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  1. Amazing work going on here! And taking the micro scale into account - bravo!
  2. Looking good so far, Ralph. I love F3's no matter the scale and kit bashing for extra accuracy is even better! Watching with interest how you progress.
  3. I think the F-117's showed how devastating they could be with only two smart bombs - although the were 1000 pounders. In the hostile opening hours of a conflict stealth is worth more than payload size.
  4. Excellent work thus far on a plane that spawned a dynasty! I'll be here watching with popcorn in hand.
  5. She came out looking very nicely! The effort around the front windshield does certainly change the "look" for the better in my opinion. I do hope we see you tackle an FA.2 as well now knowing where most of the issues are and how to adress them.
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