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  1. Evening all, I have also built/painted/weathered some ground equipment to go with my dio - Erk.
  2. Its the ICM set - figures and some equipment, got them with the vehicles. E.
  3. Loverly work, I too am really in to Waterloo period and just seen the 28mm figure sets - look really good. E.
  4. Have added a pilot figure - still needs attaching to the ladder. E.
  5. So as I explained above - I am currently working on all the bits that will make up my Mossie Dio, they will (when finished) consist of Jeep and trailor, a tractor, a generator, an oil pump, some other odds and ends and some figures. Here are what I have assembled so far. ERK.
  6. Same situation as myself - learning new skills and new ways of modeling - and doing everything under a magnifier - then take high resolution pics and see our flaws - but we keep going - keep improving. E.
  7. I am still working on this - I did say I was working on a Dio for my Mossie and I still am, I slowly working through the bits and pieces I am putting in my dio, so far I have completed a jeep with trailor and 3/4 finished on a tractor.
  8. Hi all, I started these Two some time ago - kind of at the same time as each other, as I would yoyo back and fourth between each, I am doing the Seafire as an advanced proof of consept version that was a test frame between the mk.III and Griffin powered mk, it was tested with the higher powered Merlin engine and also had the clipped wings and pointed tail, also different from the normal mk.III was the addition of the Two large under wing rads. The other build is a Spit mk.IX representing a RAF West Malling version from 1944. So straight in with a few pics so far -
  9. Very impressive tidy work - really nice.
  10. Yep there is plenty more to go with the Dio yet - watch this space.
  11. More progress - I have finished the jeep and trailor and have put mossie and jeep dry fitted on my dio board to get a feel for how they will look.
  12. The main areas with mine - was the engine nacalles mainly the fronts where they meet the wings (some strange gaps and a lot of fettling to get them to fit) and the fuselage fit with the cockpit parts inside, this needs a lot of filing down the edges and constant test fitting before comitting to close up the the two sides. The main under carriage is difficult as its both two short and difficult to fit inside when assembled - I got round this by adding some wood strip inside the u/c bay about 2/3mm under where the main legs fronts sit, and also sanding down the sides of the legs (where the oil tanks are) this helped them fit inside the u/c bays. It is a kit that needs a lot (A lot) of patience and time to keep chaecking everything - even the cockpit canopy is fiddly and needs care when putting together - but it is well worth it when it goes well.
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