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  1. Ventora3300

    First issue Zero... BANZAI!!

    Wonderful, Tony. Did you produce that quality when a ten year old? Did you really use those actual Airfix bottles of paint??? You can see that the red on the cowling matches the red of the 'transfers' exactly. The artwork in the Commando comics is really excellent in their depiction of aircraft / armour / ships etc. - I wonder if that could be an idea for a future GB? Very well done, sir. Cheers Mike.
  2. Ventora3300

    Bristol Fighter F.2B

    You are right - and I was trying to do this with just the wings held in hand. I did actually buy another pack of 0.8mm drill bits yesterday (0.5mm look too delicate to me) so speed will pick up a bit now. Many thanks. Mike.
  3. Ventora3300

    Airfix gnat

    That's the style - this is the place for the 'first toolings'. Hope you've got the red paint in stock! Thanks for bringing this in. Cheers. Mike
  4. Ventora3300

    1/72 Henschel Hs 129

    Yes, Dermot. It was niggling me that the Airfix kit seems to have a gun far too long and I had seen pictures where the thicker part at the end of the barrel (flash suppressor?) was just in front of the aircraft nose rather than away out front. I think you have got it right. Also, much less likely to get pinged off while being painted or flying round the room!
  5. The final result is a cracker, though - I've never built the Mk.1 but have a Frog ready to go (sometime when). I did think that the new Airfix tool would be preferable but.....Maybe you need to 'rest up' for a bit so can you be tempted to give us a contribution over on the Airfix Golden Years GB? All 'old' Airfix builds and we don't have a Mustang yet.... Cheers. Mike (ever hopeful).
  6. Ventora3300

    1/600 HMS Fearless

    This seems to be fairly common with some of the original Airfix kits - the Bristol F.2B I am doing is the other way round - released / in the catalogue in 1956 but 1957 stamped in the fuselage. I've yet to find out if the date stamped from the mould was always the same or if it changed - a lot of the kits have no date at all. Apparently, dates on the mould and in the catalogue reflected the latest 'intention' for release of the kit but may not have been matched by what actually then happened. Anyway, looking forward to seeing those 1/600 helicopters on deck! Cheers Mike.
  7. Ventora3300

    B25J Mitchell

    This must rate as a Top Tip surely! Landing and Navigation lights is an area I would like to get better in. Looking excellent, Adrian. Cheers. Mike.
  8. I'm going to send you some just so we can see this beauty finished! I'm going to try for a mini seascape on the Santa Maria - only a few squirts of sealant will be required! Cheers. Mike
  9. Ventora3300

    Another Short's Stirling.

    This Stirling is looking excellent, Steve. Looking forward to seeing the turrets on with the peashooter 303's as the crews called them (I believe!). Build on, mate. Cheers, Mike.
  10. Ventora3300

    Bristol Fighter F.2B

    You are right - the wings are pretty thick and sold pieces of plastic but I was putting a fair bit of force behind the drill to get it through. The stabilisers are a bit more delicate. Only stabbed myself once so far! I just hope they fill in again OK.
  11. Yes - another one from Heather please! am sure a Dornier was mentioned in the last post! (Plenty of Dorniers in the BofB!) Dave, you are right to put up the completion percentage as there are many exciting kits in progress but a great number of them just short of the finish. I am hoping we do as well for Airfix as was done for Matchbox last year!
  12. Ventora3300

    1/72 Hawker Typhoon 1b

    Looks like it's got a lot of colour, and stickers, on it now - you've been modelling during daylight hours again. The Typhoon is really looking the part now. Is the wing yellow for ID? I've always thought it was some sort of warning (on Spits and Hurricanes) to keep clear of the field of fire of the mg's No mg's on the Typhoon, though.
  13. Ventora3300

    RMS Queen Elizabeth +++FINISHED+++

    Practice makes perfect - and this is a perfect model. You tamed that photo etch wonderfully. Aren't you glad you did it in the Cunard scheme rather than the wartime one....? Well done. Cheers. Mike.
  14. Ventora3300

    Santa Maria

    I thought I'd get on with the transfers on the sails first - coating of Liquid Decal Film first and absolutely no problems in getting them on. (I'll move the 'Santa Maria' round to the correct side of the base next time! Now, I remember from when I saw my Dad's build of the Golden Hind, waterline version, many years ago that he had applied what looked like old wood varnish to the sails, which gave them a dirty white look, like sailcloth. So, I am coating the sails with similar to see what I can achieve - several coats will be required.
  15. Ventora3300

    Bristol Fighter F.2B

    For the rigging, decided to go for the 'drill and string' method so handdrilling small holes in the top and bottom wings and the fuselage - broken a drill bit already and fitting to my Black & Decker didn't work. Patience required. I'm a bit concerned that the heat of my fingers while drilling will warp the wings if I go at it for too long so painting on the sprues as an alternative - yellow on the wheel discs and struts and prop - this will be the base for the wood effect (I hope). I made up a replacement strut (to replace the short shot one) from an undercarriage leg from a 'spare' Mitsubishi Dinah. I've also painted in the front section of the fuselage in Aluminium and undercarriage and radiator front in black. Exhausts, machine gun and support are in Gunmetal. Pilot and Observer (what there is of them) are crying out to be painted.