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  1. Beard

    80 Squadron RAAF Kittyhawk IV

    Not in any of my boxings there isn't, already robbed them for other Hurricanes.
  2. Beard

    80 Squadron RAAF Kittyhawk IV

    Thank you for your help Patice. I have a Thunderbolt I and a Beaufighter in progress, I'll be starting a Hurricane IV tonight and have a RAAF Mosquito and RNZAF Kittyhawk to do. I'm thinking of doing a Hurricane II (if I can obtain a Vokes filter), another Thunderbolt (in NMF), a couple of RAAF Spitfire VIIIs, another Beaufighter and, maybe some others.
  3. Beard

    146 Squadron RAF, Thunderbolt I

    There might be another Thunderbolt from me before the Group Build ends. Thanks Steve. It certainly looks like it has a Hamilton Standard.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, I think the wheel from twin-engined aircraft might work and I have some Barracuda Beaufighter wheels in the stash...
  5. No, they should be a recessed fasteners - called Dzus, if my memory serves me well.
  6. Beard

    80 Squadron RAAF Kittyhawk IV

    Thanks for taking the time to find the drawings Patrice. Thanks Mike but see below. Thanks Greg. I usually do a poster paint wash after the matt coat but had forgotten, that mistake has been corrected.
  7. Beard

    146 Squadron RAF, Thunderbolt I

    A a couple of hours gluing and painting and this is where I am: The cockpit is done, so I glued the fuselage together and added the wings and tailplanes: The engine is nearly finished - I just need to paint some bits black and give it a wash - so painting the camouflage is not far away. Thanks for looking.
  8. Lovely stuff. Unless it's a trade secret, how did you do the instrument panel?
  9. Beard

    79 squadron RAAF Spitfire VC.

    Congratulations to Ced for being the first with the correct answer, I did indeed give the transfer several coats of Klear (not that good t stopped a bit of the roundel being torn off when I removed the masking tape). Your prize is in the post.
  10. It includes: • Sperry Autopilot Housing • Frameless Observors’ Canopy • Mk.21 Instrument Panel • Wing 0.50 cal Blast Tubes • “Hedgehog’ Exhausts The Airfix kit has a spare observer's canopy, if it has frames then I'll sand them off, and what look like "hedgehog exhausts", if they ain't then I think I've got some in a Hasegawa Beaufighter, the 0.50 blast tubes I can probably do with Albion Alloys aluminium tubing, and I can live without the Mk21 Instrument Panel. That leaves the Autopilot housing. I think I might have a go at doing it with some Milliput.
  11. Beard

    Tim's Academy RAAF Ventura - COMPLETED

    She looks very smart.
  12. Beard

    The Pacific at War GB Chat

    Good to see you back @TonyTiger66.
  13. Yes, I understand they had .50 machine guns in the wings and a bulge in front of the windscreen for a Sperry (?) autopilot. The guns I can deal with, by filling the ejector ports and either painting them or making new holes. The bulge is more of a problem and one that I might have to deal with by ignoring. Unless anyone has a suggestion.
  14. As three of my five entries in this Group Build approach completion, it's time to start another. I'll be using the Academy P-47 and Xtradecals transfers to do this aircraft. Xtradecals say the Dark Earth is faded and I can't say I disagree. I might crack open my pot of Colourcoats Light Earth. Here's the box: Yes, it does like it's been trodden on. The canopy survived the deliveryperson's foot... but the propeller didn't... (Although it's nothing a little glue and a gentle bending won't cure.) I've made a start: painting bits that'll be black black, bits that'll be aluminium black and, gluing the cockpit bits together. Thanks for looking.