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  1. Anymore progress with this, I have one arriving soon so i'm following with interest. Erk.
  2. A bit more progress folks - now I have added another Five KGL light ready to get into the fight. Erk.
  3. Thank you kindly, what I find works the best is a quick spray over when fully dry with Tamiya Flat Laquar rattle can, that flats down lovely and gives a hard finish. Erk.
  4. Your are the master - the builder of speed and quantity - I am lucky if I can build/paint Six of my 28mm at the same time. Erk.
  5. Railings on a 1/700 scale kit - this guys eyes and dexterity must be amazing. Erk.
  6. Really nice work - you have the painting and shading/highlighting to a T. Erk.
  7. Excellent work Ratch - you have one heck of a battle forming there. Erk.
  8. Amazing, this is a ship that is very close to my heart "Fortress of the Seas" was a special ship and the only "long 42" with the extended bow bulwarks she left us Way to soon, I plan to build her in 1/350 scale when Peter has finished the making them. I too built her from the Dragon kit in 700scale but not to this amazing detail. Erk.
  9. All the best to you have a tot on me. Erk.
  10. I have been to Pompy a few times for the Navy Days when a kid - loved them, also spent a week at Collingwood for work experience with the school - loved that - even tried to sign up but didn't quite make it. Erk.
  11. Probably not much help but I was at the Pompy Navy Days in 1976 I remember my dad paying to take us over HMS Devonshire, can't remember if your ship was there, but this is a pic at the event taken by someone (not my pic) on Devonshire. Erk.
  12. Here is the collective so far just brought together for a photoshoot. Erk.
  13. Five of the above now finished - please excuse Two of the pics I got a wee bit close for the focus. Erk.
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