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  1. I certainly didn't get the control stick off the sprue without breaking it and didn't even bother with the aerial (which I replaced with a bit of stretched sprue). I think 5D is the canopy for the D, the other canopy (can't remember the part number) is for the K.
  2. Good to hear the good news, Bill. Also,the Mauler is looking rather splendid.
  3. I like Short songs, @Troy Smith
  4. The offer's still open, if you change your mind.
  5. Ced, I've got the remains of the Iliad early Hurricanes sheet, most of the aircraft are fabric-winged. You're welcome to it. Here's a link:
  6. Thanks, I'll have a look at that. By the looks of it, replacing the seat is the way to go. I think that's the way I'll go. Thank you.
  7. In something of a departure from my usual mileau (I usually bodge WW2 RAF), I'm sticking an Airfix Lightning F2A together and I need to find some seat belts. My Google skills appear to have deserted me because I can't find any suitable etched belts. I know Eduard did an interior set but I just want the belts. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  8. Quality over quantity because it looks splendid.
  9. I've got the D boxing in the stash so will follow to see how it goes together. One thing I don't get is why Revell included bombs and rockets, as far as I'm aware, the M didn't have provision for underwing stores because it was a pure fighter.
  10. Keep yourself safe Bill, we're all thinking of you. PS. Please don't watch too much telly, make more kits.
  11. Freightdog make resin ones, and very nice they are too, I've got a set to use on a 19 squadron Mustang IV (until I found a photo of the aircraft using the 75gal (?) tanks): https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/freightdog-1-72-p-51d-mustang-108-gal-paper-drop-tanks.html As others have said, 108 gallon tanks are found in a few kits.
  12. We knew you get there in the end and produce a rather stunning model.
  13. Whenever I use a primer, which isn't very often because I use enamels or Tamiya acrylic, I've found Halfords primer to be pretty good. Not the lacquer stuff, that does terrible things to kits.
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