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  1. Last of my 2nd KGL now dirtied and finished - just needs my flat top coat. Erk.
  2. Evening all, I have started back on my KGL firstly finishing off my 5th Injured - then I have have moved onto my last 2nd Infantry. Erk.
  3. Washes done - then placed on display (dry fitted) under Rexy along with mini Dippy. Erk.
  4. Painted and first layer of washes applied. Erk.
  5. A bit more work on this - I have cut out in between the ribs then assembled all the bits, I then placed the Utahraptor next to Rexy. Only able to put the one picture can't post the other one, Ah.......there are my pics. Erk.
  6. Evening all, a wee bit of an update - the pelvic bones where attached along with the legs, I have also dry fitted the head and tail end piece, they will be glued on latter, oh its also fixed down to the base now. I have also started a side project that will be placed with it in the shape of a dig for it Velociraptor skeleton. Erk.
  7. More washes added to age the bones. Erk.
  8. Evening all, starting work on the washes on the Skull - starting with Black then I will turn it over and do the same on the other side, I will follow this with a Dark Brown wash. Erk.
  9. Thank you kindly, not sure what the holes are but I have seen them in pictures of T Rex's skeletons, its taking some work as the kit parts where already painted in the factory - not to a very good standard, I will also have several washes to apply. I am hoping to display it with a similar scale Veloceraptor - like in the Jurassic films, biggest problem will be displaying it space wise etc. Erk.
  10. Evening all, a bit of an update and pics - I am working a flat sand colour all over the seperate parts, including one of my 28mm figures to get an idea of the scale. Erk.
  11. I brought this before the pandemic and delayed starting it till I built up the nerve, going back to my childhood I saw a replica of T Rex in a museum and was hooked. The kit uses a metal spine and the skeleton is made up of spine sections / head (upper and lower) Three piece tail end / pelvic bone / legs and feet and the front arms with plate. Its not the best plastic to work with as its a PVC and already pre painted in the factory to a poor standard (the seams are still visible) so first job was to work on the head/jaws and tidy these up - remember the soft plastic used in the old Airfix 1/72 figures that was next to impossible to sand or file or even scrape - yep same with this plastic - it leaves little fillaments like hairs when I try to tidy up the seams. Anyway after getting the head joined and tidied up I gave it a light rough sand colour (I will be adding several washes) So this is the head before I did any tidy up work and paint. More to follow. Erk.
  12. I am back folks after having a short spell of loosing my mojo - anyway after kicking my butt I carried on with the last of my figures (for now) Erk.
  13. They look excellent. Erk.
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