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  1. Since you already had it in Paint Shop Pro, why did you have to use MS Word? Gene K
  2. That's cold. EDIT: I taped the CA fuselage against the KH : KH is 2mm longer at nose; CA is fatter at rear; rear fuselage "slopes" match perfectly. I love the KH Fury... and admire Sabrejet. Gene K
  3. I agree. Thank you Collect Aire. Gene K
  4. Thanks for working out the PB situation ... now I can fully appreciate your work. Too bad PB wasn't somehow "punished" for destroying so many meaningful threads around the world! Gene K
  5. Thanks so much for adding what needed to be added! Gene K
  6. I've used that basic pattern for decades ... the one in the picture is tweaked for the Fujimi kit, The basic shape and procedure are modified slightly for the 1/72 and 1/48 Hasegawa and Monogram kits. Here is an example of the pattern used on the outstanding Hasegawa/Monogram 1/72 build my friend Georgio did here on BM. Gene K
  7. Bob, Thanks for starting what will be an entertaining thread to follow. Looking great so far. Nice haul. And the lack of vents over and under the intakes! Many shrug off those intentional"oversights" as minor niggles, but to me, they are major disappointments. The Fujimi British Phantoms are much better than the rest of the Fujimi line. Only thing missing are intake ducts, but I overcome that easily.
  8. Thanks for starting this impressive build and informative thread! Gene K
  9. Duncan, WOW, what an outstanding post!! Thanks very much - you are unquestionably the Doyen of Sabre Modeling. We modelers are so fortunate (blessed??) to have folks like you and Tailspin Tommy who have the knowledge and willingness to share it. Makes me wonder (again) how Kitty Hawk won't make the effort to avail themselves of such expertise -- after all, it's not like the US KH rep isn't aware of both you and Tommy. Is there a significant error? Gene K
  10. Would be nice if sometimes you could provide appropriate links in your informative posts ... . I did go to US eBay to this expired listing, and having no idea of a reasonable price, ordered the kit as I had been anxiously awaiting its release. Unbelievably, the well packed kit showed up at my door here in Florida, USA this morning -- FEDEX delivery from China to the US in four (4!) days. Kit looks excellent in all respects, with only very minor sink marks on the nose wheel door, and in the nose wheel bay molded onto the intake trunk. These sink marks are caused by ejection towers in the insides of the intake pieces, and will be an easy fix, as will be the ejection marks on the inside of both the top and bottom intake pieces. Other than that, there is a minuscule trace of flash on a few parts --very little. All in all impressive plastic! The molding is first rate all the way, as is the packaging and presentation -- the best I've seen from Kitty Hawk. The fit is very good -- I taped together the major components with no problems at all. Really looks the part, and hopefully the experts like Sabrejet will give accuracy a big thumbs up. Bring on the FJ-3!!!! Gene K Add: I had to smile at the well sculpted resin figures ... who look like tall, emaciated basketball players, especially the pilot. He certainly can't have much body fat under his G Suit and other flight gear.
  11. Ruth, Do you have a blog or somewhere in cyberspace where you post/share even a little information about your beautiful builds? Thanks for the beautiful displays in this and the other threads you've posted. Gene K
  12. Could you provide a link, please? Gene K
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