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  1. I'm surprised no-one has yet mentioned a paint brush. At least 3 of my 6 would be brushes.
  2. It's worth watching his other videos too. They're not too long, well-produced and interesting and informative.
  3. This afternoon in southern Austria, a BMW 2000 CS.
  4. Seller stateside-models has a few listed on eBay at reasonable-looking prices at the moment. I have never bought from him nor do I have any connection with him.
  5. Unfortunately there won't be any more progress for another week as I'm away on holiday. Sorry I didn't make the deadline,, but I will continue to post updates in this thread.
  6. Can you get to a show? You might find a dealer with second-hand kits at a good price.
  7. That's not a fact. Scammers send thousands of texts - they hope that some of the recipients were expecting a parcel and will fall for it. The details could have been stolen, but it's also possible they weren't.
  8. Now I have the theme tune stuck in my head.....
  9. That looks exactly like the monstrosity I overtook. The search results remind me of the other spot near Augsburg - a camouflaged SUV on Munich plates. I think it was a next generation BMW X5, but obviously completely unmarked.
  10. I'll understand if no-one believes this one without evidence - I could barely believe me eyes today driving North up the German A8 Autobahn. As I was driving I couldn't take a photo so you'll have to decide how trustworthy I am... I saw a Seat Ibiza. Not the latest facelift - I'd guess it was around 10 years old. What made it possibly my greatest spot ever was its rear end. Someone had moved the two rear wheels inwards so that they were within a foot of each other. At first I thought they'd made a three wheeler but there were definitely two distinct rear wheels very close to each other. Why anyone would do that to a Seat Ibiza of all things is beyond me.
  11. I have no idea whether it's a scam, but VAT on £180+45 at 20% is £45. £10 handling fee isn't so outrageous. I'd be worried that trying to call the company gets you through to an Indian call centre though. Could you find the number of your local DHL centre and call them directly?
  12. This is hopefully my last update for the next two weeks, and barring an extension to the GB this means I'm missing the deadline as I feared. I say hopefully, as we're due to set off on holiday tomorrow, but I just found out this morning that someone I met on a business trip this week has tested positive for Covid. I'm still clear at the moment, but if I post further progress in the next few days it means I had to delay the holiday departure. I've made progress on the chassis and floorpan. I followed the instructions and sprayed the engine bay before realizing that none of it will be visible, so I didn't bother with another coat to even out the colour. The black on the inside needs another coat, but the underside is pretty much ready for the gearbox and drivetrain. You can see the silver gearbox waiting alongside - I'll give it a quick wash to bring out the detail before glueing it in place. Those parts which I have assembled (radiator, pedals, etc.) fitted with no issues. I've also added the nose to the body and am trying to decide whether to add the wheel arches before painting, spraying the body (Tamiya spray can), then brush painting the arches (either enamel or acrylic), or to paint the arches separately then glue them to the painted body (with the risk of damaging the paint or struggling to get good adhesion). Any advice would be welcome!
  13. I must confess I am somewhat baffled as to how "we have to learn to live with it" is almost invariably used to mean "we should pretend it doesn't exist". These two sentiments are diametrically opposed. I have to live with it being freezing cold in winter but I do that by wearing a warm coat, not by going out in a T-shirt and shorts as I did in the time before winter arrived.
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