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  1. Thank you guys for your contribution. Meanwhile, I've found some scale drawings by Juanita Franzi in the January 2010 issue of Aeroplane Monthly. After re-scaling them I verified that the wing is ok, the back fuselage door is too short (and this can be confirmed by photos), the fins are too tall (to be verified) and the booms are too long. However, the total length dimension includes in the drawings the nose probe and I must verify if this is correct. I must find some drawings with dimensions quoted, probably in some manual. Comparing the kit with side photos shows the proportions (including the fins height) to be very good, with the exception of the back door. I'm not planning to buy any detailing sets, instead I'll try to do it in scratch. The big challenge is to make it seat on the three wheels, so a very strong undercarriage will be needed. I'll try silver brazing for that, a first to me! If someone has pictures of the main and front wells don't be shy and post them here! I wish I had taken some when I was near a Bronco in a air show some years ago.
  2. Hi all, Long time ago I acquired from Red Gecko a very nice decal set for Fire Tankers in 1/72 including, among others, several options for the Bronco. The only kit I have is the (very!) old Hasegawa box from the seventies and Scalemates shows that the original molds are from 1968. Normal lack of detail from a kit of this age aside, are there any known problems with the kit? I have a vague memory of reading something about accuracy problems, but I can't remember where. Can someone help me? I know that are more recent kits, namely Academy, but I would prefer to stick with the Hasegawa kit if the problems are not insurmountable. Thanks! Carlos
  3. I started a model of SOFIA some time ago: The Fine Scale Modeller article is a good help on the conversion.
  4. Great model, John! And thanks for the explanation on the conversion. Carlos
  5. Believe it or not, there are three kits of the Crusader in 1/72! Karaka aside, Dekno (resin) and C. A. Atkins (metal) also produced a kit. I have the later, a beautiful but very chalenging kit. I'm learning a lot from this thread. Carlos
  6. In my previous message you have links for 3-views. The website of the Museum of Berkshire Aviation is very good, having drawings of most Miles designs. These are the same published in "The Book of Miles Aircraft". But I also would like to have better, more detailed ones! Carlos
  7. Hi Matt, I would use the Magister as a base for a Whitney Straight. In fact, I have a lot of Frog/Easter Express kits to make this and other Miles conversions... Of course you may use the better (but also more expensive) RS kit. If you compare the 3-view from both aircraft you will see that the wings are about the same. And it's much easier to modify plastic than resin, as it would be the case of the Plastic Passion kit. http://museumofberkshireaviation.co.uk/html/gallery/m14.htm http://museumofberkshireaviation.co.uk/html/gallery/m11.htm Carlos
  8. Hi Pat, Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately it is in the same condition... or worst, as it is still packed due to a recent move. I am still to make a proper vacuformer, as I have lots of parts to reproduce that would go better in female molds. Before that I am dealing with a pair of Vega Gulls, a civilian B-24, A Junkers 90, a Short Solent conversion from a Sunderland and a lot more... Solent wip to follow soon. Carlos
  9. CarLos

    DH.50 info

    If someone still needs the Aviation News article and plans please send me a message, as I have a good scan on my disk. Carlos
  10. Björn, I don't know about French Air Force registrations, but both "the Green one" (F-ANPY) and F-ANPZ were bought by the French government and used extensively. Ogilvy writes that both Comets went to Istres in 1938, where they were destroyed in a hangar fire in 1940. May be they wore military registrations by then? Carlos
  11. I was going to suggest you to buy Len Whalley very detailed drawings but his website - aeroplans.co.uk - isn't online. May be another member can share his contact. Anyway, basic drawings were published in the November 2007 issue of Model Aircraft Monthly. There are a few for sale in Ebay at the moment. Carlos
  12. You may have a look here: http://www.rquirk.com/smindx.html (and it seems that the same guy sells a more complete index: https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/ref/reeve/book_reeve_samindex.shtml) And here: http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/mags/contents/scale-aircraft-modelling-contents-listing-1980s.htm http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/mags/contents/scale-aircraft-modelling-contents-listing-1990s.htm http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/mags/contents/scale-aircraft-modelling-contents-listing-2000s.htm Carlos, also a magazine collector...
  13. Congratulations for a beautiful model! Having both the WB and several Dujin kits I thank you for an "out of the tin" recipe. Carlos
  14. I have the drawings but only will be able to access them next week. Send me a message to remember, if you still need them.
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