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  1. The quality of your model is such that it's easy to see why it would win a gold medal. Exceptional work you've done.
  2. I certainly don't see anything to complain about with that model or the other two either. You do very nice work and you can be proud of all of it.
  3. Beautiful built model but the red markings on it get lost in the background red in some of the photos.
  4. For a kit that fought you so, it looks mighty good to me!
  5. That's a gorgeous red Spitfire! I'm impressed with the quality of your paint work.
  6. Truly beautiful work. Would like to see pictures of the cockpit, please.
  7. The appeal of your build is that you let your imagination run and something truly distinctive came from it. I'm impressed with the end result and with the airline you created for your missus.
  8. Excellent build. Engine exhaust and fluid leak stains are superbly done!
  9. Excellent clean well painted model. A joy to view.
  10. Nice build and display. I'd often wondered why the MiG-19 is such a little spoken of fighter and now I know. Thanks for the information.
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