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  1. Hi all, here my new built Meng F/A-18E Super Hornet in 1:48. Pretty good fit and a lot of fine details. Add the Eduard PE Set and some HGW RBF`s.
  2. Sure It was done with chipping fluid, black and brown oilcolors, post-shading with airbrush, and the fine AK pencils.
  3. Hi all, here some pics of my latest model: MiG-15bis by Hobby 2000 (ex Bronco). Add Brassin wheels and Eduard PE`s for the cockpit. The Hungarian Air Force Decals are out of the box, the stencils are by Edaurad as well.
  4. Thanks For this photos I used an ordinary thin steel plate
  5. I think the cockpit is the only area that needs a full replacement. The rest of the kit is still state of the art
  6. Hi all, here some pics of the "new" Italeri MB-326 in 1:48 scale. In fact it is the almost 40 years old kit by Esci. Nevertheless a fine model with great panel lines but poor cockpit details. So I changed this to a Neomega resin cockpit, the rest including the fine deacls are OOB.
  7. Thanks Markus, Weathering was done with black and brown oilcolors with different brushes and airbrush. Further I used the AK weathering pencils. The quality of the kit is ok, but reach not the high standard of the amaizing Mirage III/2000 by Modelsvit in 1:72. The Bf 109 series looks also better to me. Fit is also ok, but it is not possible to build the Yak without any filler.
  8. Here some pictures of my latest build: Modelsvit Yak-9TD in 1:48. Built it OOB without any aftermarked parts. For painting I used Hataka Colors from their Orange Line.
  9. You`re right, they have really a high quality standard. Built as well the GasPatch Hs 123 wich is also just a perfect kit!
  10. Hi all, just finished the new GasPatch Me 163 Komet in 1:48. Just an amaizing kit, I built OOB.
  11. Yes I used this colours and for some Spots RLM75
  12. Here my new built Eduard Fw 190 F-8 in 1:48. It is OOB, just the decals (only the white 4) are from Kagero for showing off a fighter bomber of 7./SG 10.
  13. After the Harrier T.4 I built the Gr.3 from the Kinetic Gold series in 1:48. Add some Eduard PE´s, Master pitot and a mix of Kinetic and Sky model decals.
  14. Just found this photo, sorry for the quality, it was taken with my mobile
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