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  1. WOW! Worked a treat! Cheers gingerbob.
  2. So, since I've been off work I've been trying to get on with this kit from Airfix (in between the never ending jobs the wife keep coming up with) and I seem to have come up against a brick wall. Not sure if I'm missing something or whether I've built it wrong but the turret just doesn't want to drop in! It's nowhere near being able to fit. IMG_2052 by Steve Noble, on Flickr IMG_2051 by Steve Noble, on Flickr
  3. So, if l go gray cockpit and green wheel wells and doors I should be on fairly safe ground?
  4. That's great, thank you very much. Quite like the idea of the Chromate Yellow, nice bit of variation.
  5. Hi there, I'm after a little guidance regarding cockpit colours. I'm about to start the Hobbyboss F-84F and decided to upgrade to an Aires cockpit. So, in researching various bits and pieces before committing to anything, I find myself a little confused as to the cockpit colours. Interior green, grey or black? I'm kind of ignoring the Hobbyboss colour callout as they suggest painting the entire airframe grey when I believe it should be natural metal. Also, the wheel wells and gear doors. Hobby boss say Interior green, but I have a three view drawing of the same airframe which clear
  6. Nice scheme, looking forward to following this. Particularly interested to see how the cockpit set fits as I was thinking of doing this myself.
  7. Apologies folks for dragging this one up again, but I’ve finally got into a position where I’m getting the bits together for my next build. The problem is Coastal Craft no longer stock Akan paint sets. The only other place I’ve found so far is from a source in Hong Kong via eBay. Anyone else got any ideas please?
  8. Fido996

    B-57G chin

    Thank you all very much for the input, plenty to be going on with now. Des, thanks for that. That title rang a bell so I went and checked the 'Library extension' ( the garage) and found it hiding there. Nice one! However, both my WoF and IAPR have some holes in, so nothing there. Canberra Kid, it was your build that inspired me to crack this kit open. So, yes, it's all your fault! Thanks to you all for your help with this, very much appreciated.
  9. Fido996

    B-57G chin

    I'm currently ( or attempting to at least ) modify this area on the 1:48 scale Airfix kit. I've got to the point where I'm mostly satisfied with the overall look now and I'm about to tackle the glazed areas. I've searched through, and exhausted, all my paper references and online is proving fruitless also, for a clear underside shot or drawing. Can anyone tell me if there's a glazed area on the underside of the chin fairing as well? Or is it front only? Thanks for any help, much appreciated.
  10. Of course, yes. Forgot about Coast Command. Thank you kindly for that.
  11. I use Tamiya thinner with a couple of drops of Vallejo's airbrush flow improver spayed onto Vallejo surface primer. It's usually paint 50% and thinner/flow 50% mix. It works most of the time but I also find that taking some of the tack off of the masking tape helps as well.
  12. After having attended this years RIAT I came away suitably inspired to build a replica of the Ukrainian Flanker complete with that fantastic digital camo. Now, I've recently moved over to Vallejo acrylics from Humbrol/Revell enamels, and I get on really well with them. My only problem is that I have real trouble matching their colours using my eye. They always look close right up until the paint hits plastic. Then it all goes wrong (just ask my last Tomcat build)! Anyway, what I'm asking in a long winded way, is peoples opinion on the colours for said birds plumage? I have FS numbe
  13. Thanks for that Mike, some great references on those links. I think I may have to go down the 'make my own' route as I left out the engine face and the trunking is completely unpainted. My my own fault for not checking the fit earlier.
  14. Ok, so. I bought the BigEd set for the Tomcat and it came with a set of F.O.D guards. This influenced my decision to pose my finished (hopefully) model parked. I've now got to the stage of fitting, only to find that they're nowhere near a 'close' fit. They will go into the inlet but they're just too tall. They sit at an angle. I sort of assumed they should be upright. Even the few pictures I've managed to find have confirmed this. Sitting just slightly back on the lower lip and perfectly upright. So, after seeing if they could be modified and quickly deciding against it, I purchase
  15. Thanks for that Hairystick, that will be a great help.
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