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  1. I reckon there's a decent chance of that with Miniart - they've released figures for the trams.
  2. Chimpion


    No measurement is 100% accurate. That the death figures include both systematic and random errors is to be expected. What matters is the relative size of these errors, and the examples given (had Covid in April and got hit by a bus in June) can't account for more than a handful of cases. I've seen no evidence to suggest the measurement errors are big enough to affect the main conclusions drawn by the authorities, and plenty of evidence to support them. The clearest evidence is the exponential growth curves of both the first and subsequent waves. Bus accidents occur at a broadly constant rate. It's also not always easy to determine if a death in August is caused by a Covid case in April or not - what if someone who had no history of illness spent a month on a ventilator with Covid in April recovered fully and then dies of a lung infection?
  3. Not the first non-reigning monarch- the first non-royal. Numerous Royals have appeared on stamps when they got married, and spouses of monarchs have appeared.
  4. They're all fantastic, but surely the Matra has the "je ne sais quoi" - the Porsche has a "weiß nicht was".
  5. I recommend being patient and bidding on low start price kits on Ebay. I've picked up loads of stuff for next to nothing although admittedly from Austrian sellers not UK ones. I did indeed get a 1/48 Hasegawa Sea King AND a 1/48 Hasegawa Phantom AND an Eduard 1/48 Mirage for less than £15 in total including postage a while back. The key is to accept that most of the time you'll be outbid, but every now and then you'll get really lucky.
  6. On Tuesday spotted a pristine-looking burgundy NSU Prinz.
  7. Love the comment but I donated your like to the previous post.
  8. If you drink enough of it all your models will look misty and this one won't stand out!
  9. You can find out before opening the box (better still, before buying) by searching for the kit on www.scalemates.com. Sometimes the plastic is marked with the original tool manufacturer, e.g. the 1:24 Revell Bentley Blower has a Heller copyright notice in the plastic. Don't rule out a manufacturer because of one bad kit, especially if it's a very old tooling. Most manufacturers sell good and bad kits, and they don't warn you on the box which one you're getting! You can always search for reviews or builds here or on Youtube or another forum to get an idea what the kit is kike to build before you buy.
  10. Beautifully built Escort - nice to see one in quite a plain scheme for a change. The paint finish is really impressive. The only fault I can find is the registration. A suffix T reg. would fit, but the T-prefix is far too recent.
  11. Most road-going cars don't carry spares anymore. Back in the early days of track racing circuits were loooooong and punctures common. I'm surprised they still had to carry spares in the late 60s though. Lovely model by the way. The colour scheme really suits it.
  12. That is quite simply phenomenal! Amazing paint finish all-round, chrome trim spot-on. Well done!
  13. Absolutely stunning build. What made you choose the Stuttgart plates? Surely this is the equivalent of a Liverpool football shirt in Manchester...
  14. Who is going to want to be no.2 to LeClerc? If Ferrari are confident enough in LeClerc they may have to choose between an experienced also-ran who can help develop the car and will play second fiddle (think Barrichello to Schumacher, Raikkonen to Vettel - today that might be Hulkenburg or Bottas), or another young driver keen to develop (Giovinazzi is the obvious candidate in thus category). I don't think Sainz or Ricciardo will fit, given LeClerc's status and talent. Lewis won't want to leave for a worse car. Maybe Verstappen could be enticed by the money.
  15. One other point only tangentially mentioned here is that if the rights owner is a large company known to enforce their rights, it doesn't help much if you have a legitimate defence - they will be able to bankrupt you before the ruling. In many cases you will have little choice but to pay for the licence or drop the product. Best to sort it out at the start with their licensing department before any threats of litigation appear - at least then you know the costs up-front and can build them into the business case.
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