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  1. sinnerboy

    What to do with kit missing parts?

    This will only help with the clear parts but you could get this. the Revell canopy is rather strange as it resembles an Ikea flat pack, this is far superior and a lot easier. https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/arado-ar-196-replacement-canopy-and-mask-set-revell-132-6123-p.asp
  2. sinnerboy

    Thinnerline circle cutter

    try this I have one, don't use it much but when I have it's excellent. https://www.ebay.com/itm/382548357236
  3. sinnerboy

    Revell 2019 releases

    How do we know that the WnW Lanc will be cheaper than HKMs offering? I've seen no mention of price other than a quote from WnWs Richard saying that " they hope it will be around the price of the Felixstowe/HB29 Duellist package" At present that is $349 which means big H will convert to £349 that's not accounting for price increases, exchange rates between now and the kits release ,and of course the B word scenario what ever that may be. My fear was that I could pick up a HKM Lanc for £340 but a Wingnuts kit may be £500+ in a year so's time, so I bought the former tho would have preferred the latter. (don't like clear fuselage's) Genuine question, has a price been banded around? TIA
  4. sinnerboy

    a new 1/48th "Hurricane"

    tsk...rivet counters!
  5. sinnerboy

    HK Lancaster ?.

    at £339.50 be rude not to
  6. sinnerboy

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Mines taken off from Rails of Sheffield and hopefully will be on finals tomorrow ( as long as it's not going via Gatwick )
  7. sinnerboy

    The first HK Lancaster WIP?

    Have you finished it yet? Have you finished it yet? Have you finished it yet?
  8. sinnerboy

    Empire of the Clouds

    good book of a sad & woeful story of post war British aviation.
  9. sinnerboy

    HK Lancaster ?.

    have fun, are you going see thru?
  10. sinnerboy

    HK Lancaster ?.

    and ? and? and?
  11. sinnerboy

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Amen to that! I thought long and hard about cancelling the HKM in favour of WnWs However the price is unknown and who knows what way Sterling will go in these strange times, could end up being £500 plus
  12. sinnerboy

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Yes it's still with them for 'pre order' still it will brighten up a dreary January
  13. sinnerboy

    HK Lancaster ?.

    £339.50 + 7.50 P&P from rails of Sheffield https://railsofsheffield.com/products/37060/pocketbond-pkhk01e10-1-32-avro-lancaster-b-i-b-iii-wwii-raf-heavy-bomber thanks for the heads up WV908 agree with Jerry may be best not to hang around