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  1. Tough kit to build (I am finalizing one right now in Angola colours, not for this GB though) - I had plenty of difficulties with the resin exhaust (and the fit you mentioned). But you are progressing very well! Patrick
  2. Coming along nicely, Elger. Good saving on the decals! The figures look great too
  3. Very neatly done, Shaun. Particularly around the intakes: notoriously difficult fit with these kits - great job!!
  4. Very nice Sufa there! What paints did you use for this finish? Cheers, Patrick
  5. Thanks again gentlemen, much appreciated! Thanks Nikolay, following your companion build on the A type with interest! Cheers, Patrick
  6. Hi all, Here is my interpretation of the Mi-24 Mk.III Superhind. When I came across this attractive color scheme used in Bulgaria, in combination with its extensive armament systems, I set out to build this version of the Hind. South African company ATE acquired 2 Mi-24’s in the ‘90-s and used these as a basis for developing several upgrade packages. Mk.III standard helicopters were purchased by both Algeria and Azerbaijan. ATE’s 2nd prototype was demonstrated to the Bulgarian AF in 2005. I used the ‘limited edition’ boxing of Hasegawa’s 1/72 Mi-24/35 Mk.III
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