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  1. Puma HC2 was very much the late life update that should have occurred 20 years earlier. The main reasons were to get an effective engine control system and replace some very old wiring and avionics. Puma was chosen for upgrade in part as it was designed for hot and high, rather than Sea King which was optimised for sea level (and yes ,the Carson blade upgrade did make SK better but Puma HC2 has lots of excess power from its Makilas. This gave the UK a better mix than just SK and Chinook. Ideally, the RAF and Junglies would have had a modern medium SH cab in 2012, and Merlin HC3 would have
  2. The Blackhawk was touted as a Wessex replacement for SAR in 1987. When Westland sent their WS-70 demonstrator to Finningley, it received a unanimous thumbs down from the SAR aircrew for the lack of cabin space. Regards Tim
  3. That's a wonderful model of a very nice little jet. You can be justifiably proud of both the concept and execution! I'll be bookmarking the thread for future guidance, Thanks Tim
  4. A beautiful model of the old lady, and one to be proud of. The finish is particularly good, and it matches my memories (including from a flight in one too) Regards Tim
  5. Very nice. I like the subtle weathering, which is much more realistic than some, given how clean the USAF ones were kept. Regards Tim
  6. Hi, Ossington, sorry I can't confirm the serial but from one other photo it looks like a 08 at the end, so you are probably right. The exercise was in May 84 if that helps. Regards Tim
  7. Paveways were also used on Maple Flag in 1984, with designation from a Canadian Kiowa. It was partly successful... Also note a speedtape and double bond leading edge repair. To add to the stores list, ACMI pods were used at Decci and Maple Flag. Regards Tim
  8. Thanks, all. Wish I had taken a few more photos at the time... Have a good New Year. Regards Tim
  9. Thanks Selwyn. I think I may still go with the soft top as I've photos that show the number plate from one on a site at Osnabruck in '85. One of the rate occasions we "deployed" to an airfield. Regards Tim
  10. Thanks, tweeky. I suspect it may have been because the soft tops had better visibility with the top down. I'll cut the cab down to a soft top, then. All the best Tim
  11. Hi, all, I'm trying to convert the CMK Unimog to an RAF one as used on the RAFG Harrier Force in the mid 1980s. Does anyone know if the hard top Moggy was used on the HF sqns, or were they all soft tops? I have a faint memory that the hard top ones were usually restricted to bomb dumps, but those brain cells are not very reliable. I only have a few pics from 4 Sqn and they all show soft tops, which will need rather more work on the cab. Thanks Tim
  12. Wow, I had to double check a couple of photos that looked very like some of mine from visits to NASM! That is superb, especially the LM foiling. Well done again. Tim
  13. Hi Jeffrey, what are you using as your slicer? I just have the basic Photon printer, and I initially tried the bundled software. I now use Z-suite, as it gives me better results. I have to scale the X&Y dimensions by 95% when using it, while the Photon software works at 100% in all three dimensions. With it factored, I can get close enough to use it for bearing housings and gears (it;'s not just for modelling). The Z-suite fails at some complex 3D models (so I have to use the Photon 'ware) but works well on the simpler ones. Trying different slicers may tell you what's hardware and
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