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  1. No, it was scrapped. They said it was in a dangerouse state of repair. Such a shame.
  2. Trying to figure how i'd go about masking that. think I'd go with the red first....am I close?
  3. er...wow, that is fantastic! I take it the Union flag is masked?
  4. I guess that depends on the company's scrupples. Hannants found some Hanovers about 3 months ago and were selling them for £130,all credit to them.
  5. Thanks Rob. I'll copy that info & put it in my techniques file to give it a try.
  6. Thats very nice indeed! Mind if I ask how you did the water?
  7. I went into my LHS shop today and asked the proprietor,have you got ant thinner? he said, yes I've lost 10 pounds thankyou for noticing
  8. It’s getting ridiculous. All things to go wrong. My car can self park parallel or bays. Tried it when I first got it in an empty Tescos car park…scared the life out of me! never ever thought of using it since! Also car has five cameras sides,front,back & vertical views, plus front & rear parking sensors. If you can’t park with that little lot, well it asks a question.
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