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  1. Coming along very nicely! Is the Azure Blue 70.902? Thanks, John.
  2. Adding red gets H30 quite close to RAF Dark Green. John.
  3. This is Tony O'Toole's build of it showing his take on the colours and markings. John.
  4. I read somewhere that Skuas employed as fighters had the bomb recess plated over. Others have got round the problem by sticking on half a bomb. John.
  5. That's all clear now. Thanks, John.
  6. Hi all, I'm about to build the Fly 1/72 Hurricane IIB and am aiming to do the Free French Air Force option. I understand that the painting instructions are a little fanciful and in reality, the camouflage scheme was likely to be the usual desert colours (dark earth and middle stone over azure blue) with some fading and repainting in evidence. There's one thing bothering me though. The picture of the original in "Hurricane at War:2", P.87, doesn't appear to show yellow on the propeller tips which arouses suspicion that the photo was taken on orthochromatic film. This would explain why the blue on the rudder is darker than expected. I'm probably overthinking this, but if not, what would be the effect of ortho film on the dark earth and middle stone? Would it reverse the colours so the darker colour in the image would be the middle stone on the real BG707? Thanks, John.
  7. A masterpiece. Even if Airfix or someone does release a state-of-the-art Beaufort, building it couldn't match the satisfaction you must feel from producing your model. John.
  8. Looks fabric to me. John.
  9. There's this for the Beaufighter VI John.
  10. They're too small to be replacement cowlings, they'd be too narrow. And the snug fit inside the fuselage is too much to be a coincidence for me. John.
  11. That was my first thought, but if you place them inside the fuselage so that the exhaust slots line up, they act is a barrier to stop the exhaust parts from falling through. John.
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