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  1. Thanks, Pat. Yes, I'm getting to appreciate the 'old' Hurricane - very clean lines so not too many sticky out bits to get knocked off. The new tool Hurricane is out of the paint shop now and all the undercarriage on - quite difficult threading the leg actuators through inside the wheel wells so I actually cut them and did them in two parts. Prop is on and exhaust stubs are in and I thought the kit was provided with a gun sight but it is actually the landing light on the underside of the fuselage, which doesn't go in if you are fitting on a stand - that will have to be changed..
  2. OMG - I do remembering promising this one - I'll need to get the Battle of Britain finished before starting Operation Rheinübung, half of it anyway!
  3. The new tool Hurricane is coming along too. The fuselage is together and added to the wings. All joints very good and as others have said, you need to make sure that there is no paint on the surfaces to be joined. The Dark Earth is on and all the small pieces are being painted on the sprues. Nice new pot of Acrylic Humbrol 30 Dark Green now going on and everything else ready to add in, not forgetting the canopy of course.
  4. The touch ups are done, the landing light lenses are on and the pilot is in. Still to drill those gun ports though. Thinking about putting in a control column but now ready for transfers.
  5. Congratulations, Dave , on an excellent result - that Hurricane looks brilliant. (I'm loving the shape of these aircraft at the moment so no doubt will rummage the stash and dig out all those old kits for a comparison). Great detail on show here and a good advert for the new tool Airfix kits. You must be delighted with this one? All the best. Mike.
  6. Top Tip, Graham, many thanks. I may print out a template and stick to the card to get all the holes lined up before I drill.
  7. Progress on Ian Gleed's Hurricane I LK-A. Wings are assembled to the fuselage and the wing joints needed a run of filler. The topside camouflage is finished off with the acrylic pots. I added in the Brick Red behind the seat (armour plate?) and a pitot tube below the port wing (out of sight). I must say that I'm loving the shape of the Hurricane now. I had a go at drilling out the eight gun ports but couldn't get them in straight lines so had to fill in again. Might try a hot pin next. Gave LK-A a brief outing on the BoB Set stand - noted there are actually five legs p
  8. Assembly of the new tool Hurricane I has started in preparation for some painting. The fit of the wing sections and internals was very good with perhaps just a touch of sanding of the internals required to let the top wing fully close up at the front of the wing roots - may have possibly just been a touch of sprue gates requiring full removal. The starter kit only comes with four colours and the wheel wells and cockpit internals are shown as '90' - looking at the Instructions for the standard boxing, the internals are mostly 56 Aluminium and there is even some 70 Brick Red in there, perha
  9. Some more progress on Ian Gleed's Hurricane I - Humbrol 90 Beig Green (Sky?) on the wing undersides and the Dark green added to the upper surfaces. Fuselage together now and nearly all of the seam needed some filler so checking with a first coat of Dark Earth. There is a thin slot cut-out for the stand provided ready in the lower wing but the actual BoB Stand comes with two-prong attachments which are more suited to the new tool versions of the kits. I drilled out two holes, one of them falling right on top of a light position, I think.
  10. Off the starting blocks with the Hurricane I - a little flash on the wing tips and a couple of ejector pin marks on the stabilisers to remove. Assembly started with wheels up and paint going on using the acrylic pots supplied with the Starter Kits again. The new tool Hurricane I kit A55111 has arrived just in time to be built simultaneously. A lot more detail/parts in this kit and a choice of windshields, although it doesn't show this in the Instructions. This will be built wheels down.
  11. Here is the Airfix new tool P-51 then with as many of the stencils on as I can see - some of them are nearly invisible on the backing paper, never mind the model. Instead of the supplied nose art, I've put on a 'design' created by my son who had the idea of starting a line in clothes using some of his art creations - I put this on the P-51 to help his advertising campaign but also with the ulterior motive of getting him interested in kit building... Applying Humbrol Satin Cote on the sprayed chrome, I noticed that it was 'melting' the surface slightly so stopped immedia
  12. Only 10 years late for the occasion with this Airfix Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary Gift Set so will try to make up for it by doing the latest tool of the kits at the same time. Here is the set which I thought was a bargain buy some years ago from a local Toys'R'Us - turns out the big stand is there but someone has purloined the paint pots. I am going to start with the Hurricane I - this is kit A02082A with decals for LK-A available in 2010 when the Gift Set was released and it says this Hurricane was P2798/LK-A of 87 Sqn, flown by Flt.Lt. Ian Richard (Widge) Gleed
  13. Just as @DaveyGair is finishing off his BoB set, I'll inflict another one on you all, if I may - this is the '70th Anniversary' one with the kits that were in place before all the new versions came out. I plan to build the new tool versions of the Airfix kits in tandem so if I am lucky, I'll get eight aircraft out of this GB! (Did a pig just fly past the window?) This was another bargain buy but I think I got it in a Toys'R'Us many years ago.
  14. That must be bad luck, Adrian - you put the fear of death into me there so I rushed off to check my new P-51 kit and thankfully no short shots. Ready to go below. Also, that discussion on the 'blue mustangs' is an interesting one - I think the green wins by common sense even though the blue can be 'seen' by some on the brightly lit pics. I would just be happy to see four P-51's!
  15. Yes, I think you are right, Beard, the canopy with the slight hump is for a later marque. Maybe the original P-51D kit canopy was for a 'K' as Beard has mentioned above? Looks like you had to get the hot water out to get that kit of yours back into shape or maybe the balsa was easier to shape. This new tool kit is great, though - so much so, I'll be doing another wheels down! Main canopy and exhaust stacks on now and ready for the transfers. I need to check up again if the big hinge at the top of the rudder stays red or is NMF. The kit colour scheme says the trim tab is silver. Details
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