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  1. Ventora3300

    Airfix Ferguson Tractor

    Very well done on the 'Fergie', Tony, it's looking pristine. It really is fantastic to see this first kit in the Airfix GB - thanks a bundle. Great to see you enjoying 'nostalgic modelling' - let's keep it going! All the best. Mike.
  2. What an update! - these progress Reports make fascinating reading and are as riveting as the build threads themselves. Many, many thanks to Dave aka Rabbit Leader for taking on this task (and coming up with the whole methodology in the first place). In truth, A fully paid up member of the hosting team along with Ian (Lawzer) and myself. From the stats, we have also now surpassed the completion rate of the excellent Matchbox build last year so a big collective pat on the back to us all....and there are still two days to go! I'll be a bit quiet for the next week (applogies in advance) as off to NY but I'm already looking forward to the week after to catch up with the closing comments. A mighty thank you to you all for this great pleasure and privilege. All the best. Mike (Ventora3300)
  3. Ventora3300

    Airfix: The Golden Years Gallery

    Fiat G.50 bis. Lovely little kit and an attempt at a fairly complicated camo scheme. Enjoyed the build and the support along the way from the classic BM Airfix Modellers. Off for a break now...
  4. Unfortunately, the 'printa-a-camouflage' technique I had in mind didn't work out - the penny dropped after a while that I was trying to paint on top of the gloss put on for the decals! Gaaaahhhh! Anyway, I just had to do it the inspired splodge way. Numbers on, matt cote on and the Fiat G.50 is finished. Very short on time so just to say a very enjoyable pressure build and thanks again to all you modellers for the support along the way. Next stop the Gallery!
  5. Ventora3300

    1/72 Apollo Lunar Module

    Thanks Justin. However, I can't claim to have done the 'splashdown' as it was someone else. I know the one you mean, it was a Seaking helicopter with re-entry module, I think.
  6. Cowling is on the Fiat G.50 bis and the pilot is in. I've put the tiny canopy on - masking is impossible at that size - and I'll have a go at touching some paint on the framing as we go. Gloss cote on and all but the serial and squadron numbers transfers on - I thought the camouflage pattern would show through the white backing on the fasces etc, so decided to put them on top of the base colour for consistency. The fuselage band eventually broke up while being adjusted so I'll need to paint that in next. I've had what I think is a brainwave for painting on the green and brown of the camouflage, hence the two foam shapes stuck to the ends of the paintbrushes. Fingers crossed.
  7. Ventora3300

    1/72 Apollo Lunar Module

    Thanks, Ian. Yes, Imagine being one of those Astronauts being in the cramped conditions with danger just on the other side of those thin steel walls. The whole story of Apollo 11 and the first Moon landing is absolutely fascinating. A good book for my holiday next week! All the best. Mike Many thanks Heather, and thank you again for passing on the kit - your little note is now preserved for posterity! I wonder what will happen when this kit and that note are found 'preserved' in my loft in the future? Anyway, I hope I did it justice - I put myself under some time pressures there so there is, as usual, some bits that could be improved upon. Thanks for this opportunity - it was indeed great fun. All the best. Mike. Many thanks again, Dave. Buy away and maybe we'll get that petition together after all to twist Airfix's arm to re-issue this particular kit - I would be surprised if they weren't already on the case. I still have a couple of Ferrero Rocher chocs left so maybe best to just send you the papers since Aus Customs are bound to stop foodstuffs in the post? Heather's the prime candidate for the contents! All the best. Mike Many thanks, Mark. I was inspired by others to grab handfuls of paper ash from our stove and sprinkle accordingly! I've entered 'diorama territory', another first. All the best. Mike
  8. Ventora3300

