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  1. A minor bit of filler at that rear joint and the flap actuators fitted. Canopy fitted And onto the Frogfoot, initial test fit of fuselage and canopy looked OK With the canopy off the poor seat detail is really poor. I can see a Metallic Details resin seat on order very soon to replace this. The fuselage has many sink marks to fill and some of the panel lines are a bit vague.
  2. 2nd finish for 2021 is Hasegawa's A1H Douglas Skyraider as Paper Tiger II. On the 4th November 1965 a special device codenamed "Operation Saniflow" was dropped from Paper Tiger II by CDR Clarence ‘Bill’ Stoddard on a target in Vietnam. You can read the full story on line. The Hasegawa kit is the usual, nice detail, fine panel lines but I'm finding that Hasegawa's attention to detail lacks in some places. The box art shows the aircraft fitted with Mk82's and the toilet bomb but actual pictures show what looks like M117 and Mk20's. The toilet bomb is pretty good but is missing a tail cone so thi
  3. I have the Northrop YB49 waiting in the stash, a suitable prototype aircraft to sign up with.
  4. As per usual the cockpit is first, not many parts but detail is acceptable for 1/72. I did look at resin seats and while the back seat looked better the front seat in the resin set I found didn't look right for the G model. Sparyed with XF63 German Grey, and a silver dry brush. The parts count for this kit is low so should be a speedy build.
  5. New year and my first new WIP! I have in my collection quite a few CAS aircraft from WW2 onwards (see below) so after trawling through ebay over Christmas I managed to find two kit's I'd been after for a while both of which are CAS specialists from design, the Junker Ju87G2 and the Sukhoj SU25. Typhoon, Hs129B2, Hurricane IId, AV8B+2, A10A, Jaguar GR3, there are more harrier's and other types but too many to fit into one picture. The Ju87G2 is the Academy kit, detail looks good for 1/72 and the paint scheme is for Hans Rudel aircraft in the eastern front.
  6. The 0.15 radius lines look good without primer, would like to see when primed.
  7. Started assembling the engine nacelles today but notice that each cowling has sink marks to varying degrees and that the panel line are a bit iffy so this looks like it won't be a quick job to sort out. Starting to wish I'd stumped up the extra £20 for the Hasegawa kit
  8. Thanks, I did look for other scheme options but wasn't able to and then realised I hadn't done any Luftwaffe aircraft in rlm81/82 splinter scheme. And I came close to getting the hobbyboss but got lucky on ebay and won this one.
  9. 1st finish of 2021 is Revell's Dornier Do335 Pfeil or Arrow. This a rebox of the Dragon kit and shares the same issues most multiple variant design often do as the centre fuselage/cockpit part fit is not good, nether are the wing leading edge parts a lot of sanding need to look good. The kit comes with 2 engines but I did not fit these and blanked off the exhaust ports to make painting simpler. This should have been the 12th finish for 2020 but the paint would not bond as normal, I can only think that there was residual mould release still on the sprues even after cleaning. Built OOB and paint
  10. Which the Air Force has had to ground at least twice for quality/safety issue and had several boom strikes against refueling aircraft due to the remote boom control system fitted.
  11. Typical of the US Defence procurement system, the Pentagon and untold specialist find the best item for the job and then congress or lobbyist complain because its not American, the US Marine Corp has been trying to replace the M4 and M16 for best part of 20 years and are blocked every year but the congressional oversight commitee.
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