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  1. Not true, this boxing lacks the ventral pylons (and extra missiles) for the Dash 5, so I'll be anxiously waiting for their next release. Hope we get a 2000-9 also. Unfortunately, for the Mirage 2000EG, we get no Exocet ASM and extra Matra Magic II with their respective pylons, nor the emergency arresting hook beneath the tail. It's fixable of course, but such a nice kit deserves to come with all the options possible. I hope the next boxings don't let us down.
  2. IMHO in 1/72: MiG-29A (9.12) - Trumpeter MiG-29S (9.13) - Zvezda MiG-29UB (9.51) - Trumpeter MiG-29SMT (9.17) - Zvezda
  3. Condor's PU had IR R-40T's if I'm not mistaken, but that's an easy issue to fix. The real question, for me personally, is if in real life the MiG-25PU did or could employ any type of missiles, in this case infrared Acrids. I don't seem to be able to find information about that anywhere.
  4. Great news! Let's just hope they also reissue the Alpha, Echo, Foxtrot Bravo, and especially the most of the time forgotten Delta.
  5. I hope they decide to do also the Portuguese Air Force version, with the bigger nose. Or at least some aftermarket for it.
  6. Although the current boxing seems to have all the parts necessary in order to make a Dash 5, I'll be ordering 3 more of this one. It's Mirage heaven this year.
  7. Yeap, available already on eBay. And that F-16D is still a Block 50 indeed, 192 Filo nowadays is equipped with Block 40's.
  8. My two cents: bought on eBay both decal sheets for the 1st and 2nd Generation Harriers and I'm quite pleased. Thanks to @Rabbit Leader, I just ordered the Royal Australian Navy one, since I've been looking for some time for RAN's Sea King and Tracker decals.
  9. Definitely ESCI/Italeri, if you can get one. Airfix, Hasegawa and Fujimi SHARs all have issues.
  10. The EdA Starfighter fleet did have a secondary ground-attack role, if I recall correctly. (At Bardenas Range, dropping what seems to be retarded EXPAL BRP-500 1000lbs bombs)
  11. ' Morning Scott! Yeah, I've been searching through the internet, surfing eBay and sites like Belcher Bits, Leading Edge, etc, and found some decals that I can use to, somehow, work around these issues. CanMilAir hopefully will soon have more decals available, so with some luck and patience I'll be able to wrap this whole thing up. Thanks everybody for your help.
  12. Specifically, I'll probably be looking for almost any current airframes with the recent change of title once again to RCAF/ARC. But when I posted here I was looking especially for the S-2 Tracker, the Mi-17V5 and the Chinook Foxtrot.
  13. It seems that with the tightening of relations between Greece and Israel, Rafael promoted the Spice once again to the Hellenic Armed Forces at the end of last year. But like yourself, I don't know of any contracts signed yet, nor for that matter the need for such a weapon with the vast arsenal the greeks have. https://www.ptisidiastima.com/rafael-promotes-spice-1000-2000/ Is the Spice perhaps cheaper than the JDAM?
  14. A friend of mine stationed at Aviano during Allied Force in 1999, saw yet another variation on the early days of the conflict: (borrowing from @Richard E) Starboard outboard pylon - PHIMAT Pod Starboard inboard pylon - Dual rack 1000lbs bombs Centreline pylon - Drop Tank Port inboard pylon - Dual rack 1000lbs bombs Port outboard pylon - ALQ-101 ECM Pod Overwing pylons - AIM-9L Sidewinder or No pylons Just like this illustration: https://sixsqnassociation.org.uk/about/1991-2003/ Btw, probabl
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