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  1. Very nice build. The somewhat subtle engine exhaust and gun smoke stains look very convincing. Well done!
  2. I can't see that being applied to operational aircraft. Looks like it might be a test scheme.
  3. You've done a remarkable job with an old kit. I don't think I'm alone in thinking we need a new mold edition.
  4. I like that they used Strategic Air Command markings. Those are pretty rare among F-84F kits.
  5. Gotta love natural metal Canadian '104s. You have a beautiful collection there.
  6. That is really nice. The travel pod adds something to the overall build. You rarely seem them on models.
  7. Very attractive build. Am I mistaken in thinking the kits main landing gear is too short? The aft fuselage appears to sit too low. This is nothing against your build. It appears to be a kit fault ... and I could well be wrong about that.
  8. I wish I could do in 1/48 or 1/32 what you do in 1/72! Excellent work!
  9. The white is there but it's very subdued in the photos. Definitely a beautiful model.
  10. Really, really nice! It has an authentic worn look that adds much to the model. Many congratulations to you!
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