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  1. Indeed, the 1971 Le Mans winner is the white Martini livered car, which would have been a great option. Pocher have made the 2nd place car from the 1971 Monza 1000km, the Monza winner was the Rodriguez Gulf livered car. Back to the options for the next model, how about:- Lotus 49 (Clark) or 49B (Hill) Jaguar D type (Le Mans 55) Ferrari 312T (Lauda)
  2. It is not just the numbers. There was sometimes 3 cars run in Gulf livery at races, so there was differences in how much orange was applied. Pedro Rodriguez's car usually had just a central orange stripe, while the Jo Siffert car had an orange wraparound nose and orange sills as well as the central stripe! To do the winner means a paint job!
  3. The Junkers EF126 looks to me like it is based on the Messerschmitt 263 and Junkers definitely did work on that! Nice builds!
  4. Looking at the images of the Pocher 917, it appears all new. It seems to have a different interior to the Ixo Collections / Agora kit, it is not just a new tail. It is a lot cheaper than the Agora kit and does not appear to have the working gadgets such as lights etc. There are some surprising things though:- 1, Why do the 2nd place race finisher, rather than the winner? 2, The background info for the car on Pocher's website is a bit mixed up. The 917 was dominant in 1970, the finned tail was only used occasionally in 1971. Also the regulations changed for endurance racing at the end of 1971 to a 3 litre formula, so the 917's career was over in Europe, hence the move to turbocharging a 917 spyder for the CanAm series which went on to 1974. Having said the above, I do think the finished model looks impressive, so I will consider this as my first 1/8 modern kit (I did build the Monogram E Type so many years ago!). I would still like a Tyrrell 006 and a Lancia S4 please!
  5. I would be surprised if Pocher would reissue the Ixo Collections kit as I would assume that Agora Models have the licence for that?
  6. There is some discussion on F1M that the next Pocher kit is a 917.
  7. Chris, thank you for posting the HMS Storm model photo.
  8. In my earlier post, I mentioned that Airfix are hoping to produce a decal sheet for all the boats! This includes names and numbers.
  9. I would not be surprised if the final auction price is a lot higher, Ex-works Lancia Group B cars are approaching £1m now! I would be very happy to have a 1/12 or 1/8 kit of a 6R4 though! Changing to a new suggestion, a Jaguar C or D type would be impressive in 1/8. I do find it strange that the range of resin or diecast models in 1/18 is huge, which suggests popularity, but car kits are really the poor relations to aircraft and military vehicles.
  10. A 1/8th 6R4 would be great, but if you have lovely deep pockets you need a real one! There is a works car on sale at the moment and the photos on the link below are a good reference! https://racecarsdirect.com/Advert/Details/145954/1985-mg-metro-6r4-group-b-ex-works-c870-eud
  11. I can't help with Chrisr57's reply, but the large RN Submarine Museum model of Storm is definitely in a very pale off-white (RAF sky like colour) and mid green with black saddle tanks.
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