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  1. Excellent - just one of the reasons I admire your builds! Gene K
  2. Excellent post, Jonathan!!!! Gene K And thanks for the link, Homebee ... as usual.
  3. Here's one for you: And here's how one modeler did his: Certain doors and compartments that required crew/maintenance attention were the same red color an all Phantom variants, for example the doors and interior of the photoflash compartment and the RAT compartment. Additionally certain door interiors were the same red, for example, speed brakes and Aux Air Doors. I doubt that the the Spanish Phantoms would not adhere to this factory standard. Gene K Edit: You may find this page interesting as regards RF-4 interior colors: https://tinyurl.com/y6oh9xyc
  4. Did you do a build review, and if so, could you provide a link, please? Thanks. Gene K
  5. I ALWAYS enjoy your projects, Ken! Gene K
  6. Beautiful workmanship!! Looking forward to the RFI. As an aside, I don't know about Spanish Phantoms, but most F-4s had black on the inside of the canopy frames, and the photoflash opening and doors were red (flash tray and flares were silver). Gene K
  7. Thanks, Tommy. I had previously been to your site and read that topic (I always check your fantastic site when I need help!!). I cross referenced your sketch and the excellent profile picture with the AMT /ESCI 1/48 tanks and concluded that the ESCI/AMT tanks were a little larger (your site -- just under 11 feet versus AMT/ESCI 11.4 feet). I then checked my 1/72 Hasegawa, Fujimi, MPC, Hobbycraft, and RVHP Skyraider kits looking for those tanks, but none had them. Undaunted, I checked 1/72 Bearcat kits online and found that the Monogram/Revell and Sword Bearcat kits appear to have those tanks (I "extrapolated" measurements) ... so now I'll try to locate those kits in my stash. Thanks, as always, for the help. Gene K
  8. Tommy, Enjoying your Tailspin Topics on this kit and on the Underwing Things-- great info and writing, as always. I assume the tanks in the picture below are the early 150gal -- do you have any pics of the attachment to the pylon? Also, know of a source for these tanks in 1/72? Thanks, Gene K
  9. Gene K

    Airfix 2020

    Since I don't have sales figures like you may have, I can only say that the short-cut Phantom sure dissuaded me from getting more than one (sorry to disappoint you Seahawk). Gene K
  10. Fast progress, RAY. Looks great so far! Your reference shot shows a HEAVILY weathered bird -- I didn't realize RAAF Phantoms were kept in such poor shape. Will you be weathering your model as heavily? Gene K
  11. Too bad you apparently don't care, given that you're getting some terrific help to make an outstanding model. Gene K
  12. Coming alive! Thanks for the wonderful build log -- great photo-journal. Gene K
  13. Wow - I think your research needs a little refinement since you seem confused! "Hard wing" has nothing to do with the tires, but rather with the leading edge flaps (hard wing) versus leading edge slats which were introduced with late E models, and then retrofitted to most Es. Also, all the USAF models had the wing bulge for the wider tires except some early RF models and the earliest C models (actually B models) that were borrowed from and returned to the Navy. No USAF thick wings "were modified back to the "thinner" wing later on" as you stated. Gene K
  14. Wonderful presentation. I'm particularly impressed with how precisely you posed the model to match the 1:1 photo. Gene K
  15. Improve what????? If you do another Hasegawa long nose, here's an accessory for your consideration: And here's another nice piece of Black Dog resin for a Navy Phantom (Academy kit shown): Since you're in Canada, here are the Canadian distributors, according to Black Dog Website: www.toysoldiertoronto.com www.Track48.com www.highcalibreminiatures.com www.dixonhobbies.com Gene K
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