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  1. Second round of sprue gloop has gone on, but I add some more Tamiya extra thin so the sprue gloop was thinner than before.
  2. Here 2 more comparison pictures for you, firstly F102 Delta Dagger. And SR71.
  3. I had a look at that but went for the Dream Model as the Trumeter kit is based on one of the prototype aircraft so shape is not accurate for a production one.
  4. Finish no10 for the year is Dream Model's Chengdu J20 Mighty Dragon (beast mode), I got this from Hannants at a reduced price due to the box being crushed and when it arrived I found that the sprues had been warped but this didn't effect the result. Unfortunately the extra missiles and wing pylons supplied are resin printed rather than cast and broke up when cut from the print tree's, but fortunately I hadn't drilled the mounting holes in the wings. The kit also has some brass etch for the cockpit but I found this very soft and it didn't bond well so was discarded. The plastic used is soft and flexible until joined with other parts, without the main weapon bay in place the lower fuselage was particularly flexible. The canopy had a nasty seam that needed a lot a polishing to remove and at certain angles is still visible. I was hopeful for this kit as I was after the AH1Z Cobra but after this one I don't think I'll bother. Built OOB and painted with Mr Hobby Colour, I went for the splinter scheme as this is the less common one pictured. Not my best result for the year but ok from a metre, as usual all comments welcome. J20 is a big aircraft, much larger than the F35 I built earlier this year.
  5. Small update now the Voodoo is complete, cockpit has been painted and the fuselage forward section glued together. Unfortunately as other modeller's have found the gaps on these parts will require filler. Also needed clamping to meet the edges.
  6. It's tamiya xf12 but the light bulb is warm white, must change it for a pure white instead.
  7. Finish no9 for 2022 is Revell's F101B Voodoo in RCAF livery, No409 Sqn RCAF Nighthawks based at CAFB Comex BC. Built OOB less the Belcher Bits decals and the air brake area had a rivets panel added made from a aluminium can. This is the later scheme in a semi gloss version of US air superiority grey on the second batch of Voodoo the RCAF received from the USAF. The first batch did not have the IR sensor on the nose while the second did but did not have formation lights so these were removed from the kit moulding along with some of the antenna under the nose and behind the cockpit. The Belcher bits decals work okish but don't like Microsol, I had to remove a couple that wrinkled badly and used the kit decal instead along with some of the stencil data. Painted with just Tamiya acrylics this time as I couldn't find the correct Mr Hobby colour in my area. As usual all comment welcome. I didn't realise how big the Voodoo was when I started but its bigger than the F102 Delta Dagger I finished earlier this year.
  8. Calling this one done, RFI will be up shortly. If anyone would like either the Almark decal set or the remaineder of the Belcher bits decals send me a PM and I'll send them on.
  9. Made the decision to strip the decals off and replace with the kit ones, tock about 25 mins soaking with Microsol red before they would come off. Fuel tanks, flaps and hook fitted. Along with tail planes. I'm off for a 2 week course in lovely Gosport on Monday so I think this one wont be finished before I leave unfortunately.
  10. Been concentrating on the Flying wing and Mighty Dragon for last few weeks but did some work on the Voodoo yesterday and this morning, still not happy with the walk way decals from Belcher Bits so I may remove them and use the kit ones instead. Finished off the exhausts and fitted Fuel tanks have sprayed and clear coated ready for decals.
  11. Both leading edges on and started with sprue gloop and some plastic card to try a level the surfaces out as a few a quite a bit different. Bench is a bit messy at the moment. Also started on the wheels, sprayed with NATO Black and masked ready for aluminium hubs.
  12. Got the wings glued on with a much better fit thanks to the added tabs. So I moved onto the leading edge sections but found these did not fit well so some plastic card has been used to fill most of the gaps.
  13. When I did the temp wing fit to test the storage box i found the wing joints were poor with no proper alignment pins so I started to add some alignment tabs to add some strength to the butt join.
  14. They both had nasty seam lines but after a light sanding and buffing with some Flory polishing sticks followed with a coat of floor polish they are much better.
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