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  1. All purchased at Telford, always good to have a chat with the Authors of these lines ;-) And agreed with the above, when the original couple of Doube Ugly Israeli Phantom Books came out I was told that all operators would be covered releasing at least a couple a year. Understandably an overambitious release schedule, but so far the books have been fantastic and you can never have too many Toom books. As nice as a Japanese volume next would be, I'd concentrate on those air arms that have retired the beast, so as to be able to cover their entire service with that operator. 60th birthday of
  2. Bonne, attendez votre prochain chef-d'œuvre français!
  3. Not sure where you're looking, but to say they have bargains on their site is an understatement and I've found their service to be second to none?
  4. Patrick, I didn't say the paint was US, I said the painting was contracted out by the US and the aircraft were painted in the contractors nearest equivalent. I can only say what I was told in 1988 by guys on the Sqn, which for me as a spotty 16 year old Space Cadet being shown around Sierra with the horrible Tiger Meet markings not properly cleaned off was a genuine treat, as the Toom has always been my first love. That said, with std three year rotation maybe the story had already developed as original members had already moved on. And I can only endorse your books as a Phantom Lover, your bo
  5. From what I understand (was told whilst 74 was at Honington in '88) the weird colours had nothing to do with primer. The painting was contracted out in the States and they painted the first 4 or 5 in the closest colours they could find as they didn't have access to std paints. Being told the colours were wrong, they had another go with a different, but also incorrect paint. After another jab in the ribs the third batch was much closer. Or so the story goes.
  6. Nope, only ever use enamels, think I'm one of the few people left alive who can't get on with acrylic!
  7. Chuffed to find out all OK with crew, but gutted. Visited her many times whilst based at Swansea airport and missed her fly every time. Was due to fly at Swansea Airshow this year, hopefully one day.
  8. I'm with most of the above, never clean sprues, never use primer, never had a problem!?
  9. Having been concerned about rapidly using up my stocks of Klear to protect enamels against washes I've recently stared using Flory washes, being water soluble no protection is needed and black, dark and grime so far have, with a little post matt pastel (and practice), worked wonders. http://www.florymodels.co.uk/washes/
  10. You can buy stuff online! As above get to Kbely on the tube (deffo first choice) or if you're short of time the Army Museum.... http://www.prague.eu/en/object/places/145/army-museum-zizkov-armadni-muzeum-zizkov http://www.prague.eu/en/object/places/153/aviation-museum-kbely-letecke-muzeum
  11. Looks VERY similar to the old Model Alliance sheet, right down to (if my eyesight serves) to the wrong date for the 1100 years of King Alfred's Navy marking. Still an inspiring sheet though.
  12. Ahhh, Model Junction for every trip to Bury, brings back memories!
  13. Agreed, Airfix kit is terrible. The only real options are Hasegawa which is regularly on offer on offer on Luckymodel, or a very much 2nd best in Fujimi. All other kits on the market are either the wrong version or pants.
  14. This site might help... http://www.tornadosig.com/index.html
  15. Hobbyboss 100%, I think the only real edge Kinetic has is there is a late wing boxing.
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