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  1. But do you ever screw up the mixtures? Andy Couldn't resist
  2. Thanks for the warnings. I have my ticket now Andy
  3. I'll be there. My first time in Houten too Andy
  4. It should be okay, just needing a bit of modelling work, that's all Andy
  5. I have built one of their tow tractors and it made up into a nice model. I wasn't impressed by the quality of the casting though. Lots of flash around the main parts (not the webbing around the small items), a mis-formed wheel arch and a few air bubbles too. For the price, I expected better, but it was easy enough to sort. Andy
  6. Just had fantastic service from Reskit. They are good guys Andy
  7. Interesting selection of photos Andy
  8. Super stuff and showing great mastery of slower shutter speeds to get the blurred props. The light also makes the images stand out. Keep them coming Andy
  9. Interesting but not surprising, even though the photo shows a jet with acquisition rounds only! If you have the assets, use them Andy
  10. The paint finish seems to be very much dependant on the light angle shining onto it. My photos in the other thread are the latest colour scheme. Andy
  11. I thought that was a bit over engineered! I have just looked at other photos online and the pylons are always the same, so they are like that for air flow and separation of stores I guess. They don't seem to be able to carry dual missile rails. Andy
  12. Ignore that last statement, as the right hand one is the same as the left. It is just an illusion of difference created by the photo angle. Andy
  13. Cheers Pat. The actual missile rails are angled outwards (definitely not variable geometry!) Maybe for clearance issues but possibly for dual carriage. I don't know what the right hand one is used for in the last photo. Andy
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