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  1. I think this is a "if you can't do it right leave it alone" case... In 1/48, masks cut with a plotter (Silhouette, Cricut, etc) and the ring suggested with paint would be my choice. But I would like to read others opinions. Carlos
  2. I taped together the Heller DC-6 and the Revell DC-4. The difference is a lot bigger than that shown in the article, so is the DC-4 also a little off in the other way? Anyone has access to any drawings quoting the distance from the elevator to lower line of the fuselage? Anyway, assuming that Revell is right, correting the DC-6 can be done making a cut as marked in the photo bellow and rotating a little the lower back portion. Easier than adding filler, in my opinion. Thoughs?
  3. J-W, what I mean is that the fuselage top is higher in front of the wing. The following drawing shows it very clearly. After noticing it, it's very obvious from many photos, including the one with the fuselage only. By the way, the same happens with another A.W. design, the Atalanta.
  4. Here's what I'm able to access on the Ensign at the moment: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AiKWrkV41BwSMg9yktE-F-WEgzEKKfwZ?usp=sharing I also would be interested in the answer!
  5. There is a two-part article by Ian Huntley in SAM abour correcting and converting the DC-6. I have it scanned on my disk. Send me a PM for a link! Carlos
  6. Hi Rodders, This review will certainly help you: https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/f27/f27mod.htm Carlos
  7. My plan: to reduce the fuselage length in front of the wing, to reduce a little the fuselage width, to ignore the small difference in fuselage height; Use Milliput or similar to re-contour the nose. For the wings, to get rid of the glove. Tail elements, wing to fuselage fairing, engines and other details to think about later. What do you think? Anyone attempted it? I'd be interested to share ideas about the conversion. As refs I have Merlin Woodman's guide on converting C-135 to 720 on Airlinercafe, the Ultimate Boeing 707 Guide by David Hingtgen on the same forum, a P
  8. Thank you guys. I'll start a topic on the build soon.
  9. More than seven years later I started the model! Not the Heller kit as I planned but the beautiful Arma Hobby one. One more question for the experts out there: what to do with the cannon ejection holes? Fill them or not? Have a good Christmas and stay safe... Carlos
  10. CarLos

    Paint Shaker

    I am looking for a mixer for a long time, after watching in action one used in a lab. However, these are expensive and I never could justify paying more than 100 euros for one. Your post made me look in Aliexpress for the one you shared and I even put it on the cart when I thought I should look again for a lab shaker. And I've found a cheap one, with good reviews from modelers! For a little more than the Nail Lacker Shacker I ordered this one: From here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001270476552.html It's coming from China, so I don't ex
  11. You know you will make "The Hearts's Content" (*) that has the very same metal prop, so don't be lazy! (*) as I will, an order to Avi Models is imminent
  12. Congratulations for the magnificent work and a big thank you for sharing it! I'll print it with my Photon S soon. Carlos
  13. What did you use for the luggage rack? It seems to be thinner than my tea bags!
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