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  1. I hadn't realised just how long it's been since I've posted on here until Stew sent me a PM the other day, asking how I was. Well, the 'endless Spitfire build' has ended. I did finish the Mk21 (although it got knocked off into the floor the other day and suffered Cat A damage) but the VII is languishing in the 'will I ever finish it' pile. Since I last posted, I've hardly done any modelling and am seriously considering getting rid of.my stash (about 100 1/35 WW2 German AFVs and I don't know how many 1/72 aircraft). I don't know if this coincides with my purchase of an ES-335 I doubt I'll be posting anymore photos on here but might pop in from time to time to have peak at what you lot are doing, ask the odd question, and (perhaps) to sell the stash. Whatever happens, I know that there's a community here that enjoy their hobby, provide support and encouragement to eachother, and that has people who are always willing to share their knowledge. Which is a thing you should all be proud of. Anyway, I'm not looking for any sympathy, just letting you all know where I am and that I'm fine. Cherio and be most excellent to eachother, Beard PS. All may not be lost. I've recently started work on a Hawker Typhoon (which I'm converting into a FR1B), and bought a Typhoon and a BP Defiant yesterday when I was passing my LHS.
  2. It is. The SH-09 doesn't sound as good as you remember, they only have one VCO, I wish I'd bought the SH-2 and MS-10 that were going for £50 each back in the middle-Eighties.
  3. This arrived yesterday: It's for this project:
  4. Note the wingtip has been removed. Interesting thread, by the way, some great ideas for us 72nd scale modellers too. Sadly, the Sword XIV is out of production.
  5. The codes, serial, markings for DU-G are pretty easy to obtain by buying roundels, Sky letters sheets, and serial number sheets. If you don't want to, or can't afford that, drop me a PM... I have some spare.
  6. Whatever the issues are with the Italeri Spitfire, the end result looks very good.
  7. That's a nice model of an old kit and an interesting, and moving, back story.
  8. Progress is slow but steady. The XXI is nearly done: and the VII is almost ready for the Invasion Stripes: After these two I might do a double build of the AZ FR.18 or take a break from Spitfires and do something completely different... I've been thinking about some of the larger aircraft in the stash. Thanks for looking.
  9. "Someone here will have bought multiples of this kit"... I am that man. @Sturmovik, if you like several sets of those transfers drop me a PM.
  10. Two weeks since I last.posted an up-date... The 21 is still waiting for suitable codes (my plan now, as suitable ones cannot be purchased, is to modify some from the Sword XIV), the XI has had a wash which has gone a bit wrong, the EP us stalled because I haven't finished the lyrics (luckily, I've got until either June or October before it has to be released) but the VII has got to this: (Oh, and I got as far as putting the transfers on the Corsair before realising that I'd reversed the EDSG and DSG.) Thanks for looking.
  11. That's very nice. I can't decide which of your RAAF VIIIs I prefer.
  12. That's very nice. What paint did you use for the Foliage Green?
  13. Ooh, a Lightning... I saw one of them yesterday.
  14. I'm sick and tired of cobwebs* on some of my guitars... * I usually use 10 to 52 gauge.
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