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  1. never used those,be interested to see what you make of them.
  2. Looking good Andy What are you going to use for belts?
  3. sinnerboy

    RIP. Meatloaf

    This time last week some of us were mourning the passing of Burke Shelly, this Fridays it's Meat. Not particually my genre of rock, but you couldn't beat getting in from the boozer on a Friday night, sticking the cans on and making your ears ring to Bat or Paradice by the Dashboard...good times. Had a lot of biker friends and BooH was their anthem. RIP
  4. On my shortlist of next to do. Following with interest
  5. The worst example of this that i've seen, is pistons to go inside the engine block. Totally pointless ZM!
  6. Very trues Simon, very true, but as you say what memories! Fortunately some can be rekindled with the right music.
  7. wow, just listned to Zoom Club...LOUD! Thats taken me back 45 odd years in a flash. Ah, those were the days long hair, flares,music, girls & oodles of testosterone with your whole life to look forward to. Edit, didnt do much any modelling then.
  8. Sad, was rather fond of Budgie in my teens, saw then a couple of times. Havnt listened to them for years but may have a little dabble tonight IIRC Zoom Club & Parents? were my favorite tracks
  9. Damn,that looks nice. Looks like I'll be selling my S2 & SB2 soon then....oh and my CA Anson
  10. But i wanted a Defiant I am now going to sulk like a spoilt little brat for the rest of the evening (might still buy one tho)
  11. Yes, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you. thanks to Mike & the mods ( sounds like a band) for running BM.
  12. Has anyone any idea why a lot of Takon kits have disapeared from retailers websites, or where thay can be found? Mainly talking about WW1 stuff, Mark I M&F, Tadpole, St Chamond, Skoda howitzers etc Also the V2 & trailer. They are still listed on Takoms own web site so presumably not dis-conn'd TIA Rick
  13. ditto 'wow' I can honestly say that is one of the best models I have ever seen. How did you make the sea?
  14. sinnerboy

    - SAD NEWS

    I feel your pain, the hardest thing having a pet is when they leave.They wrap themselves around your heart.
  15. I think the tool designers messed up here. They've made the front 1/48 and the back 1/35. what a strange beast.
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