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  1. It goes together easily enough, although I keep knocking the flaps off! Mind you, the only other P-51 I've built is the newer Airfix D so I'm no expert.
  2. I'll be following because I've had a thing about the B-36 ever since seeing Strategic Air Command as a nipper.
  3. My incorrect assumption was based on failing to notice the masking of the interior in one of the earlier posts. Still, it's a nice finish nonetheless.
  4. Nice smooth paint finish there, I assume it was applied by brush.
  5. Beard

    Turkish Spitfire

    I thought I'd signed-up for this Group Build but it looks like I didn't, I hope no-one minds me joining in with this. I believe three Spitfires were delivered to the Turkish Air Force in 1939/40, a time when every Spitfire was likely to be needed for the defence of the UK - which shows how important Turkish neutrality was. Two were later returned to the RAF and used for training in Egypt. Anyway, I'll start this in the next couple of days and, as I've made around 30 Airfix Spitfires, expect it to be a quick build so I should have time to the others on the sheet and, if I can source some transfers, a couple more. Thanks for looking.
  6. Beard

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    Might be a bit late, or you don't care about enough to look, but have you seen this?
  7. They helped at high altitude, increasing the ceiling and climb rate.
  8. Thanks Ced. Not only are the pointy wingtips not aesthetically pleasing but Jeffrey Quill didn't like them - they affected the aileron rate of roll - and the MkVIII was his favourite version.
  9. Work on this one has slowed down a little since the last up-date but I have got the canopy installed. A few bits to go but it's approaching completion. Thanks for looking.
  10. First coat of Humbrol Dark Earth on: Thanks for looking.
  11. I've been working away on this one. Because it's limited-run, there are a few ejector marks to remove: Also, the sprue gates are on the hefty side: As mentioned earlier, I used some stretched sprue on the tailplanes to replicate a raised bit (stitching?) which needed to be added: Anyway, some sanding and gluing and I have this: Thanks for looking.
  12. I've got some spare Caesar German Infantry figures, if you fancy making a diorama.
  13. Beard

    Modelling Queries (priming and clear coating)

    One question: are you doing aircraft? If so, this might be of use. I'm a brush painter and use a wide, flat brush to apply clear coats (Klear for gloss and Windsor & Newton for matt/ satin coat). I usually use enamels but Tony O'Toole (who paints brush paints enamels) always advises (IIRC) 1) flat brushes 2) thin coats of paint 3) a light sandIng between coats to remove brush marks (if you have any) 4) once you've achieved the paint coverage, then the last coat is dry-brushed Some people use a flow-improver with acrylics.
  14. Wasn't Group Captain Dickie Barwell, the CO of Biggin Hill, shot down by Spitfires whilst flying a MkVI? Albeit a case of friendly (sic) fire rather than 'fragging'.