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  1. There's a micrometer amongst my late father's tool collection but that's at my mother's house and a certain virus prevents me from getting there easily. I'll have to chore it next time I visit her. That is a pertinent question, I'll see what I can do.
  2. Right, just got back from the loft and the results are in. These are the measurements from rudder hinge line to the endow the engine(if that makes sense): Airfix 1970s MkI = 111mm Airfix latest MkI = 111.5mm KP MkVb = 110.5mm My measurements may not be exact, I used a ruler. I also compared the left to right fuselages, the KP is shorter than both of the Airfix.
  3. The KP kits look pretty good to me but I haven't compared them to plans. This thread has a photo showing the chord of the KP VB is slightly less than the latest Airfix I. I don't know if the fuselage is accurate or not. I think I have some 1/72 plans somewhere and have plenty of Spitfires to measure, certainly a 1970s Spitfire I which I seem to remember is considered accurate. I might do some comparisons.
  4. All three look splendid. I can only hope that when I get my paws on the Airfix kit I can do it half as well.
  5. Thanks for sharing those photos, fantastic. Good luck with the builds.
  6. I've just been having a look at your website and really wish the figure set was in 1/72, even without the hut & Jag.
  7. I'm glad to hear you got your museums mixed up because the alternative is my losing my memory.
  8. That looks good. Is there a Wellington at Duxford?
  9. I'll follow too, if that's alright, I have one of these in the stash and need some tips on how to build it.
  10. Thanks for the link. I bought some a while ago, to use as radiator mesh on a Frog Firefly, but it's too coarse; I'll give the 200 or 400 a go.
  11. You managed to understand my badly worded question, thanks.
  12. I've been trying to avoid buying kits (I've ordered a new guitar and haven't actually got the money to pay for it) so was trying to resist the new Mosquito. I think my resistance has crumbled.
  13. Painting the wrong colour in the wrong place is something we've all done and, in my case, continue to do... you should see the mess I make of doing Temperate Sea Scheme.
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