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  1. While it may seem odd on the face of it, 1/56 makes sense to wargamers, anyway. Many historical, fantasy, and sci fi games use 28mm miniatures, which is 1/56. So that's why the scale, and that there is a fairly extensive range of resin, and some plastic, kits available in it. Often, though, the kits tend to skimp on the fine details, as they are game pieces, intended to be handled much more than a scale model. But that's where the modeler steps in, right?
  2. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:US_Navy_EB-47Es_at_Point_Mugu_in_1971.jpeg Two were loaned to the US Navy for Electronic Warfare systems testing, and operated into the 1970s.
  3. The simplest option is to pass them both by. The Dragon kits are the old Trimaster 190s, sans metal parts and most of the etch. The plastic wasn’t all that impressive or detailed, and ill fitting. Eduard’s early 190 kits were nicely detailed, but overly complicated and very poor fitting. You want to wrestle for a kit for less than $20 as the main reason to buy it? Be my guest; I’d rather go without and save the money for a Tamiya or new Eduard 190.
  4. Thanks for the offer, but unless you know a place selling dignity or self respect, not feeling overly talkative. Which is not good for a message board. I probably mentioned a while back my prototype M47 was missing part of its exhaust system. I finished work on that, which was probably more than it was worth. Besides leaving off the guards, I made a mold of a master part, and reproduced a couple copies of the exhaust pipes, to give me these bits that were not part of the kit. The second photo shows them posing. Clean up the glue marks and they'll be ready to go. Meanwhile, still working on cleaning up the turret and gun barrel mess. Maybe green paint, before this build ends?
  5. Thanks for asking. Struggling with some things, besides/and the model. Things I thought would be easy have been difficult, and the things I thought would be difficult kind of were. I've made some progress, and was planning on posting some sort of update this weekend, even if the news wasn't much, or the greatest. I'm still planning on finishing.
  6. I survived another infusion, but not much time for modeling when you have to work all day, and have six hours worth of strange goo squirted into you when you get home. So, I've lost a few days to that, and trying to get over it. But at least my Mr. Surfacer 500 jar isn't dried up, so I can continue my quest to be the last person to finish this build...
  7. I have seen some info on the Sabalan, but it looks like it ended up as a showpiece. The Iranians are reluctant to discard anything, and there are definitely some M47s still being held there, but it looks like this tank is in the same category as their 'stealth fighter'. Still an interesting project if a talented modeler can be found. Must have missed the post about you using some of the Star Decals for your project
  8. I think I’m doing okay. I’ll post a picture at some point of the turret join on the real M47 to show what I mean. And maybe make myself feel better! It’s not slapdash Russian early WW2 welding, but it still isn’t especially pretty. I think I have a solution to my muffler problem in the works, too... Not sure on the Takom kit. I have read a bit about the Iran-Iraq War over the years, and find it an interesting subject, although the amount of material you can get in English is still limited. That has improved some the last few years, though. I’ve been careful with my commitments. There have been other group builds or my own build logs or reviews I have might have gotten into, but I am wary of my skills and depth of commitment. I’ve written stuff for Modeling Madness, but that probably averages maybe a piece a year or so, if that! I guess we’ll see on the M47M. The Iranian ones are far more interesting to me than the Spanish machines in the Takom box. There was a company called Star Decals, or something like that; they did some M47 decal sheets, including one for wars in the former Yugoslavia, too.
  9. Thanks for the kind words; not sure I deserve them....a little over two months to go still, so it is not panic mode time. Yet. Hopefully this update isn't terribly boring or disappointing. I've got my primer coat on everything before I start spewing green paint everywhere. Results were...mixed. The running gear sprue and the hull get a ready to go passing grade. The turret and gun barrel need some remedial work still, especially the barrel. And a little on the turret join. A couple of things to note there - the real thing went together much like the Italeri kit parts to make up the main part of the turret. And the real thing did not fit much better than the Italeri kit . That is to say, the join is far from perfect, when you examine photos of the turret in good lighting and contrast. So there is no need to go crazy obliterating the join area; it was rough on the real vehicle. But there shouldn't be divots or cracks, and I still have a few. And the gun barrel needs help. As well as the fuel cans; they had a seam along the side, but their carriers shouldn't. So the plan going ahead is to whip the turret and barrel into submission, and install the turret rails. Then it is green paint time. A little bit of preliminary weathering on the lower hull, then detail painting and running gear and tracks can go on. Then proceed....one issue to still resolve. Italeri did not intend the mufflers to be displayed without their guard covers; there is piping from the engine to the muffler that some of which is still present on my vehicle, but not in the kit. A solution is in progress to get this, but in the meantime, I can leave the mufflers off for now. They're not going to be green, anyway. In other news, I have my infusion schedule for next week, so I can plan to be out of action. I acquired a Takom M47 as well; got it shipped to me for under $40. This is the later diesel powered modified version; it has an engine deck much a diesel M48/60, among other things. My initial reaction - 'meh'. It has some better details, but has a blocky, angular look overall and in some of the parts, lacking a smooth rounded appearance on things like lift hooks. The sprue attachments are pretty bad on the parts as well, huge. I'll probably make an Iranian M47M out of it. Someday.
  10. Asmodai lives yet....just not feeling well. I've finished up the sanding and installing everything but the running gear stage. Now I am primering everything, something I usually don't do. But it lets me check on my filling and sanding, and let's poor Asmodai see what he's doing when spraying green paint. We're long past the 'molded in color!!!' toy era of plastic modeling, yet companies often still mold US and Soviet vehicles in dark green anyway. Tamiya and Italeri are two of the biggest culprits in this.... Picture soon, even if it is only primer gray still....
  11. Maybe late now, but despite what the decal sheet shows, I would tone down or eliminate the blue of the cupola glass and periscopes. On the real thing, there is not really much of any color to it, as depending on the situation not much light may be showing through these. Just my opinion. This thread on Armorama discussing various non standard .50 cal mounting points has some good pics of the cupola and its glass as well. https://armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=247647
  12. Whatever. You have a very inflated opinion of your opinions. I’m sorry you’re bored of 109s. They keep the doors unlocked and the lights on.
  13. That's the first mistake armchair CEOs make - assuming their personal opinions are valid for the entire market. If the question is 'How good is Airfix at following product suggestions?', my answer is - "Hopefully not very, if they want to stay in business".
  14. I suspect that most of that politics is due to the fact that Academy got their start directly ripping off kits from Tamiya, particularly in the armor and ships areas. And it was much more than a one time thing. Hawk may have been able to forgive Aurora, but I think the depth and breadth of Academy's perfidy made them unwelcome in Japan. Here's the relevant part of the Aurora/Hawk story, extracted from this article - https://www.oldmodelkits.com/blog/plastic-model-kit-history/a-brief-history-of-aurora-plastic-model-kits/ "If you have the early Hawk releases of the F9F or F-90,you will notice that they are almost exact copies of each other, down to the stand design. The Hawk kits predate the Aurora kits but there is no evidence of mold swapping. To keep production costs and time down, Aurora simply purchased the two Hawk kits, copied the dimensions of the kits and made their own molds. The Mates Brothers, owners and operators of Hawk, were not happy. Reportedly, sharp words were exchanged at trade shows. Hawk began hiding the word ‘HAWK’ in morse code in rivet detail. However, Aurora did not copy any further Hawk kits and after many years tensions eased to the point where each company could joke about the incident at future shows."
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