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  1. I’m currently spaying Hataka redline paint as part of their Ukrainian paint set for a flanker I’m building. I usually use Tamiya paints as I find them easy to get on with. The redline series is designed for airbrushing and I think are pre-thinned but I’m finding them definitely thicker than Tamiya paint but if I go near them with thinners they seem to be too runny. Difficult to get the mix just right so would be interested to see what the advice is as well.
  2. Absolute cracker! Love it in that aggressor scheme, was thinking about building an F-18 in the same as I find the modern day US Navy grey pretty dull, especially with muted markings these days.
  3. Great looking Skyraider! Built it myself about 18 months ago, it’s an absolute dream, falls together
  4. Built the kinetic starfighter and that was a great kit. Was thinking about doing their alpha jet but from the sounds of it the fit is not great?? Recently finished their mirage 2000 - overall looks very good but some of the compents fit on the underside were that bad it very nearly went in the bin several times!
  5. Thanks, that's kinda what I was hoping so will deff try ordering a replacement from revell. I'll be building it with the canopy open anyway so it dosent have to fit so well it closes
  6. Cheers, I do build for myself to be fair and I am happy with my standard ('ish). Like you say it's about enjoying the hobby
  7. Looks Great! I’ve just used the Revell FG2 kit as the donor to make a Royal Navy FG.1. My donor kit was definitely showing it’s age and looked pretty tired in comparison to the newer Academy phantoms but it still works
  8. Help! Bought the Hasegawa 1:48 A-7E Corsair second hand on line. No problem with the transaction and the kit arrived recently in reasonable condition all things considered. Unfortunately, the clear parts are missing from the kit - I think somebody has been in there before So my question is does anybody know how I can get the replacement sprue ‘K’ anywhere ( or just the canopy and the windscreen)? I’ve tried many aftermarket sites but can’t find the Corsair canopy / windscreen available anywhere. Also looked at the Hasegawa website but get the feeling that’s not likely either. Was wondering
  9. I have been looking at all the amazing aircraft kit builds on Britmodeller for a long time so finally decided to join as a member. I’m not sure my builds are up to the standard of some on here but it’s a great source for help and inspiration! Built models as a kid and came back to the hobby about 10 years ago and am throughly obsessed again! Favourite genre is 60’s,70’s jets onwards, favourite aircraft has always and will always be the mighty F-4 Phantom, current display cases are home to - 2 x phantoms (1 x US Navy, 1 x USAF F-4E), 1 x Skyraider, 1 x convair hustler, 1 x starfighter, 1 x Mira
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