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  1. Its a pretty good kit but I had to add a shim between the fuselage halves under the cockpit to get a good fit with the wings and nose.
  2. I had to modify the front seat along with butchering the pilot to get a decent fit. The back seater has been more fortunate in keeping all his extremities, the right arm is from one of the ground crew but fit well. The acrylic rod I ordered has arrived. The front fuselage halves needed some filler on some sink marks from the cockpit alignment points
  3. The result to the poll I put up as to the next RAF kit I build was for Tornado (50%) over the F35b Lightning (25%), Hawk T1A (15%) and Typhoon F1 (10%). This will be an OOB build, inflight with the crew coming from Revell crew figures set and the Sidewinders replaced with some spare Airfix ones. The kit looks pretty well detailed but has some flash in places. I will be modelling ZD748 using the kit decals, hopefully get one of the Coastal Kits blurred bases to simulate a low level flight. Decals look pretty good not to thick. Started on the cockpit so I could see if the crew would fit without major surgery and the back seater looks fine, even still has his feet. Looks like the pilot will become a double amputee to fit under the instrument panel though.
  4. Front lower clear part has been fitted and you can see that the fuselage needed the 1mm shim added. Started work on the belly turret cover by using 0.75mm plastic card inserted in the large gaps and then some filler. And after 20mins with my selection of files and sand paper I had this. Another round of filling and sanding, then some re-scribing up next.
  5. Once I got the top side to a good standard I bonded the bomb bay doors in place, obviously these weren't designed to in the closed position. Some sanding and filler later... I got to this Before spending any more time sanding I added the belly turret cover plate, another piece that needed manipulation to fit any where near close. At the nose I had to add a 1mm plastic shim between the fuselage sections to get it wide enough to match the clear part. Once the belly turret cover has been glued all the way round I can continue the sanding to shape, I say sanding but I have been using the largest 10" metal. Much more aggressive than the little one I usually use
  6. I like the way you will be using the printed parts to add to the kit, something I have been considering. Can you give a rough cost of the equipment you have put together?
  7. Still trying to find the "add to basket" button Serkan, looks excellent.
  8. So far the Tornado is the top choice with the Lightning second, the Hawk and Typhoon 3rd and 4th respectively. I cant recall seeing either of these kits being built on BM so here's the sprue shots of the leaders, Tornado first. I have the 2000 re-box of the 1998 new tool release of the aircraft with new GR1 specific parts. Look well detailed for it age but some flash and sink marks. The F35B is a new tool kit released in 2019 and is more accurate than the initial F35 released in 2000 based on the prototypes. Some lovely detail and option for flaps/engines/hatch in landing/open/closed positioned. Only thing Italeri could have included is the Meteor and ASRAAM missiles for the RAF versions.
  9. So I haven't made any modern RAF jets, I have 3 Harriers (2xGR3 and a GR9) 1 Jaguar GR1 and a Jet Provost but nothing from the last 10-15 years. I have a few kits in the stash which are likely subjects so let me know what you think? The Typhoon kit is on its way from Ebay.
  10. Started the masking of the Beaufort, not using the Eduard masking set as I wasn't happy with the them so I reverted back to Tamiya tape. Also assembled the engine cowls, much better design than the ones Airfix used on the Beaufighter and no gaps to fill.
  11. Finally got back from Wales and got some work done on the B24, filled and sanded the fuselage joint, added the cockpit canopy and the horizontal tail plane. Still needs some more clear parts fitted and masked before the primer can go on. Also test fitted the wings.
  12. Interesting build, is the Special Hobby kit a recent issue?
  13. Count me in, got the Academy B17E and the HAD models decals sheet for a formation ship to build.
  14. Finally dragged the B24 out of its drawer last night, joined the fuselage halves and finished off the wing decals so these have been bagged to protect them. The nose will need some careful manipulation as it is glued to get rid of the warp
  15. The Eduard mask set I ordered for the Beaufort have arrived, also picked up some parafilm to try out. Some work on the BR693 engines. Special Hobby supply these lovely resin engine but they need to have the cylinder head filed off to fit inside the engine cowls. Some time with the sand paper in my future.
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