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  1. Super photos especially the low angle.on the RC-135 Andy
  2. Hi Tomatsu, I'm not sure about winning a trophy unless it is for the brightest bombs and missiles, but at least it will be at the show. Not long to go Andy
  3. Having replied to this thread earlier, I started and finished a Hasegawa 1/200 kit in the blue scheme, mixing my own shade. I used Vallejo 70905 and 70961 (light grey and blue), just adding blue until it looked right
  4. Automatic dependence surveillance - broadcast apparently!
  5. Thanks guys. It was the colour of the weapons that attracted me to it as well, along with the heavily weathered underside, so rarely seen on JASDF aircraft.
  6. Sadly, none of which is my work apart from some wiring, the painting, and washes. Believe it of not, the main bay is one piece. Aires have incredible casting techniques. Sadly their parts are so accurate to the originals, they don't fit the models as they don't allow for plastic thickness. The bays and side walls had to be scraped cigarette paper thin to even begin to come close to fitting Andy
  7. thanks for all the nice comments. It was 'entertaining' masking off the yellow parts to spray the red Andy
  8. hi Glyn, I'm not sure yet, but there is a GWH T-33 that looks very interesting, so maybe that one. It should be a relatively quick build to clear the stash a bit. It won't be started until after Telford i think, as i need to start some research work on my Japan trip. I had a couple more goes up at Waddington and managed to get some good shots. Hope you did too Andy
  9. hi all, At last i have managed to finish my Hasegawa 1/48 Mitsubishi F-2 in a colour scheme that i have always fancied after seeing a photo in one of my books, that of the Gifu-based test aircraft with red/yellow AAM-3 camera missiles and orange JDAM test bombs. As ever, the kit has many add-ons including a Finemolds (Eduard) interior set, resin ACES2 ejector seat from the spares box, scratchbuilt covered electronics box in the rear cockpit, Brassin GBU-38B bombs, Master static wicks, Finemolds metal pitot tubes, Shull24 resin exhaust and Aires undercarriage bays (what a complete pain in the backside to fit, but amazing detail). Weathering was based on actual photos (thanks Akira), using pastels and Flory Models clay-based or Mig enamel washes. It is painted using MRP Paints for the main colour scheme and then finished off with kit and Platz decals, all of which were superb. The multitude of photo calibration marks were specially created for me by Zane Jacobs, who deserves a mentions for his excellent service (www.mavdecals.co.za). Hope you like it and possibly see it at Telford Andy
  10. Beautiful photos especially the last one Andy
  11. i used Vallejo 70905 and 70961 (light grey and blue), just adding blue until it looked right Andy
  12. thanks very much guys. It is a great little kit, just check the window configurations Andy
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