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  1. I believe these are included in any of the Hasegawa F-15 boxes: on sprue D, of which two pieces are included, together with vertical and horizontal stabs, engines and droptanks. No armament though, as per Hasegawa’s standard! Best wishes to you as well, Patrick
  2. Thanks mate! The CFT’s are from the kits: I built the F-15DJ from a F-15E kit (actually Revell’s reboxing of the Hasegawa original) and used its CFT’s on the F-15C model instead. Fit of these tanks is so-so, by the way: they do require some work to fit and blend properly with the fuselage. Cheers, Patrick
  3. That is a great looking model, Martin Very interesting combination of colours on that camo. Great job, Patrick
  4. Thanks Mike - that looks like a great selection of museum aircraft, like how these are displayed as well, very neat Great camo on that Mig-17! Cheers mate! BR, Patrick
  5. This was a pretty easy build, with the overall level of detail and fit being quite good on this kit. I just added an instrument panel and PE seatbelts in the cockpit, connected a few cables to the winch and added some other small exterior details. I cut out one of the cockpit windows as well and mounted it in the opened position. The camo colour was built up with different tones of green, tan and grey (Gunze/Tamiya) and weathered with oils, a light drybrushing and some pigment dusting. Decals are from the kit: nicely printed but terribly brittle, causing them to break up easily. They settled well on flat surfaces, but getting the large ones to conform to the curved nose and tailboom required quite a bit of work (and touch-ups with paint afterwards). The very nice Heller Jeep received some parts of a Brengun PE set and I also added a scratch-built antenna/radio unit. Figures are from CMK/Hasegawa, with some ValueGear items and Eduard’s PSP base completing the little scene. Hope you enjoy the pictures: thanks for looking! Comments always welcome, Patrick P.S. For those interested in the subject, I came across this YouTube video with interesting footage of VNAF UH-34D's operating from a.o. Da Nang AB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D228_1s5zaU Credits background picture: designed by Freepik, photo by jannoon028: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/tourism-flight-stratosphere-scenic-cloud_1048502.htm#page=1&query=stratosphere tourism&position=44&from_view=search
  6. Lovely finish on that P-38 Great job!
  7. Very nice progress on this Mig-23 Martin Cheers, Patrick
  8. Lovely subtle variations in the paint work, first class job
  9. Very helpful - thanks a lot! Patrick
  10. Hi forum-experts, I was wondering whether I can add a tag to a topic that I posted (sometime) earlier - and particularly whether that topic than gets re-listed on top of the posts in the specific forum that I posted it earlier? As a “brand new” topic? … or is it just edited without such re-listing? Thanks for any feedback! Cheers, Patrick
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