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  1. tomprobert

    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Cheers, Larry. Hope all is well with you and you’ve settled into your new surroundings. Yes - as you can see I still like a challenge. Old habits die hard! And yes, I still raid the Old Man’s paint stash on a regular basis - he’s going to have to get shopping in time for me to paint this! The Shackleton is in storage at the moment whilst I work on this but it’ll get its turn again soon. All the best, Tom
  2. Hi Neil, It’s all gone a little quiet here... any more progress to share? Hope all all is well, Tom
  3. tomprobert

    1/24th Blackburn Buccaneer S2B, 208 squadron

    Sorry to drag this out again, General... but this thread has been too quiet for too long. Any more progress to share with us? I’m suffering from terrible withdrawal symptoms! All the best, Tom
  4. tomprobert

    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Afternoon lads and lasses... I've been doing some detailing of the wings recently. I have decided to tackle the out-rigger bays, so the initial task was work out their exact location and box in the bays using plastic card: The bay roofs were left separate so that they could be detailed without the wing obstructing access. I must stress I've gone for representation over accuracy here, so don't shoot me for making it up a little as I went along: When in-situ they will look ok to my eye: The same process of course had to be repeated twice: I've also cut out and boxed in the chaff dispensers on the lower side of the wings: Still lots to do before the wings can be joined, but they're starting to take shape: Now for the flaps... more plastic card at the ready! All the best, Tom
  5. Superb choice of project - I too love the big vacs so will be watching your progress closely. Good luck with all that white - a trip to the automotive shop, perhaps? Tom
  6. I have a build thread running here: Progress is pretty slow but I've got the summer holidays ahead of me now so hopefully things will speed up a little. Tom
  7. Many thanks - much appreciated. Patience has worn a bit thin with this one of late and it's in storage currently. I've made a very tentative start on scratch-building the pilots' seats but no further progress. It'll get its turn again soon enough, but I'm knee-deep in a 1/48th B-52 project at the moment so this is on the back-burner for the time being... until I get bored of the B-52 that is!
  8. That really is very, very nice! Superb conversion work - it looks like a high-end kit and not something that's had huge chunks cut out of it. Brilliant, inspiring work!
  9. tomprobert

    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Cheers, Rich. It's a case of slow and steady wins the race, but it's good to have it back on the bench - not that much of it actually fits on the bench, mind you!
  10. tomprobert

    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Time for an update on the big BUFF I haven't had a lot of time for modelling of late due to work commitments, but the end of term reports are almost done so I've had a few free evenings to work on the internal spars in the wings. As you can imagine, such large pieces made from vacformed plastic don't have a great deal of strength, so it's essential to make a series of spars so the wing can support it's own weight. I've followed a similar structure to the real aircraft, and made two spars which run the length of the wing from double-thickness 1mm plastic card, supported by internal bracing to keep it all rigid: I then repeated the process for the other wing, having used the previous spars as a pattern so the process was a lot quicker and also ensured both sides are identical: I've also been working on how to securely attach the wings to the fuselage so have made a series of slotted inserts from plastic card which either thick plastic card or perhaps steel spars will run through (via the fuselage) when the time comes to stick the wings on: The spars pictures are just temporary, but you get the idea: I think the next task will be to make the out-rigger bays as well as the flap aperture detail that will not be accessible when the wings are joined. Stay tuned... Tom
  11. tomprobert

    CityBird MD-11

    Evening all, I used to build lots of airliners but had lost a little interest over the last few years. However, I have always loved the MD-11 and when MicroMir released their's in a 1/144th scale injection-molding I decided to have a go at it. It's your typical short-run kit with a bit of flash here and there and no locating tabs etc, but it does have lovely surface detail and although it didn't have the quality of fit such as those from the latest Zvezda or Revell, it went together pretty well. I bought the Eastern Express KLM edition of the kit, but I really like the colourful and non-white CityBird scheme so bought some aftermarket decals from Daco which, as usual went on perfectly. Paints were from the Humbrol and Xtracolour enamel ranges, with a coat of Humbol Satin Cote to finish off. Tom
  12. Glue some thin plastic card on the inside of the doors beneath the removed humps. Thin card will conform nicely to the shape of the doors, and then put your filler over the top. Hey presto - filler that won’t fall in!
  13. tomprobert

    Avro Shackleton AEW.2 (Revell 1/72)

    My personal opinion: as an artistic representation of a Shackleton - great. As a life-like representation of the real aircraft - not so much. I know the AEW2s got a little grubby from time to time, but the weathering on this one is a little over the top if you ask me. However, each to their own and all that...
  14. tomprobert

    Hello from Biggin Hill

    Welcome - I'm just down the road from you in Sundridge. If you fancy popping along to a club, we're a very friendly bunch who meet in Sevenoaks on the second Friday of the month. You'd be most welcome! Tom EDIT: I see Sean just beat me to the club invite!
  15. tomprobert

    1/24 Bomb racks and bombs for a spitfire Mk Vb.

    I won't be using the bombs or racks for my 1/24th Typhoon - they're yours if you want them. Tom