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  1. you've lost me mate, it would come up in a Robert Shaw search cos it is Robert Shaw, not Martin Shaw who was in the Professionals as Doyle, hence the reference to Bodie.
  2. Martin Shaw?....you shaw?? Bodies 12 O'clock high
  3. Mine is Gus (Gustav) my best mate who we lost 8 years ago As for my nomenclature, well I'm actually a very honest law abiding person....honest guv! it's just the title of a song by the late, great Rory Gallagher, sounded a bit more macho than Daughter of the Everglades or Moonchild, could have used Shinkicker I suppose, bit aggressive tho
  4. Thirded.... As an ex Toolmaker, (basic piercing ie punch & die is the most basic of press tools) I can highly recommend RPtoolz set, as previously mention they are pricey but are well machined and material used seem to be of good quality.
  5. Morris Marina, to remind me of my mis-spent adolescence painted Harvest Gold chicken poo brown of course
  6. what do you call a woman with one leg longer than the other ....Ilene what do you call a Chinese woman with one leg longer than the other ....Irene
  7. LSA stood for Land,Ship,Air.....sadly missed, but not by my wallet.
  8. I had a mate who was dyslexic, we all laughed when he said he was going to take up poetry but so far he's made a nice jug and a couple of bowls
  9. Yep, merry Christmas all, I hope all your stockings a overflowing with plastic goodies. Fingers crossed that 2021is a million times better than this awful year.
  10. Very very nice, planning one of these for my next mangle, will be pleased if it turns out half as nice. what paints did you use? and are they the kit decals? if so, they look painted they've settled so well.
  11. thanks chaps, I'll give them a go
  12. My next crucifixion build is going to be IBG's PZL11 and as Hataka do a Polish paint set I thought I'd give them a try never having used them before. So if any body else has, what did you think of them in terms of ease of use, colour match and durability? Also what range did you use ie Red Band=Acrylic suited to an airbrush. Blue Band= Acrylic brushable. Orange Band=Lacquer based. TIA
  13. Good thinking about the Sabre, I'd be happy with a Tempest although I'd prefer a MkII. Gladiator would be good too
  14. My reliable sources tell me that the big release of 2021 is to be a 1/24 BP Defiant.
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