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  1. The transfers have been 'punched' through at the windows and the windows fitted. However, one set was molded wrongly in that it should have been three large windows and a small one rather than four large, so trimming of one window insert was required. Resolved now and the two passenger doors on the port side did pop out as hoped, so bulkheads and floors had to be built so that a big empty space was not visible. 24g weight also in the nose to make sure the Vanguard sits on its fron wheel.
  2. Thanks, Cliff - seems simple to make up but 1/144 is a bit small on the fingers! Thanks Dave. There has been a bit of re-work involved with the white as each coat takes a while to dry and I keep either touching it and leaving prints or getting the masking/paper stuck to it. Grey is on the fuselage now and I'm looking at these transfers with a bit of trepidation - can already see cracks which will need touching in and the yellow backing will just have to be a gold liner round the black. Transfers are on one side and amazingly they didn't explode into pieces - I'm going to let dry and then put on some Decalfix to really glue down. The 'BEA' squares actually cover gaps in the black cheatline transfers and the nose section will need trimming. Sigh of relief, though. Second side of the fuselage is done - the grey paint feels dry but is really soft so has been marking during handling. I'm resigned to touch up with a brush to finish off once the fuselage is together. First wing was masked and the silver sprayed on. Again, touch ups required on the red. This all needs to be left alone for days to dry.
  3. Lovely Meteor, Pete, and fascinating to read about all the early marques and their issues. I always thought they had spoiled the original look by putting a long nose on the later variant but was ignorant of the stability/balance issues. Educational as always! All the best. Mike.
  4. Fascinating build, Tony, and it will indeed be a welcome change from aircraft for a while. These are the sort of 'hot-rods' that I dreamed about having (full scale) when I was a young driver - closest I got was installing a large Nikki twin choke carb on my 1966 Vauxhall Viva HB 1159cc and very quickly burning out the clutch! Enjoying your build. All the best. Mike
  5. Looking great, Pat, and good use of the time spent in hotels etc. Got to protect the little beauty during the travelling, though! I have been known to put a part-completed kit well cushioned inside a shoe box and surrounded by clothes in my travel holdall, which ended up inside the aircraft hold. I've still to take paints 'on the road' though! Keep up the good work. All the best. Mike
  6. Ian, well done for starting this - a really interesting and unique build - have you a location / diorama in mind for it once completed? Does this lend itself to 'detailing' with telephone equipment or lines etc.? All the best for the build. Mike.
  7. Painting of the Vanguard in progress - spray can white and red. Masking for the grey undersides of the fuselage next so the cheatline transfers can go on.
  8. Didn't know that Pete but had a look now and it looks fascinating - not the original BEA transfers, though. Thanks for thinking about it. If I need new transfers then I'll probably have to order them from Airfix since they have these included in the latest boxing. Thanks again, Pete. Not many parts! Thanks, Jinxman - I go for the red stripe boxings of Airfix kits whenever I'm in 'nostalgia' mode. Great artwork. Thanks Dave - yes, I have been amassing the 'new tool' Airfix kits lately and desperate to build one now - got my eye on the 'P-40 STGB' after this one. Yes, Pete, the parts at 1/144 are pretty small and delicate so I won't spend too long fiddling about tring to get props to spin etc. I think I have only flown on a Viscount too - school trip to Switzerland in the early 70's if memory serves. I have seen a Vanguard in the 'tin' though as I am sure I have a picture taken of one at Edinburgh Airport whilst waiting for an uncle to arrive from London. Must dig it out. Moving on with the construction - bulkheads are in and wings and stabilisers assembled. I've just made up the props, which are a tight fit into the cowlings, and the prop boss pins are impossible to fit through whithout bending the prop blades. Made up the wheel sets. Undercarriage doors are on and I seem to be short of one of the fairings (pitot housing?) under the nose. Steps are made up and I've only 'tacked' the doors in place so hopefully these will pop out again once the paint and cheatline transfers are on. More white and grey spray on the fuselage next.
