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  1. I read somewhere there's a specific law against this in Canada. Maybe why they haven't yet (as far as I know) based a 007 film there.
  2. I just managed to buy one of these last month. The result is bound to be disappointing after seeing this! Truly amazing level of detail you've managed to achieve on such a small kit. A really stunning result.
  3. I actually disagree with the premise that you need all thus stuff to get started. Some things are essential, e.g. suitable cement/glue, others strongly recommended, e.g. files/sandpaper, others can wait and be built up as you progress. For painting I'd start with a selection of decent brushes, the paint colours listed for the first model and a clear coat to seal the decals. Add thinner and brush cleaner. If you start with an airbrush the choice of paint type may be different than if you only use brushes. With each new model add only the new paint colours, and you'll slowly build up a good range of colours. Try adding one new technique (with the relevant new tool if needed) with each build - if you try too many new things at once you'll likely get frustrated.
  4. Did you know that while English cheese is made from butter, French cheese is made from marge?
  5. Got another one yesterday. Didn't have much time so resorted to a quick "I'm sorry, you seem to have reached the wrong department. This is for Nigerian millionaire scams. you want the Windows scam department. Please hold the line while I put you through" and hung up.
  6. I asked one of them for his credit card number so that he could pay me the one dollar a minute charge for taking my time. That was quite entertaining. He soon claimed I had intimate relations with my maternal ancestor though.
  7. I'm standing at a bus stop in Villach right now. It's a beautiful sunny day with great views of the snow-topped mountains.
  8. Welcome and greetings from Carinthia!
  9. I might be interested if they were 1:20. 1:24 is the wrong scale for open-wheel racing cars. Revell have the same problem.
  10. After another major attempt at cleaning all parts, and finally managing to separate the two halves of the cup, the problem persisted. More searching on You Tube finally solved it. I had been hand-tightening the cap after seeing a recommendation that this was sufficient. It isn't - tightening the cap further with the spanner provided has curedthe problem.
  11. I've now used mine a few times. The first time I tried to clean it the trigger fell out and it took me over an hour of searching on You Tube and fiddling with it to get it reassembled. I've had some success with it and now bought a cleaning set for it. I'm suffering from exactly the same bubbling in the paint cup that you describe. I've never managed to separate the two sections of the front cap - could there be a blockage in there or am I being too cautious when pushing in the needle? Working out if there's paint in the nozzle is tricky - it seems to be just metal so I could probably soak it overnight in Revell airbrush cleaner (which I suspect is just IPA) and then use the cleaning brushes and wires on it. Any advice would be welcome.
  12. Which paint do you use for RLM02? I have a cockpit waiting for this and wasn't sure which was the right shade.
  13. Thinned with a few drops of their own brand thinner, the satin paints leave a great finish when brush painted. Unthinned they sometimes dry a bit shiny.
  14. I just opened one of these from my wife and kids for Christmas. Before I open it and scan in the instructions, can someone tell me if it's any good? I've read bad reports on budget airbrushes and it's still sealed, so I could ask her if I can take it back and buy a more professional set-up. On the other hand, if it'll get me started and give me useful experience, the politically correct option would be to use it for a few years and "grow out of it" and get a better one once I've found out how useful it is. If it's just going to frustrate me and put me off airbrushing for life, I'd rather come clean while she feels I was more generous than she was
  15. One of the seats was missing from my Renault 8 Gordini and they sent one out within two weeks.
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