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  1. SAT69

    EA6B Prowler

    I'm interested in seeing how this one goes together too. I like the Prowler!
  2. Nice model. Your plastic work (assembly, puttying and sanding) looks very good.
  3. Ejection seat detail is awesome. Painting things that small is still very much a challenge for me.
  4. I like the way you weathered this one. Really nice build.
  5. I really like the cockpit. My 1/48 cockpits don't look that good!
  6. The C-124s and the 'before camouflage' B-52s really got my attention. Have always had a fondness for the '124 and I've found the older B-52s seem to have faded from the memory of many folks. Thanks for the video.
  7. The Mirage III is such a beautiful airplane. You really did it justice. Very nice presentation.
  8. Very pretty model. I've never understood why more executive jet kits haven't been released. I'd have thought, for example, the Gulfstream 550 and 650 would go over well in 1/48 scale. There are certainly enough color schemes to be found on the internet. The Bombardier Global Express is another that I'd think would be popular in 1/48 scale. Lack of interest on the part of people who are associated with these types, perhaps?
  9. Viewed stand alone, the Mirage IVA has always seemed to me to be a very large airplane. Sitting next to the F-106, it's clear it's really not that big an airplane at all. It is, on the other hand, a most attractive machine.
  10. Incredible paint work and a very nicely designed diorama. Definitely an attention getter!
  11. Very very nice. Clean and colorful build. You can be proud of that one.
  12. Beautiful model and I really like the way it's displayed. You can be quite proud of that one!
  13. Sorry to hear the decals were difficult to work with but the finished markings are very nice. Haven't seen that scheme before and I'm impressed!
  14. One of the prettiest Crusader schemes ever. A great build!
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