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  1. johnd

    Fabric Wing Hurricane V7203

    Looks fabric to me. John.
  2. johnd

    Strange 1/72 Airfix absences?

    There's this for the Beaufighter VI John.
  3. They're too small to be replacement cowlings, they'd be too narrow. And the snug fit inside the fuselage is too much to be a coincidence for me. John.
  4. That was my first thought, but if you place them inside the fuselage so that the exhaust slots line up, they act is a barrier to stop the exhaust parts from falling through. John.
  5. johnd

    Revell Acrylic Paints

    That's my understanding too. John.
  6. johnd

    Revell Acrylic Paints

    I find it to be good paint but definitely needs thinning before use. The downside is that the colour range isn't great and you'll need to mix it to obtain the right match in most cases. It is odourless (at least to my hooter) but don't assume it's matt, there are some gloss colours in the range. John.
  7. johnd

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now. John.
  8. Seconded on both counts! John.
  9. Mine was marked as 'dispatched' seven days ago, but no sign of it as yet. John.
  10. Mine too, if it's any consolation. Thanks for the tip-off. Only the expert set so far though, the junior set is still under "future releases". A bit more hanging on, then... John.
  11. johnd

    Revell 1/72 Spitfire Mk V

    They brought out a Vb in the 90s (96?) which wasn't well received due to its lack of "gull wing" and a few other inaccuracies. They released another earlier this year that is better but still has a few glitches. John.
  12. johnd

    PlaStix's Brush Painted 2018

    Superb modelling and an inspiration to brush painters! John.
  13. johnd

    1/72 spitfire engine

    There's a CMK one: Spitfire Engine Aires made one for a Mk.V but it was for the Tamiya kit so no idea whether it would fit. John. PS I'm not necessarily suggesting you buy that one, it's just for illustration.
  14. One overtree for me, skint at the moment. Will aim for more later. Anyone know if there'll be a UK importer? John.