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  1. The old tool Airfix Blenheim Mk IV has been moving along with all the parts assembled now and the canopy frames painted with a tidy up to do. There is a bit of touch up to do along the front as the fit of the bomb aimer's windows was slightly out but more importantly, the props still spin!! Ready for transfers now (coated with Decalfilm just in case....)
  2. Ooops - missed a deadline again. However, replacement transfers have arrived so this Nieuport 28 will get finished.
  3. Disaster with the transfers - hindsight is a wonderful thing - why didn't I coat with decalfilm?? I've never had this type of 'explosion' of transfers before.
  4. Thanks, Pat.I'm struggling a bit with the black star on the cowling - have tried slim black decal lines to paint between and even freehand with a black sharpie pen - bit of a mess. I'll keep trying. In the meantime, the camouflage colours are approaching completion.
  5. The second coat of Dark Green is on the Blenheim Mk IV and the crew are painted and in - headroom under the main canopy seems to be just sufficient (the pilot's seat was raised) but I'll check again at the next stage. The engines are fitted to the cowlings with the tube intakes in - I cut in the little cut-outs you see in the exhaust collector rings for the lower intake and the unused one on the other side - I wonder why that was there? The collector ring is painted and I added the front ring in silver which I've seen in reference pics but also on the box art. Aerial post is on and pitot tube and fuel dump pipes on underneath.
  6. Best of Luck, @Valleyforge enjoy your return to modelling - I know I am. I haven't quite persuaded the missus to buy me kits yet but there's plenty time.... All the bets. Mike
  7. Dark Green Humbrol 30 (new tin) going on the Mk. IVF Blenheim now. I'm enjoying this 'free hand' painting. This will need a second coat.
  8. The Blenheim Mk. IV is moving on. The top and bottom fuselage seams needed filling (Airfix Old Tool speciality) and there was a little PPP required on the wing joints. Wing seams just got the edges sanded. Engine cowlings had some mold lines to remove. I've dry fitted the gun pack for a Mk. IVF and also the engine cowlings to help during painting. I've decided to dispense with masking tape other than for the rear fuselage (always comes a cropper on a rivetted surface) and got on with the Light Blue underside (Humbrol 65) and Dark Earth top surfaces (Humbrol 29) using my best flat brush - two coats apiece. Top tip from others during the GB - inside of the landing light cut-out painted 'Aluminium'.
  9. Thanks, Dave, that's an excellent 'heads up' - pardon the pun! I'll do a dry fit of the Nav to check on headroom. In the meantime, the wings are on - a fairly decent fit and the dihedral outside of the engine nacelles looks good. I'm hedging my bets on whether the undercarriage should get fixed in one position or the other and waiting until I get the 'doors' on. The front of the fuselage needs another taping to hold it together while more glue dries.
  10. Put a bit of a sprint on with the Old Tool Airfix Bristol Blenheim Mk IV but there's loads to do so not destined for the gallery, I'm afraid. Turret bottom half is in the fuselage and the fuselage halves are together. A little filler required at the usual top and bottom seams, which refused to be aligned. Stabilisers are on. Undercarriage is in and the wings are together. A bit of trimming and sanding required on the port wing seams. Engines and all the other bits getting some colour. Well done to everybody and Host @rob85 - some fantastic builds here so tomorrow, I'll browse through them again!
  11. Lovely work, Adrian. Worth the wait so don't rush if you don't have to (will I take my own advice?) I'll continue watching this one into next week.
  12. Thanks, Dave. You'll know the issues, then! I decided to make the cockpit a bit more accurate and pulled the bulkhead forward to behind the pilot's seat, cut the floor in half and raised it in the port fuselage to bring the seat up to windscreen level. Some frantic painting going on here!
  13. Lovely work, Dave, and such clear pictures. I'm roving about looking for pics of the cockpits in the New Tool Airfix kits so I get some ideas on how to modify the 'basic' set up in the Old Tool Mk IV version. The undercarriage assemblies above look fantastic as well so maybe I'll have to do something there as well! Good luck with the rest of the build. All the best. Mike.
  14. Thanks @jackroadkill. I'll be cutting it fine just with this early boxing - a lot of parts on page 2 of the Instructions! Thanks Adrian. Luckily, I also have a later incomplete boxing of this kit and the control column is there but thanks for the offer. Now have the cockpit floor built up but it looks to be a bit low - the pilot may need a cushion to sit on. Why is the bulkhead behind the pilot so far back?
  15. This Nieuport 28 is still going - fuselage painted with Light Earth 119 and 186 Brown on the struts. I've put a couple of cooling slots in the cowling and rounded off the leading edge slightly, painted in Bright Red 14.
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