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  1. Yes, it’s dirty. But on the plus side, it’s localized and on the underside, where it’s not too visible. And, there’s plenty of bare metal on this plane! Here’s how mine turned out — dirty, but not over the top IMHO.
  2. Oh!!! That’s so cool! I’m really fascinated by aircraft that were involved in Arctic and Antarctic exploration. Count me in for the duration. Wilkins was also the mastermind of this endeavor: https://www.amphilsoc.org/exhibits/nautilus/history.htm
  3. Good job on the turbo-supercharger exhausts. And, when you get around to painting, note how dirty the exhaust stains were:
  4. How did I miss your Mustang build??? You’re doing a yeoman’s job with it!!!
  5. Looking good! I can’t wait to see her, standing up with decals on.
  6. Very nice! Your photos could use something else in the scene, just to show how massive this beast is!
  7. As an aside, I was attending Navy Nuclear Power School in Idaho Falls, Idaho when the Red Baron Starfighter was flying (the Red Baron Flying Service was based out of Idaho Falls). Naturally, this is a plane I want to build someday.
  8. A point of trivia (and, I’m no Phantom expert so I’m willing to be corrected)… The F-4B was the only Phantom version to carry an IR sensor under the radome. Bulged radomes on Air Force F-4s were a carryover from the F-4B, but did not have the IR sensor fitted. Eventually, the space was used in USAF Phantoms to mount a radar warning receiver. Also, bulged and “slick” radomes could be swapped out on the same aircraft. Some pilots preferred to fly with the no-bulge radomes because they believed there would be less drag without the bulge.
  9. Love ‘‘em all, especially the bright red Canadian one!
  10. Hey Patrick! Thanks so very much for those extra pics! - Bill
  11. Thanks for sharing! I have the same kit, it’s good to have your list of improvements available, that will make it much easier when I get around to building mine (thinking of doing a wrap-around Euro camo).
  12. It’s a Starfighter, and it’s in the gentlemen’s scale. What’s not to love about it? Looks great, well done sit!
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