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  1. The sea scape is spectacular, how did you achieve it please?
  2. As Troy said, meecrowarvee (sorry Nigela speak) for 10 - 15 sec works a treat
  3. edited, coz in hindsight my comment may have been perceived as as being chauvinistic which was not my intention
  4. Well I think that's not a very good build at all. the weathering doesn't look very realistic, the pointy bit on the bottom is all skewwhiff and the antifoul paint is different heights
  5. Thats a lot of plastic strut on that ship. ....or all in one lawn feed
  6. I wonder if they will come with some resin goodies like the Tempest MkV & II ( half engine & cannon bays ) can't wait!
  7. sinnerboy

    Covid Jab

    Had mine today, turned me into a newt. (very well organised in Chichester, well done & thanks, to all those involved/NHS)
  8. sinnerboy

    Covid Jab

    at least you'd get a signal
  9. When I said what a good tip, given your nom de plume, I should have said, have a cigar there shouldn't I?
  10. sinnerboy

    Covid Jab

    and did it? got mine next Thursday
  11. Thats a good tip, sounds like a spiffing idea, will give it a go...ta
  12. Talking of the weather, in the morning, you always tell if it had rained during the night as the side lights used to be half full of water
  13. weh hey!!! lets all descend on a model show, grab some bargains, paint tools etc....oh and a nice case of Covid. sorry, not being cynical or pessimistic but I've lost people to this bloody virus and have a vulnerable mother & MIL that we have to look after, so I for one won't be going to shows until at least next year ( or pubs, restaurant's, footy, cinema etc etc ) Please be careful folks, don't let your guard down.
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