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  1. Evening all, some more progress with Marshall Ney and one of his horses he had to uses as he was getting through them like wild fire - so the horse has had a few layers of paint after glueing and tidying the seems - then a bit of weathering and a flat coat brushed on to the areas needing to be flat (this time it has worked and dulled down lovely using Mig's Extra Flat Acrylic with a brush) next is the figure of Mr Ney - its a metal figure that was purchased already painted - but I want to stamp my own on it - so detail painting has begun - I have also glued him down to the horse u
  2. Thank you for that - its going to be quite a project - my Waterloo dio, I have around 150 28mm figures to make then the wood farm building La Haye Sainte some landscaping including a road - trees -soil and rocks then It will be displayed inside a 3 foot by 2 foot glass case. Erk.
  3. I have put this build on hold for a bit while I turn my attention back to my Waterloo diorama build, she is placed with my other part builds in my dispaly case. Erk.
  4. Evening all, a bit more work on the crate - I decided that it wasn't dirty/dusty enough so after fitting the other rear guard - I got out my flat white and added a few more dry brushed layers, I then dry fitted the turret and did a bit more dry brushing around the front areas. Erk.
  5. What a cool looking build - I have some assorted packs etc I could add to my Chally - still considering it. Erk.
  6. Evening all, more progress in the shape of frontal armour plates. Erk.
  7. Evening all - some more progress tonight, I have fitted the other mudguards and the side armour plates and the other forward side device. Erk.
  8. Looking very nice - all that ERA armour really give the M60 a sharper look - very impressive. Erk.
  9. Excellent Idea posting on both - you do some lovely work. Erk.
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