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  1. Brilliant work, something to aspire to. What make of airbrush do you use & what needle size? Watto.
  2. Definitely going to give these a go on my next project. Great review.
  3. Making steady progress, one of my faults is that I tend to rush things and instead of being satisfied with half a dozen parts glued or painted, I push on and make silly mistakes. Looks good mate..
  4. Nice touch, I’ve still to get started… got a project on the go, then I’ll be on it.
  5. I've just purchased my second Eduard kit and have to say that I'm very impressed by the quality of fit and amount of detail, not that I'm any kind of expert. I'm sure you'll enjoy building and painting it. I look forward to your future posts. Watto.
  6. Nice job, nothing wrong with the figure painting...
  7. To be honest, I struggle with the really small pieces of PE, I either fit them and instantly knock them off whilst fitting something else or more often than not, the superglue that I use is useless at holding them in place. I do use them whenever I can but, agree that they can take the pleasure out of building a nice kit, because I spend more time under the work bench trying to find them on the carpet after dropping the damn things....!
  8. This is just the kind of thing that I joined this forum for, we learn from each other. I recently had a bad experience whilst assembling a kit that was probably just a bit above my skill level but, if I had studied the instructions more closely instead of 'guessing ' how I thought things went together, the whole process would have been much more enjoyable, lesson leaned and very good advice given by the guys on here.
  9. I've just brought this kit (among others...) and am looking forward to starting it soon, your work is very impressive, especially the colours you've used and the weathering is spot on for me, I have been known to go a bit ott myself. Nice work and thanks for sharing.
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