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  1. Thank you! An important step when blending-in a canopy is to protect the clear areas inside the canopy frames with tape, before adding any putty or doing any sanding. You probably already figured that out, but I had to learn the hard way
  2. Oh yes! It always seems that the “to do” list at the end of the builder is longer that at the beginning.
  3. I am afraid not. If so, I would get one. I flew a Warrior for a while, before starting on my instrument rating.
  4. The owner of the flying club I trained with is a Socata fan. He had two Tampicos, plus a TB10 (the latter I flew only once). I enjoyed flying the Tampico. I love the low wing and the Tampico is relatively spacious on the inside. Its downside is, the wide fuselage results in lower cruise speed and climb performance, compared to other GA aircraft with the same engine.
  5. Not the usual Thunderbolt. I like it, a lot.
  6. Check out Harry’s website, he has some good things happening there GA-wise. https://vfrmodels.wixsite.com/website
  7. All thanks are due to you. If there is one thing I would suggest you change, it would be this: re-do the prop blades so they are a single piece that fits in to the back of the hub. As it is now (two separate parts), it is a pain to get the blades to prop-ely line up. I truly appreciate you sending me this kit. It was a joy to put together. - Bill
  8. After having finished up 2020 with a couple of "boom-boom" military planes, I felt a need to offer penance to the modeling gods with a civil aircraft or two. A couple months ago, Bangseat posted pics of a 3D model he had printed and built. It was of a Socata TB9 "Tampico", a general aviation aircraft commonly used for flight training. The Tampico has a special place in my heart, as it was the plane in which I earned my private pilot license way back in October, 2011. I contacted Harry (Bangseat), who graciously sent me one of his prototype kits wi
  9. Rules are meant to be broken Speaking of which... While setting up for the pics above, one of my lights tipped over and, of course, fell on my plane. Broke an antenna and, more seriously, one of the landing gear. CA came to the rescue but now the landing gear is even more fragile than before
  10. At last! My little Papa Charlie Tampico is finished! I'll be posting a formal RFI in a day or two, in the meanwhile, here are some pics I took this evening. First, a walk-around: Now for some detail shots: I added an exhaust pipe, engine cooling vents, nose gear scissors, and blade antenna on the belly: I modified the cockpit to match the Tampico I trained in. This is as clear as I could make the transparent piece. Next time, I might try vacu-forming the gl
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