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  1. I'm glacially slow at building, but that does mean I get to learn how long mixed paint can keep . I mixed two Revell aqua colours together with their own thinner and stored it in one of their own glass bottles with a well sealed plastic top. It was still good well over a year later. It did separate out a bit but a good stir sorted it out. While the paint was still perfectly good the mixing was critical to get the shade to match the previous coat. At one point I got this badly wrong and it came out much darker. I also found it needed some more thinner adding after such a long storage time.
  2. Last week lots of Golf GTIs descended on my locality (there's an annual event which has been cancelled again this year but they turn up anyway); this weekend seems to be the turn of the sports and supercars. Ironically the rarest sighting during the GTI meet was a bright lemon yellow Citroen Dyane van. Last night I was followed home from the pizza takeaway (which incidentally had a spotless early Beetle convertible in the car park) by a new Porsche with racing spoiler, painted white with classic Martini livery. Today I encountered what I'm pretty sure was a Maclaren supercar and then an immaculate looking Lancia Delta with full body kit and spoiler in black Martini livery. Need to pick up my daughter soon and have won brownie points from the wife for being today's taxi driver - haven't told her I'm actually keen to go out hunting for more automotive exotica!
  3. Can you post details of the shop? Pre-pandemic I had to visit Munich almost monthly. I expect that schedule to restart again soon.
  4. Exactly. A show is surely a great opportunity to show off your finest work to fellow modellers and the odd casual observer, together with the chance to socialize with others who share similar interests. Why shouldn't you be the one paying for that?
  5. Cleaning the airbrush and paint brushes.
  6. I've made a start, assembling the dashboard and getting a coat of primer on it.
  7. Here are the contents (sorry about the shadow in the first picture) : One challenge might be getting the right paint - there is a Tamiya spray can in the box art colour, but it seems to be hard to get hold of. The paint number 92 is an interesting one - I think I'll resist the temptation to comment further.
  8. Hope you don't mind if I join in with this : It was a Christmas present in 2020 from my "Fairlady". It'll be interesting to see it alongside a Lotus Europa, Lamborghini Miura and Ferraro 250 GTO in the cabinet.
  9. I see your point now - I agree it's not good that local newsagents don't get the promotional copies.
  10. I think that's the whole point of the freebee promotions - they get sales from those who wouldn't normally buy the magazine. The hope is that they're sufficiently impressed to become a regular buyer or subscriber. It's also one reason why a regular order is a good idea otherwise these promotional issues might sell out before you get to the newsagent.
  11. If attempts to fix it don't affect the cockpit option 3 remains as a back up. As @gingerbob says, what have you got to lose by trying to fix it before resorting to cutting out the cockpit?
  12. If he hasn't driven for 20 years, he probably doesn't have a photo driving licence. The old paper ones won't get you on to a plane.
  13. NI remained in the single market but is not in the EU. I suspect you're right that that means the rules on chemicals in paints apply there, but I'm no lawyer.
  14. Only just discovered this thread. The work is incredible, the results outstanding, amazing, breathtaking (other superlatives are available).
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