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  1. Bring it on, surely one of the most aesthetic piston engined aircraft ever to have graced the skies. Good luck in your ventures Kotare.
  2. i believe it was, certainly smells the same as SMP. Tamiya extra thin is Acetone & Butyl Acetate. I use MEK for sprugoo filler ( a lot chaeper than using Tamiya ) and for thin adhesive, although not as good as TET as dosnt seem to melt & weld as TET does. still I find it ok for general stuff...and at 9 quid certainly cheap.
  3. Reading the above posts, surely this should be barred from general sale then. I bought a 500ml bottle of Amazon last week £8.99
  4. & yet I ordered a ladies watch battery from Amazon the other day. about 3/16 of an inch diameter in a blister pack about the size of a normal stamp. Cost all of £1.89..........came in an A4 carboard envelope.
  5. As Mike says, RPToolz Punch And Die Set RP Toolz RP-PD (scalemodelshop.co.uk) I have one & it is excellent tho not cheap at 90 quid
  6. One or two, if one goes to SoD (Shelf of Doom) sometimes one or SoD go to AiG (Airgun in Garden)
  7. Oh follyoppololy joyous goodely episodlly oney translated:- I quite enjoyed episode 1,ta for the heads up
  8. Breaks my heart that the majority of those were melted down Still I'm sure there were some nice saucepans available shortly afterwards.
  9. Daddies is better. Just about to don my tin lid & am now taking cover
  10. echo all thats been said above, both are lovely with cold meats or cheese, I also have a fondness for piccalilli in a baked potatoe....with sasauge & beans, yum yum. Not tried Heinze usually have Branston but I'm sure very similar. now all you need is some Daddies & Marmite
  11. pah! the trains on the Brighton to Portsmouth line are older
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