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  1. Any clue as to what that is? The detail on the gun covering is outstanding ... I'm curious to see how the Black Dog M61 will fit. The gun access door [that covered the gun mechanism, not the barrels] was usually open on Pre-flight so the pilot could check the rounds counter. The panel line for that door is missing so far in the molds ... at this point. Gene K
  2. As Fabrice noted, he did his homework -- very well in my opinion. Mk82 would be a "correct" load ... with and without fins, and with and without Daisy Cutter fuse extensions. But it's hard to define "common" since the wing regularly flew the Mk80 series of iron bombs (from the ineffective 250 Mk81 (withdrawn) up to the 2 thousand pound Mk84 ), as well as a variety of CBU, rockets, napalm, the SUU-16 gun, and flares. The primary mission of the wing was Close Air Support ("Nape and Snake", CBU and Gun) and Interdiction (500, 750 (M117), 1000 and 2000 pounders). As far as I know, the only time air to air missiles were carried during the mid 68-69 timeframe was to escort President Nixon's aircraft from DaNang to Siagon when he visited South Vietnam in 1969. The Sparrows and AIM9s had been stored a long time, and that inactivity, combined with the aircraft systems not being exercised regularly, resulted in some of the missiles not checking out after being loaded. Took six airplanes to launch four. Gene K
  3. Not to mention the wing differences ... . It would have to essentially be a new kit as Jay suggested. Gene K
  4. Fabrice, That thread brought back memories --a most interesting journey that led to the presentation of a superb model!! Again, well done! Gene K P.S. Still wish you had painted the visor red (Squadron color)!
  5. Eagle Eyes, as usual, Craig. In the pic that shows the molds with the triangular plate, it looks like they are on the bottom based on the curvature of the stab: But then, since everything is reversed and not that detailed, I really can't tell ... . Some things I noted on the video: the exclusive use of F-15 Centerline Tanks on the Kai (I assume the EJ carried that style also?); the absence of radome strips on some of the Kai jets; the prevalent use of aerodynamic braking; and the brute strength of the Phantom in those close up shots. There are many more really great EJ and Kai videos linked to the one I noted above. Gene K
  6. F-4EJ Kai is the an upgraded F-4EJ -- improved avionics and adar, and thus added/improved capability such as ground attack and anti-shipping. The major external differences are the addition of various bumps and antennae, including on the wintips and the top trailing edge of Vertical Stab, as well as the addition of strips on the radome. Lots of good stuff here and here. And if you like good Phantom videos, check this one out. Gene K EDIT: Sorry, Giorgio, we posted at the same time and I didn't see yours.
  7. Once again ---has anyone heard anything about this kit (that I need)? Gene K
  8. ?? That has always been the case since the initial FineMolds announcement- they have listed the separate models, as well as the "supporting" kits of metal tubes and JASD weapons. In the FM Phantom page Homebee linked above, they confirm that both kits will be released simultaneously. Gene K
  9. Here's a good resource for Phantom cockpits, for example this for the F-4E: The biggest difference from the FM F-4EJ IP are the Multi Functional Displays. Gene K
  10. Note that the "one piece canopy" is two pieces. Looks like the clear parts include the nose gear door with the landing light (nice!!), and the HUD Combining Glass, but not sure what the other pieces are. Since those pieces are on a separate tree, it may indicate plans for trees for other variants. Gene K
  11. Have you looked at the preceding pictures????? I hope you're not alluding to or excusing the Airfix Phantoms. Obviously ... trade offs have to be considered and risks assessed. However, given the unprecedented level of detail that FM has so far incorporated, why not suggest to them two additional areas that could be considered if FM's future plans include other Phantom versions ... that may require new wing molds? Gene K
  12. Lucky you, Andy. Do you have any contacts there that would take feedback on having separate ailerons and speedbrakes? Gene K
  13. Here's the latest WOW from FineMolds: Impressive rear cockpit: Check out the unbelievable detail on the end of the splitter plate. And compare the intake "grills" to those on the new Airfix Phantom. Not too much to mod to get an F-4E front Instrument panel: Just keeps gettin' better. Gene K
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