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  1. The crew are in and the nose is on, complete with bomb aimer / front gunner and m/g. I was tempted to leave the centre seat unoccupied to give the view that the Observer had crawled through to the nose to do a bit of bomb aiming. However, I didn't want to leave anyone out so have gone for the four man crew. Looking forward to gettting the H65 Light Blue on the undersides (and fixing that rudder balance which has been knocked out of position). A couple of coats of H65 are on. However, it has become apparent that the nose is not an exact fit on the front of the fuselage - may be me again not paying attention but I thought the 'fishplates' I put in would solve any alignment problems. Filler required on both sides of the nose section to eliminate the 'steps' where it joins the fuselage, high on one side, low on the other.
  2. Pat, that original Frog Shell Welder is still residing in the 'Warehouse Stash' I came across last month, along with an 'HMS Tiger' - warning - not likely to be cheap so only for the real enthusiasts! I think a build of a re-boxed version of a Shell Welder can be seen in BM circa 2016.
  3. Yes, I see what you mean Silenoz, and the photos do show up that front strut as looking upside down although it looks much better with the MK1 eyeball (how could it?) - I did have a lot of trouble with these and just couldn't get to the point where I thought all the struts were in the right positions - for example, if I flip that front strut around, I'll also have to spin it on its axis to get the angles of the ends correct and then the aerodynamically-shaped 'fillets' or fairings will face backwards. So, I would have to swap that strut with another and that is exactly where I was when I was assembling them - not good! The right thing to do would have been to take each strut and file/sand the ends to fit at each location - I may end up doing that yet, you never know. Picking up on the next alteration required, those (I think) exhaust representations on the top of the cowlings have to go. The closest thing I can see to what is being depicted is some sort of rectangular opening flap I saw on one reference picture - not sure what it was for but no exhaust pipe or pipes in sight. I'll make up some exhaust outlets for the underside of the cowlings as I've seen on the pics. I've picked out the rearward facing m/g's as I'm keeping them - I have seen a reference pic which shows them angled rather than straight so I'm not sure if they are 'trainable' or whether fixed (you would have to be an excellent pilot to get fixed backward facing m/g's line up to hit someone on your tail without them hitting you first!). I cut and filed the lumps off the top of the cowlings and the port side appeared to be hollow so the exposed hole has been filled. Starboard side will need a little more filing down. I've also painted the area which will be under the 'glasshouse' in RLM73 as suggested elsewhere since the RLM02 would really have shown up under the perspex, so no doubt the ground crew would have been requested to sort it out. Crew painting is finished and ladders and guns painted on the sprues. Main canopy painting in progress.
  4. I have still to paint this ex-frog kit so it may get higher marks for the surface / panel detail. The Matchbox kit was pretty plain in that respect.
  5. For me, it is Matchbox. I wanted to believe that Frog had done a good job on the aircraft shape but looking at archive pictures, I would say that Matchbox has got the engine cowling shape and the secondary float strut thickness and end points more correct. On the Frog kit, the engines look too far forward inside the cowling and the exhausts outlets on top (if that's what they are) are questionable. I'm looking in to that at the moment. OK, the Matchbox canopies look more clunky and I think Frog has done a bit better there but the understated frame lines are very difficult to see when masking/painting. The big blank wall at the front of the Frog kit fuselage with the front canopy section (not all glass) just butt-jointing on is not good construction-wise. Also, on the Frog kit the whole cockpit molding halves do not match and the floor fixing arrangements are not good. The He.115 was the very first Matchbox kit I had built and I was an instant fan of the kit engineering, painting guides and 3-colour plastic, of course! I wonder why Airfix didn't do an He.115? Possible because there was a bit of a 'gentleman's agreement' with Frog over some kit subjects. Does anyone else have any opinions, I wonder?
  6. Thanks again, Robert. I did indeed get started on the Revell/ex Frog kit as below...
  7. I've added in some bulkheads and panels inside the crew area to try to close up the empty spaces. I've also opened up the blank surface at the front to add in a small piece of deck (to line up with the piece in the front section) and some 'fish-plates' to help locate the front fuselage section and canopies. I've ditched most of the Eduard canopy masks (they just didn't fit this kit) and gone back to masking with tape - vertical frames first on the main canopy. This canopy is actually missing a rear corner, a short molding shot , I think. These new internals will all need more painting now.
  8. Fantastic job all round, Stew. That's a great result. Get dodging the Ack Ack and I'm sure the bomb aimer will reach the forward escape hatch!
  9. Tupolev SB-2 Katyuska? Choice of engines and props too....
  10. This sounds like just the sort of GB I should be in on - I think I've been building kits done as a kid for the last three years now. I've still got many of the old Airfix and Frog kits tucked away but they are all aircraft. Maybe I could do an armour build like the Centurion (my first tank) after a visit to ebay ? Put me down for that and I can change my kit choice later as required. Great idea for a GB!
  11. Engine cowlings are on and floats and struts assembled to the underside of the wings/fuselage. Unfortunately, even though reading the numbers on the Instructions and the kit sprues, I wasn't convinced I got the right struts in the right places. The fit is terrible and I ended up having to put filler at the fuselage end fillets to cover up the spaces left. Also, all the struts have got seams to remove and sink marks, which I didn't fill. Balance horns are on the elevator and pitot tube is in. There is a small piece of decking which fits inside the assembled nose canopies - that's good but I'm going to open up the solid bulkhead to which this attaches at the front of the fuselage - will let some light through. The canopies have very subtle frame lines so I thought it best this time to buy an Eduard masking set - unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be a good fit for the ex-Frog version of the Revell kit. Looks to be a better fit for the ex-Matchbox version of the kit. Crew painting is in progress.
  12. Well done, Dave. You are going to be busy again. Agree with that - F number will also put it in rough date order? Then someone will try to make sure all numbers in the catalogue are covered by a build...!
  13. Sounds like a multiple treat is in store (again)! Have you got a 'display' corner ready for these builds, Tony? All the best for your builds. Mike.
  14. Pete, sounds like you are another one of us 'nostalgic' modellers.... Can you remember what the attraction of Frog kits was back then? I was a confirmed Airfix man (boy) but I did build two Frog kits when a nipper and thought them a bit more 'exotic' with lovely smooth mouldings etc. , Latterly, I came to appreciate the diverse and unusual range they covered and now find myself with just under 100 Frog kits tucked away with only three built more recently and one (re-packaged as Revell) underway as we speak. What is the attraction for you? All the best for your builds. Mike.
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