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  1. Don't shoot the piano player. And please don't bring your politics into this as it's a fascinating thread full of good knowledge and insight. Don't want to see it stopped.
  2. The canopy. Painting the frames is always a step too far.
  3. Beautiful! Looking forward to your Bulldog build (hopefully we are going to see it unfold on BM?). John.
  4. I don't suppose you have a recipe for the currywurst sauce you'd be willing to share?
  5. That's my conclusion too. I'd strongly advise anyone tempted to dabble in the airbrush world to try one first. Difficult to see how at the moment but it's an expensive mistake if you don't take to it. John.
  6. Pictures taken with orthochromatic film could darken the yellow to the point that it was indistinguishable from the black of the blades. Lovely models. John.
  7. Good, glad this one is getting done. I built one of these in a holiday camp on the Isle of Man in the late 1960s, great fun though I remember the silver bleeding through my nice green blotches and annoying me. John.
  8. Oh good, glad this one's back and running. Looking forward to seeing the Kate built. John.
  9. I must admit to being inspired by a mix of laziness and a desire to avoid messing up the fix so I haven't checked out the location of spars or internal wing tanks. Whether the fully laden with fuel claim is correct or not though, it does appear that the dihedral is greater when the aircraft is in flight. John.
  10. Regarding the wing dihedral, I recall that in the debate that followed the kit's release, it was claimed that the dihedral as supplied was correct for an aircraft that was on the ground and fully fuelled. It wasn't disproved as far as I remember so that's my plan if I ever get round to building it. John.
  11. That's my experience too and is why I've only built one of the four I've bought John.
  12. I'm sure there'll be a late surge of joy. Hang on in there. John.
  13. There are some building hints here that may be of use. John.
  14. Exellent, as ever. Like others, I'm reviewing my decision not to buy Arma's IIc because of the number of others I have waiting. It also hadn't occurred to me that I could do a IIc outside of the Far East in Dark Earth/Dark Green as by 1942/3 I'd assumed they'd be in Mid Stone and Dark Earth. John.
  15. johnd

    Lock Down.

    The suggestion that we should just crack on, take the hit and lose a few from our population to preserve the economy and way of life, overlooks those people who don't actually make a full recovery. The stats I read suggested that the death rate is 3-4% and 80% make a full recovery, leaving 16-17% with long-term damage. Bearing in mind that, extrapolating from the current death figures and assuming that "the curve" is symmetrical, adds up to about 150,000 people with a lasting problem and that there are still about 64 million who haven't had it yet, it seems a little rash. Not much good for the
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