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  1. A statement by the manufacturer Dayglo Models at Facebook in 2/2019: "I am extremely proud to share with all the fans of the FIAT G91, customers and not, my joy for an excellent result, I have exhausted all the kits produced. Personally I will no longer produce the kit, too much work for one person. Good modeling to everyone. Luca"
  2. What about Mediafire, Wetransfer?
  3. You´re welcome Andy! Maybe interesting, before Norm 83 was introduced it was planned that some F-104 have to be painted in a rudimentary scheme called "Norm 62 Ü/83" using only the Norm 62 colors RAL 6014 and RAL 7012 in a wraparound scheme. But due to costs it was cancelled and 23+30 was the only aircraft the scheme was partial and not complete applied. KLICK and KLICK. Silver parts on the bottom are still visible and not repainted.
  4. On the real scheme FS 34079 is darker then RAL 6003. This is a good picture to compare: KLICK Startet from the right it is FS34079, around "26+44" it is RAL 6003. Maybe helpfull is the Revell instruction showing the 4 view scheme of "26+44" on page 31. Edit: Startet from the right not left.
  5. RAL 6014 is not used in Norm 83 scheme. RAL 6003, FS 34079 and RAL 7021.
  6. Edit: Thanks to andyf117! A close up of the anchor cable. My picture: From the backside it looks like this:
  7. Aren´t that black dottet lines for the walkways?
  8. Maybe the distributor for the US could help? sales@dragonmodelsusa.com
  9. The kit decals are not really wrong. Most of the usual F-104 stencils are not applied after the last overhaul in the 80´s, only the most imported ones. The same is for Luftwaffe F-4F and RF-4E painted in the old camouflage scheme around that timeframe. The only mistake is it should read "MARINE - F-104-XXXX" not "LUFTWAFFE-104-XXXX" below the German flag on tail of 26+60 (MFG2). Example: 26+57 Example: 26+72
  10. For the new grey scheme the air intake is in the same color as the fuselage FS 35237. On old camouflage schemes it was RAL 7012. The black area inside the intake is anti erosion coating to prevent damage of the electrical anti ice heating system.
  11. If you are refering to 45+06 IDS Tornado of AG 51 "Immelmann" I´m shure they painted them in FS 35237. This is the same color for the common actual "single grey" scheme of Luftwaffe Tornados.
  12. I´ve checked several cockpit pictures inside the F-40 book of German Mk.5 and Mk.6 and can confirm that.
  13. JayBee

    Luftwaffe F-104F’s.

    English stencils for F-104F on both camouflage schemes.
  14. For me "flight mode" means engines are running.
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