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  1. I really appreciate the one-piece engine cowl, even if the exhaust pipes are attached. John.
  2. Great link, thanks. Love that part of the country.
  3. Well I knew that some Defiants with Merlin IIIs had six stack exhausts so it wasn't entirely unreasonable. Just wrong, as I can see now (I'd have probably noticed myself if I hadn't started on the ale early). Probably...
  4. Oh dear. Hook, line and sinker! Thanks for putting me right. John.
  5. Evening all, I've been wanting to build one of Al Deere's Spitfires for a while and found some 1/72 markings for KL-B P9398 in my transfer box. Now, I undersand that was probably P9390 in reality, but in searching for photos online, came across this. Six stack exhausts. Any idea what I could use for these? Thy don't look much like those fitted to Mk.IXs J. PS The last number of the serial is indistinct in the photo. Any thoughts?
  6. DH propellers were heavier than Rotol ones. On Sea Hurricanes this helped to compensate for the weight of the arrester hook. Don't know about Malta Spitfires though. John.
  7. Was just about to type, "been using BM all day and still haven't had one!" You can guess the rest.
  8. Lovely model. You say it went together with no issues at all, does that mean it was fine with the recommended weight in the nose? John.
  9. So, my leader has become involved and her foot has definitely been put down. DPD are collecting the box later today. So the answer to the question, my friends, was to buy a smaller printer. John. PS Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm sure they'll come in handy next time I go rogue.
  10. Actually...it's a printer. Nothing exciting.
  11. It contains a single item that can't be broken down. The box and packing adds little weight but adds protection and a smooth surface to slide down the steps. John.
  12. The side rails (they're not really vertical but are at a steep rake) are set back from the steps slightly. I could just let the box down over the step edges on the straps with someone guiding it but if I couldnt hold it then that someone would end up with 33 kg heading towards them. I'm used to lifting properly, btw, it's a big part of my job. A block and tackle would be a good move if there was somewhere to attach it. John.
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