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  1. A bit of OT, I know, but is there any rumour about eventually a new mould T.5/Strikemaster as well?
  2. At first glance, it seems rather nice. https://www.facebook.com/MaxDecalsPublications/posts/pfbid0anpg1gkxTLaMXyJTMqChRemDAWUgTzYgHSXfY7APGFvGXP6H7rHgCPofJW9ufYFl I was planning to buy a few of them, even those that aren't specifically Portuguese variants, but 73€ each is way, way over my budget.
  3. No gun pod (like they did with the F-35B) and those RAM panels? I guess I'll stick with Hasegawa's B "Beast Mode" and Orange Hobby's Charlie. Btw, the UK still has no plans to acquire the gun pod, am I right?
  4. I do agree it's a bit of a let down, despite all the other great offerings they'll have. What was present on Mirage IIIE's boxing left everybody with their hopes up.
  5. At first glance, it seems nicer and much more detailed than the couple of Hasegawa Hawkeye 2000's I have at home.
  6. Surely not, but a Kazakh UBM2 besides the Ukrainian would be rather nice.
  7. I asked IBG on their Facebook page if they were going to release/rebox the Su-27UB as well, and they answered me that they plan to do it next year. Hopefully in Ukrainian Air Force colours too.
  8. The ejection seat has only 14 parts?!? Modelsvit is clearly slipping...
  9. Hope they don't forget to include one of my birds as well. (Both pictures: Portuguese Air Force) Lockheed P-3C CUP+ Block I Orion "14808", Portuguese Air Force, Esquadra 601 "Lobos" (Wolves), Air Base 11 at Beja P.S. Next to the wolf's head there's the inscription "Ser-lhe-á Todo O Oceano Obediente" (loosely translated, "The Whole Ocean Will Be Obedient To Him/Her"), which is 601 Squadron's motto, retrieved from the epic poem "Os Lusíadas", by Portugal's greatest poet Luís Vaz de Camões. They are present on both sides of the tail, and only on this particular aircraft (14808).
  10. https://www.facebook.com/MaxDecalsPublications/posts/pfbid066xTVBwhaUC88dVpfkCrVEErYxS7BtvYmtz7yK5UqwHFcTHTAqcrRKVn9HWVyh5sl
  11. Like Borisz wrote, not yet. They already confirmed that the next boxings will include the Portuguese PG01/02/03 variants nose, winglets and refuelling probe, with lots of different decal options (Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, etc), and that they're working on the C-295MPA Persuader version. Answer also said that they will post photos of the new parts and colour schemes most likely in the next few days.
  12. Forgot about that one, thanks. I almost bought a couple, however the color schemes present in this Revell reboxing didn't attract me as much. Mind you, that's just me, the hoarder, talking. With over a dozen SH (and Heller) F.1's, and at least 3 or 4 different F.1CT decal sheets, I could have already taken care of it. But, and call me crazy, I'm still waiting for an SH specific Mirage F.1CT boxing, sporting an operational green and grey wraparound scheme. Anyway, sorry for the OT guys. Andre has 14 Mirage IIIC/CJ (at least the last time I checked), and I have 8 so far. If I need to buy some more in order for SH to start working on the Mirage III/V family again, so be it. The problem is the wife... she says my office looks like a model store, and recently acquired a look-down capability for her radar that is pretty spooky.
  13. I know Andre, thanks. I skipped the Duo Pack because I have over a dozen F.1s, and so I'm still waiting for the CT.
  14. They didn't seem to have that problem with the Mirage F.1 family, although we're still waiting for the F.1CT to be released.
  15. If indeed that's the case, I hope SH revisits that decision quickly. The Mirage III/V family is so vast, with so many variants, subvariants and users, that if they moved forward with it, I think that sales would be the least of their concerns. https://www.specialhobby.info/2018/10/special-hobbys-new-172-mirages-iii-5.html
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