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  1. True ! You give them a perfectly serviceable aircraft and they will break it. Aircraft engineer for 45 years plus, military and airliners
  2. Mathy, that sir is a work of art. Fantastic paint finish and the weathering is superb, just right and not overdone.
  3. Hornby Hobbies shop. I don't know of any locations other than the Swindon outlet village but they may be worth checking for stock. I found two of these Motorhead HE111's for sale in the Swindon location for RRP which I purchased for a friend who mentioned he was after them for him and a mate. this was last Sunday 17th November.
  4. Airfix forum moderator "To dispel further speculation, a PR error has occurred and what should have been announced on Saturday was announced prematurely in error"
  5. That looks superb. Very nice subtle weathering, I would be proud if I could get to that standard.
  6. As an ex Phantom engineer who worked on this aircraft when I was on The Cobra's ( 92 Sqdn ). It looks great.
  7. AMB "..and I have an Aurora/SMER one in my stash to do. Will also get an Airfix one - Gerry Anderson "Thunderbird SIx" decals please!!!" I did think you had finally lost what was left of your marbles!! But I used a well known search engine an it came up with an illustration' Cancel the order for the long sleeved comfortable jacket that ties up at the back. Pat
  8. To be fair it did say in the title "Now that's a bright Thud" but as I scrolled down it still burnt my eyes! Great stuff, love it as I am a fan of out of the ordinary colour schemes. Pat
  9. I saw one on sale at the Milton Keynes show on Sunday, £26 ish. It looked like the trader only had one.
  10. What a beauty! The model, the colour scheme, the finish I'm going to stop now. But that is excellent.
  11. That is a very nice build with finish to match. I have made a note of the Mr Colour before Alcad statement thanks.
  12. I take my hat off to you sir, that is a very nice piece of work. The finish is superb.
  13. Very realistic, nice subtle wear and weathering
  14. That looks the business sir. I do miss seeing them flying around.
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