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  1. Just caught up with your build Ced; I admire the effort you're putting into making an old kit look good and that canopy framing is rather splendid. One thing though... This is a Tele: (A '70s Custom to be precise (and also the reason I'm not on here very much anymore.))
  2. If you can get your hands on a Freightdog 22 update set, you'll be sorted (with the added bonus that you'll have outer cannon of the correct length for the 22).
  3. Just caught up with this, Troy, and you appear to be making good progress. I think the prop is too small, the one from the Airfix 22 is more appropriate. I'm looking forward to see it finished. PS. I still have that bag of spares for you, not sure when it'll get delivered.
  4. That's looking very smart. One tip, albeit late, with the engine cowlings (which also applies to the Blenheim) file the ends of the cylinders a little.
  5. Speaking as someone who's just made navigation lights for four Hurricanes, that's a very sensible way of doing it.
  6. Nice work on the landing lights. (Dare I mention the wingtip ones?)
  7. A multi-build of one airfield with several interesting aircraft? I'm on board.
  8. I shall be following, in the hope that I pick up some tips for when I get round to my Aeroclub Spitfire XII conversion. Edit - ps. I quite like inter-War RAF aircraft too.
  9. You'll have to tell me what the problem with the starboard side is because I can't see it.
  10. I sense that plasticard will be a part of your immediate future.
  11. It will be, if you hang it over the bath so it looks like it's coming in to land.
  12. That's not bad advice for most situations. If they scare you what hope is there for the rest of us?
  13. Nice result on a challenging kit Tony. The Boston looks good in almost any scheme. I've got four in the stash, one of which has made it as far as my "let's have a look at the sprues" pile, and - after reading what I've read, I can't say I'm looking forward to assembling it.
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