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  1. Absolutely amazing old photos. So crisp and clear, Thanks for posting them Andy
  2. Super job. What did you use to upgrade the wing tips and tail fin? The old Wolfpack set? Andy
  3. Thanks very much for that excellent reply. I can see where the differences are now, and that the AMS resin set should correct everything. I will still check the inlets closely though. Cheers Andy
  4. Hi all, I have a 1/32 Trumpeter A-4E Skyhawk to make as an Argentinian A-4C, and have just read on Skyhawk.org that the length of a C is 40'3" compared to 41'3" of the E. Is this correct and where is the difference please? I have the AMS resin nose to fit. I have also read that the intakes in the kit are more akin to a C as they are flush. Again, can anyone confirm please? Ta Andy
  5. That has an absolutely perfect look to the model. Well done Andy
  6. Yes, as the Naha and Iruma shows are already cancelled. One day, 4Aviaition will get back there Andy
  7. In that case, it deserves even more praise! Andy
  8. Did you use the masking set from Aeromask? If so what was it like to use? Andy
  9. That is a good.plan. having seen them, sunny conditions are not good to judge the true colour. The best photos are with light cloud Andy
  10. Thanks for the update Robert. It may just be the photo, but it looks a bit too blue, if that makes sense. Does it look accurate to your eyes? Andy
  11. Absolutely perfect! That is a fantastically realistic.paint job Andy
  12. Cheers for the information Rob. I will give that one a go Andy Yes, I found it far easier to use than G26 Andy
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