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  1. Ha ha! I might just do that John.
  2. I'd like to join, please. My entry will be either a 315 Squadron Mustang III (Hobby Boss) or an Airfix Mustang IV with Freightdog conversion, markings as yet unknown. John.
  3. I think I'll have a bash at this one, if I may? There's a 1/72 scale Italeri F4U-7 around somewhere, let's see if it can be located... John.
  4. Keep going, it'll look great when it's done. John.
  5. Thanks JR! I think 'research' exaggerates my efforts a little - I merely read other people's research and decided what was most likely. The underside colour was a bit of a guess. DuPont Sky was greyer than the UK version but as I didn't have a paint chip to work off, a random mix had to suffice. If you work with enamel, Sovereign have one in their range. Also, two things that weren't included on my model: British specification P-40s had the cranked type of pitot tube (not included in the kit) and also an external rear view mirror mounted on the windscreen frame and offset to port. John.
  6. Thanks. Not only is this the first group build I've managed to finish, it's also the first completed model in a while. Maybe a trip over to the KUTA build is in order to shift some of the others... John.
  7. Kittyhawk Ia (P-40E-1) 77 Squadron RAAF, New Guinea, 1942. Flown by Squadron Leader Richard Cresswell DFC.
  8. 'tis done. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. The model isn't my best effort but it's the taking part that counts and I'm ready to take part in the next one. Mustangs, I believe... Thanks for all the support and kind comments. John.
  9. Cheers. Awaiting its matt coat...nearly there. John.
  10. My job on the tablecloth was good 'un, she didn't notice! However, she did notice that I'd managed to get paint as far as the hall... Still on track to finish though. Just a few more canopy frames then stick the wheels and propeller unit on followed by a coat of varnish and a stiff Laphroaig for me. John.
  11. Apologies for the hurried photographs. Once again, the table cloth is the star, the reason being that a pot of Humbrol 116 went flying and half of the available modelling time was spent cleaning up a mess of my own making. She'll never notice... It's going ok, except of course for those quarter lights which are letting the side down. Should be finished tomorrow, within the deadline. John.
  12. It's going to be close but I'm still going to make it! I lost the last weekend to modelling due to a "significant birthday" of mine. While I made it quite clear that no fuss was to be made, spouse still managed to get me to Rye, staying in the magnificent Mermaid Inn and with offspring and partners, over-indulging in style. The coming weekend is free, so confidence is high...watch this space. John.
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