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  1. Excellent summary of your observations ... and your plans for future Phantom builds. Hope you give the new mold Hasegawa Phantoms a try since they are great kits (don't bother with the older kits). As for your comments about the Has kit: speed brakes and aileron don't start to creep open/down until the airplane has been sitting, so without hassle, the model is correct right after shutdown; you already have experience making seamless intakes, so that will be easy; the wheel wells can be detailed with a little plastic and wire; and the cockpit can be dressed up with an inexpensive Eduard colored etch set. The kit does require careful building, and in that regard, I can send a little (incomplete) summary of "tips" I did many moons ago ... but you have the skill to trial fit and make small adjustments as necessary! Looking forward to whatever path/kits you take for your next Phantom, Erwin. Gene K
  2. Impressive work, Mario! Hope you continue with the 1/72 Phantoms since there are "just a few" different kits, variants, and schemes waiting for your hand. The Fujimi 25th A really stands out for me ... and I'll bet your wife really loves it too! Gene K P.S. I don't understand your thread title ... what is "inamerican"?
  3. The quality of your builds is excellent, so please post more pics in RFI. I'm not a fan of Revell's long nosed Phantoms, but you did a beautiful build. On the other hand, I love the Fujimi British Phantoms, and I really admire your treatment of this venerable kit. In particular, I applaud your finish and decal "work" . Gene K
  4. What a great collection of photos for my Giorgio scrapbook. Thanks. Gene K
  5. Thanks, Craig. Some interesting tips for me to try. Gene K
  6. Very impressive touch indeed. What equipment will you be using on the F-4 ladder (workstation, solder, flux, wire, etc)? Do any soldering videos? Gene K
  7. Looking forward to how you do the ladder so I can copycat!! Gene K
  8. Erwin - thanks for the kind words, but I gave you a bum steer since almost all I found in my refs was that the well color generally matched the underside color. The best best F-4 expert, Scott Wilson, says here that , "The speedbrake wells were always the color of the surrounding camouflage on the jets I worked on ... ". I found pics of white (attached), green, and even red wells, but most matched the underside color. In the case of the real life C model (and others), the underside FS 36622 gray was nearer to white than the official color chips, so my fading memory obviously blended the colors (although the interior color I remember pretty well matched the toilet paper rolls "a friend" once loaded). So ... sorry for the misdirection - your model is, of course, correct! Gene K
  9. Coming along nicely!! You may want to check the color of the speed brake wells - believe they should be white. The inside of the speed brakes themselves should be red. Gene K
  10. Despite my mistake-rivet attitude, I ordered one ... which I received yesterday from Hannants. I take it all back -- the rivets are restrained, and this kit is FIRST CLASS all the way! Really Anxious to get the Mig-21F-13 now. Gene K
  11. Yes, the intake fit (on both sides, the right being more severe than the left), as well as the other challenges you are overcoming, are all kit related since the first issue of the series. Also, there are small gaps: on the bottom when fitting wing to fuselage; around inserted catapult hook pieces; around fitted flare doors; around top and bottom fuselage pieces at rear; and there's a depression on the plastic fairing that butts up to the rear canopy. Further, there are steps between the fin tip and vertical stab, as well as between the top and bottom wing pieces at the bottom of the flaps. All these "challenge" are very easy to fix if anticipated. Some items that can enhance these Phantom kits include opening and adding the Aux Air Doors and the speed brakes, as well as adding seamless intakes and drooping the ailerons. Having said all that, I love the Hasegawa series of Phantoms, consider them the best in 1/72 at this time ... and I have a garage full, started and waiting. Gene K
  12. Erwin, Your Phantom progress is really great! Since you'll be using an airbrush next time, I think you'll get better and more accurate* camo patterns by creating your own: Get a good three view; enlarge it to the scale you're working; print on medium weight paper; cut pattern pieces; run a thin Blue-Tack type putty worm around the underside of the pattern to give just a little surface offset; and spray perpendicular to the patterns as much as possible ... with not too much air pressure (some practice required). That process will give you a soft camo edge on those aircraft that have it. Of course some aircraft have hard edges, and in this case, VERY lightly spray the back of the patterns with a repositionable adhesive such as this. Gene K * Yes, I appreciate that there are variances in the application of "official" camo patterns.
  13. If you are serious, I am not offended at all, thanks. For sure, I am very serious when I say that, with all respect, you are one of my "treasured" resources here on BM ... as well as on other modeling forums. Your background and technical knowledge of Russian aircraft is remarkably deep, and I certainly appreciate the manner in which you so selflessly share that technical expertise. I also appreciate that it takes much time and effort to so meticulously document your posts, and as I've said before -- THANK YOU! On the other hand, that dismissive statement is as valuable as reminding me that I don't have to buy certain kits if I don't like them. To indulge in that same manner: this is a discussion group where folks can share opinions openly. Gene K
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