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  1. There are two museums at Manston, the Spitfire and Hurricane museum and the Manston museum. The former has, somewhat unsurprisingly, a Spitfire and a Hurricane (a XVI and a IIc, respectively), and a very good café; the Manston museum, somewhat unsurprisingly, is dedicated to Manston airfield and has an amazing collection of photographs, a rather splendid WW1 diorama, and a collection of (mostly) jet aircraft. Both are definitely worth a visit and, if they're open, a visit to the Ramsgate tunnels is doable on the same day. Brenzett is small but has a excellent collection of bits and pieces
  2. Hawkinge, of course. You can tie it in with a trip to the Cat and Custard Pot and Lidl, make a day of it... I like the look of the PR.9 in the Hemp finish. *heads of to eBay* That's somewhere I was planning on visiting last year because I haven't been there for several years.
  3. There's no need to apologise for thread drift. I considered that one but I fancy a bomber or intruder. I also keep reading how inaccurate most of the kits are, though I suppose i shouldn't worry if it looks like a Canberra I'll be happy. One place I'm looking forward to visiting, when all this is over, is Brenzett. A trip to Manston would also be in order.
  4. Thanks Chris. The F1 is the 1963 kit which has 36 parts (including the stand) andthe F6 is the 2013 kit which has 112 parts (but no stand), proving it's not only mens waistlines that increase in size over time. I've got a Special Hobby Vampire F1 in the stash (I say that counts as a WW2 aircraft, if I make it as the prototype) but I do fancy a Canberra, trouble is that I can't make my mind up as to which variant and they're all quite pricey on you-know-where. Thanks Ced, I've had a lot of practice. The Lightning looks okay from a distance, not so good close-up.
  5. Thanks Chris. I seem to have got interested in post-War RAF stuff. I have a Lightning F1 next. An F6 and T3/4 have been added to the stash and fancy a Sabre and Swift. Not good as I have hundreds of unbuilt WW2 stuff in the loft.
  6. Progress has been a little slow because I've been distracted (more of that later) but I have follow the advice in Tony's post and given the top a dry-brush of Metalcote Aluminium followed by a rub-down with a bit of old denim. the bottom's had the same treatment but needs another. Anyway, the reason progress is slow is because I've got distracted from my usual fare of WW2 aircraft.
  7. Speaking as some-one who's recently crushed two KP Mustangs and an Academy P-51 into unrecognisable parts using just his bare hands, there's nothing quite so enjoyable, yet ultimately revealing of the utter futility of everything man does, as breaking a nearly-finished kit beyond repair because something during the construction process hasn't gone to plan.
  8. That's disappointing. Slight colour problems you can (possibly) live with but the roundels being the wrong size just suggests sloppy work.
  9. For what it's worth, I used Colourcoats Roundel Blue for DMB. Edit: You could mix your own, I've read that adding some blue to Extra Dark Sea Grey works.
  10. Arma Hobby have just sent their latest update: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2021/01/14/everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-mustang-from-arma-hobby-and-are-not-afraid-to-ask/?utm_source=implebot&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=zapowiedz-2021&utm_term=pytania-o-p-51&utm_content=en
  11. Thanks Tony. Just to clarify, are you referring to the top, bottom, or both? I'm planning on giving the bottom a good rub before it gets another coat.
  12. If I get the chance, I'll pop up in the loft and check. Edit: Just popped up to the loft, while tea is cooking, and dug out an Eduard VIII. Fits pretty well. Except... It ain't entirely clear from the second photo but Airfix have moulded the flaps as part of the upper wing so that bit will need to be removed.
  13. Thanks Ced. Not much done this weekend because I've been doing some recording but the topsides are done and have had a coat of Future... and the underside has had a second coat... I'm approaching the point where I have to mix some paint to match the roundels... *shudder*
  14. That's a really problem and something I hope Airfix avoid.
  15. I *think* I've got rid of that seam on the upper cowling... (The more observant among you will spot the Spitfire 18 lurking on the background) Next step is to give the nose another coat of paint.
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