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  1. Thanks guys! Some further progress was being made in the mean time: I painted and weathered the turbochargers and also finished the spinners/props. I came across some usefull reference pictures for this build: https://www.airlinefan.com/airline-photos/Honduras---Air-Force/Lockheed/P-38-Lightning/504/3754811/ http://wpalette.com/en/pictures/56789 Both of these colour pictures are for aircraft no. 504. What is interesting is the colour of the nose tip: in both cases it seems to be a light grey. I have decals for aircraft no. 503 and 506, where both decal sheets indicate a different colour for this nose tip: white and yellow. Looking at the pictures, I will likely use a light grey instead - and I have applied this on the top of the spinners also. Talking of the nose tip: P-38L of the Honduras AF were not equipped with guns in the nose, as can also be seen in the above 2 links, so I replaced the Hobbyboss nose tip with one from an RS Models kit. This obviously required a bit of reshaping, filling and rescribing to make it fit, but looks good so far I think: I will be using the turbo charger intakes from this RS Models kit as well, as the Hobbyboss kit does not include these. Working on putting the airframe together now ... Cheers, Patrick
  2. A bit more progress being made here: I got the cockpit parts painted, weathered and dryfitted (I may rework the backside of the pilot's seat panel a bit). The pylons/fuel tanks and insides of landing gear doors are done as well. Landing gears are also ready, with the wheels fitted: nose wheel is from the kit, MLG wheels are from the LF Decals set: these are nicely casted resin bulged wheels. Some pictures of where I am: Cheers for now, Patrick
  3. Hello all, and in particular to @ModelingEdmontonian and @PattheCat: apologies for not updating this thread earlier, but there has been too little time and (too) little steps to report!! I have been working on the kit's cockpit, adding a few PE bits & pieces and some spare seatbelts. The radio compartment behind the pilot's seat has also been scratchbuilt. Droptanks on their respective pylons are also ready, with the camera fairing on one of these deleted (the kit has both pylons fitted with these). Finally, I have been adding a few rows of rivets along the fuselage, vertical tails and engine nacelles, to add a bit of visual interest (hopefully) once painted: I hope they show in the below picture. Currently working on the landing gears, wheel wells and props ... more to come soon! Cheers, Patrick
  4. Excellent work on your warthog. Impressive paintwork on the sharkmouth: I also attempted this on one of my 1/72 builds, so I know this is not easy - yours looks really great
  5. Terrific work, good eye for detail and very neat finish
  6. Thanks mate The HobbyBoss kit is really a nice smooth build with good fit overall. Sufficient space for adding some weight. Note that there are three injection mold marks that you may want to remove: two on the top outer wings and one on the horizontal tail. In case you mount the pylons: I believe that once the left wing pylon carried the camera, so I removed this from the other one on my Cuban Lightning. The two mirrors on the inboard engine sides should be more of an oval shape, but the circled shapes in the kit didn’t really bother me so I was happy using these. As for the supercharger intakes: like you, I also pondered on how to add these as they are not included in the kit. In the end I used 1/48 AIM-7 Sparrow missile heads from the spares box: a bit of reshaping, drilling the intakes and voilà! Looking forward to seeing the Nicaragua version coming along! Cheers, Patrick
  7. Hello all, This is my first GB participation, after having followed many interesting GB topics and speedy builds of other BM-ers. I will be joining with this kit, one of HobbyBoss' "easy-assembly" kits: Earlier this year, I build the same kit, in Cuban AF markings: Found it a pretty straightforward build, and I added some details along the way that I plan to repeat with this GB build. Not being a very quick builder myself, I should be able to complete this one in time for this GB. My plan is to build another Latin American P-38, this time a Honduras AF (in NMF), using these aftermarket items: The LF Models decals were in my stash for a while, but the Aztec Latin Warriors sheet appears to be more complete - more on that later, when the build starts ... The LF Models set also contains resin wheels and I have a ResKit set as well should this be needed, I will see what I will use. Looking forward to seeing a lot of interesting builds develop here!! Cheers, Patrick
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