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  1. Thank you @Reini78. Yes, these are indeed the (only) known pictures that I also found and will use. As noted above: having looked at your earlier splendid build, I will go for something similar: a fairly irregular light green field camo over olive green. And I definitely will add the Cuban flag on the rudder! Cheers, Patrick
  2. Thanks Martin, exactly one of the few pictures I will use as a reference πŸ‘
  3. My only two South American builds: 2x Hobbyboss 1/72 P-38 (Cuba and Honduras).
  4. As the title says, my plan is to build one of the Cuban Sea Furies, from the timeframe of the Bay of Pigs invasion. The FAR (Fuerza Aerea Revolucionaria) operated several of these aircraft in this period. The Trumpeter kit looks pretty nice in the box. Besides the kit, I have collected a Pavla resin seat and 2 sets of decals. I may also swap the kit’s propeller for a Pavla item, as the propeller blades look a bit too narrow. My intention is to build one of the olive green / mottled light green camouflaged aircraft, which carried little markings as per the very few (only 2???) relevant black & white pictures of that period. Neither of these schemes is portrayed in the 2 decal sheets I have, so I will see what I will use. There is an interesting thread of an earlier BM build here, which discusses the markings and colours: I will use this as a reference, but seeing there is little photographic material from that period available, this gives quite a bit of potential for interpretation of the actual camouflage scheme. Cheers, Patrick
  5. Although I voted for this Group Build in the bunfight, it appears I completely forgot to actually sign up for it - my mistake, just in time to correct this! I will add a Cuban Sea Fury to the lineup of this GB. Looking forward to seeing a lot of interesting exotic subjects coming up!! Cheers, Patrick
  6. Great job Russ; lovely paint & weathering job πŸ‘
  7. The tail bands (with the β€œ71” integrated) were the only black theater bands I used from the decal sheet, I painted the other ones. But you are right, these are slightly mispositioned - well noted 😊
  8. Thank you all for your kind comments, much appreciated πŸ‘ Cheers, Patrick
  9. Hi all, Here is my Tamiya 1/72 Thunderbolt Razorback, a kit that requires little introduction I guess: great fit, with lovely detail all around. I just added a few details (PE seat belts in the cockpit, brake lines on the main landing gear, vacform canopy, brass gun barrels and DF loop antenna on the spine). The drop tank is from a Pavla armament set. The model represents an aircraft from the 1st ACG, that provided close air support and resupply operations to British troops (the so-called "Chindits") that were dropped behind Japanese front lines in Burma. For this "Operation Thursday" aircraft, I used the DP Casper decal sheet. The sheet provides fuselage stripes and theater bands in both dark blue and black. Reading through Squadron's "Thunderbolt in the Pacific Theater", the fuselage stripes are described as dark blue and the bands on wings and tail surfaces in black, so I settled for this combination. First time I used DP Casper's decals: these are very thin and break easily, so care is needed in handling them but they give a nice result. For the NMF I used a few Alclad shades, other paints are mostly Tamiya acrylics. Weathering was done with oils and pigments. Here is a Wikemedia picture of the real thing: United States Army Air Forces, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons Credits background picture: freepik, https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/beautiful-scenery-green-tree-forest-cloudy-sky_9185373.htm Hope you enjoy the pictures, thanks for looking! Best regards, Patrick
  10. Sharp looking Scooter, Chris! Great work πŸ‘ Indeed, the Fujimi Skyhawks are great kits to work with. Patrick
  11. Very nice build, great paint work and finish πŸ‘
  12. Thanks! Actually, I thinned the engine cowling from the inside: using a rolled up piece of sanding paper gave good control of the sanding process. Regards, Patrick
  13. Thank you @georgeusa - interesting reading material and useful reference pictures πŸ‘
  14. Thanks for your comments! Actually, I used some pigments for this dusting effect: simple to use and, as you say, very effective. Very true Roman; I used a slightly β€œgreener” background, as it makes it easier to photograph a dark green subject. Indeed, I have the Pilatus Porter in my stash for such a future build! Thanks again all, comments much appreciated πŸ‘ Patrick
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