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  1. My vote would be Concorde 1st and F3 2nd
  2. Definitely respraying being done, maybe due to tail code change and they did further touch ups.
  3. First picture show the variation of paint fade between the nose and body. It looks like the tail was replaced as the tan on it is much darker than the fuselage below.
  4. When I got home yesterday I had 2 parcels waiting for me (much to the wife's disappointment). First is the Fine Molds kit, looks very nice and 2nd is my new airbrush so I can get restarted on the current build backlog once the wife's latest DIY project is done.
  5. Ron, thanks again. I presume that you where Air Force ground crew and served for a long time?
  6. It a great "little" kit. Nice finish.
  7. Fantastic album thanks for sharing.
  8. Greater effect on target, 3 20mm cannons firing upto 6000rds per min = 300 rds per sec so much greater chance of damaging target
  9. Some excellent references there, thanks. Were they operating f4d and f4e at the same time?
  10. Thanks for the help, looks like I should be able to modify the alq87 to alq72 with no problems. I'm not planning to start work on this until I clear the B24, RA5C, SU25 and V22 from the wip draws.
  11. Thanks Jari, that opens up tail number options. I was going off an artical which said only one aircraft was modified to "chico" standard.
  12. I will be basing mine of the photos, so 2 x suu23's onthe outboard pylons, 2x mk20's on the inboard pylons, alq87 front left sparrow bay, aim7 in front right bay and large centre line tank. Used print scale decals so I know what you mean.
  13. Thanks guys, very helpful. Just need 2 suu23 gun pods now.
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