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  1. Excellent build and lovely final result, Steve. Very much worth taking the extra time to finish. Interesting link with Heller too. I like the shape of the Typhoon and Tempest too but still to build either in this 'rennaissance' modelling period I'm going through. I'll be doing one a bit sooner than planned after reading through your WIP thread. All the best. Mike.
  2. Lovely wooden prop though, Tony. Excellent build and result. All the best. Mike.
  3. This 'restoration project' truck you are building looks awesome. Hope the engine starts first time!
  4. Many thanks, Jeroen. I think I will be needing to sneak in some extra time during the week to finish this one! Cheers, Mick. I think I did a bit of a run on buying up 1:400 warships at one point - thought they would have more detail than the 1:600 Airfix ships. I must check to see if any of the others I have are by Heller. I've been having a think about the colour scheme, Pete, and I think I will go with the stripes and false bow wave/wake etc. just to see what it all looks like (I tend to do aircraft 'factory fresh' as well). I'm kee
  5. Pete, the painting instructions have the zig zag stripes on like the box art but you can see from the decal sheet that a Maltese type cross is given for the forward deck and flags - maybe not so accurate then. I’ll need to read the bit on the front page of the Instructions to see if a specific time period is represented.
  6. A step into the unknown here, my first ever Heller kit build but it looks like a beauty - the Prinz Eugen. As you all know, this is the German heavy cruiser which accompanied the battleship Bismarck on the ill-fated Operation Rheinübung in 1941. The Prinz Eugen then participated in 'The Channel Dash' in 1942 and survived the war to enter the US Navy for a very brief period. Fantastic art on this big box. Actually, plenty of room in the box and the parts are still in the sealed bag, apart from the hull halves. The hull is very long and slim - just checking, Prinz Eugen
  7. Thanks Pat. OK, then, I did promise the Prinz Eugen after all. This looks like a HUGE GB.
  8. Also, that old tool Bf109E-4 has the paintwork completed. Just come up against the too small canopy issue. The canopy has been raised using plastic strip (the @AdrianMF method) and filler put in all round.
  9. Stew Dapple Posted October 29 Looking good mate It may be a trick of the angle of the photo, but is the old Hurricane bigger than the new one? Cheers Stew Yes, it does look a bit bigger but I think it's just nearer the camera. Much, much later but the aerial wires were fitted on the two Hurricane 1's and they were finished - just didn't get the pictures loaded to the Gallery in time for the end of the GB. Here is LK-A which was included with the BoB 70th Anniversary Gift set. This is what you would call
  10. Hurricane LK-A did get its control column fitted. Hurricane KW-Z has the transfers on now and both Hurricanes have their wingtip navigation lights at last, plus a white formation light(?) on the rudder. I agonised a bit over putting on rear view mirrors but I have one reference pic which shows it on LK-A so on they went. Aerial wires now in progress. In the meantime, the 70's tool Bf109E-4 is sneaking along - its small! Note the Instructions which appears to show an FW190 with the undercarriage down - wing dihedral as well as leg angles all wrong.
  11. Not long to go in this GB and the two Hurricanes should make the Gallery in time. I'm wondering if I can fit in one or two BF109's to even up the odds on the BoB stand. The BoB set provides a Bf109E-4. I also have a new tool Bf109E-3 - starter kit so interesting to see the camo paint colours included. Ill need to do a bit of research on the differences E-3 to E-4 and also (more fundamentally) if the marking options line up with the published Luftwaffe 'Order of Battle'. I'll probably end up continuing on with these lon
  12. The older Hurricane I kit now has the transfers on and I've added in a rudimentary gunsight made from bits of the clear sprue and a scratch built control column ready to go in (in the foreground). I've also added on a small tab to the aerial post and a small post on the rudder to match in with the new tool kit. Pics I've seen of LK-A have this type of aerial fitted. The new tool kit has the landing light lenses on - a good fit and they have the lens detail inside the 'cover' - and ready for decals. Canopy painting in progress - just the paint and scratch off method as I'm finding i
  13. Thanks, Pat. Yes, I'm getting to appreciate the 'old' Hurricane - very clean lines so not too many sticky out bits to get knocked off. The new tool Hurricane is out of the paint shop now and all the undercarriage on - quite difficult threading the leg actuators through inside the wheel wells so I actually cut them and did them in two parts. Prop is on and exhaust stubs are in and I thought the kit was provided with a gun sight but it is actually the landing light on the underside of the fuselage, which doesn't go in if you are fitting on a stand - that will have to be changed..
  14. OMG - I do remembering promising this one - I'll need to get the Battle of Britain finished before starting Operation Rheinübung, half of it anyway!
  15. The new tool Hurricane is coming along too. The fuselage is together and added to the wings. All joints very good and as others have said, you need to make sure that there is no paint on the surfaces to be joined. The Dark Earth is on and all the small pieces are being painted on the sprues. Nice new pot of Acrylic Humbrol 30 Dark Green now going on and everything else ready to add in, not forgetting the canopy of course.
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