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  1. neil5208

    Hasegawa Typhoon Mk.IB

    I thought the same when I used it last year so I used a brown oil wash to dull it down a bit https://flic.kr/p/LUuzTt
  2. Serge has a good point, bottom left scheme then
  3. Centre right looks particularly effective and eye catching
  4. neil5208

    1/72 F-86A-Matchbox kit

    Sabre's always one of those aircraft that looks right from any angle, yours is shaping up nicely
  5. neil5208


    Deleted not the wanted area
  6. neil5208

    Hasegawa Ki 61 Hien (Tony)

    Hi Chris Don't know why the pictures where a different size but redone now for you. Hi Joachim Spelle7ing corrected, thanks for spotting.
  7. Just finished this one, Hasegawa's 1/72 Ki 61 Hien or Tony. Originally released in 1973! the Hasegawa kit has fine surface detail on the outside but the cockpit was a seat base moulded to the floor and didn't even have a control stick. Used Eduard photo etch (long out of production) for the cockpit and Rising Sun's decal set with ski conversion (also out of production) Considering the kit was older than my wife it built up pretty well, the plastic was quite hard compared to more recent kit's I built but cant tell if this was down to age or how Hasegawa made it. Time had not been kind to the kit decals and could only use 4 of them, everything else just broke up when being moved. The kits canopy is very finely molded and crystal clear. The aircraft represented seems to have been a test aircraft as I have only managed to find one picture of it which shows it in pristine condition hence the models un-weathered finish. Painted using Tamiya acylics. As usual any comments welcome. IMGA0727 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0728 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0729 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0730 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0731 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0732 by neil Connor, on Flickr
  8. know that aircraft well, walked or drove past it for two years. Excellent work as usaul.
  9. I have started the Kate as I have been unable to get any Tamiya XF21 for the Zero's yet. I will be using Marco1965's excellent build he did last year as a guide but I will do a more weathered aircraft than he did. Also decided that I would make this a more evolved build than the Tony or Zero so the Wing will be folded and I have the Eduard interior etch set. So the outer wings have been cut off and assembled, remembered to drill the 2 small holes for the wing fold stays but the kit instructions don't list the correct colour for them so if anyone knows this please let me know. Also drilled out the lightning hole in the cockpit floor, may not be visible with the wings folded but simple enough, the left fuselage has had the etch applied to the rear gunners spare ammo tins. Once the wife has finished her sewing I will spray the cockpit and start applying the coloured etch. IMGA0723 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0724 by neil Connor, on Flickr Wing fold end plates, I considered the CMK resin parts but in this scale it wouldn't make much difference. IMGA0725 by neil Connor, on Flickr The floor with holes drilled out IMGA0726 by neil Connor, on Flickr
  10. neil5208

    1/72 Hasegawa Grumman X-29

    Nice work
  11. I've had the morning off so made so more progress on the Tony. Wooden fuel tanks painted and on, the Rising Sun decals went on really well but the kit decals being so old were very poor, only managed to save 4 of them. Ski's are on, just need the cut down doors fitting. IMGA0720 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0721 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0722 by neil Connor, on Flickr Now this one is done I can make a start on the Kate.
  12. The Tony's last bit of paint is on, black anti glare panel and yellow leading edges were masked up and sprayed. Ski's have been painted but only dry fit. The fuel tanks need painting and fitting before clear coat can go on. IMGA0719 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0718 by neil Connor, on Flickr Zeros currently on hold until I can get the right light grey for the undersides, hopefully by end of the week.
  13. Masked up and sprayed IJN Field Grey, will leave overnight and mask of the yellow leading edges and the black anti glare panel. IMGA0716 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0717 by neil Connor, on Flickr
  14. First of the Zero's has had Humbrol Maskol on the canopy (first time I've tried using) and the Tony has also been sprayed Tamiya XF16 Aluminium. IMGA0714 by neil Connor, on Flickr The Tony will be an non weathered aircraft, I have only been able to find two pictures of aircraft on ski's, one black and white photo in plain green? and an oil painting of the NMF/green spot that is common on Tony's https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjP45W3obHgAhWXAmMBHfUKDFkQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.warrelics.eu%2Fforum%2Faircraft%2Fwhat-hack-painting-ki-61-hien-tony-skids-378461%2F&psig=AOvVaw1bPUAJvy-Abp_FBgV8PE-1&ust=1549891365359798 The Zero will be heavily chipped/weathered as the aircraft captured by the US force on Saipan Island were in poor condition both mechanicayl and cosmeticly IMGA0715 by neil Connor, on Flickr Whilst at Hobbycraft picking up the maskol I spotted an Italeri SR71 Blackbird for a £10, couldn't leave it there could I? IMGA0713 by neil Connor, on Flickr Its a big plane, even in 1/72
  15. Been a busy week so time at bench has been curtailed, but I got the Tony canopy masked and sprayed interior colour and started on the Zero's masking. Should have a few hours to myself tomorrow so hopefully have some colour on both by end of the day. IMGA0711 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0712 by neil Connor, on Flickr Any hopes of starting the Kate next week have evaporated.