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  1. That's a good memory then. Aidrian, and it still takes forever to build, going at my pace - enjoying it though. Still moving along, Pat. I just wish I hadn't also have the new tool version as I keep spotting details to be added... Alan, the lower forward canopy is pretty flat so maybe a replacement could be made from plastic packaging? That's interesting about BJ772 - T "Thomas Fredrick Duck" I saw this on the Scoop Independent News webpage at https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/CU1601/S00139/thomas-fredrick-duck-dedication-and-reunion-at-motat.htm Apparently,
  2. Dave, we need this book: '1973-2000 The Story Of Matchbox Kits' https://picclick.co.uk/1973-2000-The-Story-Of-Matchbox-Kits-133426669483.html Does anyone have it??
  3. I'm going to get in early (for a change) and declare my first build - PK-551 Handley Page Victor K2 (sorry @nimrod54). This is the very first Matchbox kit I bought, actually in 2014 - I had got the book 'Vulcan 607' about the Black Buck missions to the Falklands in 1982 and read about the role played by the Victor tankers. I went for the earliest molding of a Victor I could get - Matchbox! I'm looking forward to reading up on the back story again.
  4. That's good news - so we'll get a sparkling Build List with stats as well as the expected twice daily prod for progress??!! Put me down for this one please gents, kit TBC (like everyone else, I started buying more Matchbox kits than I actually could build for the last Matchbox Classic GB).
  5. Thanks, Pat. I have spotted a few sink marks on the underside of the wings and on the lower engine intakes so maybe filling will be required and the black plastic will have to be painted after all. Also depends on how many gluey fingermarks I get on it. I started by trying to get as many pieces assembled as possible before painting and started with the wings and engine nacelles. Since the undercarriage legs are clipped in and not glued, I thought I'd try out all the pieces with a view to perhaps having the undercarriage 'retractable'.
  6. @alt-92Great choice of aircraft to celebrate Aussie Airmen - 'Smithy' is a fascinating character. I had a look at a Valom build of this when trying to research the small details to 'upgrade' the Frog kit. The 1:1 Southern Cross had flown 6417 miles across the pacific and in storms so some light weathering on the nose was to be expected! Also, I noted that one of the exhaust stubs on the centre engine looked like it had been extended away from the windscreen and off to the port side, no doubt to prevent the windscreen being coated in oily smoke - maybe the diverted hot gasses took off some of t
  7. I'm always looking for an excuse to build a model kit, an 'old' one if possible, and this great ANZAC GB is an excellent reason. I do have the 'new tool' Airfix kit of the Vickers Wellington but always had in mind doing the old one from 1959, which I never built in my youth. In fact, the subject that Airfix chose was B.III X3667 'AA-D' of 75 (New Zealand) Squadron - a fitting entry, I think, for this GB. Here is the 'red stripe' boxing with Roy Cross artwork - everybody's guns blazing as usual. The Instructions just say it is a 75 (NZ) Squadron aircraft without mention
  8. Looking excellent Adam. Great pictures showing the details too, bearing in mind this is 1/144. BTW, maybe the missing probe is sticking to the discarded masking tape - it has happened to me many a time! All the best. Mike
  9. Hello @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @JOCKNEY - this looks like another epic GB and one I can't miss! I'll give myself a fighting chance and get in fairly earlyish this time rather than trying to clear 'the bench' 100% (I'm still plodding on with the Heller Prinz Eugen and with paint/masking issues, it's going to be a longggggg haul to the finish, but it will get completed). @theplasticsurgeon is making a great job of the new tool Airfix Wellington so I thought I could inflict another old kit on the Community and do the original Airfix tooling, which is also depicted as an aircraft of 75
  10. Great choice of aircraft, Pat, I've never built one but saw plenty in the original film 'Battle of Midway' which has got me inspired. That looks like a great Airfix 'Gift Set' to have - I immediately thought 'I must get one of those' but maybe not just yet....https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airfix-VJ-Day-Commemorative-Limited-Edition-08672-1-72-9-Model-Set-RARE/333853406843?hash=item4dbb36b67b:g:I4IAAOSwOKNf-1dt From all the useful tips you're getting (all interesting info), it looks like you cannot avoid adding extra detail to this old Airfix kit. Best of luck. Mike.
  11. Keep going, Mark, this is another very interesting build of Lancaster G-George. I saw your pics and started to wonder about the bomb tally and the inclusion of 'The Saint' figure alongside those of the early missions. All explained here, an article from the 460 Squadron RAAF website that I've never seen before! https://460squadronraaf.com/planes/georgestory.html 'Alongside the bomb insignia to identify each bombing sortie flown by Flight Sergeant J.A. Saint Smith appeared a Leslie Charteris "Saint" insignia. During its sixteen months of operations, it was flown by 29
  12. The Bleriot XI was tiny - I'm going to return to this one at some point to add rigging. I hope it doesn't come to bits in my hands.
  13. Another unusual subject from Frog and a lovely build - the Bristol 138.
  14. First glider and trainer that I have every built - Frog of course! No spinning props on this one but I preserved some of that yellow plastic rather than paint over.
  15. The 'Trail-Blazing' Southern Cross also got built in the Frog GB. Here is where Frog stood out by including 'action' figures (at a different scale!)
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