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  1. Your're right. But the biggest problem is the main landing gear. Its not easy to get all the wheels in the ground
  2. thx! Weathering was done "old style", no AMK, Ammo Mig or other weathering products were used. It only needs a fine airbrush, some oilcolors and differnt shades of the green and grey colours
  3. the fit of the fuselage is ok, there should be no problems at all, but the engineering and the fit of the main gear is just terrible. So the biggest problem on this kit is to get all the 10 wheels on the ground! On my first attempt the front gear was abaout 5mm above the ground.
  4. Hi all, the German Air Force will retire its very last C-160D in September this year. For me a good reason to build the nice 1:72 Revell kit in the Eloka version. Built it OOB, apart from the RBF (Eduard parts). Used Mr Hobby acrylics for painting. the original 50+55
  5. There are no issues and the fit is pretty good
  6. I like the style of the Montana Hercs - here a exemplar I took at Ramstein AB in Sep. 2019
  7. Hi all, here my fresh built C-130H by Zvezda in 1:72. Used Cracal decals for a 120th AW Montana ANG Hercules. The rest is OOB.
  8. After many years I built again a 1:72 scale kit. Eduard`s Z-37A was it worth!
  9. thanks Eugen, you did a great job with this model!
  10. I am not an expert for French colors. Used the HATAKA Set for early WWII French aircrafts for the kit
  11. Hi all, here some pictures of my first built Dora Wings Kit. The MB-152 is a nice kit, I built OOB
  12. For the First time I used Quinta Studio 3D Decals for that. I was really surprised about the handling und quality!
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