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  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing, Looks to be an excellent museum and well worth a visit
  2. Have you thought of stick on weights used to balance alloy wheels on cars They come in strips of around 70g Your local tyre fitting centre may give you some free of charge if you ask nicely
  3. With Hornby Hobbies poor financial performance [see elsewhere in rumourmonger] I would imagine they would need to squeeze every last penny out of any newly tooled kit produced to recover R+D costs I am no fan of the fillet less tail mustangs, but as said by another poster the box art does look rather nice and I could be tempted by one of these I have at least one example of each of the previous boxings of Airfix's latest mustang
  4. I can only agree with what other posters have already said, I got to the eighth photo before I realized I was looking at photos of the model and not reference photos of the real aircraft. Absolutely stunning work Well done
  5. Great photos, many thanks for sharing, much appreciated
  6. Would you, like me, have preferred a new build small boilered Claughton , rather than the Patriot ? Though I am getting quite exited about the Patriot as it nears completion, and cant wait to see it in steam
  7. M thoughts exactly, however Airfix did let slip that a Spitfire Mk XIV was in development sometime before they made an official announcement if I remember correctly I will wait and see what transpires on saturday If a Vulcan is the big announcement then its a big disappointment for me
  8. Ki100 in 1/72 is a good shout, and the Mitsubishi Dinah next to it at Cosford would also be good in 1/72 scale I cant believe that Airfix when reserching the P40 B at Duxford didn't lidar the two Curtiss hawks in the same hanger, would have been criminally negligent not to have done so IMHO, good quality kits of these need producing in any scale
  9. Incorrect, Blenheim Mk1 box art shows Blenheim being attacked by a KI 43 Oscar Airfix as of yet do not produce one
  10. Re released by Hasegawa in January 2019 10+ kits on Hannants website sold out in under 48 hours Would think it unlikely Hasegawa would release the moulds to some one else if there is still a substantial demand for there own boxings Best bet would be the second hand market, or wait for another reissue
  11. Yes, just had the email from Airfix, and completed payment Hopefully kit should arrive in the next seven days
  12. For what its worth, this is a list of what I would like off Airfix, and I have only included subjects where I feel there is a gap in the market 1/72 F84F Thundersteak Continues Airfix theme of upgrading older kits, numerous operators with scope for numerous decal options, no truly good kit currently available 1/72 Mirage IIIc Upgrade of old kit much needed 1/72 Mig 19 1/72 Grumman F7F Tigercat I Would love a good quality Tigercat in this scale but I cant see it ever happening 1/48 MD450 Ouragan Never kitted in this scale by a mainstream manufacturer 1/48 DH Chipmunk Again no mainstream injection moulded kit 1/48 Venom/ Sea venom Airfix have kitted most post war RAF FAA jets so this surely is only a matter of time 1/48 Fairey Firefly Mk V 1/48 Fairey Battle 1/48 Vampire T11 Upscale of 1/72 kit overdue Of course any or all of the above may be commercially risky but after the 1/48 Walrus anything may be possible
  13. Just a note of caution, Airfix website now says expected Autumn rather than September, so may be a slight delay in arrival I am looking forward to its arrival, I have 3 on preorder
  14. Absolutely superb work, 2nd picture is now saved as my desktop background as a source of inspiration, I love it
  15. Would anyone who knows more about P38s than me, think that the upper wing/Fuselage sprue may form the basis for a J or L model in the future Would it require new booms/engine parts and lower wing inserts only or would a J or L model require such major changes as to be a different kit ?
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