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  1. I recommend thinning it with their own Aqua Mix - it mixes better than with water, but water works as well. One of their kits has a paint call out which is a mix of a matt colour with clear gloss, so I would also assume it's ok with all the standard colours.
  2. The argument about relative interest in STGBs and GBs also applies to regular GBs because of the bunfight. Making the GB so broad that it's no longer really a single topic can result in more participation and more votes. Sometimes this makes sense, as in for example classic Heller/Frog/Airfix etc. At other times it makes much less sense, e.g. a Swedish GB might include a mixture of genuine Swedish items (Saab Viggen, Volvo 240, Scania truck) which is already very broad, but might then have a Tyrell driven by Ronnie Petersen etc. It becomes so broad as to potentially lose the communal spi
  3. A warm full-lockdown welcome from Carinthia!
  4. You've achieved a really nice effect with the letters - a great idea!
  5. I would like to see a single post with a very brief description of all of the GBs in the vote with a link to the discussion thread. This year some of the titles are anything but self-explanatory and trying to find the threads for them all would take ages. In the end I just voted for a few that I could see myself taking part in. As for the number of votes, it shouldn't affect the end result that much. If we all only had two or three votes, many of the GBs might not get any at all, and some might get chosen on a handful of votes. I think the current approach is fine. I also think it's
  6. I use an IKEA Besta. It's much deeper than the Billy and the glass shelves are relatively cheap. It's also a flexible layout - I have the bottom third as a cupboard and the top two thirds as a display cabinet. I can easily change the bottom part to display later by buying a new door and extra glass shelves.
  7. Time for an update. I've been short of modelling time recently, but have made some progress. I always planned to do the bulk of the build over the Christmas break, so I'm still on (my admittedly slow) schedule. Here's a summary of where I'm at : The chassis is half-painted (airbrushed with Revell Aqua gloss black) but also needs at least one more coat on the part that's already done. I've added the pedals, levers and seats to the body section. I was forced into starting this when I accidentally knocked one of the pedals off the sprue and was worried I'd lose it if I
  8. My Dad bought the 2600 version in 1982 when I was seventeen. We'd never known such luxury. Once I passed my test I was allowed to drive it. I have two enduring memories. The first was getting third gear instead of first at a junction. It didn't seem to care until I put it in fourth at 15 mph! The second was more serious. I'd been to visit a school friend at his farm in North Buckinghamshire and was driving back on roads just about wide enough for two cars at a speed which just about got me around the corners. I came around one such blind corner to encounter a tractor occupying almost
  9. Looking really good and puts me to shame. I've had one in work for over a year. I've also struggled with dust from Humbrol 14 (wondered if it was in the brushes) and also missed the number 14 part mark.
  10. Forget anything based on dehydrated chemical crystals - they remove virtually no moisture from the air. The electric condensor based units can remove surprising quantities of water from the air (several litres in a few hours).
  11. Wow - it's huge. Not only have you turned the old Airfix plastic into a truly stunning model, I really love the way you posted it as a build sequence.
  12. They don't look a day older in the 1960s photos with the cars!
  13. They do it because they can make money ftom it. They contact tens of thousands and only need a few to fall for it to make it worthwhile. For them it isn't a pointless game at all.
  14. Revell aqua thins ok with their own acrylic thinner. The stuff is incredibly thick to start with though. The matt and semigloss colours can spray pretty well. I've been struggling with the gloss white as well - in order to make it sprayable you seem to have to compromise on its opacity - it therefore needs lots of thin coats and it's hard to get the mix right on all of them given that it can be too thick to suck into the pipette for mixing. Cleaning the pipettes is also a nightmare.
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