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  1. Beard

    Beard's 2018

    Thanks Mike. I've only finished one other Spitfire but got damaged when a guitar fell on it, I'll get it fixed by New Year though.
  2. Beard

    Spitfires over Burma and the Pacific

    If the leaping Panther transfer goes wrong, PM me as I've got a spare that you're welcome to have.
  3. Beard

    Stevej60's Quiet? Year.

    There are some cracking builds here.
  4. Beard

    Spitfires over Burma and the Pacific

    I think it looks quite a lot better than 'not bad'.
  5. Beard

    Beard's 2018

    Some more from me, all entries in the Pacific At War GB. Spitfire VC of 79 Squadron RAAF Kittyhawk IV of 80 Squadron RAAF Spitfire VIII, 615 Squadron RAF RAF Thunderbolt II Thunderbolt I of 146 Squadron RAF Thanks for looking.
  6. Beard

    Beard's 2018

    Here's my finished models so far this year. All 1/72, all brush-painted. An AZ Spitfire VI of 91 Squadron RAF. An AZ Spitfire IX of High Altitude Flight, RAF A Matchbox Bf-109 (my contribution to the Matchbox GB) *deleted as I finished it on 31/12/2017* A Matchbox Tempest II (my contribution to the Hawker GB) A KP Spitfire VB as Squadron Leader Jan Zumnach's plane A KP Spitfire VB as Paddy Finucane's plane A Sword Spitfire XIV converted into an 18 using the Freightdog tail An Airfix Spitfire 22 converted to a 24 A Smer Fulmar A Smer Tempest V An Airfix Martlet I got quite involved with the Mediterranean Group Build... A Royal Naval Fighter Squadron Hurricane I Trop A couple of Airfix Tomahawks A Polish Fighting Team Spitfire IX An Airfix Blenheim I AVM Harry Broadhurst's Spitfire VIII A SAAF Spitfire VB 240 Squadron Mustang III 1 Squadron SAAF Hurricane IIc I did this Spitfire I for the Brits Abroad GB This Airfix Hurricane I was for the Golden Years GB I'll post my completed entries in the Pacific At War GB tomorrow. Thanks for looking.
  7. She's looking rather fabulous Bill, although I was thinking that the wings were a bit 'stunted' until I realised that... D'oh!
  8. Beard

    RAAF Bristol Beaufighter

    The little blisters have gone and she's nearly finished: Thanks for looking.
  9. Beard

    RNZAF P-40K

    Thanks and she's even more nearly there now. Only the wheels and drop-tank to attach, the matt coat and weathering to do: Thanks for looking.
  10. Beard

    RNZAF P-40K

    Thanks Alan. The stripes aren't as good as I'd like them but they'll do. I have the canopy framing to do... joy. Thanks Rich. Thanks Dave. She is nearly done - as the photograph below will show - and don't get distracted, crack on with the Aussie P-40s (which are looking good, by the way). All the transfers are on.* Thanks for looking. * apart from the underwing roundels.
  11. She looks rather splendid and makes me want one.
  12. Andouillette... one of the worst things I've voluntary sat still for.
  13. Beard

    RNZAF P-40K

    I think that I've done all the stripes... A few touch-ups are required and it's not prefect but I'm happy with it. Thanks for looking.
  14. There used to be a Scottish cafe near where I live; it was a sad day when it closed and re-opened as a French café because much as I like croissant, pain au chocolate and cafe au lait, Lorne sausage is a thing of which brings joy to an otherwise dull existence.
  15. Beard

    RNZAF P-40K

    Hi Paul, It's based on this advice,