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  1. Cracking Anson, although it's clean it looks appropriate and I really like the Irish markings. Well done
  2. Lovely piece of work again Nenad, if I hadn't seen the original photos I'd say it wasn't right but you've really made it look like the real thing. Photography is excellent as well.
  3. That's a thing of beauty, what a paint job.
  4. Very smart looking Tomcat, there's a lot a effort gone into this model and it's really paid off. Can't fault it in any way.
  5. Excellent work in every aspect, well done
  6. Superb job especially on the painting and weathering
  7. Superb model on every level, the base is also excellent and sets if off perfectly
  8. Stunning looking model and a really interesting subject.
  9. Proper job Matt, that would have taken me months to do and I'd mess it up somehow. Looks like Airfix have a winner with this Anson.
  10. Lovely work as usual, I don't know how you build them so quickly
  11. Very nice P-40
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