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  1. I'll tag along, if I may, I have a Hasegawa Mitchell in the stash and am curious to see how they go together.
  2. Beard

    Operarion Torch Martlet IV

    As it often the case with modern Airfix kits, tolerances are small and, as is often the case, I forget and bash things together. The result is much wailing, gnashing of teeth and filler. I suspect this one is a going to take some and more test-fitting. Thanks for looking.
  3. Beard

    Smer Tempest V

    Nearly there: undercarriage on and the exhausts have had a basecoat of Humbrol 33. Thanks for looking.
  4. That's looking very nice Ced.
  5. Beard

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    No chance, although I am having a guitar made for me (but it ain't a Telecaster).
  6. Beard

    Smer Tempest V

    Thanks, the kit's codes were a rather lurid green. Thanks Steve and thanks for the tip (although I wish I'd clarified what bit you used). Thanks Ced. Not hiding, just not where you've been looking.
  7. Beard

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Having decided not to purchase a 1974 Telecaster, I splashed out on some masks (for Fulmars and Blenheims) and some decals (for Blenheims). Guess what my next build will be.
  8. Beard

    Smer Tempest V

    Too plump cannon fairings removed and skinny ones fitted. Better? Opinions welcome. Thanks for looking.
  9. Beard

    Smer Tempest V

    There's a word I want to use but can't.
  10. Beard

    Percival Proctor

    She's looking excellent Chris, I really must get my Proctor finished.
  11. Beard

    A rather attractive Ventura

    That's very striking and rather splendid. It's good to see other brush painters getting airbrush-like results.
  12. Beard

    Operarion Torch Martlet IV

    For those of you wondering how this build is getting on, the answer is very slowly. I've bean dry-fitting the cockpit/ undercarriage unit into the fuselage and seeing how the fuselage halves fit together, not very well without some force. Anyway, here's where I am: Thanks for looking.
  13. I'm trying not to loose the will to live with the MkVI. First coat of (Humbrol) Middle Stone on and some more sanding needed. I'll be starting an AZ MkXIV in the near future, hopefully I'll enjoy it a little more than this one. Thanks for looking.
  14. Forty-four (not including the ones that have been struck off charge following accidents or are awaiting repair following accidents) and I'm currently building two. Plus, one Seafire (I need to rectify that)