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  1. spaddad is correct. and for houses approx post 1965, dirty water ie sinks, washing machines, loos off to the treatment works. surface water to soakaways. I pour used chemicals into a bottle & then put them the in the section at the dump ( sorry...household recycling centre AKA dump ) for chemicals & paints. Things like White Spirit I try to use as much as possible for environmental concerns, not cause I'm a tight bottom. I strain them through some old stocking material to get the bits out and them use them for first rinse.
  2. wot 'e said 3 years ago. read an oldish review I found, sound like good stuff, but where to get? anyone any ideas?
  3. That's very, very nice Sir! Beautiful build of an beautiful airplane. Roll on Special Hobby's 1/32nd....if it ever happens!
  4. A bit slower than you, took me about a month, but I think I got the hang of it
  5. They were fun, different, eccentric, very British and very very talented writers, comedians & musicians. A bit before my time but I have a few of their CDs and I think "DIGG" is a goodun you may want to watch this about Viv Stanshaw, sadly no longer with us.
  6. Nooooooo! I've tried fishing line & EZ ( only ever rigged two kits ) cant say I was really happy with either, but maybe it was the user rather than the product.
  7. I've got the original kit in the stash, don't fancy making that with the clear fuselage halves, so I think this will be a perfect addition alongside it. If it's 60 quid think that's a good price. one thing I can't believe tho is that they still haven't included any cockpit decals, that said, who needs 'em when there is the Airscale beauty.
  8. Nice bottle, shame about what's in it
  9. interesting, dare this give us hope of other WnW's being released by Meng or others?
  10. Guess who I bumped into in Specsavers today? well, everyone really
  11. My wife left me last week, but she came home after a couple of hours. bit of a pain really as I had to go down the charity shop and buy all her clothes back.
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