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  1. I'm quite surprised to hear that clubs expect to get their tables for free, and I find the admission fees are often relatively cheap. A model show is a day out to enjoy your hobby. In most other hobbies this would involve much higher costs for the participants. Should a round of golf be free? Should cinemas let people watch films for free? If you drive 30 miles each way to a show and buy a kit and some paints while you're there, is another few quid on the entry fee really going to be noticed in the overall costs of the day?
  2. Hasegawa 20476 is a Suzuki Jimny with skiers and skis on current release.
  3. Revell do their own Aqua thinner which works well with these. It can be hard to find in stock but should be available on order.
  4. Been watching the live coverage on Youtube. Some amazing cars on display. Must be great to be there in person.
  5. On the way to the supermarket today I encountered a Citröen DS estate. Also someone around here is using a Citröen CX GTI automatic as a daily runner - I've seen it twice this week. I can't imagine a less sporty GTI!
  6. I find that whenever I actually know something about the story, there are always glaring inaccuracies in almost all news reports. It makes me wonder what rubbish they're spouting about the stuff I don't know about. Generally the better news sources get the right impression across, but the details can't be trusted. I think the reporters are under too much pressure and have to cover too wide a subject area to be able to understand whether they're being accurate or not.
  7. It might kill off professional model makers who build prototypes or architectural models. That new head office that has had the plans drawn up in CAD can now get printed out and put in the board room without having to employ a model maker. It will also be cheaper for small run prototypes than many alternatives, allowing new product ideas to be tested before scaling up using cheaper production technologies. If you plan to sell a million parts you don't care how much the prototype costs, but you care very much about the cost of making a batch of 10,000.
  8. Chimpion

    More scumbaggery

    I don't think the internet and phone systems are quite as distinct from each other as they used to be. Calls from abroad can be made over the internet and only join the phone system for the final stage, making it very difficult for the phone companies to block them. The solution has to be to catch and punish the scammers hard enough to make the risks outweigh the rewards. This requires international enforcement which needs to include countries that are currently uninterested in or even encouraging such schemes, which won't be at all easy. The recent case where the FBI recovered the Bitcoin ransom payment does show that there are things which can be done, so there is some hope.
  9. Ionising radiation is radiation with enough energy to knock electrons out of atoms. These can have consequences for biochemistry and electronics but does not make the atoms radioactive, so landed planes are safe. To make the atoms radioactive the radiation will need to cause changes in the atomic nucleus.
  10. Clearly the figure manufacturer got the scale all wrong! Or maybe it's the aircraft? Back on subject, I'm often surprised by the lack of criticism I get when posting my rather feeble efforts. If I do get a negative comment, at least it shows they cared enough to look at the post and respond. And I might learn something too.
  11. I used the rubber parts and brush painted them with enamel semi-gloss black. They look OK to me. I also used almost an identical shade of blue to the one you chose. One trap I fell into was to cut the individual white stripe decals out, only to realize on the last one the reason they had so much carrier film attached was that they're made up in pairs. That would have made lining them up much easier, although I'm not sure whethet the wide strip of carrier film might have been visible at the end.
  12. Audacity : the number of executive German cars which will fit into the showroom.
  13. Maybe this is why old kits don't fit together properly. The expansion of space-time since the kit was designed results in a big gap between the fuselage halves!
  14. I use an Ikea Besta. I opted for framed glass doors and glass shelves. You can buy as many shelves as you need as extra items.
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