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  1. Thanks Chris. You'll see that I've dealt with the moulding flaw. Thanks Ced. The 21 is coming together: As is the XI (I've now dealt with the gap): Thanks for looking.
  2. This thread won't help you Ced, it's all over the place... I should've built the kits in mark-order. The 21 had a two-stage Griffon with the new - very un-Spitfirelike - wing. 91 squadron were the first to receive them and only squadron, as far as I'm aware, to use them in WW2. Anyway, here are some sprue shots. (Note the 22 fuselage.) (21 fuselage and resin tailplanes, plus a bit of etch for the seatbelts.) I'll be doing a 91 Squadron plane and think that the codes will come from a Ventura sheet as I'm not sure about the colour of the ones AZ supply. If I can get another 21, I'll do the High-speed Silver RauxAF plane. This kit is clearly short-run, heavy sprue gates and some flash And short-shot... An initial test-fit suggests that the fuselage and wings fit together fairly well. I'm about the make a start with some cutting, gluing, and painting. Thanks for looking.
  3. That looks rather smart. I have one in the stash and will be a very happy boy if it turns out anywhere as nice as your one has.
  4. I welcome unfinished kits which have suffered Cat E damage. Griffin Spits are my thang at the moment. Thanks Chris. Good idea, I'll post one in due course, and you know it makes sense to make Spitfires. Progress has been slow recently but both the XIV and XVI are nearly done. The XIX/ XI conversion is coming along so I thought I'd start another: Thanks for looking.
  5. Beard

    Things to do in England when you're Ed[ward]

    If you're going to the Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum then you have to go to the Manston Museum as it's opposite and they share a car park.
  6. Beard

    2x 1/72 Airfix Spitfire Mk.1a

    The Airfix Spitfire I is a great little kit (I've made twenty-odd) but has some pitfalls, in addition to those which Troy has mentioned. Firstly, Airfix left off the rudder actuator. This bit: It's easily corrected with a piece of stretched sprue. Secondly, I'd recommend joining the fuselage halves then inserting the cockpit bits from underneath. They should click into place but you'll need to sand the edges to ensure they don't pop the seams. Thirdly, I suggest drilling out the location peg holes on the fuselage as they're a tight fit. There's one on the wings that I always remove but can't remember which one as it's been a while since I made an Airfix I - something I must correct. Lastly, enjoy yourself. This is a hobby and a hobby should be fun.
  7. A pound of bacon would be just what the doctor ordered. Thanks. I'm MkV'd out at the moment so I'm going to do some Griffin Spits.
  8. The XIV has had all its transfers applied and the XVI is ready for a gloss coat. Thanks for looking.
  9. In a plastic bag, from the Post Office? We have a winner! Work has re-started.
  10. I picked up a parcel from the Post Office today, I wonder what's inside?
  11. Beard

    Photo reconnaissance of Germany

    Thanks. It was strategic reconnaissance that I was asking about.
  12. Beard

    Photo reconnaissance of Germany

    I have a few questions. Firstly, what would be the criteria to arrange sorties to somewhere? (i.e. would other forms of intelligence suggest somewhere would be worth observing or were places just part of routine sorties?) Secondly, does anyone know if Falkenhagen was a target? Lastly, if it was, where would be the best place to look for photos.
  13. Beard

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    I managed to sneak a Sword Spitfire XIVc, two Sword FR.XIVs, an Arma Hobby Hurricane, a Revell Corsair IV, a Special Hobby Vampire I, and an Xtradecal Corsair sheet into the house, courtesy of the ever-reliable MJW Models.
  14. Beard

    Wishing for New Too Airfix Spitfire Vb

    The AZ/ Admiral/ Kovozávody Prostějov family is a little confusing. AZ did a short-run VB which is a nice kit but, I beleive out of production. It's, I'm led to believe, dimensionally accurate. Kovozávody Prostějov did a conventional kit of a VB with, while - I'm led to believ - not so accurate is as easy to build as an Airfix kit.