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  1. sinnerboy

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    If memory serves me correctly (which it seldom does these days ) I think that may be at Explosion at Priddys Hard
  2. sinnerboy

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    Not sure, but I think that is now the one at the Submarine Museum Gosport ( Portsmouth )
  3. sinnerboy

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    I was at Bovington back in March & one of the guides told me that all the Land Hall exhibits at Dux were either being stored or redistributed to other museums as that part of Dux was closing. Don't know if there is any truth in this...just saying.
  4. sinnerboy

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    Oi! don't forget here in Sussex Went to the IWM just after it reopened in 2014, completely underwhelmed, excellent & historic exhibits replaced with screens for the dumbed down brigaded. Sad, used to be an excellent place to go. haven't been to Hendon for 3 or 4 years now, but the last time I was there I didn't much like the direction they were heading, I fear that it too may go the way of the IWM. Mind you I still haven't forgiven them for scrapping the Beverly that had outside
  5. sinnerboy

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    During a rectal examination the consultant said to me " don't worry, it's quite normal to get an erection during this procedure" I said " but I haven't got one" he said "no, but I have"
  6. sinnerboy

    Grump Britain.

    you may be right.....RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY
  7. sinnerboy

    Nearly clear!!!!

    Nice one Simon, great news
  8. sinnerboy

    Grump Britain.

    I beg to differ Marty
  9. sinnerboy

    Solent Sky

    Paid a visit to Solent Sky today, an excellent museum, not the largest in the world but it contained many interesting aircraft and artefacts not to mention very friendly staff . If you're ever in Southampton its well worth a visit to while away 3-4 hours, a good hour of which was sitting on a short Sandringhams ( Sunderland) flight deck.
  10. sinnerboy

    Grump Britain.

    French Beans? do I get a prize?
  11. sinnerboy

    Aircraft Build Jigs

    oh I like that,simple but ingenious ( bit like me ) would look much better with matching pencils tho mind if I copy?
  12. Tried it once but I found it to be very stringy, may have been down to the thinner.. Interesting idea with the clear sprues tho, may give that a try, biggest drawback I can see is having to go to Lidls
  13. sinnerboy

    Dambusters Declassified

    thanks for the heads up, recording set at this hour75 years ago, what would be going through their minds 2 or 3 hours before take off? 53 never to come home. bless every one of them, brave men indeed
  14. sinnerboy

    Grump Britain.

    that's Somerset for you! Was there an ugly kid playing a Banjo out the front?
  15. sinnerboy

    Grump Britain.

    and jet skis