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  1. Not known to be an easy build, you've produced most remarkable results. The RF-101A/C is my favorite of the Voodoos!
  2. A beautifully built model. I'm sure other would agree a 1/48 offering of this fine airplane sure would be welcome.
  3. Definitely! If there are any flaws there, I certainly don't see 'em!
  4. Very nice! Can someone tell me what unit the HG tail code represents? I'm not familiar with that one.
  5. Stunningly beautiful! What else can I possibly say?
  6. Far as I'm concerned, it's very nicely done. It's a shame civilian airplanes and executive jets aren't popular modeling subjects.
  7. Nice job. I'm impressed with how well you got the gloss white paint to lay down and the even density of the paint over all the model.
  8. Beautiful! I found the kit a tough one to build so yours is all the more impressive to me!
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