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  1. Thank you Jamie for all the research (and everyone else) its an interesting subject not so much if the bottom was Dark Grey - but why? as all the other ships in RN had anti fouling Red - why was Hood different - what motivated the difference. Erk.
  2. Give this a try - you just need to scroll through the different pages for Armies/Units/Regiments/etc, its been very useful to me with my Waterloo dio. Erk. http://centjours.mont-saint-jean.com/detail_uniformes_uniteBR.php?rubrique=U&uniformes=112&drapeau=
  3. Current status after some detail painting - Erk.
  4. Thank you kindly, its all falling in to place - bit by bit, will take some time though as I want to make it look ok. Erk.
  5. Hi all, well I have decided to make a start on my scenery/buildings in the shape of the LHS farm complex - its 28mm scale and comes as a MDF laser cut flat pack, all individual pieces that assemle like a dolls house, I am starting with the farmhouse first - and painting each section while still flat as its easier that way - this is where I am at at the moment - Erk.
  6. Used to speak to you (your house move etc) you sent a kit a few years back. Erk.
  7. Superb job of a tower block on the sea. Erk.
  8. Excellent work - the weathering/dusting has come out spot on. Erk.
  9. Sincere greeting on our day our Waterloo Day. Erk.
  10. One 55th Ligne Flag Barer completed. Erk.
  11. That is insane - Amazing work. I have all this to come yet with my Hood when it arrives. Erk.
  12. Interesting build - I have just sent off for the Flyhawk Hood Delux kit from China. Erk.
  13. Drummer is finished, ready to lead the 55th ligne, 1st division. Erk.
  14. Hi all, my 55th Ligne Drummer is finished - just needs his backpack fitting and painting. Erk.
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