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  1. Super looking Lancaster, aircraft at this scale and size are not easy to paint but you've nailed a really good finish on the camouflage and the weathering looks spot on to my eyes. Well done.
  2. Really nice modelling skill again Tolga it looks mint, don't know how you do them so quick.
  3. Hi Everyone This is the excellent Tamiya 1/48 scale Do-335A Pfeil built out-of-the-box, more or less! I made the crew ladder and nose cowl gun sleeves from stock plastic, other than that I just added the PE seat belts from Eduard. I wanted to recreate a fictitious Bodenplatte type blackened weathering/camo pattern to bring a little more presence to the otherwise tame colour palette usually seen on the Do-335. I’ve also tried a few new techniques to the upper surfaces which I’ve not seen on the usual YouTube channels. I’m trying this on some other kits and hope to share the techniques when I know it wasn’t just a one-off. Anyway enough of the rambling. Kind regards Trace
  4. Another belter Fuad, great colour scheme and nicely weathered.
  5. Really good work, this type of Sabre is my favourite and I reckon I need to get one now. The silver and markings look spot on for me.
  6. I think you've done a great job on this Spitfire the cowls look seamless when they're attached, well done.
  7. Very impressive build and paintwork, It's subtle but really works. Well done.
  8. Very nice looking Owl there Roman. The mottling on the upper surfaces is amazing, It's hard to believe it's 1/72. Well done.
  9. Really good model again Nanond, I think you've captured the colours brilliantly.
  10. I can't believe the size of it, I know I'd have trouble sneaking that past the missus. Museum quality work there well done.
  11. Really like this model especially the painting, I reckon you've nailed this one.
  12. You can't just go around museums ripping out the instrument panels on your favourite aircraft and passing it off for modelling. Only kidding, it's another amazing piece of work and just brilliant on every level.
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