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  1. It has been very interesting reading this debate about what we look for in magazines, so please don't spoil it by bickering. I don't know who Jon is, but he makes his points well from the magazine view, as do others from the buyers side. I have visited model shows around the world and sadly, from the British angle, we don't like change and refuse to spend money, in the main, on resin and brass aftermarket parts, preferring to use scrap items and leftovers. How often have you heard the word bargain at a UK show, knowing that the kit will never be built? I have rarely heard it abroad and that's ays a lot for the UK attitude. As Jon says, if you don't like what is in the magazines, write something for them, perhaps highlighting the older techniques too. I only get AMW now, having stopped SAM and SAMI for the very reasons mentioned above, and even that is becoming repetitive, in spite of it's language and photo quality. It would be interesting to know what the percentage of subscribers to monthly purchasers is. In other words, how many people see the same old, same old each month? Maybe editors need to offer more variation too? Andy
  2. A very varied collection, thanks Ron Andy
  3. Nellis is probably one of the worst places to take pictures, so very well done on that excellent set. Smoke hiding the Blunderbirds was a blessing Andy
  4. Does the music come as standard? I like the way they say we could lose the next war. That means there will be another one! Andy
  5. Hi Mike You are of course correct, however, I should have been clearer. I meant the specially marked RF-4s. Thanks for the information Andy
  6. As this is JASDF, the only chopper would be a Chinook or a UH-60, so the answer is no!!! Stop being cheeky Andy
  7. hi all, I usually build aircraft, but counted this one as an airfield diorama accessory! The kit is superb and good fun to do. I added the Hauler etch set, but only used the larger items as some or the smaller ones weren't worth the messing around. Hope you like it Andy
  8. Over the last few years, the Japanese have modified a number of F-15s with this new strengthened air brake. If you are modelling one, check your references! Andy
  9. you've made a great job of the model. Well done Andy
  10. I know what you mean about Phantoms! The aggressors are based at Komatsu and it is a superb base for photography from the north end if they are landing there, so that is where to aim for. The south is also okay, but the shots are a bit boring. However, they do deploy to other bases, so again it is pot luck i'm afraid. Unless you know someone in Japan with local knowledge, there is no way to tell where they will be, but they spend most of their time at the home base. I have been there and seen them on the ground, but only one flew. We were lucky this time with seven in the air. However, there is always lots of F-15 action, so you will get some great photos Andy
  11. They are resurfacing the smaller second runway at Tsuiki. I got some great digger shots too . Actually, the Phantoms fly quite often. A couple of grand is okay if you get to see more of the country but it is too much just for Phantoms (unless you haven't seen them before ) Andy
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