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  1. Hi Grant I understand what you mean ref the bomb aimers glass and forward turret fairing but I not at home for another week so I cant check the turrets but I was under the impression that the B24M went back to the earlier turrets due to a shortage of the light weight ones. I should be able to modify the nose parts easily enough and see if I can find the scale planes in 1/72.
  2. Thanks don f for the picture, very helpful. Received the book I ordered and it turns out Striped for Action was delivered just as the bombing missions came to an end and was only used for hump missions. All weapons and armour plate removed so more stores/fuel could be carried
  3. Thanks but I have missed one patch of tan on the engine cowl I will do tomorrow
  4. Masked up the green ready for the Mr Colour H65 RLM70 Black Green, This took nearly 2 hours with the Maskol but I don't think it would have been possible with tape. And then on with the Black Green The unmasking took just 30 mins resulting in this
  5. Underside masked and Tamiya XF52 Flat Dark Earth sprayed for the Tan colour, the instructions show a much lighter shade but I checked several paint conversion charts and compared XF52 with Mr Colour H310 and they match very well. After this had dried overnight the tan was masked of using Humbrol Maskol I have found Maskol better than tape for these small irregular patches and then sprayed Mr colour H303 Hopefully tonight I can get the green masked and spray the H65.
  6. Going off the picture you linked and by Don f above that Stripped for action had the EW antenna and forward guns removed at the same time, perhaps this is how it looked during the supply flights. I presume there was minimal crew, pilot/navigator/flight engineer and no need for gunners on supply flights
  7. I have the Academy/minicraft B24H kit. Going of the difference it seam the nose and tail turret are a different type, but as the EW aircraft had the guns removed this will reduce the focus on those areas
  8. Thanks EwenS, just ordered that book. Does it have any pics/diagrams of the EW atennas
  9. Masked the underside and sprayed the top grey last night but spotted a few spots that will need further attention before I can move on to the decals.
  10. Spayed primer and then the yellow panels before masking the yellow panels before spraying the underside grey Once this is dry I will mask the underside and start the 3 tone camo scheme
  11. Thanks guys, I think I'll get the cbi book mentioned by Don and find some picture of EW modified aircraft. I have time this one wont be started this year... maybe
  12. Very true, will get a picture up tomorrow
  13. Evening all Just bought the print scale decals 72234 sheet but there are no paint codes on the instructions! Would anyone know the shade of blue required for option 1 or 3. Been searching for pictures but been unable to find any of this two. Thanks
  14. So I got the canopy and nose on yesterday morning only to break the probe of immediately so I had to glue back on. Masking was done last night so I primed the top side Only to realise that I'd forgotten the belly strakes so I couldn't prime the underside until this morning And then same thing with the belly antenna! but I stuck that on and sprayed the underside with Mr Colour H21 Signal White which is a dirty off white. I have sprayed the tanks and pylons as well but neglected to photo.
  15. Been distracted lately but masked option A tonight
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