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  1. Fido996

    Ukrainian Flanker

    Of course, yes. Forgot about Coast Command. Thank you kindly for that.
  2. Fido996

    Ukrainian Flanker

    I use Tamiya thinner with a couple of drops of Vallejo's airbrush flow improver spayed onto Vallejo surface primer. It's usually paint 50% and thinner/flow 50% mix. It works most of the time but I also find that taking some of the tack off of the masking tape helps as well.
  3. Fido996

    Ukrainian Flanker

    After having attended this years RIAT I came away suitably inspired to build a replica of the Ukrainian Flanker complete with that fantastic digital camo. Now, I've recently moved over to Vallejo acrylics from Humbrol/Revell enamels, and I get on really well with them. My only problem is that I have real trouble matching their colours using my eye. They always look close right up until the paint hits plastic. Then it all goes wrong (just ask my last Tomcat build)! Anyway, what I'm asking in a long winded way, is peoples opinion on the colours for said birds plumage? I have FS numbers from a 1/144th decal sheet but I don't for the life of me believe that the Ukrainian AF use FS sourced paint for their planes. Just in case the numbers I have are FS15085 for the dark blue, FS16293 for the grey and FS15092 for the lighter blue. The colour for the underside being stated as FS25183. I would like to try and keep this centred around the Vallejo/ Ammo Mig range if possible ( mainly because I have a new paint rack and all the holes are the same size :-) ). Thanks in advance for any help gents. Oh, here's the bird in question.
  4. Fido996

    F-14 F.O.D guards

    Thanks for that Mike, some great references on those links. I think I may have to go down the 'make my own' route as I left out the engine face and the trunking is completely unpainted. My my own fault for not checking the fit earlier.
  5. Fido996

    F-14 F.O.D guards

    Ok, so. I bought the BigEd set for the Tomcat and it came with a set of F.O.D guards. This influenced my decision to pose my finished (hopefully) model parked. I've now got to the stage of fitting, only to find that they're nowhere near a 'close' fit. They will go into the inlet but they're just too tall. They sit at an angle. I sort of assumed they should be upright. Even the few pictures I've managed to find have confirmed this. Sitting just slightly back on the lower lip and perfectly upright. So, after seeing if they could be modified and quickly deciding against it, I purchased the Quickboost set. Great set as they are (with two decal sheets to boot!), I have exactly the same problem as the etched set. I made sure to have the intake ramp in the fully up position, it physically would not go any further. So, is it that the parts are too big for the kit they're designed for, have I built it wrong or am I just missing something completely obvious? It's the finally couple of pieces to finish off this build before I embark on the next project (Su-15 I think), so any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  6. Fido996

    Resin F-15 exhausts

    Thanks for that Hairystick, that will be a great help.
  7. Fido996

    Resin F-15 exhausts

    I've been searching lately for a resin exhaust set for the Academy F-15C MSIP boxing but I'm unable to find any. I know that Eduard did some for their Fighting Eagles edition but there's nothing on their website about them anymore. So I was wondering if anyone has tried to fit the Aires set thats meant for the Hasegawa kits to an Academy version? Are they a good fit? Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. EDIT: I was wondering if I could be really cheeky and ask a huge favour? Does anyone on here have the Aires F-15 exhausts within easy reach? If so, would it be possible to get a couple of measurements? Specifically the burner can diameter that sits inside the airframe and the outer diameter of the can where it buts up to the fuselage. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Fido996

    F-14D to an F-14B

    Thanks for that 72modeler, just what the doctor ordered.
  9. Fido996

    F-14D to an F-14B

    Sorry, yes, kit PT12 in 1:48. Thank you for that. I must admit to not researching the IP and associated area in any depth just yet. Looking like it's my next task. So that'll be parts E28 & E29 in place of E31 & E32. Having just had a quick look at them now I see what you mean. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Fido996

    F-14D to an F-14B

    I'm just after a bit of clarity in my own mind and it always helps to hear/ read what someone else thinks. I have a Hasegawa F-14D kit that I want to back date to a B model. Am I right in thinking that I have everything I need within this kit to do that? I need the seats from the 'H' sprues and the small ECM/RWR fairings to go under the gloves vain/ wing area just in front of the navigation lights. I know there are two more that go a little further back but I can't see them mentioned in the 'B' instruction sheet. I'm sort of assuming that these are parts H29 & H30. I'm not too worried about any differences with the instrument panels ( mainly because the interior set I have is for the 'D' model and I don't want to be forking out anymore just yet with the Hinckley show around the corner). Any help would be greatly appreciated gents. Cheers!
  11. Fido996

    Revell 1/48 Eurofighter

    I'm currently getting to grips with this kit, it's a bit of a mixed bag. I have planned to scratch build an intake cover so I didn't have to deal with the intakes. The instrument panel and glare panel do need some work, but it's nothing too drastic. The rest of the kit goes together fairly well, I've had no real problems with it. I'm at the painting stage now. The entire surface was polished, primed and then polished again to an almost mirror finish. The final touch ups were done earlier and a couple of coats of my varnish mix were sprayed on. This is now drying off and hardening before the decals and weathering are applied. It's the Seek/ Destroy 41sqn bird. Well, hopefully anyway!
  12. Fido996

    No. 500 Sqn Meteor decals 1:48.

    Great stuff, thanks for that scottldr.
  13. Fido996

    No. 500 Sqn Meteor decals 1:48.

    This maybe a bit of a long shot, but does anyone know if there's anything like this out there? The airframe in question is WF714 flown by the CO of No. 500 Sqn Squadron Leader Desmond de Villiers. Having just got my mitts on the Airfix kit and growing up near where this Meteor was stationed, I fancied this version sitting on the shelf amongst my growing collection. I've done all the usual searches on tinternet but drawn a blank. The scheme is also a little beyond my modelling skills and patience to do myself. So, any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! Over to you guys!
  14. Heres my attempt at Eduard's MiG-21R. I've tried to replicate the weathering that was shown in one of the photos in the accompanying book from the Silver Arrows kit. As photography is not one of my strong points I had to make do with my camera phone, so they're not up to the standard usually seen on here. It's one thing I really need to work on. Oh, and please excuse the state of the workbench. Everything on it, under it and generally within its vicinity is a work in progress! And in company with Trumpeter's MiG-21F-13... All comment are very welcome and thanks for looking.
  15. Great work there, liking that.