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  1. Looks great to me. I wish my messes looked like that!
  2. And there we have the answer - no business stops product development in a sector responsible for 63% of their turnover at a time when the business as a whole is growing at a rate of 8%.
  3. It was very hit and miss before. As I also collect stamps I tried twice to visit this shop after an overnight stop in the area on the way back to the continent, and both times it was shut. Pity as it seemed the perfect opportuniy - we parked at Asda and the wife stocked up on tea and other essentials not available in Austria while I attempted to fill the remaining space in the car with purchases from this shop. Finding it shut was a disappointing end to the holiday.
  4. I agree that must be what they based it on. That's very well equipped for the 1960s! Even seems to have a CD player in the middle
  5. I suspect the whole dashboard is pretty unrealistic, but there should be pictures available if you search for them. I had a Toledo, and even then it was restricted to red, orange, green and blue, all integrated within the speedometer dial. Having said that, I can't think what all those switches could possibly do. Headlamps, wipers, washer and choke was about all you got back then, plus a couple of sliders for the heater. They had a nice wooden dashboard though.
  6. I noticed the site was completely unreachable early this evening but the error pages it threw up looked much prettier and professional
  7. It's still worth looking for this. I'd thought it had disappeared from stock long ago, but came across a supplier with just under 10 available last summer and picked one up. I just checked and unfortunately they're out of stock again. Could be worth asking your favourite model shop if they can get hold of one.
  8. Wow that's rapid progress, already putting mine to shame. Great work!
  9. I got my fire engine in the dual boxing with the bus. They're both nice kits, even if they're showing their age. They go together without any major issues and the figures provided really add to the models, even if they are a bit proportionally challenged in places.
  10. This was one of the first kits I built on returning to the hobby. It's still one of the most impressive looking models on my shelf. It's not hard to get a really good result with it. Look forward to seeing this progress.
  11. That's an interesting thought. I look at it from the other perspective - I like a kit with lots of decals as they distract from my appalling paint finishes!
  12. The Revell Audi R 10 is scheduled for re-release in 2021. I think the C6R is also not too hard to find.
  13. I think it may have to do with rules on tobacco and alcohol advertising. If they wrote Rothmans on the outside of the box they might not be allowed to have the box on display in many countries.
  14. I was actually shocked to see such high totals. Most recent conflicts don't seem to have involved that much air-to-air combat. Current US strategy at least seems to be to destroy the enemy air capability with cruise missiles before sending in the planes.
  15. You can experiment with thinning ratios and need for a primer by painting parts of the sprue. This probably won't tell you too much about how smooth the paint will dry though - for this sometimes you can find a large area which won't be visible (e.g. the inside of a wing). The advantage of this approach is that it'll give the right answer for the plastic in your kit - there can be differences between different manufacturers. To get in the general ball-park you can use a plastic spoon (if you can still get one - many places have stopped stocking them but it does mean you can get them heavily re
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