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  1. Red Dot

    What Do You With Olk Kit Boxes

    In the bin. Why keep something you are NEVER going to use again? If i want soemthing and don't have it, i buy it - simple Andy
  2. Red Dot

    A-29 Super Tucano

    but going where? I seem to remember UAE or Afghanistan, something like that? Andy
  3. Red Dot

    Speckled Trout

    I've seen pictures of these before but always wondered why it's called a speckled trout? Andy
  4. Red Dot

    VF-1 Tomcats - Various

    Very unusual stuff Sven. Thanks for posting even if they look a bit 'odd' Andy
  5. Red Dot

    Some Samaritans

    beautiful looking aeroplanes Sven Andy
  6. Excellent apache and very realistic colouring, andy
  7. Red Dot

    Red Flag 81-2: 120th Tactical Fighter Squadron

    Great pics again. I'm glad I have caught up now andy
  8. Red Dot

    Nellis Special Project Corsairs

    Interesting story Sven, cheers andy
  9. Nice set of pictures. Some very rare aircraft in the line-up thanks andy
  10. Red Dot

    C-1 Traders

    Unusual stuff yet again Sven. Keep them coming thanks Andy
  11. Red Dot

    Terre Haute Vipers - The Racers

    Those are rare ones Sven. super stuff andy
  12. Red Dot

    Red Flag 84-4: 510 TFS

    Hi Sven,. Thanks for posting these. It is a reminder of the long gone bentwaters air shows here in the UK, andy
  13. Sadly it rarely happens now and any base visit is considered to be a bonus. You aren't ever allowed to roam freely (it's only happened to me once in 25 years of trips) but at least once you are on a base, you can ask nicely to see everything. NAS Fallon is one of the best places for this and you even get to stand by the runway too Andy
  14. Red Dot

    Catch a Falling Star

    great story Sven Andy
  15. Red Dot

    Shuttleworth Season Premiere

    lovely photos. I've still got all of mine to edit yet! Andy