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  1. Thanks for that and these links, Dave. these are excellent. I've been studying these to confirm a few details and am amazed at the spring-loaded steps in the port wing and even below the cockpit to allow the pilot to step safely up and into the cockpit. I can't promise to reproduce those in working format but at least I can get the prop to spin! You're right, Jeepboy. It looks like a kit in 1/48 and the black and silver scheme is simple but effective - I've just got to get the curves in the right places. Not forgetting the polished metal cowling and panels, of course. This kit is worth a bit of detailing, Caerbannog, see the pic below. And we're off - gets this Build Thread rescued from well down Page 6! Wings are together with working ailerons, some sink marks to fill, and stabilisers/elevators made up. I've test fitted the rudder and a bit of trimming was required to get a snug fit on the fuselage tail. Backplate for the oil cooler is in and I'll do a bit of internal 'grille' next. Cockpit bulkhead, floor and seat are in - I'm making up an IP to try to get some of the detail in the pic below. Basic fit is good and no warped parts so looking forward to an enjoyable build
  2. Thanks Dave, I think it is definitely worth getting this one finished and it does feel quite substantial in the hands (when flying around the workbench) - must be the weight of plastic, something I've noted on Frog kits. A little more done now - 'hoops' added to the cut undercarriage legs and wheel tyre painting in progress. The pilot and trainee are in khaki as @JOCKNEY helpfully observed that they would be Army rather than RAF. I'm also touching up and finishing the colours all round - as others have observed, yellow is a difficult colour to paint as well as cover up.
  3. Magnificent update as usual, Dave. Just noting that we are only 6 Builds short of the Airfix Golden Years GB (which was 157) and still going strong....
  4. Lovely job - I'm not sure if the V-1 is starting to steal the show, though! I'll be doing a 'nostalgia build' of this kit in the future so will look back to this thread to really improve on my first effort. Great build! All the best. Mike.
  5. Sorry to mention but how about that pain of a big gap behind the pilot's seat? A piece of very flexible sheet (or photo paper in my case) could be shaped and pulled into position with a staple hooked through, with gobs of glue on the edges of course! Looks nice under the canopy. All the best, Mike.
  6. It can be done! I tried to position the control surfaces into a climbing bank to starboard (or was it port?) on my in flight version of the Sea Fury X and used normal cement on the attaching pins, plus maybe a little on scraped back inner edges, then gently squeezed the rudder, elevator halves and ailerons into semi-deflected positions when the cement had half set. The locating pins were no doubt a loose fit or came out of the holes slightly. First time I'd tried it so happy enough with the results. Enjoying this build greatly. All the best. Mike.
  7. I think that has come out beautifully, Dave, it looks 'real'. It is meant to be camouflaged and flying, after all, rather than too factory fresh and washed ever night before being hangared. I think the upper/lower wing wrap-around demarcations have come out really well. Well done! All the best. Mike
  8. You've done the right thing, Dave, that 'lighter' grey looks spot on. I'm convinced that the older the kit, the paints and the suggested paint schemes, the nearer to the 'originals' it is - with a few well documented exceptions, of course. Not wishing to be 'ageist' but the term 'old Authentics' could also be applied to most of the modellers in this GB! I'll put my hand up for that! All the best. Mike.
  9. The cockpit detail is outstanding, Mr T. As well as the switches / levers etc., the bar / back seat IP support separating the two pilots is spot on with the reference pic. Well done! All the best. Mike.
  10. Rob, great build going on here. Are the tubes for extending the back of the spinners or even for building very free spinning props (on shafts)? All the best. Mike
  11. Thanks very much Johnson - same here! It is another unusual / less well known type that Frog pioneered and I was keen to do my first 'trainer yellow' aircraft. I'm learning more about every sort of aircraft now than I ever knew when a kid. Many thanks Steve. Trying to catch up with all your great builds as well. Thanks Chris. This one is gliding in to the finish. Many thanks, Dave, me too but worse. My worst confession was that I had never heard of a CAC Boomerang before I started amassing Airfix kits. You can imagine the uproar from 'down under'! My penance is to produce a kit with 'Roo roundels at some point, honest! Got all the main pieces together now and they went together like a dream. The pictures (poor focus) are a bit 'warts and all' but do serve to remind me where all the touch-ups are required. Cockpit insides are in silver, as reliably informed from elsewhere (they did this on the outside of some DH Mosquitoes as well?) and gauges dotted in on the two IP's I made the seats 'cockpit green' as they were no doubt metal items. The skids under the fuselage just popped into place with only some mold seam marks requiring scraping off. The molding is very good and it looks like a very small roller was fitted at the front end of the forward skid - makes sense. The undercarriage legs pushed into place at a slight forward angle, which I believe from @OneEighthBit earlier on is what is required. You can't see it here but I have chopped away some of the angular strut at the front of the undercarriage legs to replace with a curved section to better represent the 'handles' at the front of the main legs. The fuselage and stabilisers show what I was trying to achieve on the wings - retaining the kit yellow, which may look slightly more 'orange' that the H24 'Trainer Yellow' on the wings (don't start that again!). Maybe a coat of varnish will blend it all in. Also, the black stripes across the two main wings meet pretty closely at the fuselage - all done by eye on the main wings separately so that has actually worked out very well for me. Just crew, canopy and wheels to go now before 'transfers'. Since @MrT has done 'D' and it looks like @JOCKNEY is going to do 'J', I'll do a bit of editing and maybe produce 'T'.
  12. Yes, I used Tamiya Extra Thin - windows pushed fully home from the inside then the cement brush touched to the inside 'flange' of the windows so that the cement seeps into the space with the fuselage wall, and doesn't get onto the outer surface of the window which is seen when the two fuselage halves are put together. I then tested once dry (tapping on the table) to check that all windows were fixed OK - none moved so fingers crossed.
  13. Johnson, a lot of excellent work here on the detailing, well done. The tabs for the wings can indeed be chopped back so that they only occupy the 'socket' in the fuselage - I did that and the wings stayed solid in the fuselage. It lets you create a bit of detail in the wheel wells - I did mine with photo paper no less. Enjoying this build. All the best. Mike
  14. Lovely silver finish on this Canberra now, Dave (your favourite AS-12 Airframe Silver, I see). With the Leveller added, surely you won't need any gloss coat before the decals go on? This certainly shows up the Canberra's huge bomb bay for it's size, and apparently it handled like a fighter. Fascinating subject and build - keep soldiering on. All the best. Mike.
  15. Looking great so keep going, Pete: this is a massive aircraft after all. This is a fascinating build and another one I'll hark back to if I ever get my kit out of the box and into production. All the best. Mike
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