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  1. Hi, here some pics of my Eduard Z-526AFS in 1:48. Add the 3D printed Brassin Cockpit and Wheels, the rest is OOB.
  2. Hi all, my latest build is a well worn Eduard A6M2 Zero Type 21 in 1:48. Again, Eduard did a great job! Add the Brassin landing flaps and wheels, the rest is OOB.
  3. Hi all, fresh from my desk another new ICM kit is this OV-10A Bronco. ICM offers OOB only Vietnam based aircrafts, so I would like to build a 601th TCW plane based at Sembach/Germany in "European 1" camofl. Add Quinta 3D decals, Eduard PE`s and a pitot by Master. Decals are from Caracal Sheet 48069 and from my spare box.
  4. Thanks Darryl! Fit is pretty good, there are no issues at all
  5. Hi all, some pics of my new built AH-1G in 1:32. I used the Special Hobby "Hi-Tech Kit" which is in fact the ICM model plus some resin and 3D printed parts as well as new decal options. Add the Quinta Studios 3D Decals and the Eduard PE`s and masks.
  6. thank you and all others for the comments! For me the Quinta 3D decals are just perfect for this kit, I think they are better than the Eduard PE´s and the their 3D Space ones.
  7. Hi all, just fineshed the new Tamiya F-4B in 1:48 - one of the best kits I ever had in my hands! Used some Eduard parts like Brassin wheels, seats, early fin cap, exhaust nozzle and TER`s, Bronze undercarriage as well as Decals for a VMFA-323 aircraft. Further I add the Quinta Studios 3D Cockpit Decals.
  8. Hi, just a quick build is this new tool Airfix Chipmunk in 1:48. Add Brassin wheels and Eduard PE`s. Decals are OOB showing off one of just two camoflaged British Army Chipmunks. WP964 was the sole based in the UK (the other was based in Germany).
  9. For the weathering I used mostly conventional methods like oilcolors (black and brown), pasel and post-shading with airbrush. Morover I used the nice AK pencils
  10. Hi all, some pictures of my latest build, the Eduard Tempest Mk.II in 1:48. Add the Brassin Flaps (3D print), the rest is OOB. Built a German based No 16 SQN airfcraft from RAF Fassberg
  11. Thanks for all your comments. I built already a lot of Kinetic kits, for my side the F-104 and this Pucara are just the best ones
  12. One of my favourite aircrafts is the IA-58 Pucara. So it was a big pleasure for me Kinetic produced a 1:48 kit in its "Gold Series". Here is the result! Add some Eduard PE`s und RBF`s, the rest is OOB - hope you like it
  13. Thanks! For me this is the best F/A-18E in this scale. Nice details and great fit
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