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  1. Ventora3300

    Beard's 2018

    Beard, I enjoyed these beauts as they were posted throughout the year (and I'm sure there were other Spits to see as well). I'm a confirmed brush man as well so truly appreciate your efforts. Excellent modelling. All the best. Mike
  2. Ventora3300

    BIG X's year in miniture

    We were on that journey with you! Excellent builds and models, Steve, and more than a year's worth of laughs along the way. The church with interior lighting was my favourite, or was it the motorised and weathered windmill, or.... and I've got all your top tips tucked away for later....All the best, Mike.
  3. Ventora3300

    Heather Kay's 2018 builds

    That was a busy year, was it not, and all done in your 'spare' time? Lovely to see all of these fantastic models again plus a few more unveiled (the Matchbox Lysander is one of my 'must builds'). I don't know about you but I'm already looking forward to your builds next year? Excellent stuff.
  4. Ventora3300

    Ratch's 2018 completions

    Wow, that's a massive amount of modelling and at a high standard - where's it all going to go? I too love the 'lozenging' on the Hannover. Very impressive and very well done, Ratch.
  5. Ventora3300

    Douglas TBD-1 Devastator

    Fuselage now closed up, remembering to place in the m/g ring and arrestor hook as 'working features', and wings and stabilisers on. Radio mast still to go on - it bent at the halfway point where it was attached to the tree so is currently in the repair shop. IP and internals are still visible and I think I'll have the canopies in the open position as at take-off. I cut out the slot in the bottom of the fuselage so that I could use the stand - quite small for this size of model. The seam at the starboard wing root has been filled but I think could do with some more. The engine is assembled to the cowling but the cowling only dry fitted at the moment - trying to avoid getting paint on the prop blades for as long as I can - the blade tips need the red yellow and blue scheme which will be fun! I did a lighter colour of khaki for the crew as the colour images I've seen show the flight suits as being pretty light in colour. Tyres and wheelhubs are assembled to the undercarriage legs, just the bracing struts to go on when all put in place. The bomb racks (unused in this case) and the fairing for the torpedo are in place and coats of H64 Light Grey going on the torpedo and underside - there is a lot of wing area on the Devastator. Once the torpedo is in place, you'll still be able to see a fair bit of the inside of the lower fuselage. It surely can't have helped the aerodynamics to have had a large hole there with the back end of the torpedo disappearing inside.
  6. Ventora3300

    Douglas TBD-1 Devastator

    Finished the Bronze Green in the cockpit interior and did a drybrush with Aluminium to take away the 'new' look. Added some colour to the instrument panels and consoles Colour going on the prop and another coat of Light Grey on the undersides and engine gearbox. Crew in progress....
  7. Ventora3300

    Hasegawa p-40n/ Airfix Dinah

    I love the P-40 in the 'Burma Banshee' scheme. Is this one getting a long range fuel tank? The Matchbox version had a small bomb with a spike which made it look like a fat dart! I've never done a 'Dinah' so I'm enjoying this build! All the best. Mike
  8. Ventora3300

    No. 75 (RAAF) Sqn. "Tomorrow-Hawk, Never-Hawk" Kittyhawk

    Lovely job all round, Dave - very realistic looking with the faded olive and chipping on top and the engine oil streaking and gun smoke staining underneath - I must have a go at weathering. Remember to do a prop spinning shot if possible! I recognise the action history from the '44 days' book and it makes me want to read it all over again. Excellent build so far. All the best. Mike
  9. Ventora3300