  9. As promised, to support @Rabbit Leader's inspirational GB, here is my entry - an Airfix 'Red Stripe' boxing of the Vickers Vangaurd. This aircraft beat me to it in 1959 as it first flew in January of that year whereas I didn't appear until September - I'm sure it had most of it's 'wrinkles' sorted out by then. OK, I'll admit it - it's just another excuse to build an ancient Airfix kit but another one I didn't do as a kid so a bit of catching up going on! The usual exciting box art... Here are the parts and they include two 'poppers' for the decals over the windows, since there were two sizes of oval windows. Someone has been in and put some paint on the fuselage but no matter. The transfers look to be cracked in parts but I won't rush to replace them just yet. Outside of the Instructions.... Inside of the Instructions - looks like they made a mistake when feeding some through the photo-copier - done the same myself, many a time! I 'll have to download a set of the Instructions from the Airfix Tribute website. Fairly simple build, though. I must tick off the ones I've got.... This kit was first released in 1962 and the Instruction Sheet opens with 'Airfix introduce the Skyking Series......' - stirring stuff! It's great to read everything about the Vanguard in the present tense - at that time, the Vanguard was a fresh fact of life rather just a misty-eyed memory of a powerful old aircraft, as it is today - a bit like myself, really (no tittering at the back, please!) Wiki says 44 were built and were flying up to 1996 (as cargo 'Merchantmen'). A long and successful career, I think,
  10. Thanks, John. Not many pieces in this kit and as long as I can keep gluey fingers off it, it will remain shiny! Yes, I must have a look at the Airfix version sometime. The Frog version fits together very well. think there were three of these aircraft in different colours all in the same race. Thanks again, John. I think the transfers really make it. This was a massive sprint to the finish, while I was masquerading as a DIY Guru fixing the door to the loft! Final pics - the exhaust stubs and tail skid all pinged away while being mounted - still two of the three to find but bits of plastic tube substituting at the moment. The wheel gurds don't actually locate on anything so they ended up attached to the tyres. Looks funny when the wheels rotate... Canopy masking was going to be difficult so left it OOB for now. I did manage to locate two crew members drafted in from a Novo Baltimore and they may appear later, now that the Gallery has been achieved. Those transfers were amazing with only one 'go faster' stripe actually breaking when I was moving it about the fuselage. What I did discover though was that the ' - ' for the underside is not included in the decal sheet so I hunted feverishly through any kits which came to hand to see if I could use something. After a couple of false dawns with transfers breaking apart on contact with the water, I managed to cut up an 'L' from a spare Frog Bearcat. Another lovely little Frog kit with bags of potential. Enjoyed the frantic build and thanks again to the BM Community for the input and our hosts for this fantastic Classic GB - well done all! Looking forward to perusing all the other builds at leisure now.
  11. Merci, Pat, the fun kept going right down to the wire and Louis's moustache - see below! Thanks, Dave. Maybe Louis thought using his aircraft design to drop grenades on someone annoying was justified in the world at that time but did he realise that the concept would develop into area bombing - I wonder what Louis would have said to that? Thanks, Charlie. It is a lovely little kit - you just need telescopic vision to put it together! Got it in the Gallery late yesterday so now just updating the build thread with the final pics Moustache applied with a single hair from a full-sized paint brush. Now that this has added to the Stats, I'll maybe have a go at that rigging after all! Thanks to all for the ongoing encouragement and a big well done to our Hosts @Rabbit Leader and @JOCKNEY for running an excellent and well documented Classic GB. What's next?
  12. DH88 Comet.... Build thread is here>
  13. Sprint to the finish for the DH88 Comet...
  14. Bleriot XI - very small complicated kit and I'm afraid not strong enough to rig all at one time so presented here OOB. Build thread is here:
  15. Got some work done on the DH88 Comet during a trip away last week - seats in, fuselage together, wings and stabilisers made up - these won't need painting but a polish to get rid of some extra thin cement overruns will be required. Engine nacelles in progress - the undercarriage is very small and very hard to get in place before closing up the nacelles. Crack on.
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