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  1. The pics were interesting, but it’s a good thing they’re gone and Space Ranger didn’t notice your accidental violation of this bang-bang free zone
  2. Well, the Fokker’s gotta be bigger to hold all those toilets.
  3. You adventurous man. I was tempted to add the sliding cockpit windows on my Lockheed Electra, but shied away from it as being too risky.
  4. Very, very nice! Show us more of your work, please.
  5. I’ve heard (from whom I don’t exactly remember) that if you inject it, it cures practically everything. Or, am I thinking of bleach?
  6. You would think the Space Rangers would get off their duff and so something about that.
  7. Haha! Actually I was thinking of the Monogram version, which would perhaps be even more of a threat to my sanity!
  8. Looking great, as always, Moa. Makes me want to build another Ford Tri-motor....
  9. Another tiny little thing, built with excellence!
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