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  1. There's nothing to find, because it never happened. And is unlikely ever to. Dragon probably decided the costs were prohibitive, and the company has greatly pulled back from plastic models of all kinds the last 5 years or so.
  2. Any further news on this scam? I've seen on several ship model sites that some of the other crowdfunding projects from this company have run into 'unexpected' problems with plans, printing, etc. , with it quite likely nothing will ever be delivered or heard from these guys again. If it's too good to be true...
  3. Asmodai

    HPH B-52

    You're going to have to revise your plans some - the ALCM went operational in 1982; SAC B-52s were camouflaged at that time, no longer silver. As a side note, the first operational unit with the ALCM was the 416th Bomb Wing at Griffiss Air Force Base, Rome NY. I lived near there, and am still less than an hour away. I remember the 'freeze freakies' and other anti-nuclear protesters well. Griffiss was a popular site for protests once it went operational with the new 'detente destroying' ALCM. You had to make your way through them into the annual open houses...
  4. Good luck with your build. I saw that conversation you had on that other modeling site, since I have lots of free time with the collapse of my M47 build. Sad to say, just about every modeling site these days has one of 'those guys' in residence on it, that emerge to belittle and show their superiority over everyone else. Verlinden had a book in their 'Warmachines' series on the Tiran 4/5/6, but if I recall, the coverage of the Tiran 4 was weak in it, just a few photos. Anyway, have fun with your build.
  5. I am still pretty upset here about it. I guess I should have remembered 'Not meant to be' has been the quote line for my life so far. With less than two weeks to go, it doesn't seem likely I can get in anything else. I'd have to work hard to finish another Italeri kit, or the Takom M47, and it wouldn't be any fun. The closest hobby store is an hour drive, and they won't have anything. Getting something off the internet would have used up even more of what little time is left. I have a 1/100 M60A3 here that is a gaming piece. That's about it...
  6. It was inevitable...disaster. I put the first track on okay. Doing the second side, the track broke. In two places. Neither of which was at the join. Trying to fix it, I made it worse. And dropped it, causing the hull to pop apart, and numerous things to fly off or break. I did the only sensible thing then, and finished it off. . I need some time to process this. With two weeks left, and no hobby shops in town, not looking good. And I don’t want to touch another Italeri M47, even though I have one. Got to think this over....
  7. I haven't seen any solid evidence it was practice by anyone. On really any of the Patton series, for that matter. You only see spare track links on M48s in Vietnam, due to mines damaging tracks frequently, and as extra armor because of the introduction of the RPG-7 that could pierce the M48s armor. The Italeri and Testors M47 kits have had the same decal sheet pretty much their entire existence, regardless of the date of the boxing, offering US, German, French, and an Italian machine. None of them need extra track sections. Go figure...
  8. Asmodai

    US WW2 Olive Drab

    Definitely a can of worms, with no solid answer. Read this page - https://olive-drab.com/od_mvg_odpaint.php A fair number of modelers would tell you today that Tamiya XF-62 is way too dark for the WW2/Korea era. More appropriate for the late 50s/Vietnam era, until the arrival of the MERDC colors in the 70s. It's not a question where someone can just tell you 'this is the right color'. You need to research a bit, look at some colors, and make a decision.
  9. Tracks are base coated now. I used the same Scale75 Slate Grey for the rubber parts as the wheels, along with Thrash Metal for the metallic bits. Total accuracy was not necessary here; I need to cut the tracks off then get them joined, so I can weather them. Which will cover up a lot of any errors. Why Italeri included the two short runs is a mystery; the M47 was not authorized, and did not routinely carry any spare track as part of its standard equipment. Getting close to that finish line with a couple weeks to go.
  10. I've added some rust. Some areas came out better than others. Lesson learned for the next time. If there is a next time. Mostly, I now need to do the tracks, and paint a few small details, like the lights, cupola glass, and whatever it is in the coaxial machine-gun mount. If I can get started on the tracks, I may well finish up in a few days.
  11. Congrats on finishing up. Hopefully I’ll join you before the 30th, and achieve immortality myself!
  12. Working on the dry brushing, so I can get to the rust and dirt. And the tracks. It's probably rather subtle on the model, if you can see it at all. But the difference between the base OD Green and the SS Camo Highlights I used last is more obvious on the napkin I was wiping my dry brush on. I guess it came out 'okay'.
  13. Eh, if it generates some interest, and raises Revell some money so that they stay in business and can release other kits, who cares? Wasn't it about 5 years ago the Red Bull 'Flying Bulls' B-25 kit was done by them in 1/48 as a gift set?
  14. I’m hoping To be done with all the painting except for the tracks by next Sunday. The tracks are a bit of a trick, and hard to paint, since they have both metal and rubber areas. There’s a lot to cover, and not spill over on each other with them. See how it goes.
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