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  1. Gene K

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    I need to apologize to Meridia for my speculation!! I had my order in hand here in Florida in less than two weeks from Italy. Further, two sets were included. Very good deal with reasonable shipping. Gene K
  2. Thanks very much!! Your "corrected" model is beautifully impressive. Gene K
  3. Nice! Thanks for that link, Tony. I doubt Airfix will bother to fix the FGR.2 -- just like they won't bother to fix the extra seam on the wing tanks (yes, that's an easy fix with a sanding stick, but it further highlights Airfix's lack of attention on this model). . Gene K
  4. Can you point out which frames are the extras? Thanks, Gene K
  5. Well, you may find this melodramatic action video interesting: Gene K
  6. Gene K

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Well ... appears I shouldn't have jumped the gun by ordering from Meridia vice from Aerocraft - Meridia charges €6,80 ($8.30) for one, while Ali sells two for £8 ($9.77) . Gene K
  7. Anyone have a source to order one? Gene K
  8. Gene K

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Sorry -- I said Airfix's omissions were deliberate!! How could they not be???????? Gene K
  9. Gene K

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Thanks, Ben. I ordered two despite the high $15 shipping cost. I'm sure the modelling world agrees with you, Iain -- it's so absurd that Airfix intentionally screwed up this model! Gene K
  10. Giorgio, Can the TACM (Talc CA Mix) be worked with the TBS (Tooth Brush Sander), or is the dried filler too hard? I assume you don't need/use accelerator? Gene K
  11. Good, thanks! Here in the US I got mine here. Gene K
  12. Yes, I'll jump in with everyone else -- magnificent model. Your decals for the intake vents did the trick! Thanks again for sharing them. Gene K
  13. Doesn't work for me ... could you recheck it, please? I'd like to order. Gene K