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  1. This is what I did with mine to the best of my ablity - Erk.
  2. Evening all, more figures now added to LHS - there is over 50 KGL in there now. Erk.
  3. Its an honour to build this with your family ties - thank you for telling me about your history - keep following there is far more to come. Erk.
  4. Evening all, my batch of 5th Line KGL are now ready to go and fight (well join the others in LHS) Erk.
  5. Are you going to fully detail the inside of the turret? Erk.
  6. A famouse painting of the scene - showing the desperate scene in LHS. Erk.
  7. Muskets and Riflles are done aswel as a dirty wash. Erk.
  8. Evening all, a bit more work done on my 5th Line KGL. eRK.
  9. Lovely work, I have also been following your Wokka build - read every page, I too have a Chinook build on the site - in the shape of the Revel 1/48 kit. Erk.
  10. More 5th KGL - both centre line and light taking shape. Erk.
  11. Indeed - when the 5th came down from the ridge to help the 2nd and part 5th in the Farm - they did not see the French Cuirassiers till it was too late, they could not form a square and had no chance. Erk.
  12. Thank you so much. far more to come yet another 40 or so KGL then all the French and some scenery around the Farm. Erk
  13. Thank you for showing an interest in my build, I must be honest that name does not ring a bell for me, I know a few names from the 3 KGL regiments that where in LHS at Waterloo - a Rifleman Friedrich Lindau of the 2nd KGL - he wrote an excellent account of the battle for LHS, I also know of the Major in the Farm Major Baring who escaped death by a hair when his horse was shot. Here is the link to Private Lindau's letter. - https://projecthougoumont.com/rifleman-friedrich-lindau-2nd-light-battalion-kgl/ Erl.
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