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  1. That is a beautiful, realistic looking model. You should be proud Andy
  2. They did the same with the F-22 Raptor! Andy
  3. Superb photos with wonderful light. I like the one on tip toes and the one following it. I don't blame you for going out and about as long as you keep your distance. Andy
  4. Hi Gene, I meant keeping the model's wing design simple. Why not send them a mail and ask about flaps etc? Andy
  5. No, sorry Gene. It was all arranged through a friend of a friend. However, looking at the photos, you are about 2 years too late for suggestions as the molds are manufactured. It would mean a re-tooling the whole wing sprues and that won't happen for obvious reasons. It looks like they have kept it simple, as with other companies too. You can't have everything Andy
  6. Having been to their factory, and seen their true dedication to a project, it will be a wonderful kit Andy
  7. They did indeed. It was released in Japan as I remember seeing one in a shop, probably around 2 years ago Andy
  8. Supper looking colour scheme. It really suits the airframe Andy
  9. Red Dot

    Japan model shops

    I second that Andy
  10. Red Dot

    T Bird

    Very nice photos Andy
  11. You are right again about the C-130 colours, but as you can see, the grey fades a little. Beware the bright sunlight though. The Japanese paint brands are excellent quality and the produce virtually everything you need. Why bother with anything else? Having been to Japan a few times, I know how lucky you are with model shops and aviation. Make the most of it Abdy
  12. those are easy!!! As you say, the F-1 colours are produced by Mr Color. To get a faded look, massively dilute some light grey with thinners and spray mist it over the camouflage colours. This is just one method, but if you read magazines, you will see many more. Why not ask a question in the modern aircraft section of BM? The US-2 is painted in the same dark blue as the F-2. It is available from Mr Color, MRP etc. Undersides are Light Gull Grey Andy
  13. BB, Have you got the original file of that chart and if so can you mail it to me please? it is much better than the pdf file in terms of colour. thanks Andy
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