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  1. Unfortunately I've been called back into work so modelling has taken a hit but I've managed some work last night. Outer 2 pylons has been fitted along with jet nozzles and AGM65. Only took 30 mins to apply the decals the Maverick in the end. Then a matt coat of Tamiya XF86 clear, I have got some MIG Ammo weathering powders to try doing the exhaust staining that a lot of 2 Gen seem to have. The Eduard AGM65 is nicely detailed, definitely worth it.
  2. I have this kit, which option are you making, 572 or the second aircraft and which decal failed
  3. The partially retracted gear is effective creating the overall result
  4. 2nd coat of gloss clear applied first thing this morning and panel line wash this afternoon, I made a dark grey wash for the underside and sides and used black on the dark grey upper surfaces. I will leave this to dry before applying a matt coat, I may try to get hold of some weathering powders and experiment on the exhaust staining seen on many Marine Corp Harriers. Also did pylons, fuel tanks and the Eduard AGM 65 launch rail (all just test fitted for the picture) And lastly the AGM 65 fitted to its launch rail, the moulding is so accurate that it is slide onto the rail and there is no glue holding it on. Next job is the jet nozzles, mk 82 bomb, undercarriage and applying 18+ tiny decals to the AGM 65 (another evening with the magnifying glass)
  5. I far as I know the launch rail is the same
  6. Finished the decals on the AV8B tonight including the tiny one's barely visible. Another layer of clear and then some oil panel line washes. Finally started the paint work on the GR9, one thing noticeable is the difference between the 2 kits plastic. I find the Airfix plastic takes the paint well but the Hasegawa plastic (harder and shinier surface texture) needed more work to get the same result.
  7. I have tempted to get one of these but its the wrong scale for me and I always seem to miss the 1/72 ones when they come up on the big E
  8. I applied a layer of clear on Sunday evening and started decalling the AV8B on the starboard side and upper surfaces last night. The Hasegawa decal are thicker than the after market one's I've been using recently but are going down well. Hasegawa stencils are a fraction of what Airfix provide for the GR9 but should mean I can finish this one soon,
  9. Repaired the over spray and did work on the tanks and weapons. The tanks are glued to the pylons but the pylons are only test fitted. Agm65 and mk82 have had some paint (M117's are for an A1 Skyraider)
  10. Just reached a similiar point on my b5n2 kate and had the same thing but as soon as the next nose section goes on it closes up
  11. AV8B resprayed with XF83 and this morning I free hand sprayed XF63 German Grey and ended up with a much better result. There's a few area's that will need touching up but the overall effect is much better than with XF22. I also worked on the tanks and the AGM65 And the GR9 canopy has been fitted, unfortuneatly the Airfix canopy is not as clear as the Hasegawa's and has more distortion.
  12. Repaired the dodgy seam on the nose. And went onto the third colour, xf22 was the indicated colour but I dont think its dark/blue enough. I think I might re-spray and go for xf63 German Grey or mix some dark blue with the xf22 unless anyone has any suggestions?
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