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  1. I had the same initial thought about what it was. I definitely agree with the "great modeling, fabulous detail" comment. Very very true!
  2. I like it a lot! What was it like to build?
  3. That's a great looking model. I definitely like the clean look.
  4. Definitely true. Very fine modeling there.
  5. Well said and absolutely true. A very nice model. And yes, masking can be a challenge ... it definitely still challenges me.
  6. Beautiful model. Put a whole new definition to the phrase, "Making the most of what you have."
  7. For all the hassles the kit gave you, the end result is just wonderful. Perhaps the Monogram B-26 Marauder and their P-61 Black Widow were designed by the same people? I'm working on the P-61 now and it's not proving to be fun.
  8. Very nicely done. I remember that kit from my youth but never bought or built it. What's it like to build?
  9. It's nice to know those old kits still have an appeal and that they build up well. Nice work on the build.
  10. That is a nice collection. Sorry you had to let them go.
  11. That looks great! You've tempted me to get one of those kits now.
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