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  1. Thanks a lot, Rich! No excuses to procrastinate...
  2. Thanks very much, Michael. I had somewhere the link to those sites but I forget where. However, according with this page https://m-selig.ae.illinois.edu/ads/aircraft.html the HS 748 (and the Andover) had NACA 23018 at the root and NACA 4412 at the tip. http://airfoiltools.com/airfoil/details?airfoil=naca23018-il http://airfoiltools.com/airfoil/details?airfoil=naca4412-il That's one problem solved! Incidence at root and at tip would also be very useful. On the subject of the fuselage diameter I've found online this drawing. If the number is correct (2.46m, or 34.2mm in 1/72) both the plans (37mm) and the kit (38mm) are incorrect. That's more than 10% off! Carlos
  3. Hi all, Some time ago I acquired a pair of Tiger Models 748's and recently I've cut and sanded the parts of one kit. It is a very basic vac formed kit, with positive moulds, and if the fuselage seems to be ok - it conforms well to Chris Bowley plans for Aviation News - all remain parts will be scratch build. The wings are the big challenge, and I intend to use a method similar to ianwau's in his Viscount. Although the plans have a drawing of the wing root section it is different from the sections in the Aeromodeller plans. I looked everywhere but I couldn't find the exact profile used. Anyone has access to the coordinates, so I can have a more acceptable result? Also fuselage diameter and wing chord at the root would be great. Carlos
  4. I will stock Beavers! And will get a Basset and an F-80 too.
  5. You are aware that the W33 has different wings, don't you?
  6. Following! I love Aero Commanders and you are doing a great job.
  7. Beautiful aircraft, great model! Congratulations!
  8. If I remember well Magna Models produced a conversion set, including decals. I don't know who acquired Magna assets, and if they are still available - but I would be interested to know! Carlos
  9. Hi Paul, My fault. My issue of "British Aeroplanes 1914-18" by J.M. Bruce was closer than the Datafile and the photo at the top is not representative of a Mk.I. My LHS just received the kit and I acquired the Russians box. The comparison with the drawings on the WD (and with the photos, particularly #33 of a turned over Mk.II) is not very favourable to the kit. The fuselage underside. where the wings attach, seems to be parallel. However, photo #R/14 shows a Mk.I wing panel that seems to be similar to the ones in the kit. May be Mk.I and Mk.II fuselages are different near the lower wing attachment points after all... The worst, and not correctable without ruining the lacing, are the fuselage halves are not symmetric, showing different curvatures in plan view. Anyone nostalgic of Merlin Models? Carlos
  10. Hi Rob, It certainly can be made! In fact, I started ages ago an Hawk Major from one of my several Eastern Express Magisters that I acquired for cheap in a web store from Ukraine. You may see some photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/70648695@N03/sets/72157719317223746. A Sparrowhawk and a Falcon are also planned. I also started a Gull using a Frog Proctor: https://www.flickr.com/photos/70648695@N03/albums/72157719324221337. Drawings of Miles aircraft can be found in the Gallery pages in the Museum of Berkshire Aviation site: https://museumofberkshireaviation.co.uk/ Carlos
  11. I simulated an acquisition in Mr Kit's site, and sending just that decal sheet to Portugal is more than the €16 it costs - €16,50 to be precise. So my offer to help you (Italy to Portugal and Portugal to the UK) will be too expensive. Anyway, if you are interested, from Portugal to the UK (registered) is €5,50 at most. There's another option, I'll send you a PM. Carlos
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