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  1. I saw one on sale at the Milton Keynes show on Sunday, £26 ish. It looked like the trader only had one.
  2. What a beauty! The model, the colour scheme, the finish I'm going to stop now. But that is excellent.
  3. patjb

    Aussie P-51K AIRFIX 1/48

    That is a very nice build with finish to match. I have made a note of the Mr Colour before Alcad statement thanks.
  4. I take my hat off to you sir, that is a very nice piece of work. The finish is superb.
  5. patjb

    F-104G Marineflieger

    Very realistic, nice subtle wear and weathering
  6. That looks the business sir. I do miss seeing them flying around.
  7. patjb

    Academy 1/48 F-4C Phantom

    "It took nearly a month to decal this thing" but it looks great and well worth the time, give it another month and you will be able to see normaly again! As an ex F4 engineer to me it looks great.
  8. You just have to love this aircraft. I used to love seeing them taxiing past our Vulcans at Barkesdale AFB. Great replica of an aggressive little aircraft.
  9. I remember seeing one of these "parked" behind a garage in Aston in Birmingham in the mid/late 70's! It was on a traitor and I did take a slide of it at the time. It will take me a while to find it, not like today's digital collections.
  10. patjb

    Extreme Weathering Show - 21st May 2017

    Went to this event in the morning, would have loved to stay longer. Some great tips and advice. When is the next one and I will make sure I can stay longer!
  11. patjb

    Great Vulcan 617 Sqn film

    Wow what a trip down memory lane, I was an engine man at Waddington the other side of Lincoln on 44 Sqdn. I think I even recognise one or two faces on the film.. I still remember being on the ORP for scrambles, getting behind the power set (generator) for protection from the jet blast. I think the last scramble we did was at the Finningley airshow. The best bit was hearing a "rapid start" taking place, compressed air stored in gas bottles staring the engines very quickly and noisily. Great times and trips.
  12. patjb

    My first post - RDAF F104

    Great job, just how I remember them on detachements and at air shows in the 80's
  13. Very nice build, of an aircraft we used to take for granted at UK airshows. Last one in mil service I saw flying were Austrian Air Force.
  14. The finish is superb, looks great.