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  1. Lovely paintwork and decaling on the F3F. You must be proud of this one.
  2. Lovely work on the Albatros, Pat. and you must be wearing white gloves to build this - not a glue smudge in sight. Sometimes a little painting of details is just right on these old skool builds, after all the transfers are on of course!
  3. Jean, your F4B-4 is looking great and I had to check the scale several times - thought it was 1/48 but its 1/72 and tiny as you say. Not a gluey fingerprint or smudge in sight. Excellent painting. Looking forward to the finish and a fly round the workbench!
  4. Action! That's a fantastic diorama and the Wildcat build is excellent too. Spot on! We'll all have to get one of these...
  5. Port wing now masked for spraying as well as the engine cowlings. The engines are fitted in the cowlings and I've cut between the gills with a razor saw to make more realistic. The undercarriage legs and struts are painted too. Starboard wing now masked for the de-icing boots.
  6. Moving on with the wings now - these have turned out straight and seams have been sanded. Picking out the main top panels in brushed silver to contrast with the polished metal of the rest. (I'm not entirely sure why I'm doing this - different metal alloys used for some of the panels?). I've also brush painted the ailerons silver. Got the starboard wing spray painted now - didn't leave the extreme end panels in brushed silver. All paint and masking behaved beautifully - not my usual problem with overspraying. Looks good to me. In the background, the engine cowlings have been reprofiled and the prop blades painted in black. Underside too.
  7. Looking at the sprues on the above link provided, the exhausts are the set of four bent 'elbows' included on the sprues with the cuffed propellors. There is only one outlet provided per engine side / turbocharger rather than the two we can see in real life. So you do have to make additional exhausts to double upon the kit ones and I have come up with the idea of using the tail / open end of airgun pellets!
  8. Exactly what I was thinking - also, they will exert a bit of friction on the back of the prop shaft and muck up the free spin. The kit actually came with two 'spigots' broken off, which I have glued back on, and one missing completely. I can just imagine the ones I glued back on becoming detached again and rattling around inside the wings. Thanks for that!
  9. Starboard wing now weighted... Starboard wing glued with a straight edge eliminating any warping (got that idea from one of the BM Community commenting above). You can see the warping on the port wing halves. Port wing glued with straight edge taped on with plastic wood keeping the weights in place. Both wings glued and spars just dry fitted to get an idea of wingspan - yes, it's huge!
  10. Engine plate and propellor now assembled to the re-profiled cowling - spins well The locating of the engine cowlings on the front of the nacelles is not very positive - just a matter of mating up the back edge of the cowling on the flat nacelle front and aligning as best you can. Consequently, I'm putting some 'anti tail sit' weights (20g plugs of lead, I think) in each nacelle rather than the cowlings as I think they would drop off too easily. Now I know what the funny bent spigot is attached to the inside front of each nacelle - they appear to hold the prop shafts in position from the back. The Instructions say that the props are just a push fit on the shafts so maybe this allows fitting of the props well after the cowlings are glued on and painting complete.
  11. I've also had a go at recreating the twin turbocharger exhaust pipes on one side of the engine nacelles. The kit only provides one pipe and this seems to be the outlet from the turbine but reference photos also show another outlet which I think is from a bypass gate. In the pic above, the kit part is on the right and I sanded this to make more oval. The other item on the left is an airgun pellet (found a bag of them at my parents house) which I squashed a bit, clipped off the back and glued behind the kit part. A bit of paint and here is the result. I need to change the colouring slightly but you get the idea. Only 7 others to go!
  12. Another early item to get installed in the wings of the Superfortress is the insides of the undercarriage wells - called the 'wheel plates' in the Instructions. These are 'handed' to allow for the dihedral of the wings so you have to make sure that you get each of them in the correct sides - the inboard side of each is slightly deeper - make a mistake here and the undercarriage legs will end up at the wrong angle. I painted these in silver and did a dark wash to try to bring out the details. I tried painting a couple of the 'boxes' on the pipe runs a darker steel colour but not really showing up here. Here is the first one installed. I thought I might be able to glue in the undercarriage legs and paint up first but not possible to slip through the narrow gap in the underside of the nacelles.
  13. Now for the engine fronts themselves - only the front of the first row of cylinders provided and a mix of steel and silver on a black background is about all I can do. The magneto cover (6 o'clock position?) has since been painted black as suggested in the Instructions. I added a bit of silver mesh behind the intake port.. One prop also painted and the plastic seems really hard so I will not attempt to sand off the cuffs.
  14. Thanks all for all the info concerning the Monogram 1/48 B-29 Superfortress and the reference pictures which will help to improve the known inaccuracies of the kit. First up is the engine cowlings - I have had a go at re-profiling the fronts of the engine cowlings to the more closely cowled shape required - this also seems to have narrowed the intake 'smile' - the one on the left is one of the unaltered cowlings as a comparison. the re-profiling of the one on the right looks better to me so only three more to go! I also cut out the cowling cooling gills with my brand new razor saw and managed to break it - hard plastic indeed.
  15. Many thanks Alan for the picture and to you and everyone else for the links and interesting information on inaccuracies to be addressed. I've decided to address the exhausts / engine cowlings / props before starting anything else. Here are the pieces involved. The cooling louvres on the cowlings in front of the exhaust outlets look OK, the large exhaust pipe can also be used if I check/fettle the fit to the depression in the cowling then I just need to work out what to use and how to fit in a smaller exhaust pipe, which I think comes from the turbocharger each side behind that. For the engine cowlings, it looks like these are thick mouldings so I'm going to try a little sanding to shape more steeply down to the circular opening. I may try altering the shape of the 'smile' for the intakes with a little filler at the corners. Possible a grille behind the opening below the back piece which has some of the engine on it. I should also file/sand off all the 'cuffs' on the prop blades but I don't know yet if I'm brave enough for that - a lot can go wrong on 16 blades! Here are the same parts from the 1/72 Airfix B-29 kit - I'm looking for inspiration in terms of shapes. That kit also only provides one exhaust pipe per side but those extra sprue bits attached to each which require removal look interesting.....
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