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  1. Yes, but maybe not in that quantity in one go! Nice model Andy
  2. Having seen this in the flesh, it is a beautiful model Richard. Superb execution, and I love the dusty tyres Andy
  3. Top stuff. Having seen a few fly, they are better looking in the flesh Andy
  4. Very stylish, but it didn't take much thinking about did it? Andy
  5. That's a beautiful model to be very proud of Andy
  6. What beautiful photos Andy
  7. Yes, they are. The detail is far better than that of the kit. Keep going, they do fit eventually Andy
  8. Yes, you need to angle the edges of the resin bay too. Even doing this, you will still have to bend the wing over the bay to make it fit, but it is possible. Carefully thin the bays until you are just going though the resin, and also thin the plastic wings. Andy
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