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  1. I'm sorry to hear of your paint problems. Problems always seem to happen with kits you've put a lot of work into.
  2. Best: OMD, at Margate Winter Gardens, partly because they were supported by John Foxx (who wasn't billed) and partly because he stood next to me during OMD's set. Spunge, at a venue I can't remember the name of, great gig and they let me and my other half run their merch stand while they were playing (we got at least one CD in return). Worst: David Bowie at the Milton Keynes Bowl because I was so far away it could've been anyone on stage. Pretty much any gig I've ever played at.
  3. I generally do things with propellers in 1/72 but I made a Tamiya F-16C, and it goes together like a dream. There are two versions: with and without stores. I note you prefer Airfix and/ or Tamiya, but the Italeri F-35B is a decent kit.
  4. Count me in, I seem to be acquiring Starfighters at an alarming rate (which will be even more alarming if a friend who's in Japan at the moment gets what's on my wish list).
  5. I've been planning on doing a Michell in those colours but have been sidetracked so, I'll follow along (if that's okay).
  6. I'll be following (if you don't mind) because I recently acquired the same kits and have been admiring those 3D printed parts.
  7. It's looking great. I ought to do the same aircraft; I'm pretty sure I have the stickers for this one in the stash, as well as three or four Hellcats (I haven't done a stockcheck lately).
  8. This kit has taken a bit of a backseat because I've been gluing a Tamiya Mosquito together (more of that later) but, this afternoon, I've started putting the stickers on. There's been a bit of guesswork with size of the roundels and I've made a template which (I hope) will make doing the fin flashes easier.
  9. Finding somewhere for the noseweight is the reason I've still got Airfix, Hasegawa and Italeri glass-nose B-25s in the stash.
  10. I've was toying with doing an Italeri one as part of this GB but was wondering where I'd hide the noseweight so it's handy to know that the nosewheel door is closed on the ground.
  11. Just caught-up with your build (& I'll stop liking every post) and it's looking very smart. It must make a change after your struggle with the Beaufighter.
  12. That looks rather splendid. I hope my one turns out half as nice.
  13. It's https://www.scalemates.com/kits/dk-decals-72043-b-25-mitchell-mkii-iii--1074954 which has more Mitchell IIs than I'm ever going to do.
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