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  1. Excellent! Looking forward to it, my wallet might not be though! Cheers Pat
  2. I will be going as it is my local show. Do you have a list of what traders we can expect to be there?
  3. dim and distant past, was it Door 83 left and right used to puncture our shoulders both overalls and skin? Armourers access I think to missiles maybe.
  4. Sounds like Leslie Philips in the "Navy Lark" , a history lesson!
  5. Yes less traders, people, manufacturers etc. Yes some interesting prices, but I still managed a couple of bargains. Yes I was very brave and walked past the Tamiya F4B at £80 without pausing to long. Yes I have still got money in my wallet, that is not for my wife’s ears! It was great to see some people I haven’t seen for a while as well. Well done IPMS team .
  6. Jadlam are delivering pre orders for receipt tomorrow
  7. It would have to be 44(R) for me as well due to serving on that fine squadron.
  8. Delivery just being unpacked in a model shop in York. Resisted temptation for now despite wife asking if I wanted it for my birthday! I’m suspicious now, what has she bought for herself I haven’t seen?
  9. Fantastic picture "Work In Progress" of the 8AEF Chippy. I can't believe it I have been trying to find photos of the Chipmunks I flew in, the first two were from 8AEF WB569 and WP859. My friend AMB who contributes to this forum sent me a brilliant photo of WP859 in the grey day-glo scheme as it would have been in in 1972. I am looking for any ideas of colour schemes of/or photo's of 8AEF WB569 in 1971, WK577 5AEF in 1973 and WK624 10AEF in 1976. The last I think was in the grey and red colour scheme. First Airfix one will have to be in WP859 if a decal sheet to help appears (Xtradecal?)
  10. Ground crew on them on 60 Sqdn, pain in the "A" hand cleaning them when they landed after every trip. The photo/VIP/ CASEVAC ones all got treated the same. Good fun ground running them at night with the cowlings off. With the power setting right you could get the exhaust system glowing cherry red.
  11. True ! You give them a perfectly serviceable aircraft and they will break it. Aircraft engineer for 45 years plus, military and airliners
  12. Mathy, that sir is a work of art. Fantastic paint finish and the weathering is superb, just right and not overdone.
  13. Hornby Hobbies shop. I don't know of any locations other than the Swindon outlet village but they may be worth checking for stock. I found two of these Motorhead HE111's for sale in the Swindon location for RRP which I purchased for a friend who mentioned he was after them for him and a mate. this was last Sunday 17th November.
  14. Airfix forum moderator "To dispel further speculation, a PR error has occurred and what should have been announced on Saturday was announced prematurely in error"
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