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  1. Stunners! The first Herk for me, great angle and light. It is a view not seen very often Andy
  2. Well there you go. I have learnt something. Looks nice, Andy
  3. I think i said £20 per club! All it needs is a receipt on show to prove you have paid. Andy
  4. I don't know of anything other than the kit. Andy
  5. Yet another cracking model Norbert. I wonder what else will follow from your partially built stash? Andy
  6. Japan does on the F-2, but they aren't F-16s are they? Andy
  7. Awesome model of the best Sea King colour scheme. Well done Richard Andy
  8. That is a beautiful JASDF Phantom. I remember making the grey version using Phoenix Decals in 1/48. NEVER buy their decals!! Andy
  9. I'll echo these comments. Great shots Andy
  10. Top photos Gary. They look great in the sun, as you say Andy
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