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  1. Hi I see that quickboost released a resin corrected nose ref 48845. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/QB48845 What it is supposed to correct? Thanks
  2. Thanks mates! FAAMAN, it is the Trumpeter kit back from 2004. The kit is quite nice, but some flaws might be annoying for modelers. Nose is too short, Whole canopy is too bulbous, Intakes too bulbous on their undersides, missiles are note accurate in shape. You can find and upgraded release with new nose, intakes and nozzles. But I cant remember how to distinguish it from original box. You can have a look to my "re"build here to see some corrections carried out: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=44533&st=0&p=464100 Cheers! Romain
  3. Hi! New pics I took some times ago in first page! Romain
  4. Thanks ipms19 and David! I dont know about Dawood. Maybe ask Tom Cooper? Regards
  5. Hello Sorry for the delay... Here are some pictures of the finished Foxbat: Happy modelling!
  6. rom1

    ICM 1/48 MiG-25RBT

    Hello Les You can write to them by email. They understand and write english. Cheers
  7. rom1

    ICM 1/48 MiG-25RBT

    And Amigo Models too: http://www.amigomodels.ru/product/r15b-300_48015-1/
  8. Thanks Uncle! I will take good pictures this weekend. cheers
  9. Hello guys! This time is the last time! Metal areas are enhanced with Tamiya metalic pastels and Vallejo metal acrylics using a piece of foam as a stample. Then the surfaces are worked with brush. Scratches are done using waterpencils. Photoetched antenas are glued with cyano. Cockpit seal is done with lead wire glued with cyano, then painted in black. Pink sealing paste is painted in acrylic using a small brush Canopy is glued with "Odourless" cyano from Deluxe.Canopy rod is scratched with stretched sprue and coton swab. At the very end, static dischargers from Master are glued with cynao And... finished! on a pretty busy desktop. Happy to see the end. It was quite a long and busy build. Kittyhawk model was a very bad developed kit. But now, building a accurate Interceptor Foxbat will be easier thanks to ICM Last thing, a pilot from Aerobonus range: I would like to thank Tom Cooper for the help he gave during all the build. I will take nice pictures this weekend. Until then , have fun! Romain
  10. Hello Some updates I now want to finish it Decals are from Begemot, ref 48-010 and 48-011.I like to use Mr Hobby Mark Setter and Softer. It helps the decals to adhere and to conform into details. Dawood's Foxbat is supposed to be serial 25221.Arabic number are traced on ICM RB foxbat decal sheet, then cut with a sharp new blade. Decals are covered with gloss varnish. After clear cote is fully dried, decals are polished with grade 4000 micromesh in order to make the carrier film disappear Washes are prepared using ready to use products and standards oil paints. Oil mix is applied on panel lines with a fine brush. After the wash is partially dried, it is wiped off using paper towel or coton bud. Weathering continues using oil paint stampled with a piece of foam. Oil paint applied with brush ... faded with a brush. Shades are varied, here a light sand grey. A flat varnish coat is sprayed, then more weathering effect can be added with washes and oil filters. Product used: On flat coated radome result: end is near! Romain
  11. Hi He is back! Yesss! Great! I cant wait to buy those decals! Cheers
  12. rom1

    AK RealColors - NATO

    Hello I do not think those colors are exactly the same. RAL 6031 is Bronze green. Its FS equivalent is given as 34077 or 34079 here: http://www.paint4models.com/paintchart/paintconversionchart20100101h.html# But Green for Nato colors in Federal Standard is FS34094 After that, whit scale effect and weathering, maybe this set could be usable for US vehicle... cheers