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  1. The full tour report and extras pictures can be found here https://www.4aviation.nl/reports/report-japan-2024/ Andy
  2. As promised, here's the list of model shops we visited during the tour:- Hobby Shop Nakajima Minato Model Kanazawa TamTam Kakamigahara Joshin Gifu Alice Hobby Pramodel Post Hobby Surugaya Flagship store Yodobashi Camera TamTam Akihabara Yellow Submarine Volks Leonardo 1 and 2 Hobby Shop Sunny Kiya Hobby D Force Yamanaka Models Hasegawa Models Keystone Andy
  3. Grat set of pictures Phil. You certainly made the most of the conditions and saw a wide variety of aircraft Andy
  4. Belgium is fun Houston but not the same level as Japan Thanks Andy
  5. Thanks Craig. I will be at the next meeting though. Andy
  6. There were 19 i think. I will put up the list in a few days time as I am not at home at the moment Andy
  7. Thanks Phil. The C-1 was new to me as well, the the perfect weather made it all the more special. It was nice to put a face to a name. Just let me know if you need any more informatoon next time you visit Japan. Take an extra bag next time. The airlines don't seem to mind if you have a couple of bags as long as they aren't too heavy. Andy
  8. Thanks Tony. The same with me and that's why I am hooked on the aviation scene there. Andy
  9. Yes. I had one case at 18kg and one bag at 12 kg. That included a lot of books snd magazines, so no issues at all. Andy
  10. Fortunately (?) we ran out of suitcase space Andy
  11. And that wasn't everything. There were a lot more decals and tanks too Andy
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