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  1. CarLos

    Bristol 142 Britain First

    I have the drawings but only will be able to access them next week. Send me a message to remember, if you still need them.
  2. CarLos

    Supermarine Southampton

    I encourage you to buy one from Mini World instead. They are fantastic! https://modelsua.com/Lewis-Mk-II-twin-MG-on-the-scarf-ring.html
  3. A possible update to your method: after making the circle with the compass, use a small drill bit to pierce the card (make sure it is vertical); Then score another circle in the other side of the plastic. This way you can cut circles on thicker plastic card. Carlos
  4. You may use calibrated wax, like in this video:
  5. CarLos

    Storage of super glue and super glue gel

    Hi Colin, The big problem is moisture; So I store my superglue in a can of Nesquick with silica gel. No more problems!
  6. Hi all, I am building the nice Amodel kit of the Shavrov Sh-2 and I intend to make a civilian aircraft. However I would like to avoid the dull green and blue decal options, and found two photos in blue and orange Polyarnaya aviatsiya livery. Is there more info of these flying boats in this atractive scheme? As you may see, the demarcation between the colous is different on these photos, and probably some others exist. My sources are this monograph (from where the photos were taken) and Lennart Andersson's Red Stars 6 - Aeroflot origins. Thanks in advance for any help. Carlos
  7. Revell issued both the Matchbox and the Frog kits. In my opinion the Frog one is much better but has too big engine nacelles.
  8. CarLos

    KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    To be completely accurate the prototype boxing should include Hamilton Standard and Ratier props (and spinners, and different logo decals). "The Orphan" with the racing number G-16 shows yet different props... Different air intakes would be needed also. And previously, before the cheat line was painted, the fuselage included only a comet in the port side. Not an easy subject, the Comet. Carlos (I restored the photos in the thread pointed above by Roger Holden).
  9. CarLos

    DH88 prototype colour

    Images restored, thanks to Flickr.
  10. ...or use MisterCrap. With "a little" work it can be done, as the fuselage diameter is good. The wings are also good dimensionaly. In fact, they are better in this aspect than Amodel's, that have too much sweep back. Wegg lists 19º 59´20" at 25% of the chord. I measured that line (present on the plans), and I read 20º. So, the plans are good, MC goes almost good with the plans and by your comparison Amodel must be wrong. It's a pity, as the detail is very good. By the way, if you are interested in the French edition of Wegg's book you still can get it at the very same price I got mine a few years ago. Just look for it in Bookfinder. And thanks for the comparison! Very appreciated. Carlos
  11. I may be wrong because I am comparing only with the photo in the first post, but the lower edge of the passenger windows should be well above the fuselage center line and that seems not to be the case with this kit. I am using as reference the blueprints and the scale drawings reproduced in John Wegg's book. Carlos
  12. Selling only engine kits would be a good idea! There is a great gap to cover since Aeroclub closed.
  13. CarLos

    Letov S-16.1 colours

    Thank you very much, Panoz! I already spent some time in the Czech forum, with the help of Google translator. Meanwhile I found an extensive article on the S.16 in my library, in numbers 47 to 49 of Avions. Carlos
  14. CarLos

    Letov S-16.1 colours

    I received today the Brengun kit of the S-16 and I think it is a good candidate for a quick, OOB build. I want to make the aircraft of the (intended) Prague-Tokyo-Prague raid but I'm puzzled with the colours indicated in the box: khaki for the upper surfaces and silver for the undersurfaces - and this is the same for an operational aircraft. Also the interior is indicated as silver. I don't think this can be correct. Why would someone paint the undersides silver? Not for camouflage purposes, and certainly not for UV protection. And why use a paint that weights more than any other because of the mixed aluminium powder? A Google search by "Letov S-16 kit review" makes me think that these are the colours indicated also in the old KP kit (please someone confirm). But I also saw a Tuskish decal (Blackbird Models) that suggests the same Czech colours of Dark Green upper surfaces and Light Blue under surfaces - and that seams more reasonable. Comments, please? TIA Carlos
  15. CarLos

    He70/He170 camera location?

    Hi Larry, This may help: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bhCJSwr5cEBGcKXEjUQWeBZEO8K60cwB There's a ventral hatch just behind thr wing's trailing edge. Carlos