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  1. Marvelous! Love the details.
  2. UV activated acrylic gel is perfect for creating lenses, and much faster than building up layers of clear paint. - Bill
  3. Impatient to see how the complementary preshading works out.
  4. Superb work on the flaps, I’m terribly impressed! Can’t wait to see your next trick.
  5. No, my trip hasn't started yet! I fly out in the morning, and had some free time this afternoon so decided to finish off the cockpit as best I can. Here are the pics: Notice that the crew now have their arms, although they are still missing their heads. Getting the arms in place was a real pain... In some cases, they aren't long enough to reach the controls (see how the pilot's right hand is reaching for the stick, but not quite there). In other cases, I had to do some more surgery to keep the arms from interfering with the cockpit (especially the pilot's left arm, which does reach the throttle but barely clears the cockpit frame). I also haven't added the ejection seat pull-handles, firstly because I must get the heads in place first, but mostly because they're fragile and I think it best to wait until much later in the build to add them. Thanks for viewing! -Bill
  6. That’s a very pretty example of the type. Well done!
  7. A shot of primer along the join will reveal any flaws that need touching up.
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