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  1. Is there a secret back door which has a peep hole through which you can whisper an unlock code? Gene K
  2. Yes, hopefully they are paying attention to the best Sabre reference available - Y-O-U. I am hoping for "decently fine" panel lines. Gene K
  3. Are you allowed to share which thread "got pulled" and why? Thanks, Gene K
  4. Full size 1/72 scale drawings of the recent F-4EJ Kai Blue Sea Camo kit are available for download at the bottom of this page. Gene K
  5. Yes, BUT In general, it's easy enough to get kits from sellers like HLJ and HobbySearch -- provided you reserve before "Stop Order". Even then, you stand a good chance of successfully ordering as soon as the kits are in stock. The updated FM Phantom release dates are published on the FineMolds site, and YES, they sell out quickly. Scheduled release date for the F-4E is March 8, so be at the ready. Backorders are not likely to be filled soon since smallish FM is probably at capacity turning out new Phantom kits. Of course be prepared for high $$
  6. Thanks, Those links are not friendly for non-Facebook types like myself. Latest update to the FineMolds F-4E page on their website shows two decal option profiles as well as the decals themselves: Nice! Gene K
  7. Thanks Craig. I could find the thumbnail for that Tweet, but not the actual Tweet where I could see the details in higher resolution. Or is that just a screenshot of a FineMolds internal working file? A couple of weeks ago, FM delayed the USAF F-4E release by a month to March 8th, but the FP42 RF-4EJ is still remains listed as a March issue ... with no specific date, so hopefully it is still on track. I also noted, however, that the separate product page for the RF-4EJ is no longer available on the FM site. Gene K My FP40 F-4EJ (Sea Camo) from H
  8. So how is your post useful to us out here trying to decipher your warning? Let's see: this thread mentions Hong Kong's Hobbyeasy and Lucky Model, and being in Hong Kong, you evidently didn't get good service from one of those two ... hmmmmmmmm? Hopefully it was a one time occurance for you. I have to say that I've received great service over the years from both of those shops, in particular Lucky Model ... so I didn't hesitate to pre-order the Tamiya Phantom from Hobbyeasy. Gene
  9. That's shameful bragging on ARC by an insider that says nothing except, "Look at me". Gene K
  10. My friend Craig @baldwin8 and I have been speculating on possible future FineMolds variants, and our latest spur is this photo on one of the Twitter feeds on the FineMolds page (I fixed the perspective) So ... I asked a friend in Japan for help, and his wife gave the following candid translation of the "sloppy kanji" (her words). B N -- upper and lower wings C D -- nose is short J -- front (same as C & D), aft (lower wings) S -- upper and lower wings E -- upper and lower wings F -- a combination? G -- various things are different RF
  11. Andy, I don't know the subject of your book, but in case you haven't seen this, here's a great write up on Japanese special markings, in particular on the commemorative schemes. Will be interesting to see what happens to these great airframes after retirement ... the article above states that some Phantoms have departed for preservation at air bases from where they once flew ... and some, I'm sure, will go to museums ... if they aren't sold. Hmmm . Iran, South Korea, Greece, and Turkey still operate Phantoms, but I think the mo
  12. Yes, there is detailed info on early Phantoms at the 4453CCTW site as well as here. Serendipity -- Funderkals will "soon" (web site in preparation) have decals for early Gray/White Phantoms that are accompanied by these comprehensive historical notes. These decals are 1/48 scale, but getting back on topic ... hopefully they will also be available in 1/72 for our Hasegawa and FineMolds Phantoms!! Gene K
  13. In 1/72, Hypersonic Models has only Navy outer pylons. However, in 1/48 Jeffrey has both Navy and USAF outer pylons as well as the centerline pylon. Unfortunately 1/72 may not be profitable for Hypersonic. However, given the interest as shown here and other sites, and seeing how very popular the new line of FineMolds Phantoms are, that could provide some encouragement for Hypersonic to consider scaling the 1/48 pylons down to 1/72. As for wing tank pylons, the brief summary is: very early on, both USN and USAF had separate pylons and tanks; USAF went from McD tanks to Sgt Fletcher
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