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  1. Asmodai

    Game of thrones

    There's more from Andrea. They can be tough to find unless you look through the pages, as Andrea's Thrones stuff is not licensed. This 1/8 'Warrior of the North' bust is obviously supposed to be Ned Stark, and is a pretty good likeness of actor Sean Bean. https://www.andreadepotusa.com/en/1/andrea-miniatures/109/the-bust-collection/2233/s9-b32-warrior-of-the-north.html
  2. You'd probably have to ask Tena to be sure; they are pretty responsive. But I would imagine it is hard wired into the board in this case. Could be wrong, though. I can see why some people would like the effect, and others wouldn't. I've disagreed with some of their other design choices, like on some Star Trek lighting they sell, but their stuff is quality if it meets your needs.
  3. Asmodai

    Aircraft Modelling magazines

    And they wonder why print is dying.... For largely the reasons mentioned, I've pretty much stopped buying all hobby magazines. The European ones used to be pretty good, but they are mostly cookie cutter clones of each other nowadays. I could write the entire text of most 'articles' out here - 'Here's a photo of the parts on the table and the box top!' 'Here's 18 photos with no captions of the kit and the $300 of aftermarket bits I added for no discernible reason!' 'Here's two photos of my finished model. Enjoy!' The End.
  4. You may want to consider the set offered by TenaControls. The package they offer for this kit is pretty decent, and their instructions are among the better I've seen, if you've never tackled something like this. And there is a video on the page you can check out. https://www.tenacontrols.com/page63.html
  5. Asmodai

    Airfix 2019

    Too bad that is actually NOT the case. When Airfix newly tools a 1/72 P-51, Zero, Me-262, etc., etc., etc., that are competing with dozens of other examples of the same on the shelf, there needs to be a reason to choose Airfix over any of the many alternatives when the price is similar. Shopping for model kits is exactly the same as shopping for anything else. If there is only one choice out there, you have to buy that, or nothing, ie 1/48 Walrus. When we come to a 1/72 Zero, is there not a veritable 'supermarket' of them available? Why should I pick up the Airfix one then? If blind brand faith is enough for you, great. Unfortunately, I doubt there are enough of you left to keep Airfix viable long term.
  6. Asmodai

    Airfix 2019

    Setting prices is always a challenge at best. 'Second tier' companies lately seem to be charging a lot more for their kits, just like they're one of the industry leaders like Tamiya or Hasegawa. Whether that is all actual production costs, greedy markups, or simple delusion about their place in the market, or a combination of factors is open to interpretation. But when Airfix costs me more or less the same price as Tamiya, who is going to lose out there? I understand some of the home team rooting, and buy local and all, and why people would want Airfix to continue a going concern. After all, here in the US, it is all over. With the crash and burn of Revell/Monogram, all the major domestic kit makers are dead and buried. Whether their old tooling lives on in some other country is irrelevant. Airfix and Hornby are in seriously dangerous waters right now, and a wrong move could be catastrophic. And just like Revell/Monogram, their ability to make good decisions may be greatly limited by the troubles and mistakes of the corporate parent. Relying on nostalgia and the new tool or two a year might get you by for a while. But eventually, nostalgia and odd scale old kits in new boxes won't save the company long term. It wears off, and the people interested in them are rapidly reaching the age of dying off altogether.
  7. Asmodai

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Airfix likely never even had possession of these molds when the licensing deal was current. These kits were likely designed, molds cut, and the production done 100% overseas. The molds are probably rusting in some Chinese warehouse today.... As far as the 'Classics' go, well, trying to bank on nostalgia is all you can do when there's no money. It kept Revell/Monogram afloat. For a while. But it reeks of 'Here's Malibu Stacy, now with a new hat!!!!' Most of the kits are readily available, and going for less than they're going to ask for these new boxes.
  8. The Round2 blog at collectormodel.com had an update a few days ago. Among other things, the 1/72 Hawk is supposed to be at retailers by the end of June. Weathering decals for the large 22" Eagle will be available separately from the special edition in the next few weeks. Trek 1/1000 Defiant in the next few weeks, 1/350 Grissom & Bird of Prey delayed til maybe end of summer. 1/350 K'Tinga was also pushed back some. closer to the end of the year. http://www.collectormodel.com/#sthash.EOFZeMqG.dpbs
  9. Asmodai

    PATTON TANK BUILD - Now at 31 ! 30/03/19 - 30/06/19.

