 80s IMHO I am gutted RIP Dave
  11. 30 seconds of work on the internet has produced photos of spitfire JG891 coded TB of 249 Sqdn displaying at flying legends painted in a desert camouflage scheme. This suggests to me that their is either a lot of misleading misinformation around regarding wartime camouflage, or that some people post on here without doing some basic reseach first
  12. Looks perfect to me, fabulous natural metal finish, in an unusual scheme too, I like it a lot
  13. If this is as good as their recent Hurricanes, and it looks like it will be, I can't wait to get hold of one, or maybe two
  14. I love these cold war jets in NMF, and yours looks fabulous Edward are promising a rebox of this kit for later in the year, and I would like to build one Did you encounter any difficulties or major problems during construction ?
  15. Whilst having some free time today for obvious reasons, I did a bit of research online looking for early spitfires with these reinforcing strips The only aircraft I could find so fitted after an hour or so searching are IWM Mk1a R6915, info from IWM website BBMF Mk IIa P7530, pictures sourced from internet Both these aircraft have a history of battle damage, I couldn't comment on when the current wings may have been fitted to these aircraft, either in service or after preservation As said previously the aircraft at Cosford I am not really a spitfire fan but looking through my limited reference books I was unable to find any photos of these reinforcing strips fitted to Mk1s I was unable to find any reference to these strips in Trevor Snowden's book Spitfire revisited published 2012
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