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  1. Maybe it's just me, but the canopy and windscreen look very cloudy.
  2. Beautiful model in perhaps the most striking markings the Tiger ever wore. Wasn't Kittyhawk working on a Tiger not long before they shut down? I don't recall if it was to have been 1/48 or 1/32 scale but I do recall some excitement over it.
  3. Display that one with a lot of pride!
  4. Excellent work on the Nimrod. I confess your Comet takes me breath away. What a beautiful airplane!
  5. It appears to be an overall mid blue with a yellow vertical stab'.
  6. For me it's Monogram Kit PA29 from 1958. It was four F11F-1 Tigers with decals for the Blue Angels. The models were mounted to a clear plastic piece shaped akin to a "T", itself mounted to the clear plastic stand. At the time I first got one the kit sold for 98 cents here in the US. That same kit, if you can find it, went for some $500 US some years ago and who knows what it sells for now.
  7. I think what he's trying to say is that the model is best viewed from 6 feet away, much as I refer to most of my models as two footers. In truth, the model looks quite good close up, all the more impressive as it's an old kit.
  8. A follow on to my April 21st post. The little momma cat, who is now known as Babycat, hasn't brought any kittens out to be seen and I suspect they may not have survived as she's a little cat herself, compared to other adult cats in the area. On the other hand, she now has me well trained and knows that I look for her each morning and evening. She usually sit atop the fence, watching for our dog Buddy, who is as anti-cat as any critter you can imagine. Once the coast is shown to be clear, she looks for me on the back porch and comes running once we make eye contact. It's very hot here now, so I usually don't see her except for early mornings and late evenings, when it's cooled down enough to come out for food. Her appetite remains strong and she's as affectionate as ever. I've tempted her to come inside but she steps inside the door, takes a quick look around, and bolts outside again. I'll keep trying.
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