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  1. Yes, the DC 9 is a bit too far on but just finish it anyway like the 727 - the more Airfix kits built, the better. On the Boeing 707, I think it should be in if there are no different parts for the engines, just the way they pop together. You would be free to use resin or PE parts on the engines anyway so not worth putting ourselves on the rack about it. I agree with Lawzer that it should be in. Happy building!
  2. Ventora3300

    1/72 Frog Sea Fury X

    Sea Fury X '115' now has rockets on and finally exhaust outlets in place - bristles from a hairbrush sliced up and settled in position in a 'bed' of liquid poly. Very, very fiddly work done under a magnifying glass with tweezers and the edge of the craft knife. All a little scrappy since the bits were of approximate length, not all equal, and had to be long enough to handle. However, it is done! ESDG applied to '115' and a load of touching up of edges done (after seeing the last photos). This time I put a little more white under where the upper wing roundels will be as the black stripes were showing through on '116'. Wing walkways are done. Still got the Sky base to put on top of the fuselage stripes for the large numbers there. Exhaust outlets now on '116' and a bit of paint touch up around the 'gills' completed. Did a test fit of the folded wing sections on the PE hinges and I think the existing tab on the wings provided by Frog will be redundant and may even get in the way. Having a look at this while I get the transfers on.
  3. Welcome aboard, fightersweep. The Storch is a lovely kit to build - and so delicate when finished. Don't dust that one, Mum.....!
  4. Yes, Scalemates shows 'New Parts' in 1983 for this kit (and gives the decal option as 727-200 whereas the kits before were for 727-100 or -03/-031) so it looks like this is not fully the pre-1980 kit. Oh well, it'll be a pleasure to see it completed anyway - it's all in the paint job and decals at that scale. Best of luck. Mike
  5. FortyEighter, I found this interesting post on 'Airliner Cafe': Post #56854, posted on 02-21-2015 GMT-5 hours Quote7274ever : My opinion of the Airfix 707-400 is that the nose and fuselage is nice (it has the crease line) but the wings are just a little too thick. They actually reproduced the horizontal stabilizer fuselage fairings fairly well too. The worst part is the engines - too short and inlets too thick, and not tapered enough. Of course, the Conway daisy petal exhausts could have been a bit more detailed (the ones in the kit almost resemble gears!) If they were to re-tool it, those are the areas that I would hope they fixed. But as mentioned above, it does not seem likely that it will happen. Also, were the molds permanently modified to make the "snap kit" version? I have one of those. Yes, they were. Steel tooling _cannot_ be impermanently modified, and there is only a single set of Airfix 707 tooling. In this case, the modifications were minor (engines only, if I remember correctly) and merely enabled .......could push-fit the kit into a model. So, you may have the 'new parts' after all in the 2015 boxing but it seems the changes may be a minor detail connected with how the engine pieces fix together rather than a change to their shape. Lovely aircraft to build, though. Mike
  6. FortyEighter, You'll have to do the parts count yourself on this one - it looks like the 'Airfix Tribute Forum' where usually anyone can see the Instructions sheets is unavailable at the moment. The '25% Rule' for all GB's is meant to give the chance for all to enjoy sharing the 'work in progress' on the kit from a standing start rather than it is just 'ready for inspection'. It looks like you may have up to 11 pieces glued together (all doors on and bulkhead inside?) and another 28 pieces in the box, not counting clear pieces for the windows (are they actually in or have they been lost?). So it's a close call. Mike
  7. Ventora3300

