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  1. Absolutely cracking build and paint job, it looks really menacing.
  2. Really good work here on all fronts, the build, the painting and weathering are all spot on, it's hard to believe this is 1/72. Outstanding model, well done.
  3. I really like the way you've finished this kit especially the colour choice and weathering. Very very nice and well done. Trace
  4. Excellent job Nenad on both tanks. The build and paintwork on each one looks spot on even under close inspection. I really like your dusting which adds a perfect dimension to the overall finish. You've got to happy with them. Trace
  5. Beyond words really a truly amazing job, well done. Trace
  6. Great weathering and photography, that model really pops well done. Trace
  7. Brilliant job there it looks so realistic, that green is very difficult to make look interesting but you have nailed it. Trace
  8. Hi Everyone This is the Mirror Models 1/35 Diamond T 969A Wrecker. It was a slow build I am not going to lie, which took all my patience with its 570 parts. I reckon I dropped most of the parts at some point during the build. Some have been lost forever in the carpet and had to be remade, so if it looks like it’s the wrong shape or size it will be my work not the fault of the kit. The engine is the one supplied in the kit and the cables are just twisted copper wire, I also added the 50 Cal and its mount. The whole thing was a struggle to build but I can’t argue with how the fi
  9. Hi Everyone This is the Revell 1/48 Me 410 B-2 Hornisse. It's a very easy kit to build and the fit is excellent, the only downside is the clear plastic parts which seem to me to be slightly overscale. Kind regards Trace
  10. Many thanks for the comments. I think it was on the drawing board, not sure if any where made, I wouldn't have liked to come up against it in real life.
  11. We understand that red isn't the correct colour for the hedgehog's, we think they should be a dark green. Too late to change now but it should be correct for the next one.
  12. It's actually the White ensign HMS Starling but converted to Amethyst
  13. You are spot on Dave it's my mistake the scale is 1/350 Hi Mike Yes you are correct it's my error the scale is 1/350
  14. Hi Everyone This is HMS Amethyst in 1/700 scale. I'm posting the pictures on behalf of my Dad who actually built and painted it, so at least we're keeping it in the family. He's currently finishing off his 1/96 HMS Amethyst so we'll get the picture's on here as soon as we can. I'm still waiting for Trumpeter to issue a 1/200 Yamato before I tackle ships again. I know dream on !! The 50 pence coin is 1/1 scale Hope to puts some more pics of ships soon. Regards Trace
  15. Just about one of the best executed models I've seen in any scale, the weathering is spot on with the dust tones and the collection of mud in the wheels is a work of art. Well done for making the olive drab palette look good in 1/35, in a word stunning.
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