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  1. Work continues in the shap of Major Baring who was in charge of the KGL troops in La Haye Sainte farm, I am also working on his horse. Erk.
  2. I am having a slight rest from this as my Waterloo build is calling me. Erk.
  3. More work today, the rear roof section above the ramp is a bit sparse of detail, so I decided to do abit of scratch building, I used a piece of card and a few other bits and pieces then after gluing in place - I added a few layers of paint followed by some shading. Erk.
  4. Hi all, more work - I have finished fitting the folded up seats then glued both side walls then added the roof, this closes up the Inner fuselage section just need to do a bit of ramp area painting before working on the outer parts. Erk.
  5. I also built this - its real fiddly and yes a few poor fits first - the two front fuselage pieces (the floor at the front from quite a way back and Just behind the entrance door all the way towards the nose - needs a lot of sanding so the fuselage sides will meet. Also parts 84,85 and 88 are for the main undercarriage legs/mudguards - and yes fiddly to cut away (side cutters with a pointed nose are really needed here). The fit of the engine nacells are fiddly and need carefull filling with a rounded file to get them to slide over the wing into place at both ends.
  6. Indeed, its quite a large kit. Erk. Thanks John. Erk.
  7. Hi all, I started this build about Two weeks ago - I will jump straight to the present, I have assembled and painted/weathered the cockpit - main floor, fitted the main rows of bench seating and decided to convert the last Three seats (each side) at the rear into folded up seats, I have also detailed the rear bulkhead sections above the rear ramp, the other inner wall needs the same detail - then plenty more work before I can close up the fuselage. Erk
  8. Superb, no real Issues and very little flash - also very good instructions and very well protected parts on the spru's. All in all one of the best kits I have built, I place Kinetic up there with Eduard for top ratted kits and build quality. Erk.
  9. Yep, it was the stripped down finish out in the Atlantic - just an over paint in the light Grey scheme. Erk.
  10. Superb job - finish and the setting certainly makes a difference. Erk.
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