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  1. Started on the decals on the Frogfoot a few days ago, normally this is a process I quite enjoy but Revells insistence on printing black and white instructions on poor quality paper is very annoying. Hasegawa manage to do this and remain perfectly clear but Revell's low resolution instructions have spoiled it as there is around 200 individual decals on the sheet. 2 hours work has resulted in the nose done on both sides. 16 decals in the picture below and there still another 9 stencils to add! The rocket pods have been sprayed with Tamiya XF16 Aluminium ready for the nose
  2. Another 3 plane update. The Frogfoot has had the upper camo adjusted to include more green and less sand, this has improved the overall look. The underside has also been sprayed with Mr Colour RLM65 Light Blue as this is almost a perfect match to the colour used on the early SU25's, the later aircraft had a much whiter underside. The Br693 wings and engine have been assembled, the first went together fairly well and just needed the rear of the engine fairing filled to match the wing surface. The starboard wings engine was not fitting so well and had a la
  3. Frogfoot's upper camo painted, but I'm not sure if I like it. The new airbrush I got at the beginning of the year cannot spray as fine as the last one so I may have to upset the wife and buy another one. I may go back with the green and add some more as it looks to tan compared to most pictures I've seen.
  4. A 3 plane update this morning, the Frogfoot has had the canopy frames sprayed the same interior blue/grey and the under side has been primed. Must admit I glad to see the tan colour disappear. The Br693 wings have been assembled and the engine nacelles fitted, these will require some filler. Also managed to get to Elite for the correct paints for pre war French Air Force. Also picked up the colours for the Bristol Beaufort, a Malta based Mk1a. I have checked the kit sprues and it has the correct turret and engine filters but doesn't have the second
  5. excellent result even without the lights, one I have in the stash for later in the year.
  6. Made a start on the Br693 today and the thing that struck me was A) is a small aircraft and it is a short run kit with no locating pins. Below is a comparison with the fuselage of the Beaufort. Cockpit tub, once I get the right Grey/Blue paint I can paint and fit the etch seat belt. The wings have a butt joint rather than tabs so there is a corresponding mould mark inside the fuselage. But there is a part to fill. The rear bulkheads and floor in place. A quick check to see how the fuselage halve mate up, not up to most modern kits but bet
  7. I'm having this week off work instead of next for the Easter break but the wife has had me busy in the garden painting the bench, seats and table as they haven't been done in a few years so no time for modelling but I did break like a damp Kit Kat and ordered the Special Hobby Breguet Br693. It looks nice with a small photo etch frame and resin engines included, not quite as well moulded as the Special Hobby AH1 Cobra I built last year but its a rebox of the Azure kit from 2011 (according to Scalemates) but still good. I need to go through the instructions and check against the paints I have a
  8. Cant see the pictures, what hosting site are you using
  9. Yes, they wanted Rolls Royce to concentrate on the development of the more powerful Merlin engine destined for Spitfires and Hurricane.
  10. Disaster struck this morning and I dropped my favourite Spitfire mug! Wifey has ordered a replacement so I'll just have slum it with a plain mug for a while... Wings are now on the Frogfoot but I found another Art/Revell issue. The main wings have a downward dihedral but the tail planes have an upward dihedral but the instruction have the parts the wrong way round. If part 14 is fitted to the port side it has a downward angle so needs to be fitted to the starboard side and the reverse for part 12. Next up will be getting the pylons prepar
  11. The intakes have been filled and sanded back to where they look ok, but I will need to rescribe some panel lines. Canopy has been masked ready for the interior grey to be sprayed. The air brakes have been fitted to the wings, this is just a butt joint so we'll see how well they stay on. I wont be using all the supplied stores as a lot of the pictures of aircraft operating in Afghan show just the rocket pods fitted, so this is what I'll go with, these are ready for primer. @Graham Boak and @Marklo made some interesting suggestions as to what I c
  12. Looks better than the 3 part cowling on the Beaufighter, that was a sod to get a good fit.
  13. Excellent news, I have the Xtradecal Beaufort sheet on order so I can do the Malta based L9965 aircraft.
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