    1/16 Honda CB450

    Ah, you bikers....well, I know a lot more about them after that build. The moulded parts were very crisp - makes you wonder if Airfix took over this mould from someone else - no seams to fill/sand this time! Thanks for your support. All the best. Mike Many thanks, Dave. I returned to the Honda and did a 'penny shot' Heart in my mouth in case I dropped it. Found the time to reverse the carbs as well. Now that I've built a bike, I'll be more prepared next time - very much worth doing though. All the best. Mike. Many thanks, John - it was Oxford Blue H104 actually - became a favourite after having to do the cheatline on the Comet 4B. The paint was matt so I had to add some Gloss Cote on top at the end. Apparently, the Hondas in black were called 'Black Bombers'. All the best. Mike Many thanks, Ian. I wonder what sort of beam would come out of that headlight glass - thank goodness for the button box! All the best. Mike Many thanks, Tony. I'm not much use on bikes but Airfix always seemed to choose their kit subjects based on uniqueness or innovation of some sort. Maybe the Honda CB450 ticks one of those boxes. The detailing was excellent and even included chunky tread on the rear tyre and 'radial' on the front! All the best. Mike. Many thanks for your generous comments, Dave. As you know, the photographs always give you some more to improve upon and this build was no different. With the time pressures, it was really 'get it right first time' so if anything, I am learning not to rely on a final 'touch-up' session where all the bloopers can be painted out. Oh, for laser sharp eyesight and steady hands when that small piece of plastic is right in front of your nose! Great fun though and gives you a couple more builds in the Gallery to 'book in' All the best. Mike
  9. Ventora3300

    Santa Maria

    John, many thanks. It is a bit 'warts and all' since there hasn't been the time to pull apart the bits that didn't quite go right. I was really please with the hull detailing though and if time had permitted, would have done a seascape using silicon mastic or suchlike. Next time.... All the best. Mike Ian, thanks for that. Imagine if you were prone to sea-sickness on a tiny thing like that! Ship-building was an art in those days and the whole thing about mast raking was interesting to read up on. Enjoyed it immensely. All the best. Mike. Martin, many thanks, and the Santa Maria was the biggest of the three ships that set out! All the best. Mike
  10. Ventora3300

    Santa Maria

    Many thanks Dave. All good practice for the next time when I promise the rigging will be better and the sails cleaner! All the best. Mike
  11. Outstanding build and final result, Mark. The Mosquito looks fantastic. If only there were 1/72 'poseable' figures available for these dioramas... Well done. All the best. Mike
  12. Ventora3300

    1/72 Messerschmit Me.163B-1 Komet

    The Komet is looking fantastic, Smudge. A lot of work gone into the paint scheme and transfers there. I seem to always have a mix of gloss and matt paints to varying degrees so end up giving any aircraft a coat of gloss varnish before putting on the transfers. You can see the difference in your paintwork looking a lot 'tighter' to the surfaces. Well done. All the best, Mike.
  13. The Fiat G.50 bis is coming together - half-wheels painted and in, undercarriage doors on and undersides painted in Grigio Mimetico - Camo Grey - Humbrol 140. The prop blades are H65 light blue and the engine in gunmetal has been given a dry brushing with black. Pilot is wearing 'khaki' and will get leather boots and helmet. Top surfaces are in Giallo Mimetico 3 - Camo Yellow 3 - Humbrol 63 and even the yellow on the cowling, always a notoriously difficult colour for me to paint, has gone on beautifully. The modelling gods must be smiling upon my efforts this week - just as well! Engine is in and prop is on. Guns are picked out in gunmetal - thank you again to the photographs for pointing out where more is required!
  14. Ventora3300

    Airfix: The Golden Years Gallery

    'The Eagle has landed' - that's the second time I have used this line, the first was when this lovely kit arrived in the post, generously sent over by 'our Heather' - the story is in the build thread. The kit went together very well and a couple of additions in the way of 'moondust' and 'gold heat resistant film' (delicious Ferrero Rocher) really added a bit extra. Very enjoyable and great fun - the build thread is here: Many thanks again to Heather and all you other excellent modellers who pitched in with help and support as is the norm for BM and this Airfix 'The Golden Years' GB in particular.
  15. Ventora3300

    1/72 Apollo Lunar Module

    Finished the detail painting on the 'take-off' section of the Lunar Module, the Astronauts and the experiment stations and it is finished. All done with a very small brush without masking, which my great friend 'the camera' takes delight in pointing out. The flag was cut out from the transfer sheet as per the Instructions but the other two decals were stubbornly stuck fast - I maybe went too heavy on the 'decal film' coated over for insurance. The plaque for the Moon's surface was just glued on complete with backing paper but thank goodness the one for the Eagle base section came off the backing eventually. This kit was indeed great fun to build so thanks again to Heather for 'donating' this classic kit for this build and thanks to all you classic modellers for supporting along the way. Armstrong and Aldrin are out planting the flag... And then they were gone! (and forgot to leave the flag, apparently!)