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  1. Lovely work John and an excellent result with the old tool P-40E Kittyhawk. I've just noticed the pilot is wearing a red cravat!! Debonair indeed for the desert! All the best. Mike.
  2. Yes, I do have two boxings of the Stirling so visited one of them to 'borrow' the mid upper turret, top only. There it is alongside the 'thimble' that comes with the Lancaster. Gunners are painted and installed in their turrets and guns 'popped' on to the ball made of the gunners' hands and 'DO NOT CEMENT' I can't remember this from my 'kid build' but actually this is quite effective as a flexible mount - hope the guns still move once the turrets are fully assembled. Here is what the turrets should look like - from the new tool kit assembled as 'A-Apple' (nearly finished, honest!) I'll have to paint the framing on G-George's turrets to resemble these before gluing together.
  3. Thanks, Pat. Yes - my heart did sink a bit when it dawned that I really couldn't whack this all together and then get on with the painting if I wanted to avoid sticky ailerons and turrets and the dreaded 'stepped' seams - which I am sure I can remember from 1969. Must do better this time...
  4. Did some dry fitting of the main parts on G-George. I'm going to have to paint all the upper surface before assembling the wings and tailplane if leaving the under surfaces unpainted. No real problems except for the mid upper turret which was creating a gap in the fuselage seam and much filing of everything round about it was required - still doesn't rotate though. Actually, the shape of it is 'speculative' - looks more like a thimble set too low. I had a thought that one of the other Airfix kits of this era (e.g. Stirling?) would have a better rendition which I could 'borrow'.
  5. Lovely job on JE-J, Tony and this should definitely get a few swoops round the room before going back on the stand. We know it's the 'real' JE-J because it has the green maple leaf emblem, not the 'corrected' red one from the later boxings. I had a read up on this when I did one and apparently 'Johnny' Johnson remembers it as being green in his memoirs (maybe a nod to the UK) but everyone else says it must have been red because that is what the Canucks put on their machines. Very interesting stuff! Anyway, the kit has turned out smashing and I think no-one of a certain generation will ever get tired of putting this one together. All the best. Mike.
  6. Yes, I was hit with this last year and just put a good dose of tube cement (one of my standard ‘techniques’) inside the cowl where it fits to the fuselage and set it at what looked like the right angle. Is this another case of an odd thrust line for the engine/prop perhaps?
  7. Getting G-George underway now (since A-Apple is nearing completion). The basic cockpit floor, pilot's seat, instrument panel and control column are assembled to the starboard fuselage half. My idea for this build is to leave anything which is black just in the bare plastic. The crew painting is underway in Humbrol 96. The engine nacelles and props are off the sprues ready for assembly.
  8. All the transfers are on now - with the exception of eight tiny dots which are to go on the upper wing tips. What are they? I tried a couple and they just look like specs of dirt on the paintwork. Props are on, the aerial loop, the pitot tube and the bomb aimer's perpex bubble too. The turrets are underway and I think a lot of touching up on the frames is required. The rear gunner is in and the others are being 'altered' to fit in. I made up the AR-A codes from those included in the BBMF set I got from somewhere. Hope the joins are not visible.
  9. I had a look around to see if there were any images of an 'A-Apple' flying with 460 Squadron (Code 'AR') - I found this! LINCOLNSHIRE, ENGLAND. 1943-09-08. EMBLEM OF "A" FOR APPLE, A LANCASTER AIRCRAFT OF NO. 460 SQUADRON RAAF OF BOMBER COMMAND BASED AT RAF STATION BINBROOK. THE ROSE, KIWI, MAPLE LEAF AND KANGAROO REPRESENT THE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES TO WHICH THE MEMBERS OF THE CREW BELONG. THE BOMBS REPRESENT THE NUMBER OF OPERATIONAL TRIPS OVER ENEMY TERRITORY, AND THE THREE B'S DENOTE THE RAIDS ON BERLIN. (and I believe 'Ice Cream Cones' stood for missions to Italy). I've done it now - I'll need to produce this as nose-art for this build!
  10. I feel your pain, Stu. This happened to me then I realised I had varnished before the last of the touch ups. Another coat of varnish on top blended it in - I was lucky! Maybe a final, final stirring session and re-touch plus varnish will cure for you?
  11. Thanks V-P but I can feel the bomb bay doors on my Lanc flexing every time I pick it up for more work - it probably won't be long before I knock one of them off., like I've done with a wheel well door already. Anyway, I've decided to get the transfers/decals done before I fix on the props and last aerials. Here is the underside done, the very first wingtip stencil I put on twisted and would not open out again so it had to go. (I have a couple of spares of these from a set of decals for the BBMF Lancaster but they are not exactly the same so no point in putting on one of them, unless I extend it...... It was quite hard getting this thin red lines to settle down straight. Transfers on the fuselage and upper surfaces in progress - I just had to get those big wing roundels on! I've lined up the fuselage roundels on each side directly opposite each other as having one more forward (to accommodate the Squadron Codes) doesn't fit with me. My plan is for this B.III to be a squadron mate of G-George in the 'Kit I made as a Kid' GB so I need to make up 'AR-A' from the various plain red (not yellow-line-bordered) letters available. A-Apple since I do have a smaller 'A' in yellow to put on the nose.
  12. The bombs are on board! 13,000lbs by my reckoning. What a fiddly job it was, with blobs of glue required to get everything to stay in. I moved the calipers for the Cookie into the 'inside' of the double rail and other calipers either side to allow the 500lb bombs to go in. Bomb bay doors are on - not really a positive locating position and I'm convinced one of the long doors (port side) is bent slightly and not sitting correctly. Undercarriage doors are on no problem. Here's a front on view, with bomb aimer busy at work. Painting of prop blades is ongoing - yellow tips next.
  13. Are these any good, Steve? From the Airfix Tribute Forum. If not, I'll need to go to the loft for the 'locate and cement' version..!
  14. Well done, Ray. I thought I was the only one still 'soldiering on! It's definitely worth finishing as we don't see many Lancastrians built. All the best. Mike.
  15. Thanks, Chris. Yes, I saw you posting these images earlier in the GB on another build and took note. Airfix have this area down as black in their painting guide with the kit so I followed that initially. It's definitely sensible to have this area as dark green as it it is seen through the perspex and matches the camo outside. I wondered if it was all a matter of whether this area was painted with the fuselage before the framing was put on (you wouldn't paint it afterwards). I think this area could either be perspex within external framing or perspex screwed to internal framing. Of course, there is a restored example which has it as black and some of the earlier colour photos could be faded dark green or even faded black. Why would you want it black? Not too late to change it.
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