    RAAF Vengeance

    Enzo and Dave, here's an extract from ww2aircraft.net 'RAAF Markings and Codes' that I found: White Theatre Markings Trigger-happy pilots and gunners in the air and on the ground in the New Guinea war zone were too often firing first, then checking the identity of their targets. Mistakes were occurring. The USAAF decided upon the application of distinctive white markings to all friendly single-engined fighter aircraft, effective from September 1943. To be painted White were wing leading edges and the whole of the tail assembly. Spinners were frequently painted white also. This measure affected considerable numbers of RAAF and USAAF 5th AF Aircraft (RNZAF P-40s too). In due course, white-tailed aircraft were to be seen in Australia as it was desirable to have aircraft given these markings prior to moving to the New Guinea war zone, and retired aircraft would return with them. Until May 1944, the RAAF also stipulated that the white fins of it’s aircraft should continue to carry the blue portion of the fin stripe. In August 1944 the USAAF decided that the white markings need no longer be applied to uncamouflaged (i.e. bare metal finish) aircraft, and the RAAF followed suit in September. Then this change was overtaken by the decision in December of that year to no longer require the white markings at all. However, it should be understood that abandonment of the white New Guinea theatre marking was not a requirement to remove it, and many aircraft would continue to wear their white paint until the end of hostilities. I think the books to get would be RAAF CAMOUFLAGE and MARKINGS 1935-45 VOLs 1 and 2 by Geoffrey Pentland. All fascinating stuff! All the best, Mike.
  10. Ventora3300

    RAAF Vengeance

    Enzo, lovely paint job on the Vengance. I was trying to find out where the white tail and leading edge identifications came from - was this standard for all RAAF aircraft or only those in a particular theatre of operations? Thanks. Mike.
  11. Ventora3300

    Douglas TBD-1 Devastator

    Many thanks Rich. In many ways, this is a pretty simple kit but the plus points are a well detailed engine and the cockpit interior parts, IMHO. In fact, the written Instructions for these old kits do contain some critical build hints on the odd occasion which can't be expressed on the diagrams. I put on some Bronze Green H75 in the cockpit interior to see how it looked and carried on putting some ribbing detail on to the sidewalls, making up front and back bulkheads and a floor which will be seen in the well underneath for the torpedo underneath the fuselage. I'm using thick paper again cut into thin strips and it's looking a bit rough at the moment (Note to self - do the stringers first then put on the former/frame sections which are thicker. Finish off the top of the frames at the cockpit lip). I also put some side consoles beside the pilot's seat for some switches etc. More H75 required and we'll see how it looks. before closing up the fuselage.
  12. Ventora3300

    P-40 Comparison Builds

    Rear quarter canopies are painted and on and the main canopy painting is in progress. Gloss cote on ready for transfers. Main canopy on and transfers completed. Finished off with a matt cote. Most of the decals were OK but one of the tail flashes and one of the letters 'G' broke up a bit so I have gone looking on e-bay for some vintage replacements. Also, I have noticed that even though the artwork on the header card shows the red side of the mouth to be at the top, colour references show this to be at the bottom and that makes sense because I think it is supposed to be the tonque in the shark's mouth! I'll have a go at correcting that with the replacement decals.
  13. Ventora3300

    B-17G 42-31582 Ol Scrapiron

    That's an excellent idea - Top Tip - to get all the prop decals in an identical position on each blade. I am a 'stickler' for rotating props and it's bad enough trying to get yellow tips looking consistent when the prop is spinning. This is a fascinating build and background - enjoying it immensely. Wiring.... what next, I wonder?
  14. Ventora3300

    Testors Store Display

    You've got it, Tony! The flat finish is showing a bit of 'satin' and the turret/glass/props details really bring it 'alive'. That's a wonderful result - you probably pick it up expecting it to be 'heavy' in wood but surprised it feels a bit lighter, although I think a kit of this size still feels pretty substantial in plastic. Are you thinking gun barrels now? Congratulations on this excellent build. All the best. Mike.
  15. Ventora3300

    P-40 Comparison Builds

    Dark Earth Humbrol H29 is going on, two coats required as usual. I was checking up on the length of prop blades and references say the blades have an 11ft diameter, so I am assuming each blade has a radius of 5ft 5ins, that's 1651mm. At 1/72 scale, that is 23mm so I'll measure at the next opportunity. Second coat is on. At this point, the pitot tube supplied with the kit pinged off into oblivion so I'll have to make a replacement from suitable spares. Masked the canopies and painted. Made up a replacement pitot tube from similar from a Novo Tupolev SB.2 'Katyuska' that I have handy for spares. Zooming along now.