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  1. sheer genius! and saved me a fortune Andy
  2. Having seen the time and effort that went into this, the end result is superb Richard. Sue wants to know where the pigs got their hats! andy
  3. Red Dot

    PhanCon at George AFB, March 1992

    some lovely photos there Sven, Thanks for posting Andy
  4. Red Dot

    It was wet...

    STAY WAY. We have just had a great summer and look forward to more Andy
  5. Red Dot

    F-16 to F-2

    You're a brave man. Best of luck and please post some pictures when you've done it As i said before, the Model Art Profile book is your best reference along with the internet of course Andy
  6. Red Dot

    Canada and Alaska tour 2001

    very interesting indeed Keith, thanks. It's impressive seeing the C-5 taking off up close Andy
  7. Red Dot

    Just Passing Through: The Golden Pride

    I love the old stories Sven. Keep them coming andy
  8. Red Dot

    F-16 to F-2

    I guess that you could do it if you are into serious scratch building but as has been said, there aren't many similarities apart from the basic shape. Your best reference would be the Modelart Profile book on the F-2 that also includes plans andy
  9. Looks like good weathering but the pics are a bit too dark, andy
  10. Red Dot

    Red Flag 81-2: 179th Tactical Recce Squadron

    Any significance to the black stripes? andy
  11. Red Dot

    429th Tactical Fighter Squadron Rhinos

    Some of those fuel tanks have taken a battering Sven, Thanks for posting Andy
  12. Red Dot

    Canada and Alaska tour 2001

    Super stuff and a great variety. Nice to see a C-5 too andy
  13. Red Dot

    Canada and Alaska tour 2001

    great variety Keith and the turbo Goose looks crazy andy