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  1. Absolutely awesome build!! Amazing weathering work!
  2. So, I’ve kitsworld decals to be inaccurate also, but some of them are useful. I have to at least give them credit for making sheets for the current flyers and the Memphis Belle movie markings. To all the decal makers out there, there are more groups than the 91st. I’m sick to death of the same old markings being done over and over on people’s builds. Tired of seeing chow hound, the Memphis Belle, little miss mischief, a bit o lace. I’m just saying, these get old to look at.
  3. B-17 man

    What airplane it is?

    All I can tell is it looks like a glider.
  4. I’ve honestly never heard of them. The drawing looks nice though.
  5. Nah, read through the comments, most of the posts have nothing to do with the kit.
  6. I’ll be getting one for sure. First thing I really want to do is put one of the fuselage halves up to a monogram fuselage half and compare. May end up building this up as 909 in light of recent events. A few take aways from the pics. I wish there was an option for closed cowl flaps. Noticed there is what looks like options for down or up landing gear. Separate flaps, all the nice antenna that you normally need to make as there is little option for aftermarket.
  7. Hmm, I haven’t that about HK announcing a 1/48 E/F or Lancaster, but it’s great to hear.
  8. I didn’t see this mentioned for some reason. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/09/yes-its-new-tool-48th-scale-b-17g-in.html#more
  9. 1/48 would be ideal. 1/72 would be one hell of a drop in scale for you in my opinion.
  10. B-17 man

    P-40 help

    Pretty sure the light on the side of the vertical stabilizer should be a white light, white lens.
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