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  1. Thanks Luka, painting was done with different Alclad colors, basic is Airframe Aluminium
  2. Hi all, my latest model is this F-6D by Eduard in 1:48. Add Brassin wheels, trop tanks as well as exhaust and used the box decals for a F-6D of the 67th TRG.
  3. Thanks Josip for the information. Painting guide for me was a Montex instruction, wich shows an early Il-2 of 430ShAP"white 10" from 1941. Images and photos you find here: https://www.super-hobby.de/products/IL-2-ACC.M.html https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/il-2/il2-camo/il-2early1941/il2-early1941.htm
  4. thanks Gary! I used AMMO Chipping fluid for that. So there are different layers of paint: 1. black, 2. silver, 3. chipping fluid and 4. aircraft camoflage.
  5. My kit Shows nice and fine panel lines, no need to deepen those.
  6. Happy New Year to all! My latest bulid is the new Zvezda Il-2 in 1:48. Pretty nice kit with a lot of fine details. Built it OOB apart from some PE`s from my spare box. Hope you like it! photo picture hd photo picture hd photo picture hd photo picture hd photo picture hd photo picture hd photo picture hd photo picture hd photo picture hd photo picture hd photo picture hd photo picture hd photo pict
  7. Hi all, After the "I love Kit" Gladiator Mk.II I built another biplane with Eduards SE.5a in 1:48. I used a "Weekend" Edition (no8453) with No 56 Sqn markings. Add Brassin wheels and MG`s and some PE parts. Actually I thought I made a mistake choosing the left side for the pitot tube, because most of the SE.5a carried it on the right side. But I found also pictures one could see this tube on the right. So I am still not sure if I had to change the position or not.....
  8. Thanks Duncan! "Fun kit" are the right words for this Gladiator. Only the painting guide of the I Love Kit is a bit strange. By the way, your Mk.I looks just great!!
  9. Hi Andy, For me the Hatake Orange line is the best choise. But nevertheless MRP are really good as well. Stay healthy!
  10. Hi all, here some pics of my latest model: 1:48 Gladiator Mk.II by I Love Kit (ex Merit from 2016). Simple but nice detailed model with less parts. Add some Eduard PE`s, the rest is OOB.
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