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  1. Excellent modelling and photography skills, hard to believe this is 1/72. Some of these pictures would pass for real in my view.
  2. Very good work as usual, your standard keeps getting better each and every model.
  3. Many thanks again for all the comments and to answer the question from Derek, I applied the chipping by brush, over the completed paintwork. I've tried and tried using the hairspray method but I'm not consistent enough to carry it off. If I recall correctly, I would have also applied a very thin dark grey wash over the chipping just to tone down the silver. Regards Trace
  4. Both models look really good and appear bigger than their scale suggests. They're both finished to a very high standard and help portray that very important day in history. I've been researching the SBD for my build and I reckon you're spot on with the colours. You can always add more weathering if you think it needs it. I'm also really impressed that your daughter is able to work to this level, I wasn't anywhere that good at age 14. Awesome work oompa Loompas.
  5. Spot on, the colours and weathering are superb.
  6. Lovely job, really like it. I didn't know that version of the 110 existed so glad you covered it.
  7. Tamiya for all the sprayed work, metal chipping was vallejo and Windsor Newton for any washes. Many thanks for the comments.
  8. Hi Everyone This is the Tamiya 1/48 Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah which has been lurking unfinished for ages and collecting dust. I finally decided to give it the extra push and consider it to be finished now. Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking. Trace
  9. Brilliant model in all aspects, totally agree about the turret but you've pulled it off superbly with just the right amount of weathering.
  10. Excellent looking model despite the kit fighting back. The weathering is the star of the show and something I've wanted to create myself, not sure my version would be as good as this though. Glad you shared the pictures, brilliant workmanship.
  11. Absolutely fantastic on all levels, well done
  12. I've got to build one of these, such an odd shape but beautiful at the same time. It looks like it was difficult to build and paint but you certainly did it justice. Excellent as every
  13. Cracking job, the paint job and weathering appear top notch.
  14. Super looking Tiffie Zigomar, the Montex masks really do make the markings stand out. The colours and weathering are spot on for my liking but I also like the photography, especially the ones shot on the grass.
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