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  1. Very nice. Superb weathering, and you have also captured the way the Hun looks on the ground very well. Regards Tim
  2. TimB

    Puma HC-3

    Nice - I had not thought of a fenestron for the "late-life upgrade"! You could have added the caterpillar track undercarriage trialed by Aerospatiale early in the SA330's career. Now if Airfix would just do an HC2... Regards Tim
  3. I finished a 1/72 SV earlier in the year. As a tip for masking the S-1C stringers, I cut evergreen plastic strip into short lengths which I then placed between the stringers to help plug the gaps, before placing tape along the demarcation line. While some touch-up was needed, it saved a lot more. Regards Tim
  4. Watching with interest. I'm normally an air/space modeller, but I have Renown on my to-build list as my grandfather was an engineering officer on her in the early thirties. Regards Tim
  5. Very, very nice. Glad to see a Puma in any variant. Regards Tim
  6. Wow, that is a lovely SHAR. Nice understated weathering - looks very good. Regards Tim
  7. Very nice clean build. Well done. Useful tips too. Regards Tim
  8. Very nice. Perhaps a few drip trays needed and a Riesbridger! The vehicles are a bit too clean too, but the scrim on the refueller windscreen is good. Hides were usually covered in cam nets, and would normally have a trailer with Houchin and demin water tanks (black plastic) next to them. Wherre possible, a pair of aircraft hides were either side of the vehicles, but I can't remember all the details. Regards Tim
  9. Mr Color Leveling Thinner every time. Also sprays a treat with it. Regards Tim
  10. Can't answer them all, but I use the alclad varnishes over Mr Color and others, as well as over Alclad - they are my go to varnish now. I use usually tamiya to panel line over Alclad , or oils and a very mild thinner. I have had no problem decaling over Alclad - apart from a B-36 where they fell off a few years later. I tend to use varnish now to protect the decals. Regards Tim ,
  11. Combing through the wreck? Bit like beach combing? No added value, I know... Regards Tim
  12. Hi, Tramatoa, I agree your memory on dates, as they were being introduced while I was at Finningley (86-88). I think the idea was to introduce the flot gear to the RAF SAR fleet at the same time but the blades were easier and got there first. I seem to remember the trial fit of the flot gear in '88. The yellow blades worked well - the FJ trainees at Valley used to complain of distraction from the Wessi flying in the local area. Regards Tim
  13. Not sure about BN during the conflict, but the normal fit some time later was seats down or seats folded up. For some special fits, seats were removed, but it was unusual in my (slightly limited) experience, as there was a risk that the seats would then go missing. There was an authorised fit post conflict for seating lots of troops on the floor, with straps to the tie down points. Known as the "Gurkha Fit" - I seem to remember that it was about double the normal troop load. Regards Tim
  14. Very nice. Well done on a very realistic t-bird. Regards Tim
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