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  1. What did you use for the luggage rack? It seems to be thinner than my tea bags!
  2. I will follow this very closely, as the Puss Moth is one of my favourite aircraft. Great work so far!
  3. These came from the LHS. Unfortunately no Scooter, so I had to grab a Swallow. Comparing the Albatros with the Czechmaster Resin one shows an obvious ancestry - not bad, unless for the very thick trailing edges of the wings. Of course I had to start immediately the Joystick vac!
  4. Thanks very much! I'll try to find one soon.
  5. And it is very effective! Can you share some details of the pen, a pic maybe? I've been training with John's bow pen method and it works very well for small wings where you can make all the ribs with a charge of ink. But for larger wings, where you must refill, it takes some time to achieve the same amount of ink debit - a matter of experience, of course. Congratulations for the great topic. It's a delight to follow your build. As for the Vulcan, here's mine in the shelf of doom...
  6. You made me go downstairs to look for my kit. Unfortunately I don't have it (I have a Merkur) but I came with the M-18 by Dujin. I wish I could make one kit while you finish a dozen! Carlos
  7. That's exactly the same. I only can add the drawing from the Putnam book. Do you have the article from Classic Wings Downunder #18? Avro Avian IV M by Carlos Carreira, no Flickr
  8. .I am almost sure that I have plans drawn by Alfred Granger. Tomorrow I'll check my computer. I also intend to make an Avian Carlos
  9. Yes, I have their 510. I still prefer Heller's rather subtle raised detail to Pavla's trenches in the wings and fuselage. I am still to investigate the accuracy of both kits but I think I have some nit-picker's review of the Heller kit in an old Fana. The Pavla kit was reviewed in Réplic, I think.
  10. Looking forward for the Scooter and the Bobcat. The Dewoitines will depend on the previews. It must be really better than the Heller one!
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