    1/72 Frog Sea Fury X

    Made more progress on '115' - stripes all painted now on the wings and fuselage and ESDG applied to the wing top surfaces. A bit of touch up still required at the wing roots. Rocket rails are on. Assembled the tail wheel and main undercarriage to the fuselage - I had stuck the two pieces of PE to the inside face of the one-piece main undercarriage doors provided by Frog so now cut off the top section to replicate the real thing. There are no locating pins which position the undercarriage doors on the legs so a best guess was necessary. There is a bracing strut which does have locating holes and so it is fairly solid when all put together. The wheels just popped onto the spigots at the bottom of the legs and stayed put so I thought I would be tempting fate by trying to do the 'hot-knife' technique to keep them in place as recommended by Frog! Once the legs and doors were in, the wing tanks could go on. Made up and put on the wing folding hinges and actuators from the PE set - again, very fiddly and I found that the Humbrol cement was easier to use than superglue. All set very solid. Added in the canopy rails behind the cockpit. I tried fitting the pilot into his seat but he wouldn't squeeze in past the side consoles - oh well, he'll just need to sit on the wing meantime. Added in the grilles (not sure what these are for as yet) below the front fuselage. These should actually cover a cut-out but I thought I would get away with just attaching to the surface and painting over. A piece of PE is provided for the oil cooler grill so that is in. Also fitted these grilles to '116' (I had spotted what looked like a brush bristle stuck to the cowling and a piece of grit on the spinner of '116' in the last photo so I sorted these at the same time - it is lethal to go back to what you thought was a completed build, isn't it?) Still very keen to get '115' with folded wings finished as it really is a very interesting subject.
  8. Ah! This is the same aircraft that Airfix based their original tooling on - just done that as a nostalgic build and found out all the inaccuracies - I'll enjoy watching your build to see how this more modern kit goes together. Cheers. Mike.
  9. I seem to remember using a hot knife to melt down a couple of buttons on the track joints to join the free ends - cue smell of burning rubbery plastic. (Similar to the wheels on Frog kits, I suppose). Never strong enough though to take your tank 'for a drive' in the same way that you took the aircraft for a fly round the room! Surely superglue would solve this problem today.
  10. Extract - Ted Rogers would regularly make a lightning fast 3–2–1 hand gesture. This became an important gimmick of the show – and a school playground favourite – mainly because, it was quite difficult to do, and resulted in a rude hand gesture if performed incorrectly. The correct way of doing the gesture is to hold up three fingers (index, middle, and ring) on the right hand, facing inward; two (index and middle) facing outward; and then one (index) facing inward, turning the wrist while changing the fingers.......
  11. Ventora3300

    BM 10th Anniversary Gallery

    1/72 Frog Hawker Sea Fury X or FB.10 of 807 Squadron RNS - TF915 '116' on HMS Theseus off Korea 1950/51. Build thread is here. Great fun again, thanks to the BM Community for all the help and support.
  12. Ventora3300

    1/72 Frog Sea Fury X

    Sea Fury X '116' in flight has its final matt cote on so I will post it in the gallery. Its stablemate '115' with wings folded is still under construction so I'll finish it as soon as possible. My research so far has flagged up that there were 50 F.10's produced before production switched to F.11's / FB.11's. The serial numbers which I am assuming for these are TF895 to TF928 and TF940 to TF955 (seem to be the first serials issued for Sea Furies). 807 Squadron NAS was the first to receive Sea Furies, I believe, and they served on HMS Theseus at the time of the Korean War, so I tried to get an idea of what their squadron codes were. Info from the 'Ask all Your Sea Fury Questions Here' thread gave the following from the Air Britain tome: TF915/114 TF951/115 (? code unconfirmed) TF952/123 TF954/125T They also used 920,921,925,927,928,948,949,950, and 953 but no codes are listed for these. However, they started to get FB11s in Feb 1948 and the last FB10 had gone by December, so this is some time before HMS Theseus was off Korea in 1950/51. I was going to leave the supplied rockets off the kits to represent the 'F' option but the content of the 'Hawker Sea Fury, Archives of Neil Stirling' document has given the option of a 'long range rocket fighter' armed with 4 cannon, 2 x 45 gallon fuel drop tanks and 4 x 180lb rockets - just as provided by Frog.
  13. Ventora3300

    Another Eduard Bf110E 1/72

    Didn't you know...? Father in law is a secret modeller who has a GB deadline to meet! Lucky you for having an understanding family. Excellent '110', I enjoyed your build.
  14. Altogether now......3...2...1!!! The hand twiddling always looked a bit obscene!
  15. Ventora3300

    1/72 Frog Sea Fury X

    '116' now has it's serial number - 'TF915' in tiny letters - cut and applied individually from the kit decal options. (The 'F' came from a 'G' with a bit removed and will need a slight dot with a fine Sharpie to complete). This took ages but was a satisfying experience - honest! Just the satin cote to do on the uppers and matt on the undersurfaces now - plus a last minute go at the exhaust outlets. Option 2 '115' is moving on with carb inlets and oil cooler enhancement done and cowling on. Prop has the yellow tips painted. All parts on the sprues are now painted and stripes on the wings are ongoing. I've still to cut the top off the undercarriage doors to produce two pieces covering the legs Time is short now so I am wondering if the modelling gods will be kind and free up some of my time this weekend.....