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B-17 man

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  1. B-17 man

    P-40 help

    Pretty sure the light on the side of the vertical stabilizer should be a white light, white lens.
  2. For what it’s worth, I’ve seen pics from aviation museums in Germany that have 109's, 190's etc with swastikas on the tail. It can be displayed in Germany but context of how it’s displayed goes into it.
  3. B-17 man

    Ju 188 without swastika?

    Personally, I would just put them on as the likelihood of a luftwaffe aircraft that served during WWII not having swastikas is slim to none. And it’s too easy to source a decal sheet of swastikas in various sizes.
  4. B-17 man

    B-17F to a B-17E

    The biggest major differences overall going F to E will be the skinny prop blades, cowl shape which really wont be to noticeable unless you know what to for. The top turret should pretty much be the same, there were a lot variations but won’t be noticeable at that scale. E and F tails are the same, open window and non staggered. Same tail guns, the belly turret will likely be the sperry ball turret as the early bendix flat turrets were rare and often replaced in the field. The football antenna, pitot tubes are in the same spots however there is an additional antenna mast near the cockpit that sticks out at an angle. And of the the framed nose cone, plus the rest of the nose windows can vary between different aircraft. Best bet, search google image and look at them and see the differences on each, pick one and go from there.
  5. B-17 man

    gas station B-17G restoration

    As far as my references go, it would be almost pointless for me to post pics here. I’ve been a fan of the B-17 since I was 10, (39 now) and have been studying as many books as I could always get my hands on before the internet. Now with google image and YouTube there is almost limitless visual references out there. Sorry if I came off rude, but I just can’t help sometimes seeing it done blatantly wrong, offering to help and basically being told off. Some people get really pissy about it. Just had a guy saying he paints the prop cuffs aluminum/silver on his mustangs. I asked why he said personal preference , I replied that they are made of rubber. No response after that.
  6. B-17 man

    gas station B-17G restoration

    Lol, just because I don’t have a meaningless profile pic doesn’t make what I’m saying any less accurate.
  7. B-17 man

    gas station B-17G restoration

    I’m in agreement with this! That old ipms article is crap. Natural metal throughout except the cockpit! That said, this can be a can of worms. It’s few and far between but I have seen evidence of painted interiors in wartime 17’s. But have seen far more pics showing natural metal. F and E models had sound deadening padding in the nose, cockpit and then the radio room. The radio room being mostly Emodels though. But the waist area was always natural metal. And as far as the erection manual goes, take that with a grain of salt, there was a war on and there were three plants turning out finished B-17's and many more making sub assemblies, not everyone got the memo, and the memo changed often.
  8. B-17 man

    Adding Red dot to US ROUDNELS

    Some decal sheets come with the red dots seperate from the roundel for decal options. A lot of people don’t use them. You should try asking around for those unused by others.
  9. B-17 man

    Monogram Helldiver Instructions

    Bankruptcy? I hadn’t heard anything about that.
  10. B-17 man

    RAF Fortress III help needed

    PDF is a much bigger file that I don’t have room for, thanks though.
  11. B-17 man

    RAF Fortress III help needed

    I’m on a tablet, don’t want to download pdf’s. Honestly looking to see if anyone has pics readily available. I’m just trying to finish a build.....
  12. B-17 man

    RAF Fortress III help needed

    Seen this pic, not what I’m looking for but thanks anyway...
  13. B-17 man

    RAF Fortress III help needed

    Yeah, thanks but all the pics are not viewable on there.