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  1. This one is building fast, soon be done.
  2. Sorted the engines out but the fuselage is going to need more work. The port side is pretty good but the starboard... Not so much a seam but a yawning chasm.
  3. Been trying to find one for ages but only ones available are the hobbyboss quick build or the lindberg travesty
  4. An intresting aircraft, shame there isn't a good one in 1/72.
  5. Dyno tape and a coffee stirring stick have become my prefered scribing guides
  6. Started to sort the seams today, fuselage one not to bad but the engines are worse. Same on the tail plane join, should hope fully remove some material and be a better fit. Still to remove some antenna as well. Will have some filling and rescribing on the engine pods before they fitted.
  7. I had this kit in my basket several times but never bought it as I have not seen one first hand but after seeing your pictures I will pick one up soon. Good to see more helicopters in this group build, look forward to your progress.
  8. This happened on mine, but I joined the fuselage at the top and added a 1 mm shim on the lower side as there was a gap at the wing joint and the nose fitted better. Save alot of filling later on.
  9. Started to stick the fuselage together and had a test fit of the wings, not to good really a large gap on both sides and the join around the undercarriage bays is going to need work as well. IMGA0829 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0830 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0831 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0832 by neil Connor, on Flickr There is also some confusion about the Peanut camo scheme I'm going for, once source reckons it was deployed to Saudi Arabia 1990 and another that it was only an experimental scheme flown in the US. So I will have to do more digging.
  10. Excellent a Harrier, I was tempted to do my Gr7 but couldn't get hold of the decals for it
  11. Quick update, the Hidecal sheet has arrived along with a Master gun barrel set as the Italeri moulded one was terrible. The Master set is a miniature kit itself, seven barrels, centre pin, 2 end caps and the shroud all in brass. Assembled the main and tail planes, sprayed the engine internals with XF56, cockpit is decaled, seat is almost finished. This is one of those that goes together quick but needs alot of fine fitting to get a good result from early indications. IMGA0826 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0827 by neil Connor, on Flickr The Tiger 2 in the back round will not be down range. IMGA0828 by neil Connor, on Flickr
  12. I was hoping it would be the AIM9L, I can use the ones from the GR3 boxing then
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