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  1. Super photos in great light. The Citation is rare Andy
  2. It is one of the most scenic bases I have ever been to, and being busy too also helped. Andy They are black because black provides the greatest contrast, and therefore the greatest visibility Andy
  3. hi all, Here are a few photos from a recent day out i had at RAF Valley. We were blessed with decent weather and lots of flying on the cross runways. Hope you like them. Andy
  4. Great. i'll be there. Looking forward to meeting up again Andy
  5. Beautifully done René, as ever. Hope you are looking forward to some holidays at last Andy
  6. Nice job of something a bit different Andy
  7. Hi Norbert, Well done for finishing this one. You've made a great job of it, and its nice to see something different Andy
  8. Mr Color can be brush painted but you have to wait for the underlying coat to fully dry, as the next layer tends to drag through the one below, and you can easily end up with a mess. As has been said before, guess how I know! They are superb to spray though, giving a glossy coat that is ready for decals, depending on how picky you are. Thin to about 60:40 with their thinners if you have them, and you won't be dissappinted. Clean up is with thinners. Have fun Andy
  9. The book colours are definitely correct. Andy
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