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  1. Not for me, although I freely admit to having built a few over the years. Support for the scale is pretty much down to Tamiya, though. If they ever drop out, like they gave up on trying to convert the aircraft modelers to 1/100, it will get very quiet out there quick other than garage kits.
  2. I am one of the guilty parties. I only had 4 kits; a couple of different Camels, a Dolphin, and a Junkers D.1. I paid about $80 apiece on these; netted over $700 on the sale. I liked them, but was probably never going to get them, so I don't feel too guilty over taking the cash and running.
  3. Seeing as how the Dragon kits are derived from the not that great Panda Models B-1 line of the early 2000s, the 'competition' is not likely to be too hot. Unless people forget, or are unaware of the 'Dragon' kit's origins.
  4. I got a good deal on a 1/16 Model Airways Sopwith Camel, and it arrived here in the last few days. Not sure when it will ever get on the bench, as it is a major commitment, but it was too nice to pass up. With this one, the Hasegawa kit, and the Artist in a Latrine (Artesania Latina) one, there seems to be quite a bit of choice for those desiring a 1/16 Camel.
  5. I probably should have summed up a bit more clearly. There is currently a good deal of controversy in New Zealand over a substantial amount of public money that has been given over to promoting film production and companies in NZ. Peter Jackson’s WETA Group, of which Wingnut is a tiny part, has received a lot of that, including a substantial annual subsidy from taxpayers. There has been a lot of questions recently about how this public money has been spent, as it seems to have generated very little positive benefit to the public at large. Shocking, I know . Among other things, it is insinuated that some of the money was used on other ventures, which could have included Wingnut. We’ll avoid the over arching discussion, but I think even most modelers would agree that taxpayers supporting a private plastic model company is probably not the best use of public funds. This is how WETA has come to be under a lot of fire recently, and if it was only by public funds, their cutting off could be the demise of things like Wingnut, as perhaps it never was financially viable, or could even have existed without someone else’s money. It doesn’t appear that the coronavirus has anything to do with Wingnut’s possible demise, or is only a very minor factor. The main thing is there are serious questions about how WETA has spent the money it got.
  6. As mentioned, this may have more to do with funding irregularities/misuse at WETA, as opposed to Wingnut itself. They may just be collateral damage from the scandal. The Coronavirus outbreak may just be bad timing piling on, but does not seem to be the actual cause. Let’s hope for the best.
  7. I like your work. Here is a sample of some of mine. This was just the 6 colors included in the Plague Marines + Paint Set box from GW. Probably my favorite thing on the models is the chainmail!
  8. You continue to make the case better than I did why- they filled some space for a few years in an era where lots of planes did, then were discarded as quickly as possible. 'I am a fan of 50s Navair' clouds your economic perspective greatly. If it hasn't happened in 60+ years of plastic models, there's a reason. I don't seriously remember any naysayers on the Fury . Sabres sell!!! The naysayers were worried it would be another Kitty Hawk pile of
  9. Everybody has their little darling that they think is better than sliced bread. But limited service, limited schemes, no combat, and poor reputation are major strikes against the Tiger and Cutlass. It's easy to spend someone else's money on cutting a mold, and model companies clearly don't feel these are profitable subjects, and probably never will. Consider it good fortune that Fujimi did the Cutlass in 1/72. I'm amazed the Skyray got produced by Tamiya, but that is likely explained by it being someone high up in the company's pet, and it didn't matter whether it would sell or not, like some of their other decisions.
  10. A website on Frog Models had some info - https://www.frogmodelaircraft.co.uk/?page_id=372 Basically, the molds are missing, and have been for many years. They quoted £150+ for a kit; but I think that may be optimistic. There's probably a better chance of Taylor Swift calling me up and asking for a date tonight than finding a Frog Vulcan. By comparison, the Lindberg one is easily obtainable. Good luck on this one.
  11. While the aircraft may have come from elsewhere, Academy definitely copied Tamiya for armor and ship kits. Like the 1/35 M60A3, LVTP, Ford Mutt M151, etc. And for their 1/350 Bismarck, for example. I’ve heard anecdotally several times of individual modelers and shops still shunning them in Japan for this to the present day.
  12. The Aurora/Hawk incident is covered a few paragraphs into this history of Aurora. https://www.oldmodelkits.com/blog/plastic-model-kit-history/a-brief-history-of-aurora-plastic-model-kits/ Basically Aurora did pretty much flat out copy a couple of Hawk kits, which prompted the 'Hawk' Morse code to appear in future Hawk releases rivet detail. There was a good deal of bad blood at the time, but the two companies were apparently able to joke about it later on. I'm not condoning it by any means, but it does appear to be a common way to start your model company, by copying someone else's work. Academy got their start by mostly copying Tamiya more recently, and are still 'persona non grata' in some Japanese modeling circles because of it, even though they have been doing their own thing for quite a while now.
  13. I'm not sure you want to hear then that shoddy maintenance practices are a significant cause of crashes... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaska_Airlines_Flight_261. 88 people died because of inadequate lubrication. 520 people died because of a poorly carried out repair of a bulkhead not done according procedures...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_Airlines_Flight_123 . One could go on and on with these.
  14. Tamiya made a serious effort to condition people to 1/100, even producing B-52D and B-52E/F kits in that scale. It fizzled out in the 70s, although you see re-pops of the B-52D occasionally, and some of the other 1/100 kits in the line. Last time was a few years ago from Tamiya, and some of the smaller fighter sized kits have shown up in other companies' boxes, too.
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