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  1. What a beauty. The PanAm scheme suits the -SP so well. What a lovely job you’ve done with this - a classic in every sense. Tom
  2. With the greatest of respect, I wouldn’t class that as a crash, and more of a controlled ditching with airmanship of the highest order. The fact that the pilot walked (or in this case swam) away without issue and the aircraft looks like it’s got off lightly (salt water aside) is testament to a very skilful bit of flying. Tom
  3. I’ve always got a vac (or three!) on the go at any one time so I’d be keen to participate in this GB.
  4. Work has continued on the wings of late, and specifically the engines. The resin replacement saddle tanks needed a bit of hot water treatment to get them to conform to the shape of the wing a little better, before they were epoxied firmly in place. A quick lick of Milliput sorted the joints without any major issues: Untitled by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Untitled by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Next up was adding the rearmost sections on the engines themselves which include the exhaust stystem and various intakes. These sat slightly lower at the top
  5. The joy of modelling, eh? I sometimes wonder why I didn’t take up jigsaws instead - at least the parts fit as they’re supposed to!! Thanks, chaps! She is indeed a big girl. The weather has been slightly better of late so I’ve been doing a bit of work on this in the garden. At least I don’t have to worry about knocking stuff over all the time when I’m working n the patio - my modelling light has taken a few direct hits during this build! Thanks - to be honest I could have done a lot more in the flight deck area but decided just to
  6. Many thanks, Colin - however I masked the windows and shot some primer over the nose yesterday and it has highlighted a multitude of sins that need addressing. Where’s the filler?
  7. Thanks, gents. The windows are a little too large I think, but this can be remedied with the final masking before painting the top coat. Tom
  8. Well... you learn something new every day. I had no idea this conversion existed - thank you for sharing. It appears that they are like hen's teeth, however, so come on AIM! In other news... The lower wing halves were added to the new resin centre section, after the leading edges were filed and reshaped to match the Heller DC-6 wing. As you can see there are some substantial tabs that insert into the the DC-6 wing and these, coupled with five-minute epoxy have resulted in a very solid join: With some initial sanding, the lower join isn't too bad at
  9. This sounds interesting - I wasn’t aware of a conversion being available and would love to see some pics if possible.
  10. You’re going to put Boeing’s mass production methods during the war to shame at this rate, Ced! Tom
  11. Might take you a while - it’s been going a couple of years now!
  12. You’re too kind. There’s nothing special about my builds - I just love a challenge and am willing to throw caution to the wind! The DC-8 is patiently waiting for better weather so that painting can begin - too much wet and windy weather here at the mo. Not sure I’ll correct the rear fuselage - I’ll have enough on my plate just getting this together! I’ve checked my new centre section and the right wing is thinner than the left. I’m not going to worry too much about that to be honest as it’s only noticeable from certain angles! I won’t tell if you don’t... I h
  13. Yeah that’s true, Kev - you know me though... grasshopper mind!
  14. Evening guys and gals, More progress on the mammoth B-52 project to update you on. I've been beavering away on the cockpit and flight deck of late and have built a basic interior using the Sanger seats with a few mods. I've also used the Sanger control columns even though they were, in my humble opinion, a little oversized: There's scope to add more detail here but life is too short to waste time on making things that'll never be seen! I've made and added the escape hatches for the ejector seats above the pilots: And th
  15. I've long wanted to convert Heller's classic 1:72nd DC-6 to a DC-7 so I recently took the plunge and ordered the Aircraft in Miniature conversion set from Hannants. A box soon arrived crammed full of nicely molded grey resin along with a comprehensive set of instructions. The conversion kit gives you fuselage plugs to extend the DC-6 fuse to the longer DC-7, a new wing centre section, a new taller and squarer fin, saddle tanks for the engines, new cowlings and cooling gills (open or closed) as well as white-metal 4-bladed props. All in all a very comprehensive set.
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