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  1. A website on Frog Models had some info - https://www.frogmodelaircraft.co.uk/?page_id=372 Basically, the molds are missing, and have been for many years. They quoted £150+ for a kit; but I think that may be optimistic. There's probably a better chance of Taylor Swift calling me up and asking for a date tonight than finding a Frog Vulcan. By comparison, the Lindberg one is easily obtainable. Good luck on this one.
  2. While the aircraft may have come from elsewhere, Academy definitely copied Tamiya for armor and ship kits. Like the 1/35 M60A3, LVTP, Ford Mutt M151, etc. And for their 1/350 Bismarck, for example. I’ve heard anecdotally several times of individual modelers and shops still shunning them in Japan for this to the present day.
  3. The Aurora/Hawk incident is covered a few paragraphs into this history of Aurora. https://www.oldmodelkits.com/blog/plastic-model-kit-history/a-brief-history-of-aurora-plastic-model-kits/ Basically Aurora did pretty much flat out copy a couple of Hawk kits, which prompted the 'Hawk' Morse code to appear in future Hawk releases rivet detail. There was a good deal of bad blood at the time, but the two companies were apparently able to joke about it later on. I'm not condoning it by any means, but it does appear to be a common way to start your model company, by copying someone else's work. Academy got their start by mostly copying Tamiya more recently, and are still 'persona non grata' in some Japanese modeling circles because of it, even though they have been doing their own thing for quite a while now.
  4. I'm not sure you want to hear then that shoddy maintenance practices are a significant cause of crashes... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaska_Airlines_Flight_261. 88 people died because of inadequate lubrication. 520 people died because of a poorly carried out repair of a bulkhead not done according procedures...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_Airlines_Flight_123 . One could go on and on with these.
  5. Tamiya made a serious effort to condition people to 1/100, even producing B-52D and B-52E/F kits in that scale. It fizzled out in the 70s, although you see re-pops of the B-52D occasionally, and some of the other 1/100 kits in the line. Last time was a few years ago from Tamiya, and some of the smaller fighter sized kits have shown up in other companies' boxes, too.
  6. You will get better results using the most common term for this installation - it was commonly referred to as a tunnel gun. https://www.google.com/search?rls=en&q=b-24+tunnel+gun&tbm=isch&source=univ&client=safari&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi11IPlps_lAhWHxFkKHeELAJsQ7Al6BAgGECQ&biw=1437&bih=735
  7. Well, Kickstarter has had plenty of scams and fraud on its service, as well. I don't know what Kickstarter you've been using, but I've seen plenty of board gaming projects that fund and partially deliver, deliver junk, or just outright disappear after doing nothing. And the notion that Kickstarter will protect you is a joke - they don't do a darn thing after the project funds, except tell you to take it up with the creator. You see, the moment the project funds, Kickstarter gets paid, and after taking its cut, all but wash their hands of anything after that. Check out stuff like Robotech Tactics, Up Front, HARDCORPS, Airborne In Your Pocket, MERCS/Myth etc. Way too many to list here. Kickstarter puts on a pretty facade, but in the end, they are thieves and highwaymen just as much as Indiegogo and GoFundMe. They're just better at it, and bigger. In short, any crowd funding is a gamble, as even reputable companies with a past track record can fail and disappear. And many hobby/gaming companies are not publicly held, so you have no way to know the true state of their finances - they can be chugging along for a while in trouble, run a juicy Kickstarter, then fold. This project in particular had unrealistic goals and funding amounts, from even my casual experience with 3d printing. There was no way $700 or so was going to cover the design work, prototyping, and sending people actual models. In short, it was an ideal amount of money to steal, and then slip beneath the radar.
  8. There's nothing to find, because it never happened. And is unlikely ever to. Dragon probably decided the costs were prohibitive, and the company has greatly pulled back from plastic models of all kinds the last 5 years or so.
  9. Any further news on this scam? I've seen on several ship model sites that some of the other crowdfunding projects from this company have run into 'unexpected' problems with plans, printing, etc. , with it quite likely nothing will ever be delivered or heard from these guys again. If it's too good to be true...
  10. Asmodai

    HPH B-52

    You're going to have to revise your plans some - the ALCM went operational in 1982; SAC B-52s were camouflaged at that time, no longer silver. As a side note, the first operational unit with the ALCM was the 416th Bomb Wing at Griffiss Air Force Base, Rome NY. I lived near there, and am still less than an hour away. I remember the 'freeze freakies' and other anti-nuclear protesters well. Griffiss was a popular site for protests once it went operational with the new 'detente destroying' ALCM. You had to make your way through them into the annual open houses...
  11. Good luck with your build. I saw that conversation you had on that other modeling site, since I have lots of free time with the collapse of my M47 build. Sad to say, just about every modeling site these days has one of 'those guys' in residence on it, that emerge to belittle and show their superiority over everyone else. Verlinden had a book in their 'Warmachines' series on the Tiran 4/5/6, but if I recall, the coverage of the Tiran 4 was weak in it, just a few photos. Anyway, have fun with your build.
  12. I am still pretty upset here about it. I guess I should have remembered 'Not meant to be' has been the quote line for my life so far. With less than two weeks to go, it doesn't seem likely I can get in anything else. I'd have to work hard to finish another Italeri kit, or the Takom M47, and it wouldn't be any fun. The closest hobby store is an hour drive, and they won't have anything. Getting something off the internet would have used up even more of what little time is left. I have a 1/100 M60A3 here that is a gaming piece. That's about it...
  13. It was inevitable...disaster. I put the first track on okay. Doing the second side, the track broke. In two places. Neither of which was at the join. Trying to fix it, I made it worse. And dropped it, causing the hull to pop apart, and numerous things to fly off or break. I did the only sensible thing then, and finished it off. . I need some time to process this. With two weeks left, and no hobby shops in town, not looking good. And I don’t want to touch another Italeri M47, even though I have one. Got to think this over....
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