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  1. Thank you guys Yes, you are totaly right!
  2. Thank you guys! Bill, im sorry but I cant recall the ratios. As you can see by the number of paints used, it was kind of rocket science to find the right tone
  3. thank you! as for the chipping, the whole model is primed with mr hobby 218, wich gives weak adhesion for paints applied on it. then the dark sea blue is painted, and after drying, chipped with toothpick and blade.
  4. Hello Here is a build done in early 2020. Hasegawa F4U-7 Aires Cockpit Aires engine Pavla control surfaces Obsureco wheels Brassin HVAR and bomb Adecco decal The model depicts a plane during 1956 Suez Canal crisis. Some sources say that this actual airframe had only yellow stripes wihtout black ones. Aires cockpit needs some added details to depict a -7 such as armrests, and armament control boxes on each sides of the gunsight.
  5. Hello Here is a build from 2019. Riveted Airfix kit SBS exhausts Rob Taurus vacu canopy Eduard PE Eduard Legs and Wheels Moose Republic Decals The build log is here http://fighters.forumactif.com/t88297p125-montage-en-tandem-spitfire-pr-xix-binome-spitfire38-rom1#1801453 Here is the weird receipe for the Pru blue: Romain
  6. Thank you! Brian, I will post some more of my work.
  7. Hi Curt, I remember there is minor differences on the outer ring base. You may ask Edward at katran.model@gmail.com, he will tell you the best set depending on the machine you want to build. bye
  8. Hello Exdraken I facts I built two. Blue 93: RED31 bye
  9. Hi, I wanted to share some pictures of the new set from Katran dedicated to the AMK F-14D. The manufacturer released two sets: Open exhaust K4818, closed K4819 The parts are designed by CAD, an 3D printed on a high resolution machine. The exhausts and their Afterburner ducts are provided. You also get a vinyl mask sheet to help painting the feathers: The carbon texture and the shrouds is even depicted. The fit is quite good on the AMK pastic.
  10. Hi Thanks for the update. Hmmm...I sold my Revell expecting this one would be better... So, which is better ? Revell or kangnam?
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