    Some bad, or at least indifferent news from me to bump this up to the top again for a bit. For a variety of boring reasons, I'm not going to be able to produce the 1/72 M103 I had picked previously. And I do not have the heart to attempt to correct the injustices inflicted by Dragon on their 'Black Death' 1/35 M103. That would take me far more time than allotted for this group build, with my glacial work pace. I am still in the build, though. It will likely be something from the Dragon M48/M60/Magach series, or the AFV club M60A1, all of which suitable kits are already in hand. Sorry for any trouble, and I'll finalize when we are a little closer.
  10. Asmodai


    Right now, I'd say it's unlikely you'll see it any time soon, if ever. That is a property they had to come to a licensing agreement to make and sell in the first place, and pay extra money for. Secondly. such licensing agreements are very strict in both the 'how many' can be made, and for 'how long' they can be sold. I'd venture it's very likely the deal that produced the kit in the first place has long since expired, and given Hornby's poor state, unlikely to be renegotiated again in a foreseeable future. So I'd say it's probable you won't see the kit again at all, let alone with any changes or additions.
  11. End of an era in the US, with the demise of Revell-Monogram here. Technically they have been dead for awhile, running on fumes of their past glories. One can see that in that there was almost no new tooling in years, and what there was had been done outside of the US to have a Revell or Monogram logo slapped on a box of bits made somewhere else. As far as researching and designing their own products, that part of the brands had been dismantled some time ago. So now we'll see what the new owners do with the asset they've acquired. As several have said here, no new owner is going to come right out and say 'we strip valuable assets from dying companies, make some money on them, and leave the carcass to die'. But there are going to be many difficulties making it into a viable business outside of Europe again, if that is even part of a 'some day' plan of the new owners. It seems the new owners only paid about 40% of the estimated asking price/value of the assets, and were the successful high bidder at that low level. It doesn't speak much for the condition/quantity/viability of Revell-Monograms tooling if it was worth so little. I'd find it hard to believe it wouldn't have been worth as much as scrap metal. Anyway, a moment of silence for the death of the last major US model producer...
  12. Indeed, revenue is a meaningless number, without knowing how much it cost to make it as well. I know this all too well, as the place I still work for at the moment had its highest sales in history the last decade. But the amount of money they spent to get those sales was so great, that when sales slipped to merely okay, the company was suddenly operating at a loss. The situation Hobbico found itself in was not a new one. It has happened many times when private equity capital management concerns swoop down like a vulture onto a business. They start borrowing so much money it makes your eyes bleed, and start buying up every shred of competition in the industry. But they do this without making any real investments in the businesses. Then when things turn bad, the money is already gone into their golden parachutes and Lexuses, and they declare bankruptcy and disappear.
  13. Can't say I am surprised by any of the news there. Revell/Monogram and even Revell Germany were going to be a tough sell, especially R/M, where almost all of their catalog is very elderly now. It just does not have value as a going model company, apparently. Bidders agree, or there would have been some. It's a shame the amount of money required is likely too great for a company like Round2 Models to bear; they would have been good stewards of the brands. I'd say the status of the plastic model divisions have moved from 'in serious trouble' to 'need a miracle' now to survive. I'm sure the import situation for the other brands will be resolved fairly quickly. We can hope no one is silly enough to turn to MRC, though. They progressively ruined the Tamiya, Fujimi, and Italeri brands in the US with their outrageous pricing. There would be no Tamiya America, if not for the damage MRC did to Tamiya in the 70s and 80s. Hope for the best here. Finally, I am not surprised that there were objections to the sale. There almost always are, even when things are not as bad as they were with Hobbico. And there are usually even more when the debt is huge, and the assets almost nothing, as they turned out to be here. I don't think this will be a serious issue going forward to Horizon's bid - it is just the last gasp of creditors who now see they are going to get absolutely nothing back now.
  14. Asmodai

    Question about Iranian P-36’s

    FineScale Modeler Volume 34, Issue 1 (January 2016) features a build of the 'Norway/Iran' Hawk in 1/48 scale, using the HobbyCraft P-36A kit. Besides the magazine cover photo, the article ran a total of 6 pages in the issue.
  15. Asmodai

    PATTON TANK BUILD - Now at 31 ! 30/03/19 - 30/06/19.

    I'll have to post a picture of the OKB Grigorov kit contents once I get my photo sharing sorted out. I was a Photobucket user when they decided to tell everyone to get lost. Have to get that sorted out before we begin... The Grigorov kits are resin and etch, with link and length tracks. And there is probably as much, or more etch than a 1/35 kit. The fenders are totally etch, for example. Looks great, but a @#$#% to assemble. The instructions are weak, and no decals. In short, you need some experience, and decent references if you're going to build one of those kits.