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  1. Opps ... You didn't have to do all that chopping (although it's a lot of fun). All that's really required is this: That's shown in step 1 of 11 here . That's for the Has 1/48 kit ... my 1/72 thread at ARC evidently got lost in the several web-host iterations that ARC has gone through, but same process applies. Gene K
  2. Thanks, Homebee. Non Facebookers can reference this tweet. Two noses for the D model, as speculated. Gene K
  3. It appears most of us following this thread know the differences between the long and short nose versions, as well as the differences between USAF and USN short nose versions, so here's some detail that FM is presenting for the short noses: Fuselage Wheels: Windscreen: Vertical Stabilator: Thank goodness those seams are gone! I'm particularly impressed with FMs attention to the windscreen. Wish they'd have paid more attention to the Speed Brakes Gene K
  4. https://t.co/hGPbsfCQu1 https://t.co/YQbMF1FTR4" Doesn't show much as regards sprues, but I found it interesting in that it shows FM's attention to detail. The machine translation is: The plant chief said, "I carved a mold separately because the seat seat is different between the navy type (J type) of the F-4 and the Air Force type (C type & D type)"... Gene K
  5. Adrian, Craig's last post showing some of the sprues should help your sprue database!!! Since the show for which the sprue displays are being prepared is only 8 days away, we should shortly have some really good material to mentally build the short nose models. PM sent. Gene K
  6. Boy, that was an epic post!!!! Thanks. I was surprised how well the FM castings came out. I may try that with "regular" RTV/resin mold/casting material. Gene K
  7. From FM c/o Hobby Search: Gene K EDIT: The red dotted ovals are for the Instrument Panels and the blue dotted oval is for the Refueling Probe - the rest should be self explanatory, I think. The J model intake ECM fairings are not shown in the diagram above, but will be in the kit as an option.
  8. Those are J model sprues, including the one posted by Craig on the previous page. So we have a J model Nose That is undoubtedly () a common F-4C and D sprue, and is shown with an attached C model specific sprue. By replacing that specific sprue with D model parts (nose fairing and instrument panels), we have F-4C and F-4D noses. Could even include the Herpes fairing in a future release. Sprue P may be common to the F-4C, D, and J (short intake ECM fairings). So that could be the third nose you alluded to -- possibly a slick F-4D nose?
  9. Nice shots of the C model test sprues via an FM Tweet: Interesting that there are two nose cones. The P sprue with the left front fuselage is probably a sprue common to the J kit ... which means one could use that nose cone (after shaving off the J antenna) to model a slick nose D. Nice. Glad to see that the vertical fin is one piece since the insert in the the long nose Phantom kits is not a very good fit!! Gene K
  10. I would bet that the 42 Eur+VAT is a typo on the FM bomb set. It should be the same 19 Eur+VAT as on the Air to Air set! The FM set (to me) is worth the cost since it includes an assortment of pylons and suspension equipment. Gene K P.S. It's frustrating to us Non-Facebook types to be linked to a page that requires a Facebook account to view. (https://www.facebook.com/finemolds.co.jp/posts/3910640299050278 ) So who is the European distributor?
  11. Giorgio, Just one more "input" before I retreat back to the Peanut Gallery: Since you mentioned that you'll be looking at some "enhancements" to the Hasegawa kit, namely the intake ramps and the spine, you may find this site interesting -- it's sort of the Japanese version of Shapeways, offering 3D printed parts: https://booth.pm . Click English on the right hand side, and for starters, type in "F-4EJ" in the search box ... and enjoy the browsing, including: https://v1models.booth.pm/ and https://mach3.booth.pm/ Here are specific links to your interest it
  12. FM is a small company that has a lot of projects going in addition to the Phantoms. In that regard, I think they are producing Phantoms at max just for the local market, let alone exporting. Issue #1 - the Phantom kits are very popular, so order early!! The HLJ Private Warehouse is an excellent way to reserve your copy (provided you order before the "Stop Order" declaration (which is bound to happen)). Hobby Search is also a good source. Issue #2 - shipping these days is expensive because of the limited number of flights. Shipping options appear to vary (frequently) ba
  13. Sounds like a job for your Silhouette - cut the pattern from .005" plastic and insert into a thin slot cut through the leading edge of the outer wing. I have some strake detail I'll Dropbox to you. Thanks for the tips on how you take your detailed pictures. Thank goodness you didn't bite on Cookie's dirty suggestion!! Gene K
  14. They are tailored for the 1/72 Hasegawa kits. PM sent Gene K
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