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  1. You´re welcome David. Plz send me your e-mail adress via PM, I have some helpfull images for you. :) Kind regards, Jürgen
  2. Hello David, the SOC camera installed in the 23+09 at Wernigerode museum is the (wrong) Oude Delft type. AFAIK this type was used by the Netherlands Air Force recce pod and in the old Luftwaffe RF-104G´s bottom fuselage housing. The one for the Marineflieger SOC (Side Oblique Camera) is indeed the KS-87B, also installed in the German RF-4E. BTW: Some interesting (and funny) stuff to read about the "Eastern Express" recce missions of MFG 2: Klick Excellent work David, cant wait to see more. :) Kind regards, Jürgen
  3. Nice choice of markings! Good luck building the Revell kit. A friend of mine has done in the order of the designer who painted the real 46+20 of MFG 2 Eggebek. I remember that my friend was not very satisfied during the build and was a bit disapointed about the quality for a new designed kit. I´ve designed the decals for him and luckily I was able to took several pictures of the real Tornado during the last Spotterday at Eggebek in 2003, because there are no drawings of the real design existing. Because the paint job was done "scratch" by hand and with rattle cans. Printed with Roland printer on continuously A4 decalfilm by a company here in Germany. The print quality was outstandig and looks like Cartograf on the sheet. At the end my friend and the designer was very happy with the result. If you have any questions about the markings of the Marine Tornados just ask. I am really shure that I am able to help. To inspire you there are two pictures attached during construction. Kind regards, Jürgen
  4. Alexander Breuning (Bushande) designed the last Eurofighter "Ghost Tiger". The Eurofighter Bronze Tiger was designed by Martin Lecherbauer.
  5. Awesome David, I first thought the pictures are from the real one.
  6. JayBee

    Bronze Tiger

    The color of the real aircraft is RAL 2013 "Perlorange Metallic", but I think the flakes will look to coarse out of the can.
  7. Another good source is the Tornado Data website. Prototypes Pre-Series
  8. The separate 1/48 Wingman Decals will be available in the near future for the Special Hobby 1/72 kit.
  9. I think it was Assta I upgrade that time for all IDS Tornados, including a internal GPS ( a small round disk close behind the cockpit) and a new weapons computer to carry Harm, Kormoran, Litening pod. AFAIK the cockpit design itself looks more or less the same after the first upgrade, compared to the actual Assta 3.1 cockpit. Pictures was taken by me in 2005 at AG 51 Immelmann / Jagel airbase during a spottersday. Harm and Kormoran loadout.
  10. You can load Kormoran & Harm missiles on Luftwaffe Recce Tornados (AG 51 Schleswig Jagel). After the last naval figter squadron MFG 2 Eggebek was disbanded in 2005 anti ship role was handed over to the AG 51 until the end of the year 2012, all Kormoran missiles are out of service.
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