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  1. All sorted now. Thanks for the replies Andy
  2. Thats perfect, thanks Steve. I will send you a pm a bit later Andy
  3. Hi, Can anyone here create and print RAF style lettering decals, including white, please? Andy
  4. I agree. It didn't look very smooth did it? Abdy
  5. That looks really good, so well done to them for using the time positively. However, the photographic conditions look to be a challenge, with all the sunlight and shadows. Maybe some shades on the windows to diffuse the light might help? Having been a couple of times, I know it is a great museum, so look forward to visiting again some time. Andy
  6. When is it taking place please. The children in Perranporth might get a visit Andy
  7. hi Dave, It is TG622, a MET1. The main problem is the large red and white 202 on the rear fuselage Andy
  8. It is just lettering, but some are red/white, going down to 1mm in height. I will bear your idea in mind unless i can find someone to create a unique sheet thanks Andy
  9. Hi all I need to get some decals printed for a HP Hastings in 1/144, including white. Does anyone know of someone who could do this for me, as i believe it needs an ALPS-type printer thanks Andy
  10. Superb model, in a very unusual scheme Andy
  11. Quite a variety on your second trip. Very nice You might get more views by posting these on the aviation photography section Andy
  12. Lovely models, but it is a shame about the special markings. A very strange Japanese idea indeed Andy
  13. Can i have first dibs on the Bristol 188 please? Not sure where I would put it, yet, but it just looks great. And it is stainless steel, so it won't rust! Andy
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