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  1. Really nice build and I do like the paint work, weathering and the markings a lot.
  2. It looks doggone good to me!
  3. I would be more than greatly surprised to see an A, especially an early one, but to be honest a really good early F-4A would make a nice addition to any Phantom II enthusiast's collection.
  4. My favorite builds are those that tell a story and pay tribute to someone who might otherwise be totally forgotten. Your build is very well done and the tribute well stated. You should be very pleased.
  5. I generally don't build in 1/144 and tend to do little in 1/72, but as for small windows, I generally apply a bit of tape over the inside of the windows, paint the paint black thru the window opening, and then apply Testors Window Make or the equivalent to create the window affect. Mind you, the black is painted in the windows after the model has been painted overall, the black paint and Window Maker being finishing touches, along with decals, etc. For round bubble type windows, I use liquid mask, with some I buy at the hobby shop or some I make at home with white glue, some food coloring and
  6. Beautifully done. That 1/72 scale cockpit is excellent!
  7. Great work! What is this kit like to build?
  8. Excellent work! What was the kit like to build?
  9. Wonderful build. The stenciling stands out nicely.
  10. I like that you built the model with weapons bays closed. Capitalizes on the airplanes sleek profile. Does the closed weapons bay doors come as a single piece, like the 1/48 Monogram F-102 has? Yours is a very nice build. Sure do wish Meng made that kit in 1/48 scale as the Monogram kit shows its age.
  11. I can remember buying the brand new Hasegawa 1/32 F-86F-40 for a whopping $4.50 USD and thinking that was a lot to spend. This was late 60's/early 70's. That same kit today, as best I can tell, goes for something like $60 or more. I bought the Monogram 1/72 B-52D for $15 in the late 60's and my boss at that time thought I was out of my mind. Wonder what he'd think seeing the going price for a Modelcollect B-